Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Two

Let’s be honest, nowadays kids stay at home way longer than they should. Even now I use the term ‘kids’ loosely as there was a time when a man at the age of 30 could not still live with his parents. It was just unheard of for a man that old to live with his mother. It worked because women could not find that morally acceptable but nowadays us women we don’t care about that! Hell we can even move into his parents house, set up in the back room and have kids there it’s fine! With women it’s even worse, we are protected like an endangered species, whatever happens from fighting with our live in boyfriends to losing our job we all move back home. You ask yourself why leave in the first place if home can be forever. Maybe it’s this modern thing in which sons now can buy alcohol to drink with their father’s even before they have found their own place. Then there is the expense, what kind of nonsense is it that in Johannesburg rent in any half decent place is r8000 for a two bedroom! I live in North Riding so I will not speak for Soweto but here staying at home is the only option we have to be economically viable. My mother was definitely making a bad mistake. She could not throw out my sister like this, hell no! Besides, if I was starting work I needed someone to take care of Amo! We could hardly afford a nanny and to be honest my sister was really good with him.

“I hope you had heard me clearly! Pack your things and go! You are too much for me I cannot handle! Every time something good happens in this house you have to find a bad thing to trump that! If this is how I raised you then I failed!”

She screamed!

“But mom where do you expect me to go! I was just joking with her I didn’t mean it like that!”

My sister protested!

“You joke with me dying? That’s funny to you?”

My mother asked her! Ok my sisters choice of words in this case had been rather poor! I jumped in front of my mother and begged her not to do this! She had made her point! I think this was now taking it too far but she was not done,

“You need to make a decision right now, next year you either go for nursing school or I can guarantee you that you will be selling your body after I chase you out!”

Eh! Awkward! My mother has a sharp tongue. She can shout obscenities at you in vernacular you could never expect a grown woman to say. I once asked how she comes up with such things and she said as a nurse she gets to meet people from all walks of life and fights normally break out between visiting relatives. Whenever someone is sick there will always be someone who will be unlucky enough to accused of witchcraft so you can imagine!

“But mum I don’t want to be a nurse! No one does that anymore! It’s such a dirty job and… ”

My mother stood up and went towards her in such a manner I thought she was going to hit her! She was so insulted and frankly speaking so was I.

“Nursing puts food on your table you ungrateful child! I don’t know what I was thinking when I made you! Ngaze ngadlala ngosuku engathola wena ngalo! What a waste! I would have been better off if I had gone drinking instead!”

She said. She was so furious. My sister le yena does not know how to calm down a situation. As for my mothers words, only Jesus can intervene. How can you call your own child a wasted night!?

“You will do nursing and I will not pay for anything else but nursing! If you refuse you will go find a place to stay and you are cut off from this nurse! And don’t get this wrong, if you do not finish it this time is the last time! Go sell drugs at Jeppe Hostel!”

My sister is frustrating. She is that girl who registers for a course every year then quits. In her she has done everything from Bcom to IT, Human Resource you name it. All of which she did not finish! I therefore kind of had an idea why my mother was being so stern. The problem with my mother though was that she had so many moods and could send you missed signals. I know this because there are times she loved Tidimalo for all he was doing for me then in the same breathe she disliked him so much. She was not consistent. My sister had a tendency of trying to kill herself and I wondered if my mother had forgotten that. I really had to calm the situation down but I did not know how.
My mother walked out and went to the bedroom! She closed her door behind her leaving me standing with my sister.

“I really was just joking!”

My sister said to me but I just looked at her, took my baby and walked out! She was too much! As soon as I got a call from a number I didn’t know, it was a girl,

“Hi, It’s Thandeka, Thandeka Mkhize from the braai, how is your mom doing?”

She asked me. That was so sweet of her. I doubt I would have done that. I told her she was going to be fine and she said she was going to pray for her! I put my phone down and prepared Amo for bed! When I got back to it, I had a text message from Tidimalo. I had almost missed it. At least I will sleep with a smile knowing that the people that support me where still there. I will deal with my mom and sister tomorrow and Amo was not in one of his crying phases.

