Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Eighty Six

I was now shaking again, I tried speaking, but everyone was so high on adrenaline that no one bothered listening to me, everyone was talking over each other, Andiswa took out an injection and told She Rocks to find a vein in his arm, She Rocks had a cloth and she tied it over his elbow like drug users normally do and said to Andiswa the veins are now popping out, it felt like everything was happening in slow motion but I knew I had to stop them I could not kill my husband’s brother. “Guys, stop, please stop” I said but my voice sounded so low that no one could hear me because everyone was talking, Andiswa put the injection in his veins and cleared everything inside Mfundo’s veins, Mfundo’s body started jerking out of control, we all stood there motionless just watching at one point it looked like he was getting up but he didn’t, his arms legs and body were all just twitching this went on for about 2 minutes then foam started coming out of his mouth, automatically we all just held our mouths, then suddenly there was no movement coming from Mfundo, everything just stopped, it felt like time just froze for those few minutes, watching someone take their last breath is not an easy thing, I had to hold tears back while all this was happening. Then Andiswa said “okay, it’s done, how much time do we have?” I didn’t realise we were now on deadline.

She Rocks said less than 30 minutes, “Sorry, time for what?” I asked. Cleo said “Rocks brother and girlfriend are on the way back, that’s why we came out before you could give us a sign” I started breathing heavy “what the fuck are we going to do, we can’t dig a hole in less than 30 minutes” Cleo and She Rocks started digging while Andiswa and I packed the picnic goodies in the picnic bag, when we were done packing up we joined them in digging, bloody hell digging a grave is no child’s play, it was hard, the sun had already gone down but we were sweating like pigs, next thing we knew the white people’s dog came out of nowhere and started dragging Mfundo’ s body that was laying on the floor by his clothes. Cleo said “shit if we bury Mfundo here this dog will always come at this spot and start barking it won’t take long for the owners of the place to start becoming suspicious and start digging here, we can’t bury him here.” We all agreed that it would be too risky besides our hole was not going anywhere. Cleo told Andiswa to bring the bakkie and we will load Mfundo at the back and go and burry him at Retvlei Farm in the South of Joburg, She Rocks is a volunteer there so she has access to all areas. Retvlei Farm for those that don’t know is a public park, it has picnic areas, braai areas has a zoo area where there is all sorts of animals, they usually need people to volunteer to come help them take care of the farm and help clean and feed the animals, She Rocks had been a volunteer there for years, Cleo and I shem we would never, we don’t even like animals, we saw it as a waste of precious time and energy, now She Rocks kindness and generosity to animals was coming in handy.

Andiswa went and brought back the bakkie, we lifted Mfundo, the bastard was heavy and put him inside the bakkie. Andiswa asked “what are we going to do with Mfundo’s car?” bloody hell we had not thought of that, this is what happens when you do things in a rush. Cleo said she will drive it and we can just dump it in the road somewhere, we all agreed that we would not leave it at a garage, most garages have camera’s. She Rocks jumped into the back of the bakkie and searched Mfundo’s pockets she removed his phone, wallet and car keys and handed them to Cleo who immediately switched the phone off.  We decided it would be best if we left our cars at my mom’s place since it was close to Retvlei farm then just travel with Andiswa’s bakkie. We left before She Rocks brother arrived and convoyed, after passing dawn park, Cleo parked the car on the side of the road and went inside Andiswa’s car and we all drove to my mom’s house in Alberton, luckily she and Victor were not there just the nanny with Neo, I hugged my son and told him I loved him. We left mine and She Rocks cars and all left with Cleo’s boyfriend’s double cab. She Rocks wanted to drive but Andiswa would not hear of it, she told her she drives like a taxi drive, the bakkie had no canopy it had that black seal that covers the back so Mfundo was at the back while the 4 of us were in the front, while we were driving to Retvlei Andiswa said she would like to hear what happened to Cleo’s stepdad, She Rocks told her they will tell her everything once we have completed this mission and that we needed to focus on this for now. I changed the topic and asked Andiswa where she got the poison that killed Mfundo, they all looked at me and said it’s not poison it’s insulin this was in case Mfundo’s body was ever got discovered there would be no trace of poison it would simply look like his heart had failed, the plan was we knock him out then inject him with insulin it will kill him but it just takes time, they didn’t want us stabbing or shooting him, the last thing we wanted was blood in our hands and to go crazy like Lady McBeth and be constantly washing our hands, so after digging the grave we were going to throw him in the grave then if by some miracle he was still alive we were going to shot him then close the grave. “And why wasn’t I told this plan earlier?”

