Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Nine

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Why did I not see this coming though? You know, if you have a group of friends that are all close to your man, at some point one of them will sleep with him. Any university girl will tell you this. Usually we tend to befriend a group of guys so that we are one big crew. It’s simpler because the guys usually act as your brothers, drive you around, security at parties and all in all fun people to hang with. In your first year especially you have such a friendship. With us because I dated in the two crews it meant that we were even more bound but it is people like Mudenda and I that often mess up things as if we break up there is tension in the two crews. This thing of being cheated on though by someone so close ah was different. It’s something I have heard before but also something I always said was not true. Here I was. In the group Zama was my closest friend. She was the talkative naughty one but I never thought for one moment I would end up a victim of her ways. She was like a sister to me. She had had a few boyfriends since I met her and Mudenda knew all this because that’s how close we all were as a group. Even Mudenda’s friends knew Zama and I know for a fact she had shagged one of them after a party in the car. This also Mudenda knew. Where was that stress attack the doctor said I was supposed to get because I just wanted to die right now. When Aurelia had said he was with Zama it had just clicked. I don’t know why at that moment but it just made so much sense. He had been distant lately yet he seemed to be cheerful when he spoke to her. I had made nothing of it because as a crew we were close like that. I had never even bothered to ask him what project they were working on together because I never had a reason to. I trusted them both completely.

Now here she stood in front of me and quite oblivious to the fact that I knew what had taken place. I think they had come together and because of the way I had confronted Mudenda he had not had a chance to warn her that I had done that. Zama sensed the tension straight away though.

“Why are you acting as though someone died up in here?”

She asked cheerfully but sceptically.

“…wait? Did you lose… no!”

I think she meant to ask if I lost the baby. How perspective of her? I don’t know if her concern was genuine anymore because clearly she wanted my man. Bet they had shagged before they came here. The nerve! They even came here together for crying out loud. How could two people be so cruel?

“No Zama, the baby is fine!”

Mudenda said in what again was barely a whisper. She smiled again now clearly confused about why the tension and before she could say something he said,

“Zama, Faith knows about us!”

His voice was so low but we both heard him loud and clearly. You could hear a pin drop. The way the room got so quiet at that moment is just something else.

“This is awkward!”

Zama said I think to herself but came out outloud. She turned to look at me and she saw the tears rolling down my cheeks. I did not have the energy to fight them. I wanted them to both leave. Imagine after all that had happened that is all she had to say. She was one of my best friends for crying out loud and she technically hooked us up! Of all the guys in the world why him? I was not the type to share my bedroom details meaning I had not give her reason to envy me. Mudenda was ordinary I guess, I don’t know what a great man in bed is so I had no need to exaggerate my man’s prowess. I hardly spoke about our relationship because Mudenda always insisted that what ever we did was private and had nothing to do with my girls. He often reminded me that this is how we lasted so long so again there was nothing I could have said to make her like him. We had not fought nor had we argued so why would she do this! Why would he do this? I was a good girlfriend, loyal, faithful and loving yet here I was left holding the stick alone. I felt so stupid really because I had worked so hard to have the perfect relationship. We had sex all the time meaning I never denied him the cookie so there what excuse could he possibly have.

“Babe, Faith, I am so sorry it was… it is…”

She tried to say something but the words woul not come out. Guess she had more words through her legs then because that had not been hard. I turned around to give them my back. I did not want to cry but I am human. The tears just started to flow and I could not stop them. I could hear them in a distant place in my head say something but I was too far gone. Heartbreak is real guys. I once read in a book that, ‘you are never truly a woman until a man has broken your heart’ and at the time I had thought it presumptuous of the writer, men don’t makes us who we are I said strongly and bravely but who was I kidding. Something in me changed at that moment and I think forever. My innocence in relationships had just been shred to pieces.

I don’t know when they left but they did not even have the decency to live separately. They left together at the same time. I called Aurelia but her phone was off now. The thoughts going through my head though.

