Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Five

Look I was neither jealous or envious of her but betrayal is betrayal and that one was not going to go unpunished. What would you do if it was you? I had told myself after he dumped aand slept with Zama that I was not going to be that kasi type baby mama who will key your car, punch your tyres or worse, insist on eating kfc in the movie just to annoy him. No. I had told myself I was going to fend for my boy whom I loved so much all by my sweet self. Now this? He had had proposed to my friend and made her pregnant! What about me? Did he even feel sorry for me and the child that he had made with me. My eyes stung! I want to cry but it was out of anger not out of wanting. I wish there was a law that made these dead beat father’s never be allowed to have kids again at the pain of castration! How does he have a baby with me he can’t take care of then rush to have another baby? Where is the justice and humanity in this? This is why it’s a man’s world. They make all these rules. Initially I had thought I was not going to take him to maintenance court and would have hustled for my child but now, I was going to make him pay. Sies! Musa uk’ngijwayela kabi wena shlama! I think most self righteous women don’t get this, never ever compromise! If a man makes you pregnant and runs away he must pay maintenance. There are misguided girls out there who simply say “oh well” and sit on their hands. I almost became that girl. Why are you having a verbal agreement on how much he must pay you per month? No! Get it done by a magistrate so that he is bound for life! It’s as simple as that. When he defaults and you know the loser will, he will get arrested at roadblocks! Every child he has after then, his salary slip will always remind him of his first child. Women are not dogs you fuck on the streets and leave with babies to take care off on their own! I was seething and no, don’t tell me that God will provide and will punish him mxcm! If women today don’t punish their men then in future our daughters will be doomed to the same fate.

That night I thought about it. I was so hurt. He had chosen my own friend over me. People believe that you will only have baby mama/ daddy troubles only if the jilted one is not successful and is always jealous of your achievements and believes that they should have been the one’s chowing your money, or you owe them. They believe that if you have a level headed baby mamma taking care of herself and child then she will never even send you a ‘Pls call me!’ – that’s how independent they can be. I had decided that I was never going to show him peace. I intended to call him each time the child sneezes, and wanted him to take them to the Dr if the child is sick. A baby grows fast so I will want new outfit for the child every second month. I was going to demand those Nike and expensive takkies for my child, that can barely crawl – can’t even walk, but demand them nonetheless!!! I was going to show Mudenda flames. The fool was busy showing off on instagram thinking I was not going to see it! Really?

The following morning I found myself at the high court. I asked this fat police woman where I could go if I wanted to get the forms for maintenance. I was actually very polite to her shem but she gave that look of disgust like I was the one underpaying her! Voetsek! That was my first thought. Who did she think she was, glorified security guard? If she did not have that gun would have told her were to get off. I had to take a few turns before I got there but I was excited because I was determined. That was until I saw the long queue of women sitting waiting for forms to fill in. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because where we really that many women who had been abandoned and cry because these men really treat us like shit. Guess what, there were a lot of white women too! Who is that fool that still thinks white men are different from black men? I must say though that there was not a single Indian woman. Not one. Could they be the real men?

As I was sitting there there was some girl, she could not have been more than seventeen who was also seeking maintenance. She had her baby with her but you could see that once upon a time she was that IT girl type at school. It’s about the way she carried herself. I was curious to know so I greeted her and just started talking to her. When women are in the same fate we tend to bond. She did not hesitate to tell me why she was here and mentioned that her baby daddy was big guy in the ANC and NPA office. Say what? She must go report him to Thuli I told her and all the other women laughed. They were listening to our conversation. She whispered his name and I knew the guy by name. He was on TV every now and again but I also remembered he had gotten married recently. I told her that and she said she knew all that but that was not her problem. They had a baby together he must pay for and because he had stopped taking her calls she was doing it like this. I asked her how she had gotten his details though and she laughed at me. She told me something I never thought one so young could tell me. Even the other women in the queue agreed.

“When you date a guy, make sure you know his I.D. Number. You can put it in your phone if you want but you must have it. It’s not about getting pregnant but you must always have it in case of emergencies!”

It sounded a bit weird but one woman agreed with her and said it had taken her six months to get his identity number. She had only managed because she had met some church lady who works for SARS and had begged her to help. Food for thought. What struck me about these women though was how all of us could have been fooled by a man to end up sitting this queue. I am certain that there was queue like this everyday.

