Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eight

My name is Zandile Mbatha fondly known as She Rocks, Rock Star and anything else that has to do with Rocking and being amazing. You might be wondering why I’m writing in Lesedi’s diary well my friend has been missing for more than 2 weeks, we’ve searched everywhere and anywhere for her and no sign of her. A week after she went missing my car was found dumped in the middle of nowhere in Midrand with a lot of blood on the boot, some of the blood was found to be Lesedi’s blood and the other was of an unknown person, as I write we don’t know if she’s dead or alive. It’s been very hard, stressful and painful weeks for all of us especially for Mthobisi; the man has been close to having a mental breakdown. I have been trying everything in my powers to stay on top of the situation but Mthobisi is really broken and I’ve been trying to be supportive, everyone has been trying to be there for him, I don’t even want to talk about Lesedi’s mother she has been soo stressed that she was booked in hospital for three days, I shake just thinking what she’s going through no mother deserves to not know where their child is, this family has been through hell, they do not deserves this, especially being such an incredible, loving and caring family.

Lesedi’s sister has been crying none-stop I even avoid talking to her, the way she’s acting you would swear Lee was dead. Neo poor child doesn’t understand what is happening but he keeps asking for his mom, it’s really heart-breaking. So now its second week since Lee has been missing and my grandmother from back home in Bergville has been on my case saying that her sangoma has been warning her about my friends and the dark cloud they under, like really, my grandma has the worst timing ever, people are on high levels of stress and she’s being EFF short of telling me to bring back the money, she even insisted on bringing her sangoma to Joburg so she could cleanse Lesedi’s house, her husband and her kid, trying to stop her was like trying to stop water from getting inside the house, I eventually told her that I had moved out and was back in my own place and had no access to Lesedi’s home that was the only way to stop her, which of course was a lie, I could not leave when things where so bad, Mthobisi needed someone to take care of him and his son.

Oh by the way their nanny had arrived, she was not very helpful though, always chatting on her phone, if not doing that then watching Nigerian movies, what is it with helpers and Nigerian movies, I have never had a helper who did not enjoy watching those movies, I should make a Nigerian movie, Yeoville and Hillbrow would be a perfect set-up for it and I could talk to that Nigeria drug-dealer who stays in my complex about how Nigerian witchcraft work, you can never have a Nigerian movie without witches in it, okay there I go deviating from the main story, my mind just goes all over the place, I will try and stick to the story at hand and forget about other things like how I could be friends with Beyonce if she was from South Africa, I would stalk her until she friends me shame, that girl is just everything, I bet she wouldn’t give me as much sleepless nights and headaches like my current friends, take Andiswa for example she’s been saying we should tell the police that we think Lee going missing has something to do with Mfundo like really? First of all how do we explain Mfundo and second of all Mfundo was a dumb-ass who nobody would miss, his obsession over my friend was what got his ass buried until the stupid dog found him, oh by the way there hasn’t been any new developments on the body, sometimes I’m grateful for our slow police force who worry more about what goes into their stomach than solving a case, if this was America the FBI would have found our asses and we would all be in orange outfits right being someone’s wife, but you know what they say the Lord works in mysterious ways, I just have to keep up the praying and fasting for my friend to found.

So on the third week I had to go back to work, the insurance company had hired me a car since my car was kept by the police as evidence I didn’t even know how long that was going to take all I knew was I didn’t want to be using a car where my friend could ha e been killed in. Mthobisi was never around but every now and again he would pop in to check on Neo. He was not even back at work this thing of his wife missing was really tearing the man apart. He would leave in the early hours of the morning and come back at night when we were long asleep that was 80% of the times, the few times he was home he tried to spend with Neo and most of them were spent in his study talking on his phone and doing whatever else he was doing. I went to work and did the usual as I was about to knock of Mthobisi called to ask when I would be coming home, told him I should be there in the next 45 minutes, he told me to hurry, that was weird, he hardly ever called me let alone tell me to hurry home, I become nervous and excited at the same time could this mean they had found Lesedi I wondered. I hurried out of the building and drove like I was being chased by demons, but the stupid car the insurance company had hired for me was not fast enough, when I would go over 120 the steering wheel would start shaking like, what the hell. As I got into the M1 there was traffic, shit dammit, just my luck. You know you have those people that each time something funny or exciting happens you want to call and tell them my person was Lesedi I wanted to call her and tell her that I think Mthobisi has some good news but I couldn’t call her, so I called Cleo who has a way of killing the vibe she didn’t pick up, I didn’t want to call Andiswa, lately she has just a bit too paranoid for my liking the only person who knew how to handle her was not around and I was not about to spoil my mood on her.

When I got to New Road Off-ramp traffic had cleared off thank goodness. I arrived at the house to find Mthobisi still parked outside he had even fallen asleep in the car. Why did he have to wait in the car? My excitement suddenly turned into fear, the house door was opened. Oh God, please don’t tell me they had kidnapped Neo too.
I quietly moved to Mthobisi’ s car and opened the driver door, he jumped up and pulled out his gun and…..

16 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eight

  1. Whaaaaat?????? No, Whaaaaaaaat????
    Thozama is too damn brilliant, no one saw this coming. Best book by far, the twists that our stomachs go through reading this book. I am so addicted.
    Thanks Thoziesto and team

  2. I will pray for the guys who kidnapped Lee coz they are in for a big surprise. U don’t mess with this family and get away with it.

  3. Bathong what happened to Lee, 3 weeks? Why hasn’t Mthobisi found Lee by now? I thought he was a superman or at least I thought so. Ah

    Sad for decades, what if its Mthobisi’s ex baby mother who has Lee? #thinking out loud

    Thanks Team Mike

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