Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Three

Ok I feel like in that moment I had become a bit bitchy but I have my reasons. Tidimalo was my ex and the only man in my life who treated me and my son as though we were the only people on earth who must be loved and protected. I won’t lie, up till now I had not considered the possibility of us ever getting back together but I cannot deny that there was the “what if” factor! I missed having a support structure and truly he had been it. Aurelia, wow, she had done so much for me. We had been friends for a long time yes but over the last six months she had become my very best friend. She probably was the one person who has stopped me from killing myself after all this had happened! However, she liked older rich men, something which Tidimalo was not. She was just going to break his heart and then I will lose my two best friends. There was just so much to consider that could go wrong hence why my no was emphatic.

“Ah really Faith, why?”

She asked me before the echo of that No had even died down.

“He sounds awesome and someone my age I can actually hang with! You are always the one saying I should date a younger man, I don’t see why to be fair because they lie, cheat and are stingy and now that I found one you say no. Is there something you are not telling me?”

She protested. I loved this girl though. Crap, she did not know? When I met Aurelia I think I was still with Tidimalo but I doubt I had ever brought him up. When you have new friends you often don’t want to be judged negatively as I think I would have had I said that I had a boyfriend back home. First year is tough. You attract friends by your virtue. Ever noticed how party animals hang out together and help bring each other down? That’s university for you and I was warned of this before I even went.

“He is my ex Aurelia. Please let it go!”

I said protesting.

“I don’t want him as a boyfriend just to include in my very small young guy black book of friends!”

Had she not heard me?

“I am just kidding. You should have said when he was cracking all those jokes. Am sorry.”

She said playfully. She was right though and thank heavens she had no continued further in her liking of him. If I played hard ball I was going to isolate the only people that cared for me. I told her I will think about it after she told me all about her new job and just like that Tidimalo was forgotten. She was quite excited. She said one of the guys she had dated and dumped was trying to win her back by getting her the job. She said it was good for her CV and it was time she stood on her own too feet. I say this always, we can diss beautiful people as much as we want, call them dumb and useless but truth be told, opportunities really seem to come to them easier than the rest of us real people. See why I was a bit jealous of Tidimalo. She won’t even have to work for it to get him. Very simple maths there indeed! That was forgotten soon though, she wanted me to prepare my CV which really excited me. She said this guy of hers was well connected and she might as well use that to our advantage. Corruption is only corruption if it does not benefit you. I live in Jhb and I see so many girls who are Personal Assistants and drive BMWS and GTIs and when you ask her where her parents are based she says Soweto. That maths is definitely not too hard to do. I needed a job. With Mudenda the way he was I needed to make my own money. She can have Tidimalo shem if I got this job.

We decided to sit down and do a CV. You know as students we think by virtue of graduation we must get a job. We act as though it’s our birthright to get these jobs but when you start applying it’s at the point of your CV that you see you know nothing. I had no work experience nor did I have any references. Waitressing does not count not that I had that either. I asked myself how I had spent all those holidays and I remembered, sleeping. It just brought my spirits down to be honest. When we were done I told Meladi that I still had to bathe Amo of which she was only eager to help. I had to teach her a lot of things which made me feel so old. When we were done my phone was ringing on the other side. Aurelia went to get it for me.

The number was private and as soon as I heard the voice I put it on speaker for Aurelia to listen. I don’t know why as girls we can be so thick at times. I know her voice so why put it on private. If I didn’t want to talk to her I will just hangup so no need for the theatrics. It was Meladi. Now this girl thought was my friend as she was now calling me so often.

“What the fuck is wrong with you bitch? Now Mudenda is saying he is missing his thesis and I know it’s you and your witchcraft! Next time if I see you I am going to beat the crap out of you! I don’t know what I ever saw in you as a friend! No wonder why he left you! You pretend to be all good but in truth you are just a skank. What kind of a girl forgives her girlfriend for sleeping with her man? You forgave Zama! Why can’t you forgive me? It’s fine don’t give a shit! I hope your baby dies! I am going to tell Aurelia what a whore you are and you will lose her too…”

She screamed. Somehow Aurelia was now involved in this,

“What would you like me to hear Meladi?”