Eventually my turn came, I did what I had to do and I left. I had to go home. I called Mudenda to warn him that I had taken him to maintenance but the dude had blocked my number. You know when someone blocks you it rings once and goes to voicemail. I put my number on private and the phone rang nicely. Fine. I was not going to wait for him to pick up. I hung up. Today he will see flames in a way he never expected.

When I got home my sister and baby were both sleeping. I woke her up and she said she was so glad to see me. It was a little after two. I told her that I needed to go to an office closeby and I wanted her to drive me. Mum usually left her keys for the Yaris in case of emergencies and with the baby now it was even more important. She warned me that he hadd a bit of a diarrhoea but mum was taking care of it. My poor baby. I held him closely and he cried. He barely knew me. I had started exams about 3 weeks after I gave birth and had already spent a month and week writing. She identified more with my sister. My mothers friend had bought me a Moses Basket for him so I put him in there, packed him a change of cloths just in case, his meds and diapers. He was a huggies man pamphers for what!

With that said we drove to the offices in question. They were not to far, by Kyalami. At reception they were quite shocked to see this little girl, me, walk in with a Moses basket. I had met this lady a few times before and she noted that I had given birth. She congratulated me and asked me why I was alone this time. I laughed it off and told her sometimes a girl had to do it on her own. She told me that Mr. Gumbi is in a meeting right now. Just go upstairs by his office should be done soon.

Perfect. Exactly where I wanted him. I thanked her and went upstairs. The offices were not so big and the board room had glass walls so when I walked up he saw me. I saw his brow furrow then he frowned. He excused himself from his meeting and came to meet me.

“Faith, what are you doing here?”

He said surprised no doubt.

“I came to drop off your son’s son. Mudenda has never seen him, dropped a cent for him nor even bothered to call in five months. What you do next is your decision and he has a bit of diarhorea and there is nothing I can do about it because I have no money! Bye!”

I put the basket down and walked out!

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that the Mr. Gumbi in question was Mudenda’s father!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike
I married an idiot. The man cannot clean up after himself, can neither cook nor even clean himself properly. We dated for about three years but because of religion we never slept together. I slept at his place once and that day he must have hired St. Peter to clean for him because it had been impeccable. After we got married we started living together. He is filthy beyond mention. When I remind him to put the toilet seat down he tells me that it won’t take any energy away from me doing it. I have sat him down explained all these things to him but he won’t listen. He is the kind of guy who will see a plastic bag on the floor in the house and he will step on it as he walks past. He will never pick it up. I love my husband but we can’t live like this. I am afraid that if I involve the parents in such a matter it would humiliate him as he tries so hard to the outside world to look perfect.

Please Help



We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Jackzorro, family and friends over their loss. Be strong and be blessed.

Mike, Thozama and Sfiso

57 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Five

    1. What did you comment about Nana really coz you just said Yeyi…

      Awu Mr. Gumbi what a suprise go Faith..Good Read Mike.

  1. Wow… Why would you do that to your child though? I’m sorry but I would never do that to my child, even if his father decided to marry my sister no!

  2. You dated for three years only to discover the type of man you married now? Oh wow, it is really a world filled with wonder.

  3. go Faith go girl, a girl gotta do what she wants. o be strong sisi. fireworks.
    thanks rre Maphoto.

    my jackzorro are keeping well lover-man? be strong for the family, ke lela le lona tlhe ntate.

    q&a my dear go thata go fetola motho, esp a man, keep on talking to him but he will never change. you want to tell me that in 3yrs you did not realise that you dating a filthy garbage can?, unless u did not visit on regular basis.
    kip on trying my dear.

    nonx @BW

  4. Morning DOAGZ team! I find myself in tears when reading 2dayz chapter. No words just no words. Faith iz a Good Gal by nature bt this Mudenda z turning Faith into sumone else. This serves him right

  5. My Condolences to Jackzorro’s fmly. QnA u r in a dificult situation Cc, myself I’m dating a Lazy I mean a Lazy person. He cnt even wash his cup of tea. He iz the only male in his fmly bt that doesn’t he must be lazy. I’m dumping his off. He iz a gud person, loving, doesn’t cheat, bt I cnt stand unhygiene person. Wheneva Hiz visiting me, am alwayz tired evry Monday @ work, when I make breakfast he wl come n stand next 2 me, he won’t even butter bread whilst I’m busy with other staff, that’s how lazy iam. I sat him down last weekend, bt he told me that’s how he wz raised so I must accept him for who he iz. Nxa akahambe nothando lwakhe ngeke

  6. Eish Faith, wrong move gal. I’ve heard most people regret that decision as they never get to see their babies again. I’d rather have one pair of panties and wash them everynight than doing that to myself and my child. Tjo!

