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Missteps – Chapter Ninety Seven

I knew if I was in the situation that my friends were in my first instincts would have been to run and not look back, but I wasn’t in that situation, I had to think like She Rocks, I hoped and prayed that she was the one driving after all she did that advanced driving where you are taught to drive like people in Fast and Furious, so if she was driving I knew she would have hit the road and left those fools behind swallowing her dust, but if it was Cleo or Andiswa then it would be a different story, I just didn’t want to think about that. I kneeled down and said a quick prayer “Father God please let them be okay.” Then woke my husband up, he didn’t want to wake up, he said he was tired I shouted “my friends have been hijacked.” He jumped out of bed and said “what? Where? When? Shit with my car?” he stood up and started pacing up and down, and said to me “tell me everything that happened and don’t leave anything out” I told him about the call that I got from She Rocks and how it sounded like she was struggling with a guy trying to take her phone over the window I assumed they must have opened the windows a bit for air because they were complaining about aircon and when the guy couldn’t get her phone he decided to take the car I heard him tell the others that they should take the car. Mthobisi was listening attentively to my story when I was done he asked “the voice? Did you recognise it?” You know at school how they always encourage people to ask questions and tell you there are no stupid questions; well they are wrong because my husband had just asked me a stupid question. I looked at him and asked “how was I supposed to recognise a voice of a stupid tsotsi? Are we going to call the cops or what?” He shook his head and said “not yet. I’m going to call me people from here.” I gave him a surprised look and asked “you have people here too?” He ignored that question I guess it was a stupid question to him, he signalled for me to hand over his phone, I had even forgotten that I was still holding his phone. He called someone and the conversation went “Hey Homes, sorry to wake you but I’m in your province and I’m in a bit of a situation.” The other person on the other end must have said something coz my husband was quiet for a bit then Mthobisi went on “no I’ve not been arrested, my wife’s friends went out to some party on the way back they ran into some boys who tried to rob them.” The guy on the phone spoke again and my husband replied “were they drunk? What kind of a question is that Homes, how can you even ask me that? No they were from a tea party they’d been drinking tea all night, of course they were drunk.” Under different circumstances I would have burst out laughing, my husband can be very sarcastic when annoyed. There are serious situations where you find yourself in and laughing at those situations is just wrong but the more you try hold in the laugh that’s when it comes out, there is a word for it, I was going to ask She Rocks, then it hit me, my friends were missing, Mthobisi signalled that he was going to the passage to continue this conversation. He went out, I grabbed my phone switched it on and tried again calling all 3 of my friends numbers they were all on voicemail, I wanted to call the police but knowing them they would tell us to wait 48 hours to report people missing. After about 5 minutes my husband came back and said “that guy is as thick as a brick, but he gets the job done that’s all that matters, he will find your friends and my car.” I looked at him and asked “if he’s as slow as you say he is shouldn’t we be call the police?” he again shook his head and said “when have the police ever helped us? Your BM was never found by your police, calling them would just complicate things, I don’t want them touching my car. If they recover the car it will have to stay at the police station and that’s the last thing I need.” I gave him an S look and asked “what’s in the car that you don’t want the cops to see?” he walked to the bathroom and from the bathroom screamed “nothing”. I screamed back “if we can’t call the cops can we at least call tracker, they will know where the car is.” He came out brushing his teeth “again baby, if tracker couldn’t find your car how on earth are they going to find this one? Besides I had the tracker removed from this car it was an unnecessary expense, they proved useless when your car was stolen. I only kept it on the Golf 7” I put my hands on my face and screamed “what the fuck are we going to do then. And why the hell are you so chilled about this situation.” Before he could even respond I went on “Jesus Christ, do you understand that Cleo’s husband arrives tomorrow, what the hell are we going to tell him. oh Lord, what am I going to tell She Rocks brothers, and Andiswa’s mother, oh my God, this should have happened to me, not them they are such good people they don’t deserve this. As soon as we find them we getting on the plane and leaving, I can’t deal with this holiday there has just been too much drama.” I was venting, I guess I needed to Mthobisi got dressed and told me to stay at the hotel in case the girls came back but he was going out to look for them, I told him I was not going to stay in that room all by myself but he reassured me that wherever the girls were him and his people would find them and I shouldn’t stress he will call me every 30 minutes to update me. His phone rang he answered “Homes, are you here?” He hung up and told me his friend was downstairs he will call me to update me and kissed me and left.
Sitting alone in that hotel room was driving me up the walls, I tried not to think too much but I kept imagining my friend shot dead and lying on some bushes somewhere, I would shake my head each time those thoughts came and start praying, I swear fear can turn you into a saint in no time, I even downloaded a Bible app on my phone and just randomly choose chapters to read, when I realised they were not making sense I decided to search for some scriptures that related to what I felt I searched fear and I came across 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and sound mind.” This got me up on my feet, so if the bible says God didn’t give me a spirit of fear why was I wasting time being fearful when I should be using my sound mind. I grabbed the hotel phone and called reception, I asked them to transfer my call to Bantu’s room, as I was about to give up he answered I could tell he was had been fast asleep by the sound of his voice, I didn’t make small talk I got straight to the point and asked him for the numbers of the guys we had meet at the beach, I had even forgotten their names, he gave me 2 numbers without even asking why I wanted them, I guess he wanted to go back to sleep, I thanked him and hung up, I called the first number and phone went straight to voicemail, before I could dial the second number my husband called and said they are where She Rocks phone signal had last picked up and on that road there is just glass and skid mark, it’s either they drove off with them or my friends drove off but there is no blood which is a good sign, I gave out a sigh of relief. He told me he loved me and if they show up at the hotel I should let him know and hung up. I tried calling the second number which rang for a long time with no answer, I must have called it more than 8 times but there was still no answer, I eventually gave up and kept opening the door thinking I would see the girls running up to their rooms all cheerful and ready to tell me about their adventurous night.
After 2 hours of my husband calling me every 30 minutes like he promised , he called and said “I think we might have found them baby but it’s not looking good.” My knees felt weak, I was standing I decided to sit, then stood up again then sat again and Mthobisi asked “Honey are you still there?” I whispered “Yes, I’m just scared of what you are going to tell me.” My husband didn’t seem to be listening to what I was saying all I heard him say was “Oh fuck, that’s She Rocks covered in a foil Homes, she was wearing that dress this morning when they left. Tears just started flowing down my face “covered in a foil? Please don’t tell me, no I can’t even say, no she can’t be, please Mthobisi go wake her up, go put the phone in her ear she will wake up when she hears my voice, please Mthobisi please tell me she’s okay, please.” I was crying so hard I don’t even think Mthobisi could make out what I was saying.

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