The doctor had said he will discharge me at 1oam in the morning and when that time came Mudenda was not there to pick me up.

….my pride would not let me call him to be honest but at 11am when I felt it was getting embarrassing I dialled him.

His phone was off.

I had to take the bus! Having a boyfriend with a car really spoils you at times. I felt lost and confused but I managed. I went to my place. I felt empty and alone. Mudenda had not called nor even asked me how my day was. He had not asked how I felt.

I still remember so clearly this, around 1pm I got a text, it was from Mudenda. It read,

“I think we should take a break!”

After so many years of dating, I am pregnant with his child and he dumps via sms!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike and readers….

Thank you for posting my a 22years Old lady I’ve been seeing a 23years Old guy for bf is very insecure he’s gOt my bbm pin cOnnected tO his laptop and he even has access tO my text messages via his laptOp.gOes thrOu my whatsapp,blOcks my cOntacts and deletes my conversations sOmetimes.this guy goes thrOu my brOwser histOry tO see what I’ve been up tO.he’s nOt intO sOcial networks he’s Only gOt a Facebook accOunt .he’s says I expOse myself On sOcial netwOrks and he hates all my fwends.when ever we fight he keeps bringing up something’s frOm the past… Such as myself receiving a call frOm my ex and nOt telling him,he can bring up anything things that I’ve even fOrgOtten.he tOld me several times that I must leave social networks and I must tell him everytime I gOt a call Or text frOm my ex.buh I don’t dO that cause I don’t see the pOint.I like sOcialising and making fwends unlike him and during this 3 years he has committed suicide 3 times and um scared that One day he will succeed and his family will blame me fOr everything cause already they ae saying um selfish.the last time he cOmmitted suicide I was at his place and he started telling me Of hOw my male fwend cOmplimented me On a profile picture I had on my whatsapp.I never even saw that cause the time the dude was texting me I was asleep sO he tOok my phOne and deleted the messages.sO I was cOnfused then I tOld him he must stOp this nOnsense,he gave me his phOne and said I can gO through it anytime then I ignOred him.and started bringing the past the tOok a dOzen Of pills,beers and car keys and left.came back in the mOrning I was sO stressed and I couldn’t even sleep, mind yOu it was two days befOre my exam.I couldn’t even study cause he was sick in bed.buh I wrOte my exams.I tOld him that I want an end tO the relationship cause um living in fear Of what he’ll dO next and nothing I dO is satisfying tO him cause I can’t even gO Out with my fwends. worse that he’s been abusing me emotionally and even started being sexually abusive. So now its been a month after this occurrence and he’s been shOwering me with text messages nOn-stOp and I jus look at them…. I lOve him buh um jus nOt happy with him anymore and um fed up with fwends say I must give him One last chance…. Is he even wOrth it? Will he stop this Obsession and madness?



76 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter Nine

  1. Thank you Mike for todays reading.
    QandA: no offence or anything Margret, but I couldn’t finish your ‘letter’ because of the way you typed, you can’t be 22 years old and be typing like my 12 year old neice. I think your man has other issues he needs to sort out then get into a relationship, taking a break would do both of you some good.

  2. very painfull what Mudenda is doing to this lady but I guess its a learning curve to everyone out there because University is a place to firther ur education not for making babies.

    AnQ myeke marn lovey the guy has huge problems to sort out. uzxakile yena and ge needs to deal wth whagever happened to him in the past. suka kuye

  3. Margaret sori ,bt I thnk da guy is nt safe he is 2 obssesd. U don’t evn hav privacy @ ur age is nt gud 2 hav a person lyk dt in ur life.I can’t tell u wht 2 do da dicsn is urs bt I don’t c any happiness in ur life n his family can’t blame u 4 thr child sickness. Ur friend don’t knw wht u r goin thr so thnk of wht u wnt n whr ur happiness lyz cus I don’t thnk u wnt 2 live ur life wth freedom n happiness

