Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Twenty Eight

A lot of people will never get to do a thesis or a dissertation but let me tell you this with absolute certainty, it is the most difficult peace of document you will ever write. The amount of research you have to get just to get the topic approved let alone agreeable is immense. It is not for everyone and that is what makes it so hard. This was such a cruel and low blow I had done but my question was this, why did he get to go to school with no worries whilst I had left my two week baby alone so I could study. Where was he when I suffered that? He had the nerve to tell me that his thing was more important than our baby? Let’s see then. I was willing to die to feed my child so was he willing to die to save his paper. I did not run away. I went back and sat down where he left me. I wanted my son back, today but not without an answer. I knew for a fact Mudenda could never afford to put Amo next to Meladi without it being a problem. He had to make sure that baby was gone. When he came back he was more arrogant than ever,

“Let’s go!”

He said as though I was his servant.

“Go where?”

I asked him.

“To my house to pick your child up!”

I did not fight this, I wanted to my baby I had not slept well at all thinking about him. I went into my sisters car and we drove behind him. I knew this place so well I could go there with my eyes closed. When I got there there were other cars outside. I guess he had called a family meeting. This was not a good idea any more. I asked my sister to come in with me. Judith was not scared of anything this girl. We went in and found everyone seated. It was his mother, father, Kodane (the sister whose wedding I had helped with) and then my sister, Mudenda and I. I greeted politely as a proper makoti should and only the mother and Kodane greeted back. I guess the father was still in shock but he will get over it. As soon as I sat down he open his mouth,

“Yesterday you humiliated me. I did not even go to the office today because I was so embarrassed. What kind of a girl does that?”

I looked down and did not respond.

“As for the damages you demanded, that will be done next year. You don’t get to demand such. Where do you think that money will come from? It does not grow on trees!”

He said fuming. Here he could raise his voice however loudly he wanted. There was a silence in the house which made me know it was my turn. I tried very hard to keep my voice low,

“You make it as though I am a bad person for wanting my baby to be fed and dress up!”

I responded to them.

“Now your family has gone around telling people that I lied that the baby is Mudenda’s when you know truly well that he is. Look at him and tell me that he does not look like your son!”

I continued,

“Until you pay damages I am going to pull stunts like this without fail. Next I am going to be on radio discussing families like this! I will take my child to Khumbule’khaya if I have to! That much I can promise you!”

I said furiously but I did not raise my voice. These people were playing with me. Paying next year for what? Damages were to be paid at the end of this month to my mother! I was being unreasonable yes but I was being unreasonable for a reason. If you don’t play hardball then clearly you have killed your own child. Eventually the sister Kodane spoke,

“Papa, I know you will not like this but Faith is right. This is my nephew and your grandchild. Meladi was in this house helping her pregnant friend prepare for my wedding. We then reject the pregnant makoti for her friend simply because her father is who he is. Aowa papa we are wrong here. We need to do right by this girl!”

You had to have been there to have seen the glare they all gave her. I forgot to mention that Meladi came from a very powerful rich business family with political ties. To her credit she had never been a show off and in fact you wouldn’t know all this unless you investigated deeper. What Mudenda’s family did not know was that they were stingy as hell. She was daughter number two in a family with three boys ahead of her meaning they had six kids in all. Mudenda’s family was no different. I know a girl who dated a rich guy for over four years and when he dumped her he married her little sister and everyone was cool with it, family included. As long as the money does not go elsewhere no one gives a fuck about whether it’s wrong or right. That’s why I had been sacrificed, because my mother was a nurse! Kodane was clearly not sleeping at home tonight.

“You are going to ruin everything for Mudenda and Meladi. How can you be so selfish my child?”

The mother asked me. How was I being selfish? Kodane put her hands in her face when her mother said that and even his father looked stupefied. Now I was her child. She was buttering me up.