Aurelia asked her calmly.

She got stumped! It’s the last voice she expected to hear clearly.

“No, nothing! Will tell you in person!”

She responded and hung up!

Did she say she hoped my baby died?

Woman to woman there are simply some things you cannot say to another woman!

She should know better!

*****The End****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks for daily dose love your work. I’m a 31yrs good looking man I have been told with commitment issues and since I was 10yrs I knew my dick smaller than my friends (14cm erected now), but know I made women squirt but not my baby mama.I cheated first even with her friend and she forgave me. Two years ago we broke up cause she started cheating on she told me my small and I never make her squirt(made her pussy spray liquid out). We have a child n we did we stayed together for two years. My sex partners now want commitment and I think they will cheat too cause m small I tell women m still with my baby mama so they think they sidechicks .Should I get my penis enlarged? My sidechicks always come back.Do u guys know a good doctor who can help me with nasal drip(caused by sinuses close to the mouth leads to bad breath sometimes)? Oh my baby mama had an abortion before us, I don’t want her back,after I had new job she wanted to fix things .She has psycho tendency.

Please help.

Confused man.

69 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Thirty Three

  1. Meladi has gone crazy for sho.
    Mara why most galz are lyk this, the minute a man is involved they wud ditch their galfriends in a blink of an eye really. Thanx mike enjoyed this chapter even though i felt it was short

  2. Thank u Mike. Ur work is immaculate

    @QnA bt wat is the significance of the last part of ur letter? Lol lmao so ur babby mamma had an abortion and u need a nasal Dr..wat? Did u think throwing dat in thr ka last minute will distract us from the fact dat u have a small dick???? Lol

    I know no Drs dat can help u bt I dnt think u need help. Get out of ur mind n u’ll be fine

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, I have a crush on Aurelia.

    Confused man, you are indeed confused player. Where does one even start? Ok so you are a self proclaimed looker, LMAO! You make women squirt… The spray liquids part brought me to my knees laughing. You are 31years, and you’ve known your willy isn’t Anaconda since you were 10? What are you doing at ten to be sizing up little willys… And the 14cm’s now…. I can’t help but laugh at all this.

    I think your first question was about enlarging, I say don’t. You did mention making multiple chicks squirt and all that, and you say your lovers keep coming… Why change a winning formula?! Your ex should remain your ex, you guys are toxic together. She told you straight that your little one don’t satisfy her needs, cut your losses and move on. Some people can handle 14cm and some need a yum yum of Python… So if you make em cum brother, it aint bad at all. Funny letter though.


  4. ThankQ Mikey 4 food of the day. Confused man GOD gave u a small y enlarge it? Is nt the size of it is hw u use it bro

  5. Faith its time 2 teach dat bitch a lesson… she sed WAT ur bby must die naaah “Meladi must die”
    QnA: lmao y wud u wana enlarge it wen its gud enuf 2 make gals squirt? N ur side chicks wana b da main bt ur baby mamma left coz its small n den u throw in sumthing abt bad breathe sumtimes eyi inkinga le lmao

  6. Confused! What exactly is the issue, penis enlargement or nasal Dr? Ever heard of google? And there’s penis enlargement posters at every lamp post and corner.

  7. hi.
    meladi is evil nd she forgets that”what goes around comes around”.ke life
    minna ur duck is not a problem bt u r the problem.blv in urself pls.

  8. As always our daily dose….dankie bra mike ay faith will beat the hell up of this girl Meladi she will regret the day she was born ….thanks once again

  9. thanks Mike melaudi uyahlanya usefuna indoda ithande yena kuphela engabe ithanda nengane yayo.
    Q&A the smaller u r the better the 4 play so y stress urself? stick to 1 partner and u’ll be sharp papa.for the nasal doc try boiling weed and steam urself.

  10. Dear Q&A
    Please get a life! Der are people with real problems out der and dis is really not life threating! Lokl! U made me choke on my coffee! Baby Penis!!! Lmfao…
    Jor Mike probably used dis letter to make us laugh a bit!
    Thanx Mike u truly know ur fans! We get these serious letters everyday which makes me sad! Now dis one is kak funny

  11. Thank you Mike.

    Q&A Hayi mfo uyandibhuqa straight…I don’t like laughing or making fun of other people’s problems but tjoooo you cracked me. I doubt that your dick is that small if you can make your side dish squirt, you and your baby mama are just not compatible. About the nasal drip part, see a doctor, they should be able to help you with it or refer you to a specialist.

