Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Five

We all jumped to look at him and I was the first to walk out and the girls followed behind me, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  I screamed when I saw it was an exquisite Black Audi A5 Coupe, I looked at him and looked at the car then pointed at the car then pointed at me, I was speechless the only thing I could do was point, he nodded and said “yep, I know how much you wanted this car and how disappointed you were when you couldn’t get it because you were blacklisted” I started screaming again and this time my friends joined in we were all jumping up and down with excitement. When we eventually calmed down I asked him if we could test drive it, he said he can’t stay for long, I can drive with him around the complex then he has to rush to the office as he has a meeting.  He had come with some people from the dealership, they shook hands and said they are glad that I like the car and they left with the extra car they had come with.  Cleo and Andiswa jumped at the back and I drove the car with Mthobisi sitting next to me.  It felt soo sleek and sexy I was beyond happy, I couldn’t stop kissing my husband while driving and thanking him, the girls told me to stop being reckless, I listened and drove around the block and then back to the house.  Mthobisi took his car and left me with my new car and drove to his meeting and said he will see me later.

The girls and I went back to the house; I was so excited I couldn’t even sit down.  Cleo asked She Rocks if she knew about the surprise and if that was the reason she had asked her to come, oh shit I had forgotten about Cleo’s problems in my excited state.   She Rocks said “no, I don’t know how to say this but I’m going to say it, Vusi has been living a double-life, and he has another family.” Cleo looked dumb-founded then said “which Vusi are you talking about?” Geez how many Vusi’s did we know exactly, then I realised we knew quite a few.  She shook her head and said “my Vusi? You mean my husband?” we both nodded.  She looked at us in disbelief then laughed and said “okay, you guys got me, you got me really good. Shooo, I almost feel for your joke” I told She Rocks to open the Facebook account of the girl and show it to her the pictures, she did, Cleo stared at the pictures for a while and said “oh my God, I know that girl, she used to stay a few streets from us, her name is Lisa, she used to offer to watch the kids for us when we go out and we would pay her , oh my God, I saw her pregnant about two years ago then she disappeared,  what in God’s name is this, all this time Vusi was screwing her right under my nose.”  She kept going through all the pictures, and each picture she looked at just brought on more anger.  I didn’t know what to say, we just stood there watching her, when she was done going through everything she sat done and asked if she could go lie down in the spare bedroom.  Really? She wanted to sleep after hearing your husband is having an affair with your baby-sitter you want to sleep?  I brought her a glass of water and took her to the spare bedroom so she could nap, people react differently to situations I know I would have been in tears and calling my husband and insulting him with every insult that has ever existed but not Cleo, in all this she didn’t had not shed one tear, she was angry yes but she didn’t cry I guess she was still in shock.  She Rocks and I sat in silence for almost an hour while Cleo napped in the spare bedroom.  What was supposed to be the happiest moment in my life with a new car was killed by Vusi’s stupidness.  Andiswa called me to ask how things went with Cleo, I went outside and updated her on what happened, I couldn’t even tell her about the surprise from Mthobisi it just felt wrong to be happy while my friend’s life was falling apart.

I went back to She Rocks and we talked about the car, she was telling me about how expensive it was to fix and how I should drive extra careful, then she went deep and told me about the speed how the car can move in 5.1 seconds and how it’s super-charged and V6 , that’s when I lost interest and started thinking about my own things.  How she can talk like a guy blew me away, no it actually made me yawn, I don’t care about how a car is made, all I care about is getting inside it being comfortable and driving it.  She Rocks will tell you about the engine, the turbo and all these other things that you will never hear women talk about when they talk about a car. I shook my head trying to get back to what she was saying, “you should work in a car factory, I can totally see you in overalls fixing engines.” She looked at me shook her head and said “you’re an idiot.”  Cleo walked out and asked “whose an idiot?” I pointed at She Rocks while she also pointed at me, we all laughed.  Cleo sat down and said “I’ve thought this through; well I don’t know if two hours is enough to think about my life but for now I have decided I am going to pretend to know nothing about this, I am going to continue acting like I’ve been acting like nothing’s changed.” Both She Rocks and I were completely shocked by this, She Rocks asked “how are you going to let him touch you knowing that he might just be coming from touching another woman?” Cleo replied “What am I supposed to do? Pack up my shit and leave? Go where? Back to my mother’s house? With three kids? I have nothing, I have no job I am completely dependent on that man.  I know I should have had a back-up plan but I never in my wildest dreams expected this to happen, yes I’ve seen other woman go through such but you guys know Vusi, he’s a weakling, I thought I was doing him a favour by marrying him, I never thought any other woman would be interested in him.”  She was right though, she had no money of her own, everything was done by her husband, I felt soo sorry for her, I wished I could take the pain away from her.  She Rocks asked “don’t you have policies on him?” I turned to her and sternly said “don’t you dare, no don’t even say what you thinking.  Vusi is the father of Cleo’s three boys. We are going to respect Cleo’s wishes and we are staying away from this.”  While I was still reprimanding She Rocks, Cleo’s phone rang it was Vusi, Cle said “Speak of the devil, and I mean that literally.”  She calmly answered the phone “Hey Baby” she went outside to continue the conversation. I looked at She Rocks and said “Stop it, you are acting like a bloody serial killer, you are bored and you honestly need a hobby to keep you busy.” She snorted back “I’ve got plenty of hobbies.” I rolled my eyes and said “then get a man dammit” that shut her up.  Cleo came back and said she has to go and cook diner for her husband.  She Rocks looked at her and said “please don’t poison him it’s easy to find poison in an autopsy.”  I turned and gave the “shut up” look.  Cleo ignored her, gave us hugs and left, soon after She Rocks also left.  I prepared the perfect diner for my husband while drinking wine just to get myself in the mood; I needed to show my love and appreciation for this man before I found myself in a similar situation to Cleo.  I went to the bedroom and found sexy lingerie in the wardrobe, I knew that that evening I was going to make my husband speak in other tongues, I smiled and went downstairs to continue cooking dinner.  As I was about to finish I cooking I got a call from Mthobisi “Hey Honey, listen I’m going to be a bit late, something is going down and I need to take care of it.” I told him it was fine I would see him when he gets home, I won’t lie I was a bit disappointed but hey what could I do.

