Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Seven

I was fuming, how dare this bloody woman call me and tell me that crap, I wished I knew where she stays she needed a panel-beating to fix that ugly face of hers, the bloody witch. I walked around the pool trying to calm myself down. Eventually I decided to go and start cooking dinner while Nomzamo sat and watched TV, she was the madam and I was the Eve. While I was still cooking my phone rang again I thought it was that witch Ngwako again but when I checked the screen showed that it was my mother in law, I was not in the mood for her drama so I ignored the call. She called three times on the fourth time I decide to answer so she can stop “Helloo” I said annoyed, my mother in law never bothers with greetings “I want us to make peace for the sake of my son and your son” she said sounding like I was the one with a problem. I didn’t respond, she continued, “ I know I have treated you bad in the past but I want things to change between us, I’m tired of this fighting.” I cleared my throat and said “we’ve been here before, I prefer us being enemies, bye” I hung up the phone and continued with the cooking.
When I was done cooking I dished up for all three of us and put Mthobisi’s food in the oven. I sat in front of the tv with Nomzamo and she was very chatty, I guess she was trying to cover up for her gossip about me, I actually didn’t mind her none-stop yapping, it felt like I had been stuck in the house for days all by myself I was close to speaking to plants and walls. She told me about her life and her boyfriend who has all this money from tenders, I asked if he was married she became uncomfortable then said his wife is in a coma and could die any day. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, I didn’t want to hear any more of this bad story and the cruelty they were doing to the poor woman, I imagined myself in that woman’s position, I could have been that woman, while I was in hospital dying she could have seduced my husband then gone to the hospital to finish me off, I shivered just imagining that. She Rocks was right, I had to find a way to get rid of this crazy woman, I had seen what Cleo’s nanny did to her I was not going to be another Cleo, she was showing me who she is and as Maya Angelo wrote “If a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time” and she had definitely shown me her true colours. Sometimes talking too much just revels your true self without you even realising it, this is why it’s always best to shut up and listen. Around 8 my mom called she said Neo had a high temperature and she’s worried about him because he’s been quiet and he didn’t even want to play all day. I asked if she wanted to take him to hospital she said she will keep checking him and if it goes higher she will take him to the hospital. I thanked her and asked her to keep me update. I called Mthobisi to tell him and he answered to say I was amazed that he answered would be an under-statement, he suggested that I go pick him up but I told him that would not help the situation it won’t be good for me to be moving him around while his sick, he was better of with my mother, he agreed but said the following morning we should go pick him up, I agreed, I asked when would he be home and he said soon.
I went to bed and my husband was still not back, sometime during the night I heard him crawling into the bed, he kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you honey” I asked him what time it was he told me not to worry and go back to sleep and I did exactly that.
The next morning Mthobisi woke me up and said we should go pick up Neo at my mom’s place so we can take him to the doctor, I was soo tired I couldn’t even open my eyes. I asked him to call my mom first and check if his temperature is still high, he did while I hoped and prayed that our son is fine. After talking to her for a few minutes he told me that she said his tempura was back to normal and he was running around the house playing like he was never sick, thank God, I soo did not feel like getting out of bed, he asked if his mom had told me about diner at her place in Daveyton that evening. I jumped out of bed and said “I AM NOT GOING TO YOUR MOTHER’S PLACE FOR SUPPER, NOT TONIGHT, NOT TOMORROW NOT EVER!!!” I was not going to play anymore nice games with Mthobisi’s mother that women was psychotic and I was not about that life, I’m tempted to say she was Bipolar but I won’t say that because that is a medical condition that only a professional doctor’s can diagnose you with that. Mthobisi waited for me to finish venting then simple said “I will pick you up at 5” he kissed me and said he loved me then left. Just like that I had no choice I was going to diner by force. I slept for an extra two hours after my husband left when I eventually got about I found breakfast had already been made by Nomzamo but it was cold I had cold toast and cold eggs I don’t understand why she mad e food while I was still sleeping, I had a few bites then suddenly started feeling all nauseous, I ran to the bathroom and started throwing up, Jesus what is wrong with me I wondered. I rinsed my mouth and washed my face when I was done and I found Nomzamo standing at the door staring at me she asked “are you pregnant?” I walked past her without saying a word. Why is it when you start throwing up black people just assume that you pregnant? My friend Andiswa throws up when she has a hangover, okay I didn’t have a hangover but I wasn’t’ pregnant, I don’t even remember the last time I had sex and I had only been back a few days so there was no way in hell I could be pregnant the problem was Nomzamo’s shitty cooking. I went to my bedroom to take a bath, I poured the bubble bath needed to relax, I fell asleep in the bath and woke up when the water got cold.