I demanded to know Cleo responded “Because you were already shitting your pants before we did anything if you knew you would have somehow, somewhere just messed up” I gave Cleo the annoyed look. My phone rang it was my husband, he asked how She Rocks was doing, I told him she was a bit better now that we were all with her, he asked where we were going as he could hear I was in a car, shit, I didn’t know if Boggy his Nigerian friend had told him that he saw me at a hardware store, I didn’t know what lie to tell so I told the truth, well half of it anyway, I told him that while we were at She Rocks house her brother called and asked her to go look after the farm that he’s taking care of and we all went with her and we decided to do some gardening at the farm so we went to a hardware store to buy some gardening equipment and that’s when I ran into Boggy, he said “oh that explains the farm that Boggy says he saw you go in” WTF was his Nigerian friend following us? I looked outside to see if we were being followed there were no cars on sight, that’s when I realised we were on the wrong side of town, we had just passed Southgate, and we were not even supposed to be on that side of town, I wanted to tell Andiswa that she was getting lost but the call with my husband had me fuming I whispered to him in an angry tone “you had me followed?” he quickly replied “no Honey, Boggy was just passing there and he saw my car.”

I told him we will discuss this when I get home and hung up without saying goodbye and told Andiswa that she had taken the wrong route, She Rocks and Cleo were too focused on some nonsense they were reading on She Rocks tablet that they had not realised that we were on the wrong path, She Rocks looked outside and said “Damn Andiswa you have taken us to Soweto, this is that road that leads to Bara.” Cleo laughed and said “okay right Sowetan, can you direct us out of here.” She Rocks replied “sure thing Daily Sun” we all burst out laughing, She Rocks told Andiswa she will have to make a u-turn a few meters from where we were, as soon as we got to that turn Andiswa made a u turn and that’s when out of nowhere we saw blue and orange lights appearing “oh shit” said She Rocks. I screamed “drive Andiswa”, she accelerated the car, and that’s when we heard the loud sound from the police loud speaker shouting “stop the car or we shot” we all knew that this is South Africa we were lucky that we were even being warned that they will shot, we all screamed to Andiswa “Stop the car”.

Andiswa stopped the car and the 2 police officers came to our window I was sitting in front with Andiswa and Cleo and She Rocks on the back sit, the cops shone their torch on us in front which was so bloody bright it hurt my eyes, then they went to the back seat and we all said a small prayer that they don’t go to the back because they would find a dead body, they unfortunately went to the back I swear my heart was on the floor it just needed someone to sweep it off, Andiswa was shaking soo hard the whole car was shaking, they came back and said

“Out, get out all of you”, when we got out of the car I was shaking so bad you would have sworn I was drunk, I couldn’t feel my knees my entire body just became stiff. You know that saying that fear will paralyze you, that is exactly what happened to me literally. The cops didn’t seem to notice what was going on with me even if they noticed I doubt if they would have cared. They told us to lift our hands up and lean against the car.

Oh shit!!!!

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  1. Yoh what a twist …. This book is my addiction Nd without my weekly weekend dose I go crayyyyyyyyyyyyzeeee….. Thanks so much Tho for the GREAT read ,never dissapoints 🙂

  2. I also don’t think he’s dead and I’m hopeful he’s not otherwise I don’t know and they can lie and say they taking him to hospital… Love this diary jong

  3. Thank you for this week’s episode, can’t wait for next week. Please let Mfundo live, these women are danderous I’m sure they compare to Women who kill on DisID channel 171.

  4. Shit!!!m hell scared for ’em,nearly shit my pants,hope they ddn c the body toO,so mtho and mfundo are brothers??damn ddn c that one coming….damn missteps is officially my fav love the twist!!next week is soooO far thou 🙁

  5. Tjo tjo tjo!Lee call ur hubby he will knw exactly wat to do, I bet those cops are already on his payroll.My first time using the pin (phela ke dezember ke thotse bonus lol )and I must say it works like a charm

  6. Yhooo! This ladies are powerful, such braveness. Thanks Mike with the Aswesome read, I’m soo Obsessed with this Blog. Can’t wait for next weekend eish

  7. Talent @ its best I tell u! Mtho & Mfundo half brothers? Iyhòoo! Ka mo the gals have killed him..or tried 2 kill him cos we not really sure if he is dead..
    very interesting developments I must say…he he he!!!!

    Thank u team & Happy Holidays ya’ll.

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