Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty

Women are evil! Oops did I say that out loud? Well it’s true we are! We can be the sweetest beings ever but deep down in every woman lies a little demon which if awakened can cause havoc. It’s more than just jealousy, envy, revenge, greed but something deep buried within us. I don’t know how else to put it. We are just animals like that when we feel scorned. It’s like that girl who believes that revenge in her old best friend is sleeping with her man. Yes to someone else it might come across as disgusting and low but when you are the woman doing it, it can be the most gratifying thing you can ever do. Revenge is sweet and women can testify to this more than men. A lot of men have been cheated on as punishment and those that found out to this day they are still not right in the head. They become self conscious and scared of their own shadow. That’s the power of a woman. To that there is an inverse, the woman you are doing it too will hate you forever and will probably dump that guy because out of all the women in the world why you? We tend too punish women more in our revenge than men which is why Meladi won’t know what hit her! She was too proud for her own good it was time to cut her down to size!
I got up to go check on Amo and I had the biggest grin on my face. There was a bit of light in my tunnel at last. Mudenda still had not mentioned his thesis nor anything about maintenance court. What was he playing at? He clearly was playing game. It was not two minutes later before a more friendly face knocked on my door. It was Aurelia. I had been waiting for her before Mudenda arrived but not necessarily looking forward to it.

“Was it Mudenda I saw driving out?”

Aurelia asked completely shocked when she walked in. Had I forgotten to tell her that the chancer was coming? I could not remember now!

“Yes it’s him! He just showed up! He thinks this is a hotel and you wouldn’t believe what he did…”

I didn’t finish the statement as I played my recording for her. Her mouth was agape in shock!

“No he didnt!”
She said at the very end. Rule number one in revenge by women is spreading the one. A secret stops being a secret the moment you tell the next person and better yet another female. By telling Aurelia, much as I loved her, I knew she will tell someone eventually. That’s why most women regret what they confess to someone out of anger because there is no taking your words back!

“So are you going to send that to Meladi?”

She asked me of which I nodded in the affirmative with a smile on my face though.

“That’s not nice though Faith. Don’t become this horrible person all on his account. What if she has a miscarriage or kills herself because of the shock of it?”

Goodness I had not thought of that at all. That would be a tad bit dramatic on her part though but with us girls I swear you will never know what reaction we make. Now I felt kind of bad.

“But she deserves everything she gets from me. Its not like she is some stranger who happened to fall into a situation. She was my friend who betrayed me and went after my man when I was pregnant and is now marrying him barely six months after!”

I protested to her. She had no idea how it felt every time I thought about what had happened. Yes I was supposed to forgive and forget but that is not something that happens overnight. I had lots of anger to vent out and she was not getting a Get Out of Jail free card from me. I am not the Alex court and she is not Sindisiwe Manqele. Bail for what, she had taken my man and she was going to rue that day. That much I vowed to myself.
“I get all that but just remember that those two are beneath you and you are wasting your time on them. You have bigger things to focus on!”

This thing of taking the high road doesn’t always work. Where is the satisfaction in that? She saw I was not budging and changed the topic.

“Please sit down and let me explained what happened and why I am begging you not to take the job…”

She said sitting before me. I looked at her closely for the first time. I could actually detect a hint of a black eye there. How I ask myself can a man lay his hands on something so fragile and beautiful. Aurelia was even soft spoken which really baffles me.

“I was at his place yesterday and I did not want to change my hair. He says I have had it for too long and I am embarrassing him. I told him that he did not buy it, which is true, and he actually slapped and punched me for it! Imagine for hair!”

Ok no offence but somehow I did not believe her. I know when I am being lied to and at this moment I had no doubt about this. Obviously as a girl you have to show support for your girl.

“Aurelia you know I need this job. Look at my situation right now. I have a baby and no job. I have no money to feed my baby and you know I would do anything you ask of me but this one I have to say is a bit much for me.”

I said as calm as possible trying to make her not panic. She looked very disappointed when I said that.

“Just know that he might try to make you a pawn every time we fight! I want to dump him but if you stay there its hard for me because. He might fire you!”

I had forgotten that part. I could be fired at any point if they fought. I didn’t have a choice though as that would work as work experience of which I had none. A mother has to know how to feed a child and right now for this was the onlly thing I had and could do.

“Please reconsider. You are my friend and if you love me you will do this for me!”

She said shocked still that I had refused. She stood up and left!

What was I supposed to do now?

