Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter One

I remember it so clearly, he kissed me first on the cheeks, then on the next, then on my boobs, first the right, then the left then he went further down… I loved him so much at that point there was nothing I would not do for him. Mudenda and I had dated for five years. We met in Orientation week at Tuks and it’s funny what they say that girls are quick to find someone new when they reach university. I was dating Tidimalo at the time, my so called high school sweetheart. That boy not only broke my virginity but after we started dating he slept with my best friend Pearl and rumour has it he was seeing Sheila who though not my friend was someone I used to hang with, the bitches! I never used to be this bitter but growing up makes you tough and makes you hate men. As women we are meant to settle for rubbish and I used to tell myself that I would never beg a guy to stay with me but who am I kidding. Most of us girls beg our men and only when he forcibly moves on do we let go. Even when he beats us we care enough to cry but love too much to walk away. Is this what God intended for us! Sigh, I digress! Let start again…

I am not a small town girl, I grew up in between Soweto as a child and moved to North Riding in Fourways just before my breasts started poking out and boys started to notice me. I laugh when I think of this because boys were meant to be played with back in the kasi as I left young. At some point though I noticed that the girls my age I used to play with stopped running on the street barefeet and started bathing better. True story. I was a late bloomer. Even my first period came when I was 15 meaning that when I saw all my friends, and I mean all my friends here start to develop breasts and wear bras it was hard to understand. My mother was a disciplinarian and a nurse at Baragwanath and her way of teaching me about the birds was telling us the horror stories she experienced. I have an older sister, Judith and she took the brunt of it. My mother would take her to the hospital to see all these teenage mothers. She called them an infestation imagine and always said the government should arrest them all. Wishful thinking I tell you. Needless to say my sister turned out to be the biggest whore of them all. By sixteen she had slept with three of her teachers causing one to earn himself a divorce. A woman had beaten her up to a pulp for sleeping with her husband and this woman’s child was her friend. I on the other hand was studious and earned myself a scholarship to University of Pretoria where I studied Business Science.


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  1. mike u are my main man!!!!Dankie. btw when will Thandeka’s diary be available on Amazon or ebay? Most of us who leave abroad will surely appreciate it πŸ™‚

  2. Woooooow Mike! New blog, thanx man. Wondering how u r going to juggle so many of them though …….. just thinking out loud.

  3. Ooohhh yeeeaaahh!!! about we pause confessions and do Rumblings instead..rumblings and memoirs during the week Mikey?! lol..#for the love of new things!

  4. Yeeepy doing a lil dance der. So excited Mikey u keeping us on our toes thank u thank you. Can’t wait fot the next chapter already.

  5. Talk about a sort intro! Non the less I’m hooked already. Love the way you just play with words. Can’t wait for this.

    Ayeye Rumblings ayeye

  6. Bra Mike…i love your work but i have to say this you just left me hanging on Zulugilrgoes2joburg…kanti kwenzakaleni??? i just cant let it go!

  7. @Diaryofazulugirl, is Rumblings a weekend publication or weekly? Please advise Mikeesto and maybe a newsletter nyana for updates. Thanks for the awesome work admin.

  8. Oh Mike… I have so caught up with these books. Rumbling is about Thandekas cousin from her dad’s sister, her aunt. I remember how u said her aunt was so bitter because of her daughter n she was never allowed home. I’m sure no one caught on, hey

  9. #applause Mike you have got me hooked on these blogs in order of preference Memoirs of a tired black man,Missteps of a young wife,Confessions,Diary of a Zulu girl…just awaiting more on Rumblings but all in all you are the epitome of joy & a deStresser as even at the office I can’t turn a blind eye to these blogs,I am simply hoooooked lolz

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