“Selfish? How am I selfish mama? You know me, I was on my knees in this house, we cleaned the curtains together and you kept saying it was bad for my pregnancy you did not want your grandchild to be a cripple. You said I reminded you of your little sister, the one who passed away when you were kids because I had a big heart and having me in the family would be a breath of fresh air!”

I asked a bit surprised. She had said all this and you could see by the look on her face that she was embarrassed to look me in the eye.

“You are standing in the front of his happiness. Yes he messed up with you but that’s life you win some you lose some.”

Had this woman not been listening?

“What about my happiness? I don’t want your son back because when kharma comes back to haunt him, and it will, I don’t want to be there. All I am asking is for your son to pay damages for my child and I and pay maintenance then we are done! I will not come to your office, his office or your home. I won’t have a reason to! However, as long as those things are not done I will teach him, his new rich wife and you a lesson you will never forget!”

I said standing up defiantly. My baby was crying. I went to his Moses basket, took him out, sat down where I was and took out my breast and stuck it in his mouth. You should have seen the look on their faces, even Kodane. I had done it on purpose though after the little speech I had just given. I had shown them how really ratchet and ghetto I could be. I am sure they will discuss me for many years to come. This thing of breastfeeding is a touchy issue.

“For today we will give you money to go home, buy food and so on!”

The father said looking down. It’s like my boob would turn him to stone if he looked up. Amo didn’t care one bit, he was enjoying his milk.

“Papa I am not a bad person. I do not want to cause problems for you or your family. I have so much respect for you and I always have. Mudenda’s sins are not your own but my child, his son, your grandchild should not suffer because he is not man enough!”

I said. There was silence in the room. My sister whispered that now it was the time to leave which was funny because with everyone quiet it was not necessary. Meladi came up with me holding an envelope. I said my goodbyes and took my baby basket and walked out. My sister took the basket from me.

“I am so sorry Faith. I fought them yesterday about this and you can see I lost. I don’t like Meladi. Girls don’t do that to each other but what can I do?”

I told her it was ok and like her mother had said, it’s life. Judith was already by the car.


I heard Mudenda from behind. Kodane and I turned at the same time. I didn’t even see it coming. He slapped me so hard, his sister screamed, I flew across the driveway, through the corner of my eye i saw a car pull in and I hit something!

“Never talk to my family like that!”

He screamed!

I think I blacked out!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am reader and I have read so much South African Literature but you my friend are up there with the best. Amazing indeed.

I have a problem with my mother in law. When I got married to my house she was paying a bond for her house. She is a teacher. What I did not know was that my now husband was sending her the money she pays for her bond and more. Now that we have to bond our own home the books don’t balance as now it’s technically two bonds we are paying for. I asked my husband to speak to her about this and when he did that turned her against me. She asked him to divorce me or never talk to her again. My husband is a mommy’s baby and loves his mother hence why he was paying so much for her. He chose me. Now he is hurting. He is so unhappy he misses her. When he tries to call her she hangs up. I went and begged her to reconsider but she called me a witch that is trying to break up her family. Please advise me on how to get my family back together because she too is my family.

Thank You


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    1. Mudenda deserves whats coming to him, after all that he has done to Faith he has the nerve to tell her not to speak to her family like that? if he had acted like a responsible father none of this would have happened!

  1. Thanks mike, I think you confused Kodane with Meladi at the end… I would stab Mudenda and cut out his balls, I hate him….

  2. Mike, thanks for another nice chapter again. Mudenda was not listening in that meeting, now Faith can go open an assault charge against him now. About her not talk like that to the family, what was he expecting her to do when he launched a whole family army against her. One thing is that the elders understood the threat and will act on it, the unfortunate thing is that Mudenda didn’t understand it.

    Makoti and Mother in Law fights are out of my league, cant help. You can ask your husband what was the plan on him paying the bond? How much money and time left, sometimes it can be something that you can sacrifice for (not winnable war). This is a same question of men who buys a house and stay with siblings (and/or parents), it becomes a problem when he gets married.