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Happy Monday


Mike Maphoto

Dear Mike
I would like to remain anonymous please.
I’m a 23year old dating this guy a 28year old for just over one year and its been great. On the first day we met he told me about a child that he have but he’s not in the mothers’ life. That happened 4years ago. But I encouraged him to make time for his daughter. Our relationship grew very strong and he’s been talking about marriage recently. Last week he found out he has a 2year old son where the mother just rocked up at his place. He told me about it immediately since he found out about it and I was so shocked and so was he. Its not been proved with DNA tests yet but he believes it COULD be his. He told me they weren’t dating that time…just banged. I’m so confused coz im constantly thinking of how many other kids can also pop up. For I will then become a “step-mother” to all of them where I dont even have any kids myself. He reassured me that I’m the one he wants to spend his days with and never cheated on me since we got together. I cant help but have a bit of mistrust in him even though I love him so much. Obviously marriage is in a distance now for I have to be able to trust him again. Please give some advise of how I should handle this situation.

Please assist appropriately!

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  1. Trust Mike to incorporate current affairs on a chapter.. Bail for what lol!!! Thanks Mikeesto, daily dose.

    Anon, I got confused a bit there, you dating him for a year now and he told you about his babymama on the first day which was 4years ago? Anyway, if you are saying this guy was genuinely shocked to find out about baby no2 then clearly he was truthful where that is concerned, my issue is with baby1, why wasn’t he making time for the child? And does he usually sleep around without a rubber, hence baby2?!

    Your man is irresponsible or was, either way I’m not sure what we can do for you to accept his two kids outside and trust him enough to marry him. You know the guy for over a year now, do you think he is husband material? Do you think you are wife material? And just because someone is talking marriage doesn’t necessarily mean they will go through with it. I think you’re still young, have fun and know yourself better. Dealing with two babymama drama’s is hectic for a 40year old, wawuyini wena ke lapho.


    1. Hi JackZ,

      They have been dating for a year, but the Baby happened 4 years ago. Yes you are confused kannete LOL

  2. Anonymous, really he has never cheated if u dating 4 years the kid is 2!!! He cheated baby girl… Kick him 2 the curb… U gna have serious baby mama drama this guy is a baby making machine…

    1. Hey ME, they have been dating for a year. The first baby happened 4 years ago and the second one is 2 years. Yes the man has never cheated, he just didn’t know about baby number 2 who is 2 years old. Have a Blessed day Friend:)

  3. @ ME. They did not date for 4 years, they dated for more than a year. The guy has a daughter which happen 4 years back before he met Anonymous

  4. guys i think she meant they have been dating for a year and baby no.1 is 4yrs old and baby no.2 is 2yrs old, so no cheating happened as far as she knows.

  5. Job or Friendship? Had choice there Faith especially because you got the job because of her.

    Thanks Team Mike

    Anonymous , your letter is a bit confusing but If I understand what you saying is that, you have known the guy for 4 years however only started dating about a year ago? suddenly he has another baby that happened two years ago? I hope I am right here.

    Anyway,you are still a bit young to be a step mother to two kids however I don’t think he cheated if I understand your letter, because then you guys were not dating when the banging happened however you were friends.

    If you don’t trust him then its best you break it off now. There is no relationship without trust.

  6. When ada pple comment its like dey dnt read properly @ me read again an understand den u can comment

    At anno if u love ur guy an bby mama no1 hasn’t been a problem since u dated ur guy,pray dat bby mama no2 wnt b a problem den u an ur bf can move on wit life….atleast hes been loyal 2 u an never hid his kids frm u

  7. Faith is right,we woman are very vindictive esp on other woman,we are all sweet at some time but don’t take my man and gloat or make me feel it in any way cos will definitely get an opportunity to sleep with that man again,and am gonna make sure gym is,at least it’s just words for Meladi,,,,for some it’s. Videos,phone calls,hardcore proof,eish I don’t know why we like that but it happens,if you took my man and I let go don’t make me feel it in any way or else I will give you a present that will make you also respect me,women are the same we want the same thing,a man to be mine as well,so if you took him,you gonna trust as well,you gonna live as well,and you want to keep him,what made you think that I didn’t want him for me as well,so whatever a woman do for revenge,it’s not to take a man who left me for you,NO it’s to create a permanent mistrust and uneasiness between the two of you,that will lag forever while am free from this guy and am happy with my new one ,BUT you gonna have this unease forever……as long as am still alive.

    Great one this morning…….thanks Mike

  8. lol @Me’s selective reading.. how I wish I never got married at 21, I mean why do we feel the need to commit when we can alternatively just have fun and enjoy our youth.
    Anon you can still do that, the guy says the baby could be his, meaning he didn’t use a rubber. who still does that?