  4. Thanks Bra Mike,nice read and heart breaking at the same time.Yoh some guys can be very cruel.”teary eyes”

  5. Sori Margaret bt ur rationship is nt healthy wth guy n hs family can’t blame u 4 thr child obsessin u mattr make a decsn abt wht u wnt in life cus wth a guy lyk dis 1 ur living on egg shells u don’t knw wht 2 xpect.Ur stl young 2 go thr dis u don’t evn hav ur own privacy. I can’t tel u wht 2 do bt u hav 2 thnk of wht u wnt in life.Gud luck

  6. Thanx Mikey, great read as always.Poor Faith. This Mudenda guy is a DOG ,gosh what a jerk. On top of everything that Faith is going through,he drops this bomb on her….boys *smh*

    A2q Ur bf has serious issues, he needs help. No one can be this messed up at 23 unless something happened in his past. U can’t live like a prisoner. I say go talk to his family first before u break up with him since they already blaming u. Tell them what he’s doing and that u’re scared he’s going to commit suicide if u leave him. They need to get him to go therapy or they’ll lose him. Goodluck

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, so sad for Faith, somber mood for a friday…. #KeDezembaBoss

    Margret or Margaret, what’s up with the Capital O’s though?? Like a teenager on nyaope… #CantDeal.

    Someone doesn’t commit suicide and lives to tell about it, if he commited suicide, he has no reason being alive. So let’s work on that first and maybe our senses will come back.

    Your boyfriend needs a damn hobby, he can’t be so damn demanding of a girl, I mean like did you take his virginity or something?? Tell him to make friends, socialise, maybe hang with your friends in his presence so that he knows what kind of people you roll with, that will make it easier for him.

    I just can’t help but feel this dude is a loser, what idiot attempts suicide 3times, just cause his ‘teenage gf’ is on social networks…. You both need some evaluation ai


    1. #Jackzorro…. I’m really starting to like you dude. Well said nothing else left to say here 🙂 You should actually start a Sis Dolly blog your advise can be cruel sometimes but straight forward and reality is we need people like you. Coming from someone that despised your comments sometimes.

    2. LOL Jack the style of writing put me off, 22years old and writing like a 15year old. I also fail to understand how he came to life on three different occasions. Some people give themselves unnecessary stresses in life. Jack is you open a “Sis Dolly” blog, I will assist you in dishing out advice, some people need to be drenched in cold water.

    3. Jackzarro…

      Everytime I read a QnA I ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS look forward to your response!!! You are a character and a half… in a very good way. Mikeesto (as you fondly call him) gave birth to this blog and you my dear are giving it the “Mother’s Love” if you get what I am saying!!!

      Ever heard of the saying “What is a home without a Mother?”

      I got mad love for both you and Mikeesto!!!

  8. A2Q: love, get out of that relationship NOW!!! He has signs of an abuser written all over him. This is usually how it starts. He isolates you from friends and family, gets very clingy and claims that it’s the love that’s doing that to him and finally breaks down your self esteem resulting in you thinking that he is doing you a favour and that no man will ever love you like him. Guys like him have psychological issues and need professional help You do not want to be part of the statistics of women who are killed by intimate partners and I can assure you that it’s likely going to happen if you do not leave. Shiya phansi dear.

  9. Guys can be so insesnsitive maan yhu! Nice read though. It has become a ritual for me to read chapters as am travelling to work. Thank you bra Mike.

    Margret sisi the truth is this man has issues with himself and he needs to deal with them. His obsession and possessiveness just shows how his low insecurities and no matter what you do he will never be satisfied. LEAVE NOW. NO SECOND CHANCES for him. You will not be emotional stable if this guy kills himself while he is dating you. Advise him to go to therapy or something. And more importantly pray for him and yourself. Remember love is not obsession!!!

  10. LOOL LOOL kodwa JACKZORRO # Like a teenager on nyaope… DEAD……..Margret leave that nigger you way too young for this nonsense, he needs to sort himself out.