  12. Oh my, Faith has a a lot to put up with this so called friend. Meladi will get what is coming to her, hope sooner rather later. I am just in awe that someone can be so conceited.

    Q&A: Kahle Kahle you never knew what you wanted. You are 31 for heaven sake such things should not matter anymore. You should be more defined as a person rather than remaining confused and dangling up and down thinking about side-chicks, small weeners and enlargements.
    In the world we live in we have more resources (whether private or public) to sort out all you so-called problems.

  13. Meladi don’t curse a child while u a carrying one too! God is not stupid o tla belega lekgerematona goba segafi wa swaba ka bo pelo mpe bjago

    N wena confused man! My man has a small dick but he knows how to scramble me he will leave me shouts hallelluya there he’s the only man since who satisfies me we have the best sex ever now n he’s yooo I can’t explain it .he gives me all.try not to think of ure dick n do ure job well papa. That thing is a matchine but dnt go to mporo

  14. But qna sometimes ninokuba ne haha. An erect 14 cm is the peak of pleasure.

    Whats the average penis size?

    According to scientific studies, the average size for an erect penis is somewhere between 5 and 7 inches (12.7 -17.8 cm). When you measure it, remember to do it from the tip of its head to the abdomen in order to obtain relevant results. The truth is that most women are happy with an average sized penis, especially because what most matters for them is the emotional relation and the intimacy during the intercourse.

  15. Lol confused man you are confused, you went from dick, to sinus to everything inbetween.

    14cm is 5inches? Damn ja ne. You 31, so by now you should have accepted your small size and let it go, as for your ex let her go. The side chicks, let them go. Rather start afresh

  16. Q&A ever heard of an ENT? Please go and consult usiyeke thina. About your Willy, if you make some squirt, then y enlarge? uyinkinga self nje, but thanks for the laugh…

  17. Sentle tlakaza Jackzorro ka nomoro ya gago somer net,a bone gore str8 o tlala ka ena,,
    Meladi kana karma ke eng,o kare wa lebalane!
    Q&A dez dr iva,mama sono mans clinic,if u got a crus problem like u confused urcelf,jst go to 1 of them,mare ha ke bone mosadi a ka squirta then be a re ha a kgotsofala,ha se botlhe ba kgonang go dira gore msadi a ntshe dat fluits lol

  18. Thanks Mike… though seemed short

    Q/A: Firstly would like to address your grammar is so poor for a 31 old. We have young audience what example are you portraying? Anyway, go to Dr’s for nasal problems. And why throw in abortion in this letter? You have serious self esteem issues. Why change your size if it’s working for you? Then side-chicks for what? To make you feel like a man? Deal with that low self esteem and donate the money for enlarging your penis to needy students. She’s an ex let her remain that and move positively with life
    #hai some problems though!!!

  19. Nice one Mike.
    Dude don’t let porn, and big dick talk mess up your self esteem.
    One of my mates is huge, his nick name was Donkey in High school (some white boys called him TP for TriPod), his 2 previous chicks cheated on him. A lady colleague, told us she use to fat n sit with a huge nigga and she says never again. Hope you feel better
    So be proud of your squirt making cheese curl. and besides i think that falls on the average range, on the lower side but still average.

  20. Hi Mike ,today’s dose was short but we appreciate so much, Thank you and the rest of ur Team.

    A2Q- hey wena good looking no wonder why u so confused, because clearly ur the psycho 1 here. what I dont get is, why u want to enlarge your 14cm d**k when you have your “sidechicks” that are coming back for more? Because if its not one person, then its a positive sign that u can have fun with that small ‘baby brown ‘ machine of yours.

    Lol, ur so full of yourself and I somehow feel that the reason why u want to enlarge is because you want your baby mama back but you just too proud to say it…

  21. Lol @ ‘squirt(made her pussy spray liquid out)’ very confused man indeed. I got to hand it down to you my brother it takes skill to get me laughing so hard.

