Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Seven

I have to admit it, leaving my child there was the scariest thing I had done yet in my young life. I was not doing it because I was a crazy baby mama but because I needed to get things done. Some decisions are so hard but the sacrifice is needed if you are to achieve in life. I had therefore done my part so now the wait began. With my phone off I had no way of knowing what would happen next but I wanted Mudenda to panic and lose his mind. He had to grow up. Knowing him by now he would be pacing back and forth. Judith was not making it any easier. She kept on asking if I was crazy and how I could do that. I don’t blame her, society expects the mother to be the responsible one and to care more. When you think about men really have nothing to be held accountable to or for. When we got home there was another variable I had not considered… my mother! She still had not really warmed up to me but she loved her grandchild to death. Amo was her third time lucky, chance to raise a child right I guess I don’t know. She might not be talking to me but half the time I would find her telling my baby stories. It was hilarious to be honest but fun to watch. As soon as I walked in my mother who was getting ready for her night shift said,

“Where is Amo? You know you can’t go out with him till this late!”

She said rather annoyed too. The anticipation in her voice was palpable.

“Amo is sleeping at her grandfather’s place tonight!”

I said casually. She stopped and let it register first before she replied,

“What are you talking about?”

I explained everything and the look of horror on her face said it all. She was furious aand called me irresponsible and childish!

“Tomorrow when I get back from work you must not be in this house unless you are with Amo. Do you hear me?”

She screamed that last part out. I said yes and went to my room. She started shouting at my sister for having been so stupid and allowing this to happen. My sister tried to explain but failed at it. My mother was so angry but she left nonetheless. I went to bed without eating. Did not have the appetite. I missed my son desperately. In the morning I switched on my phone and I had so many missed calls. I dialled the number back and obviously it was Mudenda.

“I am sorry about how I spoke to you yesterday. May we please talk!”

He said very calmly. Guess he had changed his mind about calling me bitch. Good start.

“Is it ok if we meet up today so we can talk?”

He asked still very polite.

“No, I would rather meet at your office because I am in that part of town anyway.”

I said casually. I had my reasons. In his office he will not cause a scene nor try beat me up. You never know with South African men. We arranged that we would meet at 11am and I started to get ready. I told my sister what was going on and she offered to drive me there because she was anticipating bring Amo back. When we got to his office Judy stayed in the car to give us privacy. I could see that Mudenda was seething with anger but I was trying to hold it under control. He sat down and greeted me properly of which was courteous too.

“What are we going to do about this situation Faith? Things are bad enough as it is!”

He said to me as his ice breaker.

“I don’t need this stress. I am writing my thesis and it’s due in a month. You know this! Now you bring the child to me what am I supposed to do. How am I supposed to focus? You are selfish!”

He said accusing me. Men! I clap my hands twice! His thesis was more important thank his child? Was this what he was telling me seriously? Sadly he started the conversation well and had gone there. When he was winning at that. Stupid boy!

“Let’s be honest, I don’t think he is my child. You know his not my child. So what do you want from me?”

He continued. Here we go now! I was waiting for this denial. It’s what men do right?

“How can you say he is not your child? He looks like you! Even your father said so! It’s ok though I have asked to do DNA tests!”

I lied. I would not even know where that is done even if I wanted it done!

“You fucked up bitch! Where did you get my sample? That’s theft! I could have you arrested. So what he looks like me, that doesn’t make him mine. I don’t see it in any case!”
It’s funny the things that annoy us most. It was not that he was denying his child, I had made peace with that but the fact that he could call me bitch like this. He was mad!

“Please don’t call me a bitch!”

I asked him annoyed.

“You are the one who called me here to talk but if it’s all about insults then I am leaving!”

I said standing up.

“You are a bitch! What kind of a mother leaves her child behind at her ex boyfriends father’s offices. What do you call that?”

I sat down and I replied,

“The kind of mother that needs her child to eat the same food her father eats. The same mother that needs to know that at the end of every month he will have food ready. The same mother that needs her child to have clothes, shoes and a roof over his head. You think I am a bitch? When you loved me you thought I was a princess yet when you ruined me you now call me this…”

His phone rang and I think it was his boss because he got all serious and professional. I used to find this sexy way back when he started working. Oh well.