I again had nothing to do, I still say I don’t know how housewives do it, staying at home is the most boring thing that can ever happen to you. Nomzamo asked me to take her to the shops because the cupboards were a bit empty ever since She Rocks had left I was neglecting my wifely duties I don’t even know what she meant by that but I drove her to the shops just to shut her up. We went to Carlsworld and bought a few things, she wanted us to go for lunch at News Café after the grocery shopping I looked at her and told her I was not in the mood, I could see the annoyance in her face when I said that but I didn’t care I just wanted to go home, sit and do nothing ,that was becoming my favourite thing sitting and doing nothing. She said she understood, when we got home I called my mom’s house and spoke to Neo’s nanny and she said he was still fine, active and running around, I was relieved that he was still okay, I love this boy with all my heart. I decided to take a nap before Mthobisi got home I was feeling tired. After four Mthobisi came and woke me up, he told me to get ready because we would be leaving in 30 minutes. I quickly got up, jumped into a shower, wore a long dress and a floral scarf. Mthobisi smiled in approval of what I was wearing, I just looked at him like he was crazy and told him we should go I was ready. This was one night that I was not looking forward to but my husband being the person that he was I had no choice and another disadvantage was that he got along with my mother so well that at times I felt guilty about this war between me and his mom, and now that she was pretending to be trying to like me the least I could do was act along in front of him and behind him his back, between me and her the claws will come out.
We drove to Daveyton inside I was motivating myself so much you would swear I was going to the Olympics. When we finally arrived at his mom’s house my heart was beating so hard remembering how she had tried killing me on our last encounter but I had to pull myself towards myself the last thing I wanted was to show this woman my weakness. As soon as we walked through the door she acted all happy to see us and gave both Mthobisi and I warm hugs we sat in the dining room she had cooked a feast, had I been alone I would not have touched the food, I do not trust that women she could poison me with the most un-detectable poison, just thinking of that I said I would share my food with Mthobisi I knew there was no way in hell she would poison her own son. A few minutes later Tshepang and Koketso arrived, I was so relieved at least two extra people that she favoured so there was no way my food could be poisoned, we ate and the food was really nice, I even complimented her on her nice food then we had desert and wine for the ladies and whiskey for the guys. Mthobisi’ s mom had really gone all out to make this dinner extra special. She even asked if me and her could go outside and talk in private, I expected her to pull a gun and shoot me in the head when we went outside but she was quite the opposite, she was nice and sincere, she apologized for all the hardship that she put me through and told me that she realised how much her son loved me and she was going to support him and would stop fighting him, she apologized for trying to kill me, for the first time in my life I actually felt like I was being welcomed in my husband’s family which is weird because we had been married for years and all these years his mom had always made me feel like I didn’t belong. We went back and joined the others, Mthobisi looked at me and winked at me, I smiled and nodded showing him that all was good.
While we were sitting there drinking, chatting and having a good time, there was a knock on the door. Mthobisi’s mom asked Tshepang to go open the door he went and a few seconds later I heard him say “you are not welcomed here please leave.” His mother shouted and I think she was a bit tipsy from the wine we were all drinking “Tshepang, stop being rude, let the people in we have more than enough food.” Tshepang shouted back “okay, but you asked for it, I’m not going to get involved in this shit” next thing we knew an elder woman about Mthobis’s mom’s age walked in with a huge grin on her face. Mthobisi’s mom’s glass fell to the floor and her mouth was wide opened, her eyes popped out like she had just seen a ghost, I had never ever seen fear in my mother in laws eyes but that night she had fear written all over her face, how I wished I could record that moment. I stood there wondering what the hell was all this. Mthobisi went to his mom and asked if she was okay she couldn’t even speak she just nodded, I just wanted to know who this woman that had scraped the crap out of my mother in law was. She spoke and when she spoke it was like she commanded respect her voice was soo powerful all you could do was sit back and listen. She started “I came here to apologize for what my son did but that does not give you a right to keep my last-born hostage, he had nothing to do with all of this.” Koketso and I were obviously the only ones who were confused here because our husband’s seemed to know exactly what was going on here. Amidst my confusion Fundani walked in and said “Ma, I told you not to come here, these people are evil, let’s go” I shouted “wait, this is Mfundo’s mom?” the words came out loud I was thinking that and didn’t mean for it to come out, she turned and asked “Fundani, is this the one you impregnated?” I was not sure if I had heard right but obviously I was not the only one because everyone in the room shouted

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