Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Eleven

My question got no response, everyone just looked away. I locked at Mthobisi who would not even look my direction he just kept driving.  Oh God, she was really dead, how on earth were we going to tell this to her mother. Tears just started dripping down my cheeks, I could not handle loosing another person in my life I knew I was going to crack this time, this was too much for any person, how many people am I supposed to loose for God to understand that I was not strong enough to handle it?  I wanted to jump to the back seat so I could hold her one last time and tell her how much I loved her and how much I appreciated having her in my life. I removed the seatbelt and got on sat on my knees to try and move to the backseat, Mthobisi turned to me and said “sit properly and put on your seatbelt.” This was a command and I was not being given an option, I didn’t have the strength to protest so I got my butt back on the seat and cried silently in case I got commanded to shut up, Mthobisi was in a foul mood not that I blamed him, his wife could be dead in the backseat, the fact that he could still drive was beyond me, I would have been in a stretcher on a helicopter with paramedics performing CPR on me if I was in his shoes.  My thoughts were interrupted by Mthobisi talking to me, I tried listening but nothing made sense, he was giving me instructions but I didn’t understand, I was still in tears and trying to make sense of what this man was saying.  I kept saying “huh?” and this was not because I didn’t hear him, it was because I didn’t understand what he was saying, he wasn’t make sense, I think the Russian friend at the back got tired of me saying “huh?” he interrupted and said “listen here young lady, my friend has repeated the same thing three times to you, I’m going to say it to you for the last time you better listen carefully because the next time I repeat this it will be in Russian.” Words wouldn’t escape my lips the only thing I could do was nod.

I was dropped off in hospital with Lesedi, I shouted for help as soon as I got to the entrance, nurses came to my aid and I showed them my friend who was on the floor, she was too heavy for me to carry on my own so I had laid her on the floor, they came with a wheelchair and rushed her into a ward, I followed right behind them, they asked me what had happened, I told them I didn’t know I found her outside our complex on my way back from work, they checked her pulse and heartbeat and told me that she was alive, I was soo happy I actually hugged the nurse who told me that, she pushed me to the side and told me I shouldn’t be too happy because she was barely alive, her pupils were dilated, she was badly dehydrated and went on with medical terms that sounded like French to me.  As one of the nurses removed the track top my friend was wearing to put in a drip she exclaimed “oh my God, is your sister a druggie?” she asked, I quickly moved closer to defend my friend before I could ask the nurse if she was insane she pointed at the needle marks in her arm, her arm looked like it had gone on a needle war, I could feel a lump in my throat, I looked at the other arm and it was the same, “oh God, what did they do to her?”  I was told I needed to go outside, I couldn’t even move from the shock I had just seen, one of the nurses had to hold me by my shoulder and escort me out, I sat on the chairs at the waiting room unable to fathom what I had just experienced when my phone rang, it was a private number, I answered and I just heard Mthobisi’s Russian friend’s deep accent, “make the call young lady, what are you waiting for?”  he said “oh shit, uhmmm, I will do…” before I could even finish the sentence the phone went tuuuuuuu, stupid son of a gun had hung up on me.  I had forgotten their stupid instructions, I called Mthobisi who let the phone ring a few times even though I knew he was waiting for the call, I then spoke as loud as I could making sure the nurses around the reception area heard me I told him that I had found his wife outside their complex and I think someone must have dumped her there, then I forgot what else I was supposed to say I was silent for a few seconds Mthobisi must have realised this because he quickly said “say then I took her put her in my car and drove her to hospital.” I repeated the same thing he said, I could see a few people were listening to this conversation, good thing they could only hear me. I again kept quiet Mthobisi then said “now say the name of the hospital, and then pretend that I said I was coming there.”  Shit I didn’t even know which hospital we were in, everything had happened so fast and I was given so many instruction that I had forgotten to check the name of the hospital, I tried scrambling my brains remembering the name written at the entrance and nothing my mind was blank, one thing about me is I’m not so good at telling lies and when I’m scared I blank out and it was happening at a wrong time I could feel Mthobisi getting agitated I finally whispered “I don’t know it.” Mthobisi said “you don’t know what?” before I could blurt out “the name of the hospital” he screamed “it’s Castenhof, just say I took her to Castenhof  Hospital and then we end this uncomfortable conversation.” I loudly said “Castenhof  Hospital” and told him I will see him when he gets there.  Before he hung up he said “don’t forget to call the police, they need to be there before I arrive.”  Jesus Christ these guys had given me so much instructions my head was pounding just trying to remember everything.  I quickly called the detective who was in charge of Lee’s missing docket and told him the tale of how I had found Lee, he said he was in Pretoria at his house sleeping it was after all around 1 am but would send someone to come and take a statement  and evidence maybe Lee had some DNA on her from the people who took her, up until he said it I had not thought about that, shit could she have been raped by those fools that took her, the thought of my friend being molested by some idiots just broke my heart into a million pieces.  I couldn’t even speak on the phone my voice was shaky the cop asked if I was okay, I told him I was scared of what they might have done to her, I thanked him and I hung up.  I sat there not knowing what to do next, I wasn’t sure if I had another task on the list of things that I was given to do, I was blank, how I wishes I had written the things they said down, there were just too many to remember but I doubted if Mthobisi and Russian guy would have approved of me writing all that down.  I wished I had someone to call, someone who would come hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay, how I wished Siyabonga was still alive he would know what to do.  How I wished I had a mother or a father because in moments like these it doesn’t matter how old you are, you need a parent to just re-assure you that all will be well. But I was not about to feel sorry for myself, this was not about me, I had a friend who I had to be thankful that was alive and just pray for her recovery, I decided to go and have a sneak-peek maybe she’d woken up and would be telling me her silly jokes.  When I got to her ward there were nurses all around her bed and 2 doctors, this was not a good sign, I needed to go to the bathroom or somewhere private to talk to God.   As I was standing there two cops in uniform arrived and I heard them ask the receptionist about Lesidi she pointed them to me they came and introduced themselves to me, right behind them was Mthobisi. I blurted out “perfect timing”

The two policemen gave me a confused look and one of them asked “what’s perfect about your friend being on deathbed?”


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  1. #tear-drop#wht wil missteps b without Lee mara thozie????Plz put her on coma thn not @graveyard ppllllzzzz

  2. Thank you Sir Mike and TZ, lovely as always.
    Despite the circumstances, for a Techie, She Rocks is too forgetful. She is a special kind of Techie. Uzoboshwa uLee uma kunje and Mthobisi won’t be far behind.

  3. Ncooh, thanks for the chapter Mike, it’s so real. But my i20 got a new name now – “slow motion” ngiyahlabeka. kwaak

  4. Lapa la Mthobisi le dutse le tetebela moraheng. Mathata a hlwele manolo ka hodimo
    Ho thata ha o sa tlwaela

  5. OMG Lesedi what did they do to you??? As for She Rocks, she’s gona get her ass in trouble now for blurting out “Perfect Timing” eish Rockstar mara!

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