Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty One

Mthoibisi was next to me “calm down Lee, it’s me your husband.”  For a second I could have sworn I thought he was Fundani, now I was becoming paranoid, I asked him where he was from so late he said he had something to take care of and I had nothing to worry about.  He went to the shower, I couldn’t fall asleep, I would sleep for a few minutes then start seeing Fundani’s face and I would jump up shaking, it was a scary experience, at one point I even fell of the bed which woke Mthoibisi up and I could hear from his voice that he wanted to laugh but was trying very hard to keep it in, he asked “What are you doing on the floor” I snorted back “you pushed me”  he laughed and said “come sleep on top of me then, I promise I won’t push you.” I smiled and jumped on top of him, we started kissing and as we were about to get carried away, Neo started crying, that child’s timing is the worst.  Mthobisi told me not to worry he will attend to him, he went and a few minutes later he came back with Neo and said we should sleep with him he was restless, we put him in the middle and a few minutes later Neo and Mthobisi were both fast asleep, I eventually joined them in lala-land.

The next morning I was the first one to get up, it was a nice sunny Saterday so I decide to make us all breakfast, while I was still busy preparing She Rocks came to join me in the kitchen she told me she was moving back to her house was tired of paying a bond in a place that she didn’t even stay in, I didn’t fight her on this she probably missed having her own space and I was not about to fight that.  We had breakfast just the two of us and I decided to let Mthobisi and Neo sleep in.  Around 10 Mthobisi came downstairs with Neo, he was carrying him in his shoulders, I smiled this was such a perfect picture, father and son, I didn’t care what Fundani or Mthobisi’s mother said that boy was ours and there was no way in hell we were giving him away.  They had breakfast while I helped She Rocks pack; the cops had given her car back so she was happy to be rid of the car that her insurance company had hired for her, she hated it. When I went to the dining room to check on my boys, they were having a food fight and the room was a mess, I scolded at Mthobisi telling him he shouldn’t let Neo play with food and should be teaching him to save food not throw it around the house, there are too many people out there who have no food Mthobis apologised as soon as I walked out I heard him tell Neo “one thing you must know my boy while it’s still early, never argue with a woman, that’s one fight you can’t win.”  I shouted “I heard that” he laughed.

We thanked She Rocks for staying with us and told her she’s welcomed to stay with us anytime, as we walked her to the car, Mthobisi carried her suitcases to the car, Neo cried when she was leaving, he had really gotten attached to her in my absent.  We went back to the house Mthobisi said his brother Tshepang and his wife Koketso were coming over for dinner, I didn’t mind because with She Rocks gone the house was really starting to feel empty. I jokingly asked “is your mother coming too?” He smiled and said “one day you and my mother are going to need to end this war that is going on between the two of you it’s unhealthy.”  I mumbled “tell that to your mother.”  He lifted his hands up and said “I’m actually not going to involve myself in women things.  How about we go for a picnic today, you must be tired of being cooped up in the house”   I laughed and said “picnic? Why? Since when do we do picnics? Don’t come here with your coconut tendencies.”  He laughed and jokingly said “says the biggest coconut, you seem to forget that before I meet you, you and your friends used to have tea-parties, you should thank me for teaching you real parties.”  We both laughed and I threw him with a dish-cloth.  I packed us a few snacks and fruits we showered and hit the road.

We went to Gillooly’s Farm, it’s not too far from OR Tambo airport, it is soo beautiful.  We sat across the dam, Neo was feeding the birds, Mthobisi and I laid on the blanket kissing and just having fun like a young couple should, on the outside we looked like we had no care in the world.  We played with Neo chasing each other around and when Mthobisi would catch me he would tackle me to the ground and get on top of me and Neo would also get on top of me and start tickling me, we were having such an amazing time that when the sun went down I was surprised that it was already that late, we packed up and went to the car, sometimes my husband knew exactly how to cheer me up.

