Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twelve

I sometimes think out loud and this was one of those moments, of course there was nothing perfect about the situation, I wanted to kick myself, I didn’t know how to respond, I just looked on the floor and pretended to be focusing on something important, Mthobisi came and joined us, which saved me a bit, he introduced himself to the two officers, then asked me “what happened? Where did you find her? How did you find her?”  Jesus Christ, ask me 20 million questions at once in front of police nogal, this was such a bad idea but I had to keep up this act, Mthobisi had blatantly told me that it’s the only way they were going to find whoever was responsible for this, whatever this is.  I again told the story of how I found her laying on the floor like she’d been thrown out of a car and how I picked her up and put her in my car and took her to the hospital. I had said this story so many times I was now starting to believe it, if I had to be put in a lie detector test I would pass with flying colours shem, I was now starting to believe that the truth is a lie and the lie is the truth.  The cop asked me why I had decided to bring her to Castenhof instead of Waterfall Hospital, I explained that I was not very familiar with Midrand and didn’t even know there was Waterfall Hospital, I knew of Castenhof because we would pass it when going to Tembisa.  Mthobisi looked at me and nodded like he was satisfied by how I had just remembered that lie to the tee.  They asked if there was anyone in the street or any suspicious cars around that I might have seen when I was getting Lee on the side of the road; I said I didn’t see anyone or any cars.  They said they will need a statement from Lee and I showed them her ward, the nurses told them she’s still unconscious and they will gather whatever  DNA evidence they can get and send it to them and they had also put the clothes she was wearing in a transparent plastic bag and handed it over to the police, they gave the nurse their numbers and told her to phone them as soon as she woke up, she said she would write that in her file for the next shift nurses to know who to call when she woke up.  The police thanked us and left.  Mthobisi and I were told to wait outside, when we got to the waiting room Mthobisi said “I was a bit worried there for a second with the cops, the way obhayize ngakhona on the phone, I was sure you were going to mess up again” I said mxim and punched him in his arm, he looked at me and said “ouch, She Rocks Mayweather.  How are the boxing lessons going?”  Was this man seriously asking me about boxing after what we had just been through?  I said “boxing is great; I have a fight in 2 months I need to gain at least 6 kilos to be in the same weight as the girl I will be fighting but I’m so unfit since the accident I haven’t been able to train properly.”  Mthobisi and his friends always tease me about boxing because I’m a girl and I do boxing but I’ve gotten used to their silly jokes and I usually laugh them off.  Mthobisi continued “most women want to lose weight and you trying to gain, talk about crazy!”  I stood up because now I was getting seriously annoyed and in that moment I became Andiswa when she’s angry I think I spend too much time with that girl I was beginning to even behave like her I screamed at Mthobisi “yewethu, can we focus on your wife and not worry about my weight for a second?” he looked at me and for the first time I saw fear in his eyes, and he said “I don’t want to think about what my wife is going through right now, she’s fighting off the most heaviest drugs and if she makes it out of this alive it will be a miracle, those drugs fry your brains, she could come out of this place a vegetable, so I would rather talk about stupid things than talking about my wife’s situation right now.” Damn I had no idea the situation was that bad, the nurses never told me anything, wait, how did he know about the drugs because I didn’t mention anything to him about Lee’s arm being full of needle marks.  Before I could even ask him that question he told me that they went back where we found Lee and the things they found there were not something I would like to hear about.  I cringed and told him it was okay, I didn’t want to know all I wanted was my friend to be okay.  We then sat there in silence for almost thirty minutes it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I needed the silence and he needed to think, after what seemed like eternity a nurse came and said we could go see her Lee since we refused to leave the hospital she was doing us a favour, when we got there she was hooked into soo many machines, in her mouth nose it seemed like they were everywhere, I ran out the ward, I couldn’t stand to see my friend like that, Mthobisi followed me and asked if I was okay, I told him I needed some fresh air and I will be fine he could go back.  He went back inside, I sat outside for a while taking the fresh air in trying to clear my lungs out from all the hospital medicine fumes, my phone rang it was Nomzamo, I had forgotten that she was home with Neo first thing she said “do you know what time it is?  It’s after 3 am, I don’t think your friend will be too happy to find out that you were out on dates with her husband while she’s missing.  To think that you were so upset when you saw me naked around the house, kanti sisi you want the man for yourself.  You have reached the train stop my darling, I’m not going to let you take him just like that, khohlwa, libala, forget” this bitch was unbelievable, I simply responded to her by saying “We’ve found Lesedi we are in hospital with her.”

That must have taken her by surprise she mumbled “I’m sorry I didn’t realise.”

I wasn’t done “When she gets out of hospital I’m sure she will want to remove all the trash out of her house and by trash I mean you, so do yourself a favour and start packing your bags.” And I hung up.

I called Lee’s mom but her phone kept going to voicemail so I tried Victor who answered after a couple of rings, he didn’t sound like he was sleeping, poor man he loved Lee like his own child I told him the good news that we had found Lee, he was so happy he said he’s going to wake his wife to tell her the good news I tried stopping him but I guess the phone had left his ear because the next thing I heard was him telling the wife that Lee had been found, I had them both celebrating in the background, he had obviously forgotten about me, I waited for him to get back on the phone and they were just talking going on and on in the background, what is it with old people, didn’t they want more details?  I decided to hang up and called again this time he picked up immediately I told him Lee was in hospital, the people who took her had drugged her up and the doctors were trying to get the drugs out of her system and things were not looking good.  I told him they should come in the morning to see her, I gave him the name of the hospital and he thanked me and hung up.

After speaking to Lee’s step-dad I mounted the strength to go back in the ward and see Lee, those pipes and cubes were everyone it was just not a pretty sight, Mthobisi was sitting in a chair next to her, he was holding her hand talking to her.  He’s back was facing me so he didn’t see me come in all I heard was “I love you soo much honey, please promise me you are going to come out of this alive and if you do, I promise I will never leave your side, I will be your bodyguard 24 hours, I will take you to work in fact you won’t even have to work my love if you don’t want to but if you want to work you can work, baby you can do anything you like, I won’t stop you all I ask is that you please come back to me.  I will make you breakfast every morning and cook you diner every night, please baby, I wouldn’t be able to live without you, I don’t want to live without you, you are my life, you are my soulmate.” I knew I should just walk back out but damn this man was so sweet, I was soo touched by this cute speech he gave to his wife, as I was about to walk out Mthobisi said

“I will find those bastards that are responsible for this and I will kill their mothers, father, children, grandparent, uncles, aunts, cousins and anyone close to them and I will make sure that they watch while I do it, and then finish off with them.”

“Iyhoooooooooooo!!!!” I exclaimed

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  1. Lol She Rocks is forever thinking out loud hleng! Oh but Lesedi is one lucky woman!!! Thanks Mike and Thozama, much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Lee could be a zombie? That wouldn’t be nice. how does Mtho tell a sick Lee such, he should have just stopped on the romantic words

    Thanks Team Mike

  3. Bare monna ke selepe oya adimiswana
    utlwa oreng Nomzamo “I’m not going to let you take him just like that, khohlwa, libala, forget”

  4. I want She rocks to give Nomzamo a hot clap when she gets home, the girl is a whore #nxa! Eish kodwa nkosi yam this man named Mthobisi is soo romentic yho! Mthobisi must even kill the dog rhaaa..

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