“I won’t be coming to see you any more. There is too much happening with you right now and what I want from you, from us, I don’t think we will achieve! I am hurting myself too much by investing like this!”

I was not sure what had just happened…

****The End*****

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Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb) (QnA)

Hello mike and team

I’m a 26 year old lady. I was dating a 30 year old married guy for a year and 4 months. He used to be my boss when it all started and knew his wife as we all work in the same centre. When it started he told me that it won’t be serious as he has a wife but a few months he started telling me how he has fallen for me. It was supposed to be something temporary but ended catching feelings and it became hard to let go. Our relationship was not bases on money or sex.the guy really made me happy. About 3 weeks ago I decided to end the relationship because I felt i need to find my own man. Problem is he doesnt want to let go, and its a problem because he always comes to my work place. He calls to check up on me wants to us to continue with our relationship. His wife already suspects that something is going on between us. She went through his phone and luckily he always remembers to clear our chat history but she saw a call log that he always calls me. He obviously told her that nothing is going on and we agreed that if she asks me i tell her the same thing but she never asked me not sure if it was due to lack of evidence or what. She works next door to me and he works 2 floors up. The guy won’t stop and because I had fallen for him its very difficult for me move on when I see him almost everyday.

Please Advise

77 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Fifty Two

    1. But waiting for what Nthabi as lomuntu akaze esho niks 2 Faith…his just being dramtic if you ask me.

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, funny how my mood lifts everytime that yum yum is mentioned, daily dose 🙂


    You may decide to go Monica and Brandy’s route and be all like ‘The Boy is Mine’ or you can go ‘Woman to Woman’ about it and not further demean your self by being a nyatsi to a man who ‘genuinely makes you happy’ . If it isn’t beneficial at all in terms of money and sex, what are you breaking another womans home for?? Happiness? You can find happiness at ToysRUs sisi grow up. You are hurting another woman, causing her insecurities and making her look like a fool because her instincts are right, kodwa niyaphika Nina.

    She works next-door to you nkosiyam have you no shame at all, have you no conscious? Why do you think people started hitting others with lightning? The road you on is very very dangerous, I suggest you cherish your life or bazokshaya ngezulu I tell you.


    1. Appluase Jackzorro just think of the wife & the family you are breaking sis…will you one day like it if your so-called own man has nyatsi,tnk of what it wud do 2 u…do unto others as u wud lyk them 2 do unto u.

    2. Hayi Jackzorro..hit the nail into this one…definitely agree…the QnA lady aught to really look at herself and have shame for putting another woman through such all for so called happiness…

      QnA lady….please stop before you get burnt… Nami I would send the lightning on someone making me a fool kanje…

  2. Thanks Mike,

    QnA darling u will b the “other woman” for the rest your life,so just walk away,yes the feelings won’t just die kodw kee what has to b done has to b done

  3. Thanx bro Mike . Judith has been a spoiltbrat for too long n shud it continue ds way she wont be something of her own in the future.. what happens when her mom dies, she lives off d money left behind n den in d long run?? Mxm wa bhora hle

    QnA mina I dont know wat advice u want from us. U just want us to tell u wat u already know wasting our data n time in d process. Bowenzani with a married colleague in d first place.. nx women like u make me sick nyani.. mxm. Just stay away from married men. Ders alot of single guys out der.. dont be the stupid spermdish hle.he just wants to play and I hope fir ur sake u do have sum pride n see urself as more dan just a playground. He does not love you. Just stay away n find ur own man.. a single one!

  4. You are just a passing phase in the guy’s life. If he was REALLY serious about you, he wouldn’t be deleting your chat history & lying to the wife & ALSO asking you to lie to the wife as well.

    Just because the wife hasn’t called you yet, it doesn’t mean she is not watching you. oneday is oneday.

    Catch a wake up girl, o skarftin fela.