  3. Well done faith 4 wanting the best for your son, and please report dat stupid less of a man. Mike Thankx 4 this kind of a read, something I can relate to

  4. This diary is by far my favourite Bra Mike Thanks for the interesting read lol . Its life lessons because im 28 have no baby and it is teaching me not to fall pregnant with a boyfriend yooo motho wa fetoga

  5. Yho Mudenda needs to be taught a serious lesson. This boy is so stupid. Faith sisi you need to make his life a living hell. Its unbelievable that he was once in love with you. He’s treating you like a piece of nothing. Men though. He should get whats coming to him.

  6. Mudenda is such a pig and a dog, what man hits a woman? And i hope faith wasn’t holding her baby hey and Faith PRESS CHARGES mudenda has been calling her a bitch whilest he is the bitch, i’d ghetto on him i tell u i’d send ppl to break his car windows rob him the works anything he would even be afraind to walk out his house yet still he wont be feeling safe in it too

  7. This Modenda, his day will come and when it comes he won’t know what hit him.I hope Faith lays charges for assault he has no right to lay a finger on her after all he has put her through.

  8. Ohh Mike, this is too addictive, I tell you. Faith baby, get his sorry ass arrested and throw away that memory stick you saved the Thesis on.

  9. Yho!!! This boy he’s going to get what’s coming to him and he will remember this day of miss treating the mother of his child

  10. if only Mudenda knew that the thesis is no longer in his possession,Faith must sort out this man.slab her that’s a down low…..Banna ba bangwe are the reason re gafa so ……

  11. Hi Mike
    I love your stories, they are motivating and I have learned a lot already.

    I need an advice though.
    I am a 20 year old girl I’ve been dating my boyfriend of same age since 2011.
    The relationship was like any other relationship at first.. 2 years later he changed! He would cheat on me again and again and whenever I found out about it he would promise the whole world and that it was a mistake, a mistake he won’t repeat again.. Again and again and again I kept on forgiving him cause I loved him with all my heart …. However in all the years we were together u have never not even once cheated on him! I always believed that I cannot fight fire with fire … Last year we were both doing our first year in Varsity. Sadly he impregneted me during the first semester and so my parents did not allow me to come go back to school… He continued with his studies whilst I sat at home (not that I complained, its was expected) …I was taken to his home so that his parents know about this and later pay for damages… Months flew and I gave birth last year (2014) Nomvember … My problem is that from the moment I had told him I gave birth he went from bad to worse … He never asked me about how the baby was, infact we lost contact. His family never payed the damages and my family is taking it out on me… My baby is 3 months old this month and they have never seen her (including the baby daddy) ..when my baby was 2 months she got ill now and again and my parents had to take her to the doctor with their money… My dad got angry and phoned my baby daddy he told him crap and that his baby is sick and needs money! .. Guess what the baby daddy did! He dumped me, told me he has to stay away from my family for safety reasons he also told me that his mother told him to stay away from me… I know I made a mistake, I know getting pregnant at 20 was the biggest mistake of my life but I cannot change what I have done! A baby is a blessing from God and I love my baby with all my heart! .. But what do I do about her father?? I’m really confused


  12. This book gon’jumped from bottom of the pile straight to nomer uno. Mike you are a genius by far. I hope the car that hit something didn’t run over no baby hey. Dankie Mikeesto.

    Mother in-law huh. Your husband needs to grow a sack and get over his Moms bullying him. If she wanna act like a jelous gf then let her be. Buying your moms a house is something special, if you can afford it. If not, and the woman can afford, I’m sorry but she’s on her own. Where’s the Dad in all this though?! These teachers have wicked tendencies tell ya.


