Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirteen

Mthobisi turned so fast, and before I could make a run for it, he grabbed me by the arm and said “what did you hear?” the look in his eyes said he meant business, I tried looking away from his blazing eyes but he’s eyes were locked on mine I just had to be honest and tell the truth before Mthobisi burnt me with his eyes I told him I heard him threatening to kill the families of the people who were involved.  He looked at me and smiled and the fire in his eyes disappeared like I had just missed the boat, did he say worse things before I arrived I wondered?  He said “I was just saying that out of anger, you know me Rock Star, I’m not that kind of a person” I was beginning to question what kind of a person he really was in the last 24 hours I had seen another side to my friend’s husband that I had not known existed and to be honest I was happy not knowing it, ignorance is bliss sometimes.  He told me he needed to make a few calls and would like me have some private time with Lee, I sat down and couldn’t even look at her.  I decided the only thing that would make me feel better in that situation was a prayer,  I asked God to not take her, we were not ready to lose her, she had so much to live for, I prayed and I bargained with God promising that if she comes out of this alive I will make sure she lives a straight and narrow life that she goes to church every Sunday I will even fetch her myself every Sunday, it was a long prayer when I was done I heard Mthobisi say “Amen” I asked him “what did you hear?” he laughed and said “you got jokes neh mfazi ka (wife of) Mayweather.” I laughed and said “watch yourself I will knock you out.”  One of the nurses came and said our time was up we need to go home and get some rest; we didn’t fight this time we were both exhausted.

When we got inside my slow motion car the back seat was filled with blood, I didn’t even ask how the Russian was doing after being shot earlier, the way he was so rude to me pissed me off to a point where I didn’t care if he was okay or not, besides he had called earlier which means he still alive.  On the way to Mthobisi’ s house I sent an text to my boss telling him I won’t be in and was not feeling too good, I was not in the mood to explain that long complicated story, where would I even start?  It would be one long sms with no ending.  When we got to the complex Mthobis pointed out and said “that is where you found Lesedi” I just nodded I was too tired to even look, he stopped the car and said “Rock Star this is serious, look at where I’m pointing, we broke a few flowers to make it look like someone had been on that flowerbed.”  I got out of the car and the wind was blowing hard, I saw the spot and promised Mthobisi that I will not forget.  When we got in the house I threw myself in bed and passed out and only got up the next morning around 11.  Mthobisi had already gone to the hospital, Nomzamo had made me breakfast to apologize for the way she spoke to me last night, I dint’ trust it, she could have poisoned it, I told her I wasn’t hungry and thanked her, I would rather eat hospital food than her because she just saw me as competition to her meal-ticket and a desperate woman is a dangerous woman, she has no boundaries and will go to any lengths to get what she wants and I had just escaped death just the night before from gun shots I was not about to die from a small thing like food not after surviving bullets.  I showered dressed and realised that Mthobisi had taken my slow motion, but his car was there, I didn’t want to drive it not after what happened when we drove his car in Durban, I decided to use Uber taxi services, they picked me up and took me to hospital.  When I got there Lee’s mom, Victor, her real dad, sister and her husband were all there.  I was again asked the same question, how I found her; I had to recite the story all over again. Lee’s father said “this is all thanks to that no good husband of hers fault, I was against this marriage from the start, do you now see what he’s done to my child now?” he said pointing at Lee’s mom.  Naledi responded “dad please don’t start this again and you no saint either.”  That completely shut him up, his daughters knew how to handle him shem.  I went to Lee’s ward and Mthobisi was there sitting next to her in silence he probably wanted to avoid yesterday’s disaster where I heard him talk about killing people.  I went in and asked if he was okay, he said yeah he just needed to be away from Lee’s dad, I totally understood him, that man had no off button no wonder Lee’s mom divorced him.  I called the girls and told them about the new developments, they said they would come to the hospital as soon as they could.  I spent the entire day in hospital the girls came they cried when they saw how bad she looked.  We decided to go out and have late lunch since I had not eaten all day, we used Andiswa’s car.  Cleo said “God I don’t want to sound negative but Jesus Lee looks bad.”  Andiswa said “I don’t understand why they would take her and keep her for over 3 weeks then just dump her in front of her place, nje, just like that, what was this all about?  What did they want to do with her and why bring her back when they did?” they both looked at me as if expecting me to have answers, I told them I didn’t know I was as clueless as they were, I hated lying to my friends but Mthobisi and Russian man had made me swear that I would not breath a word to anyone about what had happened, I felt like I had signed a none-disclosure agreement and I was not about to break my promise.  I shrugged my shoulders and we ate the rest of the lunch in silence we couldn’t even make stupid jokes like we normally do, this was one heck of a scary situation, drugs, guns, I shivered just thinking about the whole thing.  When we were done we went back to the hospital, there were still no changes in Lee’s condition.  Victor and Lee’s mom said they were leaving, her dad had already left, and we said our goodbyes and told them we will keep them updated.  Cleo had to go too her husband had dropped her off and was on the way to pick her up they had to go get their kids from crèche.  The rest of us stayed behind even though most times we were not allowed to go in her ward we just hung around hoping she would feel our presence and know we are all there for her.   Around 7 people started leaving, Mthobisi suggested that we also make our way home, my car had been cleaned spotless it even smelled of chemicals, I was glad.  When we got home I went straight to bed.