  5. “There are many single men out there” …..kwaaaaaa lol that line just kills me coz there’s really no such. Mamela ke anonymous, I know what you going through and it can be really hard because we as woman are emotional beings and this guy is playing with your emotions.

    There’s a big chance that he honestly loves you and wants to be with you but you have to understand that marriage is bigger than love and he can’t just up and leave. What you need to do is make it clear to him that you want out or else you will involve his wife and tell her to put her him on the leash. Trust me, I know its hard but you have to stop entertaining him, don’t answer his calls, don’t reply to his text and if you have him on watsapp, delete his contact. Actions speak volumes maluv if he tries his nonsense after you’ve made yourself clear about where you stand, then you can go all out….I mean all out…umnyele cz naye uyakunyela…you know what that means right?…yeah goodluck ke

  6. @Q and A … I will never understand why most women(not all women) have to hurt themselves and put themselves second and actually agree to be a “nyatsi”,that is actually degrading (then we say men cheat) … Nyatsi’s are exactly the people who promote this so called “cheating”. Get yourself your own man and concentrate on him. Put yourself in the “wife’s” shoes … Imagine one day when you have your own “husband” and some women does exactly the same thing you’re doing, how will you feel ? (You better enjoy the ride and remember what you did to the poor wife who’s husband “makes you happy”) …

    Thanks for the read Mike… Ndee

  7. The choices we sometimes make in life they become a noose around our necks, just try to wear that woman’s shoes .How would you feel? Sisi dont be wicked. I am not judging you but end this now.

  8. Thanks Mike.

    Why are you doing this to yourself sisi?its been a year and 4 months and this two timing, selfish man is not mentioning any way forward ngalamanyala enu…

    Honestly what is it that you think you’ll get out of this, it’s time you leave this man completely and stop the back and forth cause really ukuvalela amachanel.

    Real happiness is knowing that you’re the only one and having your man is yours and yours only.

  9. Thanks mike…Q&A I don’t know what you want us to advice you with cause already you’ve made up your mind that he “makes you happy”..Well the truth is you’re a side dish and he’ll never leave his wife for you,you’re just a snack nje.Leave the man ,let him be happy with his wife before things become more complicated or before you get pregnant(oh wait maybe that’s your plan)cause abomakhwapheni banamuhla don’t know their place and getting pregnant is their hobby.

  10. Thank you Mike and Team.
    Tidimalo what’s wrong with you? so you run away when someone you claim you want to achieve something with is going through some challenges? coward!!!
    Q&A at 26 i would assume that you know the difference between right & wrong, therefore you knew what you were doing was wrong to begin with. I also reckon that if you really wanted this to stop you would have done something to make sure it does but it seems you don’t so why ask for advice? you are still in cahoots with him by lying to his wife, for the why? do not answer his calls, do not reply to his messages and tell him not to come to your work place anymore. simple really! if he continues tell him you will tell his wife. stop this nonsense already! how will you live with yourself knowing that you have destroyed a marriage?

  11. QnA
    As married women we build our homes with sweat and blood, it hurts that you find these men attractive and not realizing that the reason why he is so attractive is because of his wife. Men cheat because of women like you. You break other women’s homes but pray to have a man who won’t cheat on you. If you didn’t agree to date the man in the first place you wouldn’t have ‘feelings’ for him. Go find your own man but don’t be hurt when he cheats cause we all know karma is a b****.

  12. Q&A people must just stop acting all high and mighty, sonke siyajola la, both married man an women. Even the unmarried ones have multiple partners so y are we judging this person. Just do whatever makes you happpy sisi. gudluck

      1. MIna nawe Cindo, no one is really innocent..funny enough is that you still get hurt when you find out your partner is cheating even though nawe you doing it. But i just think Humans are polygamous in nature we just in denial

  13. The world certainly has changed, it used to be a shameful thing to date a married man, but these days, to actually sit down and write an e-mail to ask for advice on how to date someone’s husband. Yho I have no advice, I’m just stunned.

  14. THANK you rre Maphoto.

    Q&A kante waht happened to girls just closing their legs and live a holy life. stop causing misery to another woman and breking family.
    get a lyf and ur own man or nyatsi further from the wife. i hate to say this but u disgusting .


