Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Nine

I want to make this clear that I was not smiling inside because I was happy to see him here in my house! No! I was happy because it was him now who was trying to chase after me. A girl needs to feel wanted every now and again. We don’t dress up this nice and fix ourselves up the way we do just for our female friends to look at us but also because we want men to notice that we are beautiful and alluring. It’s flattering and frankly speaking every girl knows how gratifying it is when men give you compliments. As for this mampara though, he obviously needed something! He was as see through as Rihanna’s dress so it was easy to want to humiliate him. I am not dumb and what ever it is he was not getting it! Men think we are stupid because we allow them to think that we are. I invited him even though I made it clear that he should not be here. I told him that this was my mothers house he could not just waltz in as though he owned it. He actually apologized. I offered him a place to sit which he accepted but said he was not staying for long! This boy and making assumptions! Busy telling me that he was not staying for long like I wanted him to. He asked if he could see Amo and hold him no! I told him Amo was sleeping and he was difficult to put down. He then argued saying he will help me put him down like a real couple should, together.

“Mudenda what do you really want?l

I asked him after he said that line. What was he trying to do? He smiled and replied,

“I just want my two babies to be happy!”

He said in what was supposed to have been sweet but all this was lost on me. My phone rang but I pressed ignore on the call which also gave me an idea.

“By two babies do you mean Amo and I or the baby Meladi is carrying and Amo?”

I asked him. I think he could tell I was warming up to him.

“Fuck Meladi! I am not even sure that baby is mine but that’s a story for another day! You know I love you Faith. I never stopped loving you. If you could forgive me for what I did then I would be hear with you right now!”

He said. Wow. He was trying to pull the same line on her like he had done on me! Claiming the baby is not his! What was wrong with this boy? What had happened in the last couple of days really.

“What about Meladi?”

I asked him still acting all confused! I think he realized he had said too much and changed his tune!

“What about her? She is carrying my baby and I am not going to abandon her or the baby if that’s what you think. I will do right by her but my heart lies here with you?”

Much as I was playing a game with him I won’t lie and say those words did not hit home. He was here to seduce me and part of it was working. Before I could move he moved from the baby to me and kissed me! It had been so long since someone put their lips on me. I could feel the hairs on my back stand (if I had any). It was not even a gentle kiss but one of those passionate ones hands all over the place. I could feel that his dick was hard through his pants and I pushed him back.

“I am not having sex with you Mudenda! Especially not in my mothers house! I think you better go!l

I said moving back and picking up my phone as though I was about to make a call.


He pleaded. Girls know this better than guys, have you ever seen a guys face after you turn him on so hard, don’t mind the pun, then you deny him that cookie jar? He will be on the verge of tears I tell you and looks like you have denied him air itself.

“Please Faith come on?”

He begged but I said no!

“You have a pregnant girlfriend who loves you at home or where ever you two are staying!”

I reminded him. Not that I cared for her!

“What happens between Faith…I mean Meladi and I should not determine this morning. This is you and me, together again in one room and one place, actually not fighting. I just kissed you passionately surely that stands for something!”

Did this dude really use the word “passionately”, ka nnete? There are just some words meant for white people. It probably turned me off more than anything he had said to me all day. Cheesy bastard.

“No Mudenda it’s not right! You should go home and thanks for the kiss!”

I said folding my arms across my chest. He should leave. If he was serious he must stay this nice and come back next week. He wanted to cry but he agreed and he left very angry. I did not care. A lot of baby mama’s are their baby daddy’s scuftins! That’s why I was never going to sleep with this man again. Most women are treated like shit, left with the baby and no matter if he goes on to marry someone else or not he will come and collect sex from you like it’s a child grant! Fuck, women where is our pride? He made you pregnant, broke up with you, left you and your baby because clearly you were not good enough for him, then you still open your legs for him when he comes back like you are a tollgate! Really? Sies! Every woman who does that deserves the shit treatment their are getting because they are the ones who allow it! I will go ninja on his ass the day Mudenda whips out his dick and actually think it will ever go near my honey again! Say what!

Then I remembered…

When my phone rang that time Mudenda was here I had picked it up and hung up with only one thing in mind, Meladi! She wanted my baby dead correct?
Now it was my turn to put a check in her little princess life! I had made my phone voice record everything Mudenda had said during the kissing!

Now let’s see her fall apart that boyfriend stealing bitch!

I played back the recording to myself and I had captured everything.

I am a Samsung girl so you know we have not complications, thank God its not an Iphone!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike
First I just wanna applaud you for the good work you do everyday, I’m your biggest fan. I love your stories.