  9. Thanks Team. “…and those that found out to this day they are still not right in the head…” So funny but true.

  10. Thanks Mike.

    Q&A I believe ur man can be trusted, he was honest with you ka baby 1 and even with baby 2, he never hesitated to tell you. Something a lot of men fail to do. It’s funny how society always discourage woman dating men with kids to dump them, but if u r a woman with kids, we expect monna ago tlhokomele with those two kids. Your man never lied to you so I don’t understand why you say u can’t trust him, ngwana batho ntse asa itse there’s another child, it all happened before he met you. I know many women who become pregnant and chose not to tell the father… If you love the man, love him, how would you feel if you had to kids and the man you love wants to leave, you don’t deserve the guy, because if I am in rship and my child is the problem. I am not staying I won’t jeopardise happiness ya ngwanaka.

  11. If another person’s marriage didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean yours won’t work. Marriage ke marriage, it doesn’t matter when it happens. I mean you can date a person for ten years, and still be happy, what’s the difference for waiting for 3 more years. And many people in committed relationships don’t use rubber, I mean ur man can’t name all his exes, its called dating not being irresponsible…

  12. Thanks Mike

    I agree with Joy on this, you can’t dump a guy you love because he has kids… Though I think being a step mom for 2 kids at the age of 23 is a baggage

  13. Joo! u betere manyeo! wa hopola elwa wa bana ba 10!! :”””D and this guy has shown you undoubted transparency by telling you abou both scenarios as soon as he could. i think a lot of credit is due to him for that. as i have said before, guys will always bring all sorts of buggage, Aids, abuse, mommy’s boy, toxic inlaws, and this is just one of the many, what matters right now is whether your love can withstand the pressure, cause even if it was’nt the babies, it was/ is gonna be something else.

    And about your trust issues, you are looking for reasons to stop trusting this guy, he hasnt really given them to you. and there are lots of people out there who have reason and beyond to stop trusting thier partners but because they understand that love cant always be rosey they saw beyond that and believed in their love nonetheles. so stop looking for Magic Love, you seemingly have true love.

    And about being a step mom at 23, its all the same to me, you could be a step Mom at 85 or 23, if it’s gonna be bad it’s gonna be bad, or maybe not 🙂

    Good Luck and God bless you 🙂

  14. Nice one mike 😉
    Kante why are we in a rush to answer or give advice where else we didn’t read with understanding?o.O

  15. Either I read that with great speed or it was a tad bit short…I want more

    Its one thing for a man to deny a child, but how can a women keep quiet about being pregnant and not only that, raise the child till the age of two??????? Anyways, that is a topic for another day I guess……… Anon, If you love him and he is good to you and you are prepared to love his kids too, then you know what to do, however, I think you are young though to be playing “step mommy”. I hope for your sake that no more children crop up after this cause clearly he is or was not a condom user……

  16. Some women keep quiet because the relationship ended on bad terms. You end up so angry wanting to hurt the guy, then at a later stage u realise that you are denying your child whats rightfully theirs (having/knowing their true identity).

  17. Say no more. Hands down @ Teluna outlined every iimportant aspect already. More or less

    Anonymous take that advice and use it. As for the other people, please kindly make sure you read and uunderstand the lletter well before giving confused advice.

  18. I personally think Faith you are being selfish. For a while it’s been how you’ve been hurt how you’ve been wronged. And fine u have vele, and the one person u least expected to be there for was there for u. Now u are like F her. Its very foul of u shame. U would not have gotten that job if u for her anyway. I think u sheld behind ur son kahle kahle usile. And u use him as reason or rather and excuse to now betray a friend! I hope that guy (boss) give u hell. Maybe its for the best u don’t take the job anyway. It does not matter what they fought about but that man put his hands on her! When he’s done with her, he’ll on wanting ur ass for the job. That’s just my 2cents

  19. Short short short,A2Q thanda ndoda yakho sistaz ayikho into e rong ngaye.he’s been loyal forever 2 u

  20. Thank you for the post Mike 🙂

    Anon, you’re in a sticky situation but you have to give the guy props for his transperancy. It could have been so easy for him to lie or not say anything. He shows a great deal of respect for you. I’m sure the situation’s not easy on him, just as it isn’t easy for you so support each other. All the best love

  21. Q&A People wil tell u this and that bks u asked fr advice,i cn tell u tht u r matured enough to be married and stay married longer thn ppl who r older than u,as for trust issues its a very delicate issue sisi,we can all tell u wht we percieve u should do but yo man sounds like a genuine person though u know we all make mistakes.its up to you dear beacuse u r in the situation u will know wt to do eventually.gudluck and embrace love sisi,its a beautiful thing

  22. Q&A: I think your man is honest, it not easy to tell a female you love about a kid that you have that is not hers. For him to be upfront about it not once but twice it means he is honest. Hence I don’t understand why you don’t trust him. Everything happened before you arrived so give a guy a break I also don’t understand why you are failing to trust him.

    He has been very generous with the truth something that is rare, even more reason to trust him. Learn to love his kids that all.

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