  15. NDODA-ENEMALI… really?? Yoo hhay ke i give up.. bethuna sive ska thixo uyephi kanti unembeza kwabanya bantu.. im stunned to hear this..ds days kulungile nje ukujola na married folks-like masenzeni nje freely wat makes us hell with what our ‘happy actions’ do unto others.. yoo ninesibindi ..ox liver struuu.

    Lord God have mercy on us, may we reposition ourselves right before you. Mawuphinde usifundise ukubaluleka komshado nokuthi siwuhloniphe njani becoz u have said ezwini lakho wat uv put togeda let no one put asunder. Ms’advise wayeke lawo manyala owenzayo. Period

    1. Nolucci im not saying its right but reality is that iyenzeka, and statistics are shocking. Even Pastors have rolls-ons thats just the said point we have reached in our lives. However people should not judge and act holy while themselves they have eaten the forbidden fruit. all we can do is just pray for our marrieges and our relationships.

  16. Q&A The bad situation about most women is that they have been hurted so many times they lose the thing called self value. Im not judging you but sometimes most women put themselves in a situation which would hurt them even further because they dont see their self-worth, it usually becomes a parten because if you really believed that you deserve a man that will love u and only you than why even go for a man that will never be urs from the begining just because he tells you what you want to hear. My advice to you is before you seek for love, love yourself and know yourself worth, eventualy the man you deserve will find you. Or you could choose to be the women that man cheat with at which you would be filled with guilt, loneliness, and be called by all these funny names. The choice is all yours

  17. mike! i honestly feel jilted baby mama chapters are waaaay too short! as in, i scroll 3 times then kla. whereas in comparison to missteps its a lot of content. dont get me wrong, i appreciate missteps but i’d like to read more of jilted too.! this story has so much potential and many are able to relate. it is more reality than the fiction displayed in missteps.

    Q.A well said zaza. advice on how to date another woman’s husband is not okay! evidently this man wants you and wife. he is convinced you will stay no matter what. give him an ultimatum. better yet, walk away! he will not choose you! and when you are cheated on by future whomever, sit back relax and remember that you are being dealt the same hand you dealt too. stop this nonsense!

  18. A2Q,uze uyaybhala nje impela incwadi ufuna I advise ngento e simple oyaziyo ukuthi I wrong?nxa ilokhu uthi dater ndoda yomuntu lalela sisi bhala ngesiZulu uqomile wena indoda yomuntu”uQome indoda yomuntu”akusiyo eyakho iyeke nje dlalela kude.

    If its non beneficial kuwena then why mantion Ceo?/angizwanga kahle?kahle wena uzobhidliza umuzi womunye umfazi,umdala ungaka uyakhokhoba wena?uya bookhelwa?let’s say u choose to leave the guy nd yo next bf ask u about your previous relationship uyomtshela ngalento?I dnt thnk so coz ihlazo nd uyakwazi lokho yeka indoda yomfazi

  19. Thanx for the nice chapter Mike
    Ahh what happened to Tidi manje I thought things were coming together for him and Faith
    Sisi you are still young, stay away from ppl marriges.

    1. lol. Matee please prove me wrong, if the 80% of the dating population is unfaithful then i can generilise.

  20. Faith wenkosi hayi she is n0t a happiness material sham if she nt getting dumbed she’s in dialema 0 w0rse and there such ppl in real life thanx mike f0r real life less0n

  21. Thank you mike.

    Q&A: All I have to say to you lady is that, don’t do something that will destroy another woman’s marriage, kuyeza nakuwe,nawe usazoshada. uzoshada indoda ikujolele impinde izale ngaphandle, bese athi cherry on top, HIV…. Your choice

  22. Dear Nyatsi,

    I know about his little escapades downstairs, I’ve known since August last year. I have decided not to dignify you and give you any of my time when u clearly don’t respect yourself.