The following morning it was Saturday so again Mthobisi left before I even woke up for hospital but this time he took his car and I had my slow motion to use, I drove myself to the hospital and again the whole family was there this time Tshepang Mthobisi’s brother and wife Koketso were also there, his mom was nowhere to be seen, wherever she was she was probably praying that Lee dies, that woman hated my friend with passion, she couldn’t even pretend now that she was close to death.  There had still being no changes in Lee’s condition and we did our swapping since only two people were allowed to see her at a time.  Around 5 people started leaving and Mthobisi told me I could go as well he will be home late he had other things to take care off, I bought myself take-aways on the way back and ate them outside the gate I didn’t want Nomzamo seeing that I was not eating her food but eating take-aways she could try another way to get rid of me, I know I was acting paranoid but I didn’t trust that woman one little bit.  I got home played a little with Neo we had not seen him in the past 2 days since things had just gotten crazy and I missed spending time with him.  Around 8 I went to bed and Mthobisi was still not back.  At 23:14 I received a call it was the hospital they told me they had been trying to get hold of Mthobisi but his phone was off and we need to get to the hospital as soon as possible because Lesedi’s condition had taken the turn for the worst, my heart just dropped, this was not the news I was hoping to hear, I took of my pyjamas and wore sweatpants and track top and ran upstairs to Mthobisi’s room, he was not there, shit I called and his phone and it went to voicemail “Mthobisi it’s me, Lee’s condition has worsened we are wanted at the hospital as in right now, time is now 23:28 please get back to me asap, I’m going there now.”

I couldn’t drive fast enough to get to the hospital and slow motion had a tendency of being slow when you were in a hurry.  I arrived and Mthobisi was already there, he said he got my message he’s phone was on there must have been some network problem, I asked him what the problem was with Lesedi and he said the doctor had told him that Lee is not doing so well, her organs were failing and we needed to prepare for the worst he said the doctor said she might not make it through the night and they needed us to say our goodbyes.  My knees felt week I almost fainted, Mthobisi told me to sit down he will get me some water and he’s already called Lee’s family and his to come.

I held Lee’s hand and told her with tears running down my face “you are not going to die, do you hear me?  You are not going to leave me, you are not going to leave the man that loves you with all his heart and your beautiful child, you cannot die, I will not let you Lee, I swear to God, I’m not going to let you die.”  As I was speaking Lee squeezed my hand at first I thought I must have imagined it, but then she did it again, I froze with shock, I didn’t know what to do I had to be triple sure that what I thought happened really happened I needed confirmation, I whispered “do it again Lee”  and she did something even better she lifted her hand I swear I heard angels sing, my friends  and I, we always say we hear angels sing after good sex but this was better than sex and angels were not singing “hallelujah” like they normal do they were singing after good sex they were singing “amazing grace” I started jumping up and down from excitement, she opened her eyes and I knew with no doubt that my friend was back and she was going to be okay.  She wanted to say something but with the pipes in her mouth she couldn’t speak I wanted to remove them but realised I might hurt her even further so I decided to go find a nurse, I told them and two nurses came running to check, that’s the nice thing about private hospitals you get special attention, they told me to stay outside, I did as I was told and went around looking for Mthobisi to tell him the good news.  I found him outside he was on the phone I decided not to interrupt and just go back inside but you know how you cannot control your ears they hear things that you wish you could not have heard. I heard him say