It was too late for me to rush and cook dinner so we decided on pizza and wine and besides Koketso hated fancy food she much rather preferred a bunny chow with drink-o-pop than lasagne.  A few minutes after we got home, they called to say they were at the gate, Mthobisi went to the gate to get them.  I put the plates, wine and pizza outside by the pool area so we could sit that outside.  A few minutes later they arrived Koketso exclaimed “yhoooo, yhoooo, yhooooo, such a huge house?  how much are you paying to stay here?” Trust my sister in law to ask the most inappropriate questions.  We all ignored her and I told them we will be sitting outside.  Koketso asked me to show her around the house, Neo was falling asleep the day’s activities had him exhausted I took him upstairs to his room with Koketso, and showed her around.  “Mthobisi’s drug’s, guns or whatever it is must be selling very well if he can get you in place like this.”  I smiled at her and said “Mthobisi doesn’t sell drugs or guns Koketso you know he works and so do I, I don’t get why it’s a problem when two hard working people move up in life.”  She snorted “if that makes you sleep well at night.”  I decided I was not going to entertain her jealousy, I asked her how things were between her and Tshepang, she rolled her eyes and said “not as well as things between you and Mthobisi”  she said pointing around the house.  There was not a single thing that I was going to say without Koketso reminding me of how we’ve made it and they haven’t.

We went back downstairs and joined our husbands who were drinking whiskey by the pool area, when Koketso saw the food she complained “you stay in such a fancy estate and all you got us for dinner was pizza, it’s true what they say about rich people they are very stingy”  I tried explaining to her that we went out during the day and lost track of time and didn’t have time to cook dinner, Koketso wouldn’t hear none of that she just went on and on, until Tshepang told her to stop complaining about nonsense, that shut her up.  Mthobisi opened a wine for us and Koketso and I started drinking, she went on again “seeing you guys drink whiskey reminds me of the day Mthobisi and Lee rocked up at our place looking for guns under the bed.”  Mthobisi and I both nervously laughed, Tshepang said “this is how you get when you get drunk, I think you should stop drinking”  Koketso waved her hands frantically and said she will behave, true to her word she stopped making snide comments and we ate pizza, drank  and just had a good time.  Mthobisi suggested that they sleep over as it was already late to drive, they agreed.  After hours of drinking Koketso and I were tired and drunk so I took her to the guest bedroom so she could sleep and I went upstairs to our bedroom to sleep.  The nice thing about being drunk is as soon as the head hits the pillow you pass out which was exactly what happened to me.  I woke up with a throbbing headache, which is what I hate about wine I checked the time on my phone it was after 2 am Mthobisi’s side of the bed was empty I figured him and Tshepang must have passed out downstairs.  I went downstairs to get some aspirin’s and water, luckily She Rocks had left some of her medication in the kitchen cupboards, I found painkillers and drank two of them as I was walking back upstairs I heard voices coming from outside from the pool area it was Mthobisi and Tshepang talking the door was slightly opened as I was about to open it wide and go sit with them I heard Mthobisi say “It feels like I’m fighting a loosing battle with that bastard brother of ours, he is always 3 steps ahead of me, he thinks the same way I think, it’s like I’m fighting against myself.”  Tshepang spoke “I think you need to take this to the board, this is bigger than you broer, it’s bigger than all of us, that fool is our blood, we fucken share the same genes with him, as much as I don’t like the way you and ma operate, I know when the shit has hit the fan and right now the shit has hit the fan and the fan is blowing the shit all over your faces, I say take this to the board man.”

WTF is the board?

9 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty One

  1. As they say,
    “Every family is dysfunctional somewhere somehow.”
    All U need is to be part of any particular family in question to C it.

  2. Mike.
    I’ve been struggling with accessing chapter 120 and 121, it still hasn’t loaded for reading…
    Strange part is I can read the bonus chapter.

    Is there something I’m missing? Do we now have to pay for our next reads?

    Please help a sister with her fix. I’m craving my read…’

  3. Your eavesdropping will get u into trouble Lee . But WTF is the board anyway? Is this some kind of controlled operation ?

  4. This family dealings truly never cease to amaze me, there is a board? What does the board do? So Tshepang is also a crook interesting!

    This is some messed up shit i tell you.

    Thanks Team Mike

  5. Lee is not suppose to be taking alcohol or painkillers in her condition it will make her craving worse ……

    thank U Mike n team .

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