    I have your number, I know where you work, I know where you live. Thank you, Jackzorro for the lightening tip. For now, am still watching this thing trying to break my marriage, as if she’s the first.

    Sisi, when you see him around knock-off time, yes, I know about those trips too; do ask him what happened to his last spermdish.


    The Wife

    1. Wow Wow this just got very Real……. I like this Wife, Very Classy and still deals with you.

      Please tell us what you did to his other ‘sperm dish’ just so I could control pests who try to ruin my marriage.

  23. nice come back about mommy’s moods Mike

    yeah neh…..women definetly have the raw deal, get brutally judged. People finally justifying men’s cheating. ever realised how society allows for a man to piss in public and when a woman does it’s obsenity when it’s all public indecensy really. a lot of people have commented and are quick to point a fingure at Anon, i get that we all just share our opinions but open your own closet, no one is a saint here.
    I had to go through all your comments and read the letter again coz ne ke belaela ke sa bala sente. But this is what i came across:

  24. 1. this is a person who has realised her mistake and realises this is not going anywhere even though she may not be sorry for what she did to the wife.
    2. she admits doing the right thing is hard coz there are feelings attached….but she is trying.
    lona bakreste ba ba tona busy quoting the bibble…..a ntsehe baebele ga ere Modimo o amogela bothe baba iphuthileng methala and seen the error of their ways? legale i stand to be corrected, gongwe sekgoa se nthotse but sometimes we should read to understand insted of being too quick to respond. everything in that letter is past tense…..I WAS DATING, WE BROKE UP 3 WEEKS AGO e.t.c
    but if i’m wrong i will go back to my primary school teacher coz se ta be se pala sekgowa

  25. @CHACHA

    a re bale the last line gape mme, coz nna ke bona kgarebe nkare o pallwa ke go tshwara maikutlo a gagwe coz she says the guys chks her constantly, le gore she feels she fell for him and feels vry dificult to move on.
    hope you’l understand my BW setswana well kana this queens language at tyms ere tsenya ka sekgwa.

    Nongo @BW

  26. Hahahahaha you guys are so funny advising this woman to “go find her own man” as if indoda ikhiwa esihlahleni iyi fruit,akukho ndoda yamuntu la!

  27. Ur a slut, nxa!
    Stop being a home wrecker and find a man of ur own. The poor woman probably cry her lungs out every night ,all thanks to u dear.

    It would have been another issue if u didn’t know the wife, but in this case u know the poor woman. what in GOds name does ur instincts tell u about the whole predicament. I understand the economically lack of ” good” man. The only question I have for u is, will the mere fact of lacking true man , makes a gal at ur age diminish her self to a family man like that? God only knows what older women might do just to get their nails to whomever they desire regardless of the status in present.

  28. Regards. The wife!

    Yoooooooohhhhhhhhh sh*t just got real!
    “Ask my husband what happened to his last sperm dish*

    Yooooooooohhhhhhh you are dead!

  29. Thanks mike

    Eh and then Tidi? You jackzee ontlatsitse can’t stop laughing Q&A you are in hot soup you just confirmed the wife’s suspicions,you literally gave you self away,my advice go pray or fase or what ever it is you do to protect yourself lol you don’t want to be like the previous spermdish as they call,hehehe bare ole bambe linga shoni excuse my zutho lol

  30. Lol,sisie de wife knows about you nd her husband since last year august so stop fooling yourself nd end dis relationship. U must be happy coz u r dealing with a lady here otherwise some people will confront u infront of your colleagues nd everyone will know that u r a home wrecker but now she doesn’t have time 2 deal with low lifes like u.

  31. Thanx mike mara tidimalo otla ka tse dife? Aowa bathong faith was expecting to hear some sweet words ai n I just don’t get why should tidi act that way , I just hope this dsnt lead faith into the world of Thandeka Mkhize ee ditla bowa strong!
    QnA I don’t understand why you wrote this letter ?do you want us to tell you something already know , do u want us to give you the justification to take him back? Aowa you let this go on for a long time n amn sure somehow you had wishes that he would leave his wife , well its not that easy cc but please you already took the first step by breaking up with him now you must stand by the decision you made n stick to eat. Just stay away from married men.
    yoh Jack now the lightning part had me on the floor but then I realised that this things happen n often when they do we say we bewitched forgetting we bought it on our selves.