“I have to go do something quick but yes you are a bitch and come take your fucken child! Don’t leave until I get back because if you do I am going to cause hell for you!”

I had dated this now monster for so long there was very little I didn’t know. That’s what I don’t understand about girls really. How do you date and marry a guy whom you know your friend or friends have seen naked, fucked, made him cum and still think you found yourself a diamond. Regardless this diamond of hers had not met me yet.

I went into his laptop looked for specific folders, copied them to my memory stick and deleted them inclusive of their backups on the computer. He better pray that he had backed things up on his flash drive but knowing him, he had not.

I had deleted his thesis as well as his research to it.

Did he not say it was due in a month?

Call me a bitch one more time!

*****The End*****

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Hi Mike and fellow readers
I’m a fan of your work and I’ve been reading your books since DOAZG. Thank you for keeping us info-tained.
I’m a 24yr old lady, raised by well-principled parents, church every sunday, stable and doing well for myself. I’ve been with my partner for 2yrs now but I just feel like I want out coz too much has happened. The first year of our relationship was great, he was a gentleman, charmer, caring, loving, he was just perfect. Then about 8months ago things changed, he started being controlling, demanding to know where I am all the time, telling me that he doesn’t like some of my girlfriends, I must stop drinking, I must not go out when he’s not around! Hebethuna! Control freak! Then he wanted to have a child with me. I think he just wanted to humble me. Coz guys do that u know. He knows that once I have a child with him I’ll run behind his back if not then finding a partner who will love that child will be difficult. Its really sad how society expects women to understand while men get offended by the smallest thing. Anyway everything is just going bad to a point where I’m seriously depressed.
I’ve always had guy friends even though I know that 80% of them are really into me but I’ve always managed to maintain my friendships well, my best friend is a guy, we grew up together so I’ve known him most of my life.
Mathata ke a bathong, last year Feb I met 2guys and we became friends coz we enjoy each other’s company. Then I realised that one of them is really into me but decided to ignore it since he didn’t say anything at that time. My mistake was finding comfort in another man’s arms *sigh* when things got bad with my boyfriend. One weekend I went out and my boyfriend came to join us, found me sitting with my friends and we had a fight, I went to my place and cried my heart out. Afterwards I called my guy friend and asked him to come over and I came onto him knowing that he likes me and he didn’t resist. We started sneaking around behind our other friend’s back, the thrill guys yhooo! I’ve never felt so alive! Ok then shit hit the fan, I fell pregnant. I told my ‘friend’ and he accepted the pregnancy even though its something we both never wanted. I knew it was his child coz I wasn’t intimate with my boyfriend at that time we were just fighting every second. Abortion was never an option coz I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself after doing something like that. My sins are far too many to add abortion to the list would be like adding the cherry on top. My boyfriend had no clue about the pregnancy, last weekend I was at his place and I had a miscarriage, he took me to the hospital, paid the bill and was by my side, not knowing what was really going on. I feel like ngingu sathane uqobo lwakhe for doing something like that to him. I’m so depressed lately, I don’t eat, I can’t sleep properly, I can’t even look him in the eye. Today his phone rang and I answered it while he was in the shower and it was his other girlfriend. Ah the shock! Mxm men are asses I’m telling u! This guy has been accussing me of bullshit kante he’s the one who started with the cheating afterall. I confronted him and he denied everything. I’m so furious I can’t even stand his presence. I know that what I did was wrong on so many levels guys but I just wanna heal and move on now or I will end up drowning myself at the beach or something else.
1. I am mourning the loss of my child even though I never wanted it but I had accepted my reality and already thinking about names, school, everything nje. It was just after the first trimester.
2. Its hard for me to process the things I’ve done firstly to myself and to my boyfriend and friend
3. The bastard was cheating for at least 6months or longer and coz of his infidelity I was left vulnerable and ended up yielding to temptations coz I wasn’t coping at all. I’m not blaming him, I made the decision to cheat, I’m just acknowledging his contribution to my predicament.
4. In my darkest moments I used my friend and ended up hurting him coz he wanted to be with me after I told him about the pregnancy. Now the miscarriage makes things worse coz he blames me for the loss of the child. I was drinking a lot before I found out that I’m expecting(4weeks)
5. I feel so lost, I don’t know who I am anymore guys. I’m always in control, never cheated before, always well behaved. I was that child wa ko next door whom other parents would shout at their kids and say “why can’t u be like Tumi! She’s so well mannered, she’s home on time, helps out at home, wena o mastrata!”
6. I’m so numb emotionally, I’m incapable of loving my boyfriend right now even though I know he truly loves me. We planned on getting married this year and I kept on postponing lobola negotiations coz of the issues we had. I wanted to commit after we’ve sorted everything out instead of bringing baggage into our marriage.
7. I can’t even pray anymore, I don’t know what to say, where to start. This is unlike me in so many ways.
Considering these things guys what should I do? Stay with my boyfriend and come clean, hope that we can fix things. Stay with him and keep quiet about everything. Or just call it even and walk away from this mess and start afresh.
Thanks in advance
A very sad Boitumelo.