  11. Yooo this Mudendo dude is such a jerk he doesn’t even have any remorse

    Q&A whats up with the capital letter O Bathong. I think you should approach his family and talk to them about his problems n the challenges you having in this relationship they should try n get get him help. Don’t take him back he clearly has issues that he meeds to deal with

  12. Thanks Mike for the insert. Girls should really avoid this whole falling pregnant while you not married thing. Its not the “in thing” so grow up people. A guy should put a ring on it before he puts his d*#$ in you.


    My advice to you is run as fast as you can. Although you and your man have been together for 3 years and you might feel as though you’ve invested a lot in this relationship, the fact is that its toxic, VERY TOXIC!!! Your man seems to need you to complete him and that’s his first and biggest flaw. He cant seem to live apart from you and as a result, he feels the need to control every aspect of your life. As time goes on, you might feel the need to conform to his ways and even become anti-social like he is. Whether we like it or not, certain attributes of our partners eventually rub onto us. A relationship isn’t about completing each other, its about two COMPLETE people loving each other fully and without reservation. If your man is like this right now, do you honestly think that he will change when he marries you?

    Ask yourself these questions;

    1) Is this the type of guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?
    2) Are the good times in your relationship worth the drama that he puts you through?
    3) If you were a mum, is he the type of guy you would want your daughter to date and if he were a dad, would he be the type of man your daughter would look up to?

    If you answered No to even one of these questions, my advice to you is RUN!!!!

  13. thank you Mike for the great read, a little sad for Faith… poor child. #O tlaa siama.


    Guys the “O” in the email are weird but it may be a phone glitch…. take it easy on her.

    M… please leave your man, we see cases of abuse and women being killed all over South Africa, Botswana and other countries. you dont want to be one of the unfortunate women.

  14. Margret this guy is a bomb waiting to explode and I think u need to work on your typing skills it really is a bore to be reading such a text from someone who really needs proper advise

  15. Thanks Mike. Hhawuuu Mudenda – you are so insensitive, cruel, and ….
    A to Q: I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me; what on earth is with the O’s? Nnxx… death by Jackzorro’s comment – made me laugh for the first time today… Thanks man!!
    Anyways, when a guy treats you like that just know it’s not going to stop it’s only going to get worse. I know of somebody who when they open their laptop the first thing they do is go: CAR TRACKER. He’ll be monitoring where his wife’s car is parked and each time it moves he knows. Ppl have sick twisted minds out there and if you want to be part of his sick twisted world stay, but if you don’t – leave nkosazane, whilst you’re still young and have time to start afresh. Unlike the wife I’m referring to, she can’t go anywhere coz he buys the cars, has too much money and he’s such a controlling twisted sick somebody.

  16. Q&A Hehehe so ur bf committed suicide 3 tyms but hs stil alive,guess u dating a ghost.bona Margaret when someone tries to kill himself we call it attempting suicide neh.Ayi nor Jackzorro I totaly agree with u this email nkare e ngwetse ke motho o tsobileng nyaope straight.

  17. This is really heart breaking. It ruined my day, and to think some relationships which start like that prosper, breaks my heart even more. I really hope she doesn’t fall apart.

  18. No surpz thts south african man (mudenda’s) not all mara but majority of them, wat a shame…QnA I dnt knw wen woman wll learn if a man is jealous possesive run fr ur life bcs he’s time bomb waiting to explode, I wl kill u cc if u know lnger do wat he says..

  19. Yoh! I’m 19 and I do not type like that like honestly I couldn’t finish that email… Uhmm leave the dude I guess, yoh but the way you type girl

  20. Q&A You give him one last chance he will not try to commit suicide , he will kill you because of his obsession. Don’t give him the chance to do that

  21. I’m never one to comment, but committing suicide 3 times had me in stitches…

    Sisi, you gave that man power to do all those things (going through your phone, social networks etc). maybe u were in love we don’t know…. The good news is, you can take that power back, Dump him, block his number, and do everything you can sisi. because if you don’t, one day he will kill you…. he’s all kind of pyscho that guy…and no it isn’t love.