    Tina you did not mention how long you’ve been married and if there are any small feet in the house yett. I suggest you go on holiday on your own even if you go to a friend in another province for a week or so. Let him fend for himself and he does not die from it, it means he is one of those who think just because they’ve paid lobola for you then they sort of own you or you’re their slave.

    Those who are posing the question of how you didn’t know that he is this filthy or only discovering after marriage. There are guys out there who can do it all for themselves and go all out to impress you but the day they marry they tell themselves that now they have a wife therefore will never ever do “women chores” coz it is a woman’s job.

    But filthiness can just not be tolerated, as a man of God he should know that.

  7. Shoo faith, that must have taken you a lot of courage to do that, be strong. Mudende will get whats coming to him

  8. I know what Faith is doing seems cruel but oh my goodness I love it lol. Teach those people a lesson. #GirlPower

  9. U go Faith,this bastards..thinks the world revolves around them….maintence wil sort his ass out…..

  10. Thank you Mike for yet another great read!

    I don’t know what its like to be left pregnant by a man because I am married soi don’t know what its like to be a baby mamma. But when i was reading this chapter, I felt the pain, the emotions were there, I understood exactly why most baby mammas give their baby daddy’s a tough time. As much as what Faith is doing may seem like a bad move to most people, I fully understand where she comes from. she has to humiliate Mudenda in the same manner he humiliated her.

    They had lots of mutual friends who are probably laughing saying she was left pregnant yet the friend is going to be hitched soon. Hell to the NO Faith should do whatever it takes to get back at Mudenda. I support her 102% percent. Mr Gumbi needs to know that he gave birth to a very irresponsible son who cant take care of his own yet he was taken care of by his Dad!!!

    Mike if you should see me now, I am fuming with anger. How dare Mudenda think that he is going to have a happily ever after. There shall be no such. This is just the starter that is being served by Faith. Mudenda should be ready for the main meal then the sweet dessert!!! Yhooo Bawo hayi kunzima xa kunje!!!

    Jackzarro sorry to hear about your loss. I hope and pray that God would comfort you and the family during this difficult time! Much LOVE Bro!!!

  11. Hai faith that is your child you gave birth to him u were just supposed to leave that loser of a bavy daddy what id they take the baby for good and say that u are the one that left him hai faith

  12. Ohhhh Faithyy!!! Wrong move, you shouldn’t have though, lol can’t wait to hear her mom’s comment on dis one #claps.

  13. Q&A LOL The battle of the toilet seat is a lost cause. I think you should suggest cleaning or doing chores together, because he could be one of those guys who are used to having everything done for them or maybe a mama’s boy. I don’t think bringing family members is a good idea. Talk to him in a playful way so that he doesn’t feel offended or feel like you treating him like a child.

    As for faith

  14. Each to their own I guess, I personally would never abandon my child but I won’t judge Faith or any other mother who has been dealt a hard ball by the baby daddy.

  15. Thanks Mike for the great read. Dear Tina unfortunately you can’t turn a pig into a stallion! Ń vark is ń vark…

  16. Dear Tina

    You are the “idiot” here. A clean freak, who wishes to lord her personal preferences over others. Now, if you don’t change the way you feel and see this, you’ll always be miserable and attack your hubby over his personality issues for the rest of your life. And guess what? The same religion that barred you from premarital sexual activities won’t allow you to divorce him. So you don’t like filthy places? Get up and clean it yourself, you don’t want him to step over plastics? Get your ass up and pick it up. He doesn’t know how to cook? Start involving him, start cooking together. Trust me, you are the real problem here not him. And your biggest problem is, you think talking to him will change him.. Forget it! Shut up, Stop Whining and Get a Life!!!

  17. Jackzorro, condolences to you & your family……Faith might have made a slightly miscalculated move, but I do get her frustration. Naye uMr. Gumbi why anganaki umzukulu wakhe?? Nhlawulo nyane ke??