Hi blog mogul Mike I am Thato Sekgaphane from the Vaal. My sister has been missing since Friday. She was last seen on friday @ 11am reporting for her practicals @ riversquare in the Vaal . She was wearing her nursing uniform, a sky blue shirt and navy pants. She is 4.5 tall, she has brown braids, black coloured eyes, chocolate brown in complexion and she was driving a brown car with ALK 489 B registration. She is turning 19 years old. I would really appreciate your help and that of the readers. Thanks
Hi blog mogul Mike
I am Thato Sekgaphane from the Vaal. My sister has been missing since Friday. She was last seen on friday @ 11am reporting for her practicals @ riversquare in the Vaal . She was wearing her nursing uniform, a sky blue shirt and navy pants. She is 4.5 tall, she has brown braids, black coloured eyes, chocolate brown in complexion and she was driving a brown car with ALK 489 B registration. She is turning 19 years old. I would really appreciate your help and that of the readers.

48 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Seven

  1. Thanks Team!!!! Thatha Faith Thatha – you rock girl!!! Hold on to his thesis, use it as leverage for him to go and do DNA test and after that milk him for all his worth – make his life miserable – how dare he calls you a bitch in front of phambi kwakho!!! Nnxx, Mudenda nnnxxx!!!!
    A to Q: whhoo child – where does one begin…
    1. The new flame – let him go, only a stupid man blames a woman for a miscarriage. As much as losing a child is bad, perhaps it was not just the right time or moment. Let him go, mourn the miscarriage and just move on.
    2. Boyfriend who was turning into a control freak – I could write pages about this coz I experienced this first hand in my days. When a guy stops lovinh you, but turns into full control freak drive – know that something is not right anymore. He may say he loves you, yet you fight every second, wants to know your every move, a missed call from him is the start of World War 3, responding late to a msg is another reason to fight – just know that there is somebody else out there yet he doesn’t want to let you go. He says he loves you, yet his actions show that he is not inlove with you anymore.
    3. A lot has happened in your life and I think it would be best if you just took a step back, concerntrate on your life and take a break from men. I know it’s only 2 guys and not 20, but you just need time to reflect, heal, love yourself and put things into perspective.

  2. Thank you Mike, can’t get enough of your blogs. Faith is doing it for me, teach that ill mannered boy some manners.

    A2Q Eish lady, I think you need time out, men do not forgive and if you do come clean and stay in that relationship, you’ll end up having to pay for that “sin” for the rest of your life. When he cheats he’ll feel justified and might even tell you that he has not impregnated anyone unlike you.

  3. Thnx bhuti Mikey great stuff indeed..It kills me when i read about our little sisters going missing bandla kophela nini silokhu sihlukunyezwa kangaka. Heart broken right nw…

  4. Yaz yamlungisa lo mudenda wakhona,ngingamlambisa kanjan nje usobancane wam’,akondle udoti sondla ngoba sizilima yin thina,as for the letter mmmmh inde kakhulu I could go thru it I so wish it was 2days chapter

  5. I si wish d gals is found and safe dear lord save this precoius soul let her return home to plp who loves her…faith uyayenza lento yakho yooo mina owami ngamubopha wadecide ukuyeka umsebenzi been so busy lately angikaycabangi eyekhe. As for the q today sisi first forgive urself then umthwalo owthwele zoba lula goodluck

  6. l feel u should let go of both these men in ur life.Being alone will help u 2 mourn your baby in the rightful manner and that will help u 2 get ur life in order.Ive been in a similar situation as u and i realized that i could only move on with my life if i remove the bad seeds that would only remind me of my ordeal

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, happy Monday lovers and friends.