  13. Hau Mike where is the baby during this devil ridden slap? awesome read can we can a bonus chapter on Friday?

    Parents especially mothers turn to forget that when their sons get married his priority moves towards his new family, that is when such problems arise she now sees you as the person who is influencing her child into “abandoning” her but she forgets that circumstances have changed, her son got married and Ephesians 5:31 say, “for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and stick to his wife.” None of you are doing anything wrong, your mother in law is being difficult and therefore creating problems in your home. Talk to your husband and hopefully he will speak with his mother and explain his ability to maintain one household.

    I hope this help

  14. The sadest chapter I’ve ever read. My stomach iz turning. Aiy Life is sooooo unfair. Mudenda iz just like Hiz parents, @ list Kadane sees that what they r doing 2 Faith is so wrong. #im in Tears# Mike can u make Movies on all yo Books

  15. sho QnA its a hard one shame, that woman is such a baby shame her own flesh and blood this is a childish game she is playing, nna ha ke tsebe what u shuld do shame

  16. Yewena Mudenda awunamahloni yazi, tjerr he has a nerve yoh. Thanx Mikey great read, but haai Mudenda is always making me fume lol.

  17. I hope and pray and wish that Meladi’s baby is not his.I know that this is just a blog but it really infuriates me. I’m glad she deleted his thesis and hope she doesn’t give him the backup she has. Stupid fool!!!

  18. Now Mudenda has gone and done it. Faith destroy his sorry ass,he deserves it all!!!!! While you at it,accidentally lose his thesis. Oh Mike,o etsang my emotions? I love your work.

  19. I Hate Mudenda and his family, Faith has a point she doesn’t want him anymore but to take care of the baby. is that too much to ask for. this story relates well to some of us. thanks bra Mike and the team.

  20. Thanx Mike good read. I can indentify with this blog. Went through a similar problem with my baby daddy. I had to teach him maners now we get on fine. Faith destroy that memory stick and press charges

  21. Mudenda deserves what’s coming to him. Lost thesis and all!!

    Q&A: Sometimes mothers cling on to their sons so much and they don’t let go. The problem is the boundaries. There were no boundaries in their relationship well before you got married. The mother thought that things will continue the same way even after your marriage. Now with the new changes you will be seen as the evil one – influencing her son to turn against her. I don’t think you are the right person to talk to her about this (especially because you are the cause of the problem in her eyes). It will be better to speak to someone the mother respects and trusts (e.g priest, elder in the family, etc). This too might not work, but worth a try for your husband’s sake. Be strong…

  22. Ur mother in law needs a chill pill,she’s a selfish overly attached woman,she works! So she shud pay her own bond,that guyy has a family now,so what,he shud divorce u and stay single just so she shud keep enjoying the benefits?mxm she’s selfish

  23. Thanks Team!
    What a chapter – am so angry at Mudenda! How dare he lifts his hand to a female, mother of his child!? Is he trying to score points with his family. I so wish that car driving up is Faith’s mom!!! No matter how angry Faith’s mom is and cold towards her – I have a feeling that she’s one of those mothers that will move heaven and earth for their children. She will beat that Mudenda boy to a pulp and beat his mom next… Lay a charge against him, have him arrested for the weekend… Nnnxxx aagghhha…
    A to Q: ask hubby how he was planning to pay for both bonds… Husbands are engineered differently to women, just saying nje… It’s a pity coz sekuwukuqala kwezinkinga. If both of you are now unhappy, you will find solace in the arms of other ppl. Speak to him, and find a way to resolve this, but it won’t be easy – either way nje you will never get along with your mother in law. Good luck cc, and pray to the Almighty to help you.

  24. This book is THE ONE!! Im so addicted it reminds of the |”Yum Yum” days. Thank you Mike you never cease to amaze.. Why cant we have the books alternating weekly coz these waiting periods are a terror.