  18. You go Faith. My dad a was one of Mudenda I mean sperm donors. Irresponsible men need to be taught a lesson as they’re actions affect their children and baby mammas as they struggle alone. How can he enjoy life while you struggling alone. But poor Mr Gumbi is innocent, for sure he didn’t even know that he’s a grandfather. I’m fuming as I know the pain of being raised by a single mother.

    Condolences to Jackzorro and the family, may God give you comfort in this difficult time.

    Q&A cleanliness is next to Godliness. I can’t stand untidy person. Sit him down and if he doesn’t change don’t lift a finger also, as hard as it is he might get the idea . All the best

  19. Dankie Mikey always,Jackzinto sorry my outie maan our thoughts n prayers are with u n the family,Q-n-A 3yrs n u didn’t know?Really?I’m curios to know what were u guys doing in that 3yrs?U even call your Husband a fool,hayi kunzima sisi to me its sounds like u’ve had enough maybe of not his “Stupidity” but the marriage as well so step back n reflect n weigh yo Pros from yo Cons n take it from there.

  20. Condolences JackZorro
    Mike, this was a great chapter as usual. Interesting that you had combined two scenes in a chapter (which is common in Rumblings) where you created drama in court and at workplace. Had to go through the comments to see frustrations because of ID Number experienced but was distracted by leaving baby at grand-dad. You were also playing with fire on talking fat police woman and attitude, I recently got burnt but we are not the same you will get away with it.

    Faith’s move of dumping the kid will backfire on the fight for custody (hope we get there someday, Mike) and will put her in bad light with the Gumbi family. While it is a warning for guys to hide their ID numbers from side dish. Even on a driver’s licence.

    Man marries women thinking they will not change and women marries man thinking they will change but both are wrong. Men never change and women always change! About work and cleaning, you are not going to win that fight. Get a helper and get him to pay for those services.

    If you tell him the dance happens when he is clean and you allow the dance to happen in those days even if you don’t feel like it; you will be shocked on the improvement of his hygiene.

    Oh, we have a new writer Sfiso! Welcome Sfiso.

  21. Excuse me for being rude. Behjane who are you? O tumme ka eng

    Almost every chapter you compare Mr Maphoto to your experiences. Brother please get your own readership as here we are DOAZG supporters not yours. Just because we love Jackzorro don’t think we will like you. In fact you’re annoying. When you comment learn that is not about you and focus on the content.

    Get your own platform don’t hijack our diary.

    Sorry again for this but had to tell him.

    Thanks bhuti for all the diaries. You’re the best with your team.

  22. What a chapter well faith sisi kusazoba nzima just hold still as for ukumbopha impela ladies kyaphoqa umunyu wakho uyazi I’d no yakhe ngisho kuthiwa use u.k nge I’d no bombuyisa khona even if he changes jobs

  23. Jah dats my girl Faith from now on Mudenda will learn to respect you, now he will wake his ass up mxm ungidina kabi loyo. Thnx Mikey

    Condolences to you and your family Jackzorro.

  24. Thanks for the good read Mike. Mudenda is a grown up man. The baby should have been dumped at his place not his father’s workplace. He is the one who needs to be shamed not the poor father.

  25. Thank you Mike for a great read…

    Well done Faith.. Mudenda must pay for his sins lol

    Condolences to Jackzorro and his family!!

  26. Lol ay kulekhaya kumnandi… As if the Rumblings weren’t enough, people also make ur day lol comments for me are the best part<3. Jackzorro my swidath. Deepest condolences. Stay in christ, uzowapholisa amanxeba. Much love.

  27. Thanks Team. Eish Faith, I understand your anger, frustration and all but Mr Gumbi senior? Am not sure whether he deserved to be embarrased like that; esp since he did not ask anyone to make him a granddad. Then again, these things happen. Uyabo, when you have babydaddy issues, you get so sooo angry that you stop thinking rationally.

  28. As we wait for what is to follow. Its going to be awesome I can tell.

    3 years and not know, you only visited him once. Hai no comment.

    Thanks Team, Hi Sfiso

  29. lol great chapter but faith can be arrested for neglecting her child idk if she thot of that and sociol workers will be on her case for ever lol,but than again scorned woman we dont think rationally.

    yaz this chapter got me thinking phela am one of those sinlge mothers who said let him be god will punish him blah blah,now am thinking i shouldnt have done that bayajwayela labo ,but my pride wont let me that baby mama as long as i have a job he can go fly a kite.

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