  22. hmm ja neh ..i still think Faith should have kicked both their asses just go thuba pelo then cry after, maybe i’m just used to Nelisa’s way of handling situations lol…I hope she does not loose the baby though my heart is so sore for her

  23. Zama was never your friend and Mudenda was never your man faith. They deserve each other, the same way Zama removed you is the same way she will be removed. KARMA.

    Thanks Mike, for th record, I have never had any problems with the pin, Its always smooth sailing. Keep it up.

    Margaret, before I was put off by the capital O’s, from the few sentences I read it seems like you are dating an obssessive loon. Get away from him before he kills you and himself, we don’t want read about you in the paper, so save yourself! BALEKA

  24. Ke Dizzemba boss !!!32 comments already ;)Mike u have a talent son .I like the way this Magrett says He committed suicide 3 times but he is still alive to even start to abuse her sexually lol.kodwa ke let’s continue advising her to RUN as fast as Oscar Pistorius.

  25. QnA I am probably one of the many people who didn’t try continue reading this post. Lady, you will probably bare the brunt due to how you type. At 22, you should at least type like a varsity student, or someone who is working. You probably a texter and he must have came across some messages that you didn’t bother deleting. Ask him why and you will find out his insecurity about you. You probably have a big ratio of male friends as compared to your female friends

  26. Mike we appreciate your pin service!!! Even the Minister of Human Settlement has stopped giving RDP houses to under 40ts fro free so how does a person complain about just R 5 a week to enjoy a good story, let alone you have to eat just like us.

    Q&A: Gal pack your staff and go, he will be heart broken but he will get over it!!! Every human being will be insecure at some point but as for your man, that is obsession and you can’t have none of that. Whether you go or stay I don’t see why you must blame yourself for him trying to commit suicide, he has issues beyond you.

  27. Thanx Mike for yet another great story read. You have been a great insperation to all of us, seeing lot of diaries these days shows how much influence you have in us. lol we have become copy cats,bt all in all keep up the good work and may God bless you in abundantly

    Q&A. girl run as fast as u can and never look backcoz if you do, u might become a salt hill like lott’s wife from the bible.he’ll get tired of the problem which is you and the next thing he will kill you

  28. Margaret.
    He committed suicide 3 times? I wish i could help but i failed to read the whole story. Avoid using capital O’s please, our eyes…..

  29. Thanx Mike, its a delight to read your blogs cant even function properly if 9 comes and I havent read any of them. It is true that the Misteps pin request is not compulsory&if ppl dont want to spend their R5s lt them not hurl insults at you, coz after all this is a favor that you are doing for us and we should learn to be more appreciative, that you take your time to write these blogs for us to read, and dont ask for a cent.

    Mudenda and Zama though….#speechles#claps once#

  30. Thanx Mike. Great read as always

    Q&A: please, retype your letter like a normal human being and ask Mike to repost it.

  31. Mike, sorry I dont buy PIN as I feel I will be in the same situation of waiting for a week. People should stop mourning and enjoy your work, if not just go and read Daily Sun.

    QnA. It is proper that we first address the writing before answering the question. I generally don’t care about spelling and grammar errors unless it is very much unavoidable and non-understandable which you did not have (English is not our first language). I would advise you to NEVER again do what you did with “O” in your writing unless you are writing to your close “fwends”. I noticed that your language that you have good command of English except a mistake of attempting suicide to committing suicide (forgivable error on your part). One had to copy your letter to Word and kill all CAPS to read it.

    To your question.
    Please remind me why are you still in that relationship as you said you wanted out? Okay you don’t know how to do it without him committing suicide. As Mbalie and others said, go to his family (you are cosy with them anyway) with your letter stating all things he has done and you are afraid he is going to do. Explain that you don’t want to be blamed for any more thing he is going to do as all suicide attempts were just because of his uncontrollable jealous which you cant manage. You wanted a LOVE relationship not to be a Prisoner in Love. Indicate that this is emotional abuse on his part and you are afraid that it may increase to brutal physical abuse and have accepted that nothing you do will change him.