“Mfundo’s brother has gone too far this time, they are fucking up with the wrong family. Don’t’ worry I’ve got enough ammunition to kill an entire village in my car.  We’ll meet at your place I want everything and everyone in that house dead, we will not even leave a cockroach alive.  I’m sending that asshole a clear message, this is war and he better be ready to finish the shit he started, I want him to suffer more than I am suffering right now.”

What the fuck?? Mfundo’s brother did this??  Shit just got real!!!  Did he know about the rest of us?  ohhhh God were we next? My heart was ready to come pop out of my chest the way it was beating soo hard, my ears started buzzing I couldn’t hear anything else around me, fear completely paralyzed me, my hands became stiff and I blacked out!!!!

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  1. I felt like crying when my she rocks spoke to Lee, is there a man like Mtho here lol I am sure the ain’t any because he won’t have time to read missteps. My kind of man tlhe

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  4. I cried so hard reading the part that her organs were failing oh Nkosi yami kubuye wonke ama memories abuhlungu thanks Thozama,Mike n Team

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  7. Eish wen dey said Lee ‘s condition has taken a turn to worse,I remember wen de hospital call me in de middle of de nyt abt my husband. May his perfect soul rest in peace. Dts a very emotional chapter. Tnx mikey

  8. @Tshidex gel its really a sad part when the hospital calls in the odd hours. I’ve expirienced the same with my late hubby.( Very emotional now )

  9. I guess this has also reminded me of the call about hubby. I got goose bumbs just reading this chapter and i could just feel for Mtho… the worst part is making the call to all the family and gather in one place to do your sendoff…. Eish i just missed my hubby and may his soul R. I. P and those of your husbands ladies… Thanx Thozama & Mike God should continue to bless you abundantly:-)

  10. This is my first time commenting on the blog, since following the story from day 1 and ,WOW !, I must highlight what an emotional chapter this is. I just had to comment and say that this is definitely outstanding work you guys have done here, this will touch hearts of many. **So sorry to those that have lost their loved ones (I wish I could give you all a hug to make you feel better and tell you that it will be okay), may their souls rest in peace**

  11. Yho Yho, the plot thickens!!!! Mfundo is also Mthobisi’s brother, right? Or was it Jonny Walker who told me that?
    My heart goes out to all those that have received that odd-hour call from hospital. I pray you find peace despite the circumstances.

  12. Wow! Great work guys! This chapter reminds me of what my older sister told me she went through when I was admitted to hospital late last year but the call for her was for her to sign a concent form for them to bore a hole into my neck and move the breathing pipe from my mouth to my neck coz I was ventilated. My people had just seen the Generations scene that week where Noluntu had to switch off the life support machine that was supporting her child and they didn’t know the difference between life supporting machine and ventilators. Tjoe! The drama egengeni! Shame, she had to drive for 2 hours to get to the hospital I was in and she told me she just thought I was already gone coz when she called in and asked why they had asked her to call them and they told her she had to come to the hospital coz they couldn’t discuss it on the phone. This episode has just brought me tears coz I did the same things Lee did to the people I could hear talking to me but wouldn’t respond because of the pipes! I would hear them clap hands and pray harder whenever I moved my hands. It was my first time ever being admitted to hospital. When I was better but still in ICU, I got to see another person get ventilated and he was placed right next to me, I saw how scary those pipes are and how they make grow men cry like babies. Damn hospitals!

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    She rocks is learning things about Lee’s husband that she shouldn’t know off.

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    Mfundo’s brother is bluffing he knwows fokol. Lee threatened mfundo’s wife thats why they did this!

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