    What a long letter. Will try and be as brief as possible.
    At 24, such heartache is not ideal because it can scar one so much that you may not want to commit or believe in love nomore. Your bf had a problem with your ‘guy friends’ clearly his insecurities were justified. You slept and fell pregnant by your supposed friend…. That aint no girl next door stuff. So now you trying or implying that you cheated coz he cheated which you use to ease your conscious. You and your bf are both screw ups and that relationship won’t go right, it needs to end. If he finds out that you miscarried another man’s child and he paid the bill for it, aint no telling what that nigger might do.

    Take a break, let him go and just find yourself. These aren’t churchly behaviours for one that grew up respecting the Lord. Your tendencies are bordering on a line of what Mudenda called Faith, find yourself child.


  8. gota love Faith #teach the busturd a lesson he ll never forget

    I am loving the pace Shes going at, Mudenda s got smethin else cmng to him

    A2Q – Fgv urslf gal, fgt abt the two dudes and move on wth your life

    As for the missing gal itr saddens me,hoping uzotholakala in good state

  9. Way to go Faithy,,, As I was reading this in my mind negolla pina ya R Kelly When a Woman is Fed Up..

    @ Tumi ae nna I stopped reading half way through your letter… Honestly ke seleka ke girls like you… Bana ba bo mma moruti le ntate moruti because they behave as though they are holier than thou… kamo vele le le di straatmate… The fact that you drink heavily and sleep around yet you claim to have come from a good home says a lot about you.

    Let me tell you something deciding to open your legs to another man whilst in a relationship regardless of how your partner is treating you is your choice and you should live with the repercussions after that.

    Calling men asses.. Really? have you no shame. Woman like you are the reason why some men behave the way you do. ake otlogele go te tira skoon pampiri because to me o sounda like skheberesh se se iphihlang ka gore batswadi ba gago ke ba kreste and brought you up ka tsela ya ba kreste.

    Tsamo re bago rapelle for I doubt anything we say will help you… You need to repent and ask for forgiveness from God.

    1. You were too quick to judge sistas. This woman explained the person that she used to be before and after the relationship. Secondly she sounds like she’s condemning herself and is depressed so you judging and calling her names is not helping her one bit. If you can’t say something that’s gonna help others then just save your data and let those who are willing to do so.

  10. Tshisa Faith now you’re gaining some backbone, you can’t be a victim forever you know. These baby daddies teach us that you have to be strong.

    Q&A Sisi at some point in life shit happens whether you’re a saint or not, this is a difficult time for you so you need to have introspection. Nobody I mean nobody is perfect and relationships have a way of showing that in a cruel manner. I thing you need to take sometime from both these relationships & take care of YOU, maybe therapy.
    You need to get to a point where you acknowledge that you’re human, heal and forgive yourself before you can be able to commit to sort of serious relationship.

  11. @ Tumi I will pray for the safe return of your sister… I am sure she will be found ka mogau wa Morena…

  12. I wish I was as strong and brave as Faith,like really!!!
    We let men get away with so much so many times. Mudenda is just disgusting.

  13. Lol ay Faith! Cela ukuba umngan wakho mina! Lol crazy this one! “Did he say its due in a month? Oh well” lol I died struuuuu!

  14. Tjhe Faith, u r a HERO. Baby daddies need to be taught a VERY Serious Lesson. 9 months & he calls u a ….? Wa hlanya…

    Q&A: Leave the relationship & take time out to heal & be restored. No one is perfect,

  15. Mike
    That is an interesting chapter as usual. It is interesting that Mudenda didn’t fathom the possibility of destroying Faith’s exam on a bad pregnancy not when wheels are turned he cries foul. Deleting the file is really playing dirty but there was little she could have done. She may use it as a big ransom for coming to pay those damages. Though a drama may be that a memory stick be damaged or lost, on the other hand he will be a fool to let her near important stuff having noticed what she has done. As for him calling her B` was really not a smart move.