  22. my word i have been re reading this letter all morning laughing my ass off, wow mr dicklet, u really are something else, anywho sweetheart, most decent women(not bo mrs loose) do not care abou the size of dick, as long as you satisfy them. hahhahahahah! oh but you killed me man! thanku mike.

  23. Thanks Mike for a great read you never disappoint…Q&A I’m so confused by your letter,thought it was about your little willy.Jackzorro weeeeeeeeeee I think I like you #giggles

  24. Mike,Mike,Mike why are you doing this to us ngempela,lol. Mr good-looking’s letter should have been in one of your chapters
    QnA Mr good-looking,Thanks for making us laugh thou. Don’t be confused,they like your 14cm,you make them squirt and they come back for more plus you good looking. What more do u want?

  25. #A-Q from what I gather you just have self esteem issues. Please go and do a self introspection as you seem to be really confused. Even your letter is so confusing. Go to a therapist and mens clinic and enlarge if you want.

  26. Kwaaaaaaaaaa, Mara confused man, I don’t usually comment, but I had to. You really are a confused good looking man shem .

  27. Dankie Mikey u never dissapoint

    Q&A.. hahahahahahahahahahaha my good lord i’ve never laughed so hard u made my day shame

  28. Yoh! Never laughed so much at a QnA post. Firstly I won’t judge you for the grammar but that makes no sense at all. I’m not getting where your story is going or rather where it comes from. You dick is small… ok… and then?

  29. Nna ke rata Jackzorro…. Confused bathong? Nd the nasal drip? Nd then abortion??? Nd then smallanyana?? Haai shame u r confused

  30. Nasal drips””” make her pussy spray liquid out *pun.intended* oh well. Den awuze lana ngikupopole mr good looking but very immature for his age. Ungenza a great comedian shem.. and den uthini kahle hle.. awufuni ukbuyelana no bbymama coz she aborted ur 1st child- also she dusnt spray liquid out due to 14cm ruler… ai mina ungenze confused nje. Confusion ol around.

  31. Mike, Mike Aii aiy iz Mr Gud Looking for real. Its 22:45 I’m still laughing @ dis Letter…….Mr Confused u r a commedian straight, Lmao ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Squits,Nasal,14cm,10yrz, 31Yrz Lmao ungibulele Bhut wam, and 2day’s comments, Hha Hha Hha Hha Hha. I lv me sum Jackzorro,I lv this fmly. Thanks Mike n the Team

  32. hahahahhaha yoh Q& A hayikhona you are a joke yourself stru , anywho MELADI MELADI MELADI somethings you cant play with in this world , money , some one’s man and a single lady’s child DAMN you are stuffed big time I truly feel sorry for you as you going to be a mother yourself my GOODNESS

  33. Thanks Mike again.

    If I can get a pill to enlarge with three centimeters I can make a lot of money. It is a secret demand from most men especially under 20cm. Your story is simply saying that you are not confident with 14cm though some of your ladies keeps coming for more. You also cheat to boost your lack of, er, centimeters. Now you want to increase those cm to what 25cm or why not the whole 30cm like Madingo?

    Now know that women are a bit confused, they always claim not to want a pinky size but they also dont want a Madingo one as it hurts them, women. As a man, I can tell you to enjoy what you have and use it to your best of your ability as you are doing. You have researched that average size is 15cm while below 9cm is very small and above 20cm is very big. So at 14cm you are just below average but NOT BAD.

    Most doctors are against the idea of enlargement; I also never heard anyone who has successfully enlarged other than those claiming a “tree story” which should have happen at birth (Maybe, Noko Mashaba can do). So don’t do it.

    I will not comment on your abortion and squirt parts as I don’t consider them relevant on the question.

  34. Lol this letter is just funny, anyway I think 14cm is just fine for me, I took a measuring tape I just wanted to see how it is but according me its just fine plus acccording scientist an average penis size is between 12cm and 16cm

  35. The nerve of Meladi though to even wish Faith’s baby to die? she needs to be taught a lesson, bitch ain’t loyal.

    Confused man , kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks

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