  25. Ohhh God kanti whats wrong with this guy,I hope its not Amo bieng hit by the car,talking about cruelty tjooooo!!!!

  26. OMG!!! Mudenda,u jst have made d biggest mistake of ur lyf….Faith teach him a lesson he’l never 4get,how I wish I could jump in2 this story 2 help u serve this dish called “Revenge”

  27. Hehehe now that’s what I call drama … Thanx Mike , I really hope faith had put the baby in the basket and he was in the car with her sis, as for Mudenda hai o padile shame I wash my hands on that good for nothing lwabish…

  28. Yhoo Mike, wena wi genuis shem abakuyeke. The way I just get so angry at Mudenda yho… Faith sisi, this means war!!!!

  29. Mudenda come to me I will show you izibunu zenyoka mfana wami. Faith you must go straight to the police and teach this dem thing a lesson.

  30. Mudenda did what? what a pathetic a$$ whole. I mean the nerve of this stupid boy. Faith you better teach this no excuse of an ex a lesson he will never forget! mxm, make sure he regrets the day he met you. Faith you better off without this family shem. I’m fuming!

    My ex’s mother said something to me the 1st time I visited and I knew me and her would never get along. That is also one of the reasons he is an ex. and I’ve since learned to stay away from mama’s babies yho they are headache shem. Imagine paying bond for your mother and your own house?

  31. The baby is in the basket, in the car with her sister Judith. This book though…yhoo so real n sad too…

    Jackzorro #like! Your advise to the q&a so on point… Teachers aint loyal… N guy needs to grow a sack kwaaaa!

  32. Aaaah Mudenda mara obatla nna weitsi!!…thank God faith is not a dumb ass chick, I love faith she’s my reflection shem!

    Dankie boet mike:)

  33. This book is soooooooo on point. Dankie Mikr.

    Akekho umuntu ongi coba njengo Bhejane. Mike plz block him n let him STOP giving advice.

  34. Mara di boy Mudenda ba mo loile straight. Faith must press charges for assault, somara he will kiss his dream of being a legal profession goodbye.


    My sister go get a strong sangoma because your motherin law is probably consulting

  35. Mara di boy Mudenda ba mo loile straight. Faith must press charges for assault, somara he will kiss his dream of being a legal profession goodbye.


    My sister go get a strong sangoma because your mother in law is probably consulting and trying to find ways to get u out of the picture, she also called u a witch mara I think we will agree that usually when someone is accusing u of something it is them who are doing the act.

    Plz refer to the retro Sepedi drama Bophelo ke Semphego “Mma Nkusheng”

  36. Leave Bhejane alone, every1 has their opinion and that applies to you too Lee, dont read his comments. And mina i dont see anythng wrong in what he said.

    As 4 Mudenda,that dauchebag has a nerve, faith must walk away from this low life, its, clear dat he is not marrying Meladi coz of love but 4 money.

    Q&A well u have tried your best honey, u should just leave it at that, coz when she starts to hate and blame u, its 4 life so let it go like some of us.

  37. The way I just got angry as if I could see it right now happening!! Faith though?! Eish…really looking forward to the next chapter…but I can just see Mudenda’s downfall already when Meladi has left him for a richer guy n all he’ll have is faith to beg when his son has made it without him…he’ll beg to be part of his life! Hmmm!

  38. joj mara Mudenda is a DOG, he really makes me so angry now i see why baby Mama’s are such bitter people.i will not have a baby with a man who is not my husband coz men change…I hope the baby is fine and Faith lays a charge against this douche bag ,how can you hit a woman with a baby in her hands..ARGH….i really hate this guy really

    Mike i think we are gonna need this book everyday i can’t wait for the next chapter

  39. Oh! No! Mudenda, what have you done now. You deserve to rot in jail and have the key thrown away. Laying your hands on a woman, that’s sinking low bra.

  40. Q&A: Dear the bible says a man and a woman will leave their parents house and become man and wife. That means when you get married you have become more important to your husband than his parents and vice versa, unfortunately you can’t do anything about this situation now only your husband can tell his mom off. so your husband needs to grow a pair and deal with this, and you need to deal with your husband.

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