I finished dinner then had another glass of wine and watched TV after two hours my husband was still not back, my phone rang, I thought that must be him but it was a landline number I answered “Hello ma’am this is Zolani from Tracker am I speaking to Lesedi Jumbe?” I said yes wondering if Mthobisi had already had tracker installed in my car, the guy on the other end of the phone said they’ve been trying to get hold of my husband but his line just keeps ringing with no answer.  I asked if there was something wrong “it’s just that he’s car is in a dangerous area and we want to know if he’s okay.” I told him to give me 10 minutes and call me back I will try and get hold of him.  In that 10 minutes I must have called my husband 20 times and the phone just kept ringing and ringing, I was now starting to worry, my husband never ignores my calls if he’s in a meeting he will send a message with just one line “meeting” so this was very much unlike him, all these thoughts just came to my head I started thinking of the time he was stuck underground in a mine, shit, he didn’t say anything about going to any mine, shit what if that bastard brother of his had taken him?  I was now stressing, in about 12 minutes Zolani guy from Tracker called to ask if I had managed to get hold of my husband and I said no.  I asked him to give me the address of where he was, he said for the past 3 hours my husband’s car had been moving around in Alexandra but now it was parked in some place in Alexandra, he gave me the address and GPS Co-ordinates, I thanked him and again tried calling him for about 20 minutes still no answer, no I was shit scared, I didn’t have Champagne’s number otherwise I would have called him to go check on my husband.

I decided what the hell, I had the address of where he was and I had a car.  I quickly changed into leggings, long t-shirt and sneakers and headed out the door to my car.  I entered the address on the car’s gps, I didn’t know what I was going to do if I found my husband locked up in some shack in Alex but I knew sitting at home waiting and worrying would drive me insane.  When I reached the London off-ramp to go into Alexandra I actually wished that I had taken my husband’s gun but I left in such a hurry and with no plan I didn’t even think of that. I turned soo many times that if I had to be chased out of there I wouldn’t know where I had turned.  Eventually the car GPS said “you have arrived at your destination” I sat in the car for about 10 minutes thinking what the hell was I doing in this doggy looking place, the place was very dark and scary.  I switched of my lights and opened the door and slowly walked around at the back of one of the houses I saw my husband’s car.  I slowly walked to the car then looked through the windows to see if my husband was lying dead inside the car and there was no one inside “shit I should have brought the spare key” I whispered to myself.  I slowly crept to the house and tried looking through the windows, the stupid windows were either tinted or very dirty because I could not see jack shit inside.  I decided to try the window on the front of the house as I was still peeking through the window I heard a sound of a gun being cocked oh shit I thought, next thing I knew there was a loud bang and I was on the floor.


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  1. Ai mccm yaz Lesedi can be really stupid sometimes aimaan!

    Thank you Mike! I’ve been waiting for this great read. 🙂

  2. But why does Lesedi think she is a super hero. Hope the person who is shot was the one pointing a gun at Lee….Sad reality about Cleo, most housewives like her dont plan for the unknown, whats worse is that she might end up being kicked out kungene the former nanny…Amadoda kodwa!

    Mike at least u should have done double chapters, would have paid for all.

  3. Lesedi…Lesedi…Lesedi… Why won’t u just stay away from trouble hee? Now I’m worried sick! Eish….. There’s too much drama in this family.

    Thank you Mike and the A Team. Always bringing us the best

  4. tjo lee, what a stupid decision!! Ngabe uhlale ekhaya walinda u mthobisi wabuya, yoh.. Sometimes u lee unokucabanga ngenhliziyo.

  5. Ao mare lee,y o sena tsebe so?ur husband is thee biggerst thug ever!he will take care of herself ok,wena o tla etsa eng?

  6. this just goes to show you,what shitty lives these rich people live hey. Behind the high walls and flashy cars these people jst have no rest.us normal people are actually very happy.dankie bra mike

  7. This chapter is free. But the previous 2 are not, why? I would like to buy the pins, but i am in Namibia.

  8. I think its the bastard brothers family.. Or one of Mthobisis shady business either way great read! Eish next Saturday is just tooooo faar!!! 🙁

  9. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tell me Lee is not hurt, she is such a naughty child but i like this nonsense child, she always and i mean always manages to get her ass into trouble.

    I hope Mtho is still alive, i like that man.

    Thanks Team

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