    TO YOU. Someone once said “No matter how far you have gone the wrong way, turn back”. Therefore know and appreciate that upto the age of 28 women are in demand more than men, so you will get another man (of course after that tides start to change). No matter how you love him or his family convinces you, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

    There is no way this man will grow and understand this while you are still with him, for his sake you need to leave him to grow up (I also believe you are his first love). As Mike said in this chapter, if you never shed a tear for a partner you haven’t grown enough.

  32. Thanks for a good read Abuti Mike, I don’t usually comment but I just wanted to apologize for the behavior of my fellow readers, please follow which ever guide u given as to using the pin , We really do appreciate all the good reads u’ve written for Us with no charge bra… Uhm marg babe leave while u still can cos he’ll end up killing u too.
    Jackzoro neh lol o bosso!!!

  33. Readers do you ever wonder if the people we read letters about, may be some of the followers of Mike’s work or commentators even? #thinking out loud!

    With friends like Zama who needs enemies, so this is how Faith as we know her became a jilted baby mama.

    Thanks Mikey

  34. Guys r full of crap Qna leave this’ll b digging ur own grave .lol im sorry.a person has one you cant commit suicide 3 can attempt to commit it 3times.just daying

  35. That guy needs professional help. Its not u but the insecurities and issues he has deep in him? Love is never enough and its clear he doesn’t trust u. He needs to get himself professional help hence his also suicidal people just don’t wake up and stop their psychotic behaviours. One day he won’t only take his life but yours as well and reason will be if he can’t have you no1 can….. Tell him if he really wants to be with u he needs to get help and oh make sure when he goes there u go with bcz he will tell you his going when his not.(know some1 who died bcz of I love him)

  36. Nna truelly speaking I wish you miscarry Faith its not easy to nurse pregnancy alone and to raise a child while even ure parents n everyone has alienated you.I past that situation thou today my dota is my everything they divorced me when she was only 2months to another gal n now he regrets he needs me back but can’t n will never get me back.Mudenda I need to see the day u will crawl like a baby ge lefase le go ragile

  37. I’m so disappointed to hear people have been insulting you regard the issue of pins!! South Africans and Free things!! Do you people really feel entitled to read DOAZG free of charge? Mike has been doing us a favour by giving it to us for free! DOAZG is some quality reading and shouldn’t have been free in the 1st place! I once purchased a pin and it never worked,I simply bought another one,without complaining,coz I know I’ve had Diary for free far too long!! If you don’t / can’t buy Premium,chill and wait for a Free one!! Stop abusing and harassing Mike Maphoto!!

  38. Magret…
    if my friend followed this blog i wud have said u are her…
    this guy of yours is a psychopath, he wud kill u given a chance and still blame u for his bad deeds. Sisi, run for your life, the relationship aint healthy. Whats love got to do with it if you aint happy? Run…

  39. Eisan… Yoh what a coward! that’s why I don’t date boys I cant deal with their drama! Faith try dating 30 year old bana le drama e less! Forget about that boy of yours and raise your baby alone. I know of women whom brought up their kids on their own and they turned up just fine.

  40. Honey! Run with your life! This is the kind of guy who will lock you in the house all weekend once you marry him! He will wear your skin like a jacket if you say you wanna leave! No! Sisi! No! Don’t make the mistake of having this person’s baby either. Leave!

  41. Yoh jackzoro craked me oh my word and my 3ry old keeps asking why Im laughing so hard… Margaret run babe don’t waste your life like that

  42. Yuuuuu faith!!! Kunzima mos!!!! I can’t imagine going through my pregnancy without baby daddy. He wasn’t at every doctors or clinic appointment but he was present when needed. I had his support emotionally, financially n every other way.

    I know this is all fiction, but I’m feeling very emotional!!!!!!! Kanqena she doesn’t have support from her family?!?!? Phela pregnancy is one emotional rollercoaster ride!!!!!

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