  32. Jackzoro said it all. Cc mina try n mess with my husband I will show u indlela ozengayo into this world. As much as bathi indoda ayikhiwa es’hlahleni, that day u will learn ukuyikha es’hlahleleni eyakho. It’s ppl like u who makes single parenting look like an in-thing. Leave the married man u spermdish.

  33. aye ye the wife knws about you kwashuba ngempela wena you thought bekuzokwenzekalani vele was he gonna leave THE WIFE for you ncese sis you were nothing but a spermdish for him

  34. Q2A…….My dear da man doesn’t love u cos if he did he would hav filled for divorce n make u his wife.Now his woman s suspicious bt haven’t asked u,do hav any idea wat she’s planning for u?Ur young,ambitious n beautiful.So please my dear think about urself,being embarrassed maybe in ur office by wifey telling to cut ur manicure off his man infront of ur bosses n collegues.Your reputation comes first honey.I don think we hv to tell u wat to do,u hv answers already.
    Good luck.

  35. wow nice read …..great to see you bringing back characters from zulu girl goes to jhb….its going to be interesting with that crew

  36. ThankQ Mikey n team,, @ jackzorro u said it all bro n @ BabyDee u killed me indlela ezengayo emhlabeli hahahahahahahaha

  37. Wifey…. what happened to his last nyatsi?? lol u such an idiot yaz going around dealing with 3rd parties but you were only 2 when you got married… uligwala mfazindini nowonder bitches be eating ur man right under ur nose… “I see you trying to ruin my marriage”…..OMG how stupid can woman be….
    HIS married
    HE cheated
    HE broke HIS vows
    and HIS wrecking his home.
    and you letting him of the hook by dealing with the problem instead of the cause of the problem – smart! talk about having time and energy.

    A husband can sleep with many and i mean 100 of woman but he is the common denominator,all the blame is on him…. Ladies please stop cheering men and their behaviour and then make the other woman seem cheap. We woman are always getting the raw deal wether you the wife or mistress, both woman are crying at night…yhu ayisoze iphele lento coz some woman are so stupid yhoa or should i say we as woman are stupid….haai this is tiring and just proves one thing and one thing only….this is indeed a mans world.

  38. Q&A aka home wrecker, what u doing is wrong and you know it. I’ve got someone who can entertain you. He likes women like you….women whose happiness depend on married men. His name is Ndoda Enemali. Phuma kulo relationship right now. Nx!

  39. @Babsy U said it, “Its a Men’s World!” Crucify the woman!
    On a serious note, no matter how fast track W promote women empowerment, society will always judge women harsher than men when it comes to fornication/adultery etc.
    Having said that, all decent men R either taken or gay. Is it my imagination or do W hav more lesbians than gays? (No offense 2 our gay/lesbian community -I luv U all -smiling).
    Difficult as it is CC find yoself yo own man. Not mainly 4community respect but for yo future & sanity. – PapaG.

  40. QnA my dear those kind of things happen and people will judge and swear at you but if you can go dig at their closet you will come out with more dirty laundry…. falling for a married man is very painful coz he aint gonna leave his wife for you honey get a boyfriend and slowly you will start to forgot about da married guy coz if u continue one btwn the three of u will srsly get hurt

  41. oh wow! Tidi what happened? I thought you would thee man for Faith but giving up on her so early? Guess I was wrong about you.

    Is it right to punish the woman and not the man?Maybe!because she knew he was married when she agreed, but had she said no,who is to say another woman wouldn’t have said yes or that the man would have stopped pursuing? Wife I know you are pissed, but what is your role in your husband’s cheating and if he is not doing it for the 1st time then maybe its time you tried fixing this from internally than going out of your way to punish the ‘spermdish’. Just saying!

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