I am 23 years old have a problem with my vigina, I know this might sound stupid bt it’s bothering me anyway. I got married in 2011 and gave birth in 2012 and I never had a problem with enjoying sex till last year, I don’t feel a pressure to have it anymore and I don’t enjoy it. I think the problem is me not my partner; I searched about loose vigina on the internet and everything I found is what am experiencing or feeling lately so ladies please help tell me the safe and health way of tightning my vj. What I found on the internet is that I should use gooseberry but I don’t even know yin lokho or where to find it, it also told me about other things that I can’t even remember. Please help me anyone who can assist me. I also have a question do olives help to tightning the vj cause someone told me that so I need second opinion on that. Thank you so much. Love you all family Jackzoro you’re my favourite 😉 🙂 forgive my poor English and grammar.

Worried to lose a life partner.


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  1. Thanks Mike for the early dose. Q\A yhooo ur mind is telling u lies. What I know is. after u have given birth ur Vj return back to its normal state. Even if it was torn.(Waiting for the dr online to reply )

    1. You’re a lil bit wrong there, it does not completely go back to normal, there’s 3 kinds of vaginal openings, virgin, the opening that’s involved in sexual intercourse and the opening that gave birth. Not the same

  2. Thank you Mike. I am from Namibia, is any1 out there willing to help me with tomorrow’s pins? If yes please text me on +264812155944

  3. Nice one Mike

    Lucy you can get the balls. They will help to tighten you vagina. You can buy them from most of the sex shops or a sexologist. The balls will help tighten your vagina. They will also make you feel as if you are a virgin again. The sexologist couriers packages if you order. Just call her and tell her your problems then she will send suitable balls for you. She will also explain the benefits of the balls. Charisse is her name and her number is 082 333 0255. Ladies feel free to call her. She supplies toys as well

    Good luck Lu

  4. Madunde is obviously playing games Faith needs 2 beat him @ his game!!! ngxxxx!!! man think woman r week shame, if i were her i would show him flames!!!! Mrs loose vj pls go 2 ur gyna ders a pill u take once it cleans & tighten vj, c dr thomas in jhb , eating ice also helps trust

  5. Tx mike for the daily dose
    .@Lucy, so many things u can do to tigthen ur vaginal muscles, either go to a sex shop and get those balls(the name just slipped sorry) bt the silver ones they work wonders also when also home or work try tighten ur vagina and silently count to 10 and let loose, do that numerous times it helps. Nothing is wrong with u and its normal with women to some point abanye bahluleke nokubamba umchamo.its just muscles hv become weak or loose. Gudluck

  6. Faith_ woman power.

    I know what you mean. It doesnt reaally go back to its originaall size. especiaaly if you were cut or tore. generally the opening. Good luck

  7. Hi Lucy, you can also try Kegel exercises and squats. The balls that Maddy is referring to (Ben-wa-balls) are great, they really help with vaginal muscles.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, as for the passionate kiss… MXM!!

    Lucy my dear, if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t know as much as I do about life and ‘other things’. I wouldve dubbed your Q today as too personal but now I know better.

    As far as your vijayjay goes, my level of expertise is exhausted. I’m going to sit this one out. The methods I know include, bathing with ice blocks, coca cola, and even putting snyf down under. I’m not sure if it works, nor am I aware of any side effects. But I will trust that if western medicine can fix it, settle for that.

    I wish you luck and tightness, even though tight aint always alright if you know what I mean 🙂


    1. Iyooo Jehova# myeyes almost opped out! Sneif hara kuku? iyooo I would rather have a loose pussy. Yho nna I dont believe in this things tsaore kuku ekaba loose I could be wrong though. I mean surely if ena le sell by date nkebe bo makgosha bale outta business… Right? Yall who uses stuff except water hara kuku tsa lona le hloka dithapelo strue! I am shocked!

    2. Pliz don’t mislead people. The vagina is very sensitive and needs to be well taken care of. All these things like bo snef, coca cola n all the likes are the worst advise I’ve ever had. Women are different and it’s normal for some to get “loose” with age or after birth, but there are remedies for that and they don’t involve dodgy stuff. I have a kid and i was cut to help the baby come out, i was scared that my vagina wouldn’t go back to normal but it did. After the wound(where i was cut) healed, my vagina went back to normal. I’m able to have and enjoy sex, and my pussy is tight. Ofcourse i also do kegels from time to time. And those balls as mentioned here, they are also good bcz they are a way of exercising your vaginal muscles. And keep it clean boo. Eating lots of fruits and veggies keep u clean n smelling good down there. The vagina is just like the rest of the body. They usually say u are what u eat, i think that’s true. If you take good care of your baby down there, u will less problems of yeast infections bcz the pH balance will be where it needs to be(if u take care of Her).and also,the vagina is self-cleaning, it’s not a good idea to use harsh soaps and fragrances. I’m tired of other women lying to us n telling us to use weird things. If u have a problem just consult a doctor,and don’t be ashamed. Knowledge is power.