    I wonder how did you know that he cheated for six months? BINOB
    Due to many things that happened between the two of you, I also dont see a bright future for you together. You can use any excuse in the book to break up with him but dont tell him that you miscarried someone’s baby.

    You should also stop being friends with people who are interested in you and you are interested in them. You can separate friendship and relationship.

    I will join others to pray for your sister’s return, it is discomforting to hear of women’s disappearance as we always fear the worst. Lets hope for her safe return.
    BTW, I had a hard time understanding the height of 4.5 until I decided to convert it to metric.

  16. QnA Babes rather seek for professional help to deal with the lose of your unborn child, that might be the start of your healing process.

    2nd Apologise to your friend/ New flame for the consequences also probably affected him badly and yes you took advantage of the dude knowingly that he couldn’t resist you.

    Most important though, is that you and your boyfriend should go your separate ways coz you dan both wronged each other. And remember “two wrongs don’t make it right”. Otherwise be strong and bring yourself close to God again. Ciao

  17. Boitumelo….take Faiths situation here on Rumblings. Men are evil dogs nje…. and men WILL change you either for the best but most likely the worst. I say be honest with your boyfriend and leave him. The pain and regrets will vanish and you will move on eventually. We cannot juge you on your mistakes but do try to forgive yourself and let it be. I repeat… Men willl change you.

    Baby daddy ka faith is the same as mine i sometimes wish he died or something but for the childs sake i withdraw that wish….but may Mudenda n all em bastard babydaddys suffer to hell….


  18. Thank u Mike and Co. U guys r the best! Great read as always.

    Men like Mudenda really disgust me. Good work Faith, teach him to never ever disrespect a woman in his life.
    I will pray tonight for the safe return of this missing girl. May God grant her family all the strength they will need during this time.
    Thanks for the platfom as well Mike.

  19. I did the same as faith n destroyed the external hardrive that I knew had every thing he ever needed n stole his I’d book for maintanance n they even do dna tests at court so faith when u take him to court tell them he sauys the bby isn’t his n ask for dna so he will know y he’s paying for every month n medical aid stuffs

    Men are HAENAS dogs n don’t think Meladi must watch out

  20. QnA: I like what MaNyosi said, listen to her. Her response is sound and very mature. Can we please be responsible when we respond to letters? We can’t just go around calling depressed people bitches and straatmates, you don’t know where they are at that point in life. Please!

  21. I get the feeling Mudenda or whatever his name is, has not yet seen the furry that is coming to him. To every men out there, please treat us like gold cause trust me. Every bad baby mama story we going to hear, its because you men failed to do your parts.

    Thato will be praying you with, please do inform us when she is found.

  22. Faith is gonna show Mudenda hell on earth!!! Here comes the baby-mama drama lols….
    Q&A: just leave everything behind, heal and move on with your life, period! We all make mistakes in life and hopefully you’ve learnt from yours. Forgive and forget. Guys please watch your words, people write these letters because they want solutions not judgement. Please be careful of the relationships that you get into, if its toxic then leave right away coz it will change you like Kwando said. And this applies to both men and women.

  23. To Tumi

    This is simple. If you are in a serious relationship u should stop making male friends finish and klaar! And if that’s not the case then don’t get into a serious relationship, grow and learn because one day you will see that u will have to cut ties with certain friends in order for your relationship to survive

  24. Yoh people in this forum have no chill whatsoever….

    Q&A: Yoh girl such baggage? Anyways….you have two choices here.
    1. Go ahead and get married but before you do that make sure you know a very good divorce lawyer and draw up a very good prenup because i can promise you right now that you will be divorced in 5 years or less. whether you come clean or not, there is just way too much baggage in this relationship from both yourself and him and there is no marraige that will survive such i dont care how much christians will tell you with prayer everything be fine bla bla bla.
    2. Leave everything right now and go start a new life and find a new man where you start on a clean slate, but before you do that you need to find yourself again so please remain single for at least 6 months to a year before jumping into a new relationship to make sure you dont bring your old baggege into it.

    My advice is go for option 2. you will be much happier.
    If you do insist on getting married now rather get married to your baby daddy, that relationship can at least still be saved. it has a better chance of survival because there is less baggage.

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