  9. To cc wth a problm with her virginia,I hv two children n eva since I had dis opening my virginia aint tight I spoke bwt my problm to one of my frends so iv bin using ds ting(dez isihlahla called uwatela u take amaxolo kawatela uwabilise masupholile u drink it,den ugezengawo ngaphansi I assure u ul b a virgin!!!from experience!

  10. Faith you made my day, good one for denying Mudenda the cookie, QnA its normal dear especially after having the baby, eventually it will go back to normal. try also exercising it helps tighten the vagina

  11. Thanks Mikeesto, as for the passionate kiss… MXM!!

    Lucy my dear, if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t know as much as I do about life and ‘other things’. I wouldve dubbed your Q today as too personal but now I know better.

    As far as your vijayjay goes, my level of expertise is exhausted. I’m going to sit this one out. The methods I know include, bathing with ice blocks, coca cola, and even putting snyf down under. I’m not sure if it works, nor am I aware of any side effects. But I will trust that if western medicine can fix it, settle for that.

    I wish you luck and tightness, even though tight aint always alright if you know what I mean 🙂


  12. good read.kip up Faith .thks Mikey.

    @Lucy, hey madam since when does my Jackzorro know bout vj?los.
    – anyway, babes if u bath refrain frm the use of bath soaps there or bo savlon/dettol, plain water does wonders.
    -again do not put ur finger inside thinking u taking out dirt, no that white stuff is a natural lining that makes the angels sing halleluya when doing the dance.
    -take it frm your mind it maybe psychological that u feel that way, did hubby compalin?if not o sharp.
    -BUT use the remedy of cold water it does wonders.

    nice dance my bebeza


  13. faith you keep your honey pot girl Madunde wants you to drop the charges sweety nothing else dont fall 4 him Q&A TRY exercizing ur vig everywhere you go even wen making love with ur man it worked for me had him talking in tongues

  14. Lmao kwaa wasnt gona coment 2day bt snyf jackzorro as in snuff hayibo lol eyi uwazi lukhulu lol bt dey ryt wash ur vjayjay wif cold water n dey say stoney works n exercise da muscles n go 2 pharmacies dey have things 2 help n oh ders 1 calld horny goat lmao kwaa it tightens dat vjayjay

  15. Gosh, can he just ask for his thesis already, thats the only reason he is playing Faith like this…….hayisuka.

    Lucy you brave girl……I have no advice, ngzozwa ngabanye who may know.

  16. Great read Mike n Thozama.Faith is my kind of girl.@ Lucy, please do not apply any cream to your honey pot you will only cause infection. I recommend kegel ecxercises. Tighten your honey pot n let loose,do it repeatedly like 10 times(a set) you can do 5 sets through out the day. You should go and visit a gynae, I’m quite sure it’s not birth that caused your vj to be loose. I have a baby my self and I know for a fact that it goes back to normal n in my case it became even tighter n to think I had that fear of it being loose,i was just being paranoid. Anyway try those ecxercises, I promise you, u will tops in no time 😉

  17. Hey Lucy

    Do exercises too like kegels, they help with tightning the muscles.
    You can do it when you are just sitting at work and whilst you pee.

  18. Hai hai Jackzorro, you want to kill poor Lucy. Snuif gives a running nose imagine what it would do down there, that department is very sensitive and even if you can change your usual soap for something new you might get an infection. Take note

  19. Jackzorro ware snyf? O batla go bolaa o mong! That just cracked me up. Try keagel exercises do them all the time, they are magical.

  20. QnA…kegel exercise works,if not,go see a gynae,there are also surgical interventions for such…..go and consult,home remedies are not always good unless they are harmless…..but go see a doctor

  21. Thanks Mike ,

    Q and A , While you still waiting to order those balls they mentioned above you can do kegels in the meantime, kegeling is holding and realising for ten time your Vj like when you pasing urine, you can like Buhle Mkhize page on Facebook then go to the womanhood album you ‘ll find all the tips on how to tighten your VJ it possible i have done it and Girl my Man can’t stop calling my name after giving birth 3 times, Goodluck Lungza.

  22. Thanx Mike im enjoyin thd book, @ Lucy gooseberries ilento ezimilelayo uyayihluba masivuthiwe ubona ngoba ikhasi lakhona lishile, iyababa ngaphandle njengenhlaba. Phakathi yellow musuyihlephula inezinhlamvu njengtamatisi. But you can also try virginal exercise where you put two fingers on it and hold for 10minute every day.

  23. Q&A REFRAIN FROM USING ANYTHING DOWN THERE PLEASE , A COOCHIE IS MORE THAN ANYTHING ON YOUR BODY , Bath with cold water , stop using soap too much down there , do kegel exercises (that tightening you do when you hold urine, it actually tightens up your vagina muscles) get the BENWA BALLS as well they do wonders and get yourself a lot of chinese fruit it also assists on tightening your vagina? it never goes back to normal once you give birth naturally it will never be as tight as before unless if you are monied and do vagina cosmetic surgery ……..

    take good care of yourself and dont use any snuff, gooseberries , chillies , coca cola down there if you truly have mega love for your coochie

  24. Thanks team for a great one again. Q n A – Just go to the chemist and get alum salt, you use it with cold water, it works wonders. the other thing you can use is cold water with fresh lemon juice. you can also get plain yoghurt as it balances your juices in there dear. Keep your vgirl clean fresh and healthy and enjoy your marriage. The other most important thing is to pray and ask God to help you overcome the tricks of the devil. The devil is the accuser of brethren, he will use any tiny thing to make you doubt yourself, he is fighting marriages. Find healthy ways of keeping your marriage and partner happy. If you doubt your self and end up denying your partner that cookie then he will end up looking for it somewhere else. Think about that.

  25. My ex used to treat me like how mudenda treat u Faith. Don’t allow it pls and if u send that voice note recording to meladi ull see how mad men can be when protecting the ones they care.he will call u crazy after all

  26. Lol hai! Jackzorro le itse dilo snuff ko kukung ,mara wa di botsa ke mang, wena? 🙂 .lucy babe I would go with that advice of cold water thing if I were u . Nna ena I dont have much experience with los.v though ive heard some of my friends talking about it and the cold water is what ive heard is the remedy for that .but then again if u can afford gyna check with them first before doing anything that will affect ur life.

  27. Thanks Mike

    QnA: Maybe theres nothing wrong with your vijayjay, most probs its your hubby dearest one pipi elincane.

    Just sayin…

  28. Thanks Team…
    A to Q: Kegel exercises and using cold water and a bit of salt to wash your usisi VJ. Definately no soap or any funny business. Try drinking milk and a bit of cinnamon – sesozwa ngawe ngakusasa!

  29. Dankie bra mike…….I love the new faith keep it that way

    Q&A lool kwaa dead my the comment ay girl most of the advice that the ladies gave u are right cold water is the key…and try to get western advice

  30. Thanks again Mike bro!

    Oh com’on Lucy not the VJ story! Ar e u doing this for u or yo man? Has he complained. Yo partner should be there to please u as a woman not the other way round. Remember that. Look gal if yo vj has over stretched due to childbirth go to yo gynae & not listen to stories of snuffs & vicks & whathaveyou! If there is a serious problem yo gynae will help u. A vj is elastic and it should go back. But if it has not gotten to ‘normal’ u maybe need to do keagal (or keagel) excercises…google u’ll get how to do those. If u want to go kinky visit an adult shop but don’t introduce anything new without getting yo partner on board it could backfire big time! Again remember why u want to do this. Good luck gal

  31. Wasn’t gonna comment kodwa Jesu Jackzorro yena! Yoh lol I die! Ikhona into angayaz lobhuti kodwa! Lol ay day made. Got mega love for this dude struuuuu G

  32. I love D’s girl shit! I wish all women were like her, l included! Mike I don’t HV a bby yet n m nt yet married! BT lesson learned 4 all d stories I read! 4rm Zulu girl goes2jhg, confessions, memoirs, missteps n nw rumblings! m a fan big tym ! n shout out 2 thozama as well, u guys r doing a super gr8t job! n I am forever thankful!

  33. Yes it does go back to normal but not exactly. Hence at the hospital they give u a physiotherapy (some Hosp) so I suggest u go see one

  34. LOL tjo Buhle… kwaaaak.. u should go back to school neh and demand ur school fees money from ur biology teacher that person corrupted your knowledge that same hole that viganal canal wer u performing intercourse on is the same hole that delivers a child… LMFAO

  35. Balls Balls !!!!!!They will change your life,every punani needs a set from the time she starts menszie till she dies.

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