Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Seventy One

Thozama Mqikela

Blood freaks me out but for some reason in this situation I was calm, maybe it’s because I had seen enough blood to last me a last time.  I had seen my mother-in law full of blood and bullet holes and inches away from death, my son also covered in blood, come to think of it, the shit I had been through the past couple of weeks was enough to make a sane person go completely out of their minds.  My husband grabbed my hand and looked at it again I guess he was trying to make sure that he had really seen blood in it, he said “My baby don’t stress or panic, you are going to be fine, do you hear me?” I said “okay honey”.  “Lee whatever happens promise me that you won’t close your eyes, no matter how tired or how heavy your eyes feel, promise me you won’t close them”.  I said I promise, I was in too much pains to close my eyes anyways.  He took out his phone and put it next his mouth and said “call Abel”, his phone has voice recognition, I could her the phone dialling, the car Bluetooth was on so the call was on the car speakers and I could hear everything which is not normal for my husband all his deals are done in private I never hear any of his conversations but I figured since we were being chased there was no time to hold the phone in his ear.

The guy answered the phone and said “Mtho my brother, are you good?” my husband didn’t even bother answering the guy he shouted “Abel, I need you to clear your rooms, get everyone out, my wife has been shot” I could hear the confusion in Abel’s voice as he tried asking  what was happening and who shot me, he was asking all these questions at once, Mthobisi said he didn’t have time to explain we were being followed and he was trying to loose these guys following us, Abel asked how long would it take till he gets there, my husband said less than 15 minutes and hung up, after that I was in and out of consciousness, my husband kept calling my name but he sounded so far that I wasn’t sure if this was real or if I was dreaming, we eventually went into some building my husband drove to the basement, I asked if we had been driving around in circles because I was sure I had seen the building before, he said it was the only way he could loose the people following us, when we got inside he came out and opened the passanger door and carried me to the lift, under different circumstances this would have been very romantic but right now it was a matter of life and death, we got to  the 8th floor and my husband rushed me into some dodgy looking doctor’s office,  we got in and there was a girl who looked nothing like a receptionist, more like a hooker, but you know what they say about beggers, in this situation I was a begger, the girl asked what happened, Mthobisi didn’t answer he just told her to bring Abel, he put me on the chair when I looked at him his shirt was full of blood, I started screaming at him asking why is he not taking me to a normal hospital, I told him this place didn’t look sterile and I will die from the germs, he told me to calm down and hospitals were not safe because we will be asked a lot of questions and since there is gun wounds involved they will definetly call the police, I didn’t care.  Abel came and the hooker looking girl had a wheelchair with her and they put me in it and took me to one of the rooms.

My husband was by my side telling them that they need to remove the bullet and how those bastards are going to regret messing with him.  Abel put me on top of the bed and cut my clothes, there was soo much  blood.  He looked at my husband and said “She needs to get to the hospital now, she’s wasn’t shot, she’s pregnant” at hearing I haven’t been shot I jumped up and said “what? I was not shot?” I didn’t even listen to the pregnant part, Mthobisi started jumping up and down from excitement “She’s pregnant, Lee, we pregnant, oh thank you Lord.”  Abel shouted, “you need to get her to the hospital fast Mtho, she shouldn’t be bleeding, something could be wrong.”  That’s when panic set in on both of us.  He said he will drive us with his car to Benthrust Hospital since we were in Hillbrow and it’s the closest hospital and with our car we probably would get spotted by our followers and couldn’t risk that.  I was put back in a wheelchair and wheeled to the car in the basement.  My husband and I sat in the backseat, we had to lie on our seats to make sure we were not spotted, Abel speed off to the hospital in less that 8 minutes we were there, he jumped out and came back with a nurse who had a wheelchair and they put me in and took me to a room, a doctor came who commented on how pale I looked, he asked how many months was I, I told him till a few minutes ago I had no idea I was pregnant, he said he will do scans and tests to make sure the baby was okay, Mthobisi was next to me telling the doctor to please make sure that our baby is safe.

I don’t know how many tests I had gone through all I knew I was exhausted, the doctor told me that they will have to keep me over night to make sure everything was okay, but as far as they could tell the baby was okay and I needed to be as stress-free as possible because stress was not good for me or the baby, I told him I will slow down and make sure I relax a lot more than I normally do.  My husband sat with me and told me I could sleep if I wanted to he will stay with me all night, which I told him it was absolutely unnecessary as the doctor had told us that everything was okay and besides the nurses will kick him out and tell him about visiting hours, he laughed and said no nurse will keep him away from his wife and son, already his mind was made up that I was carrying a son.  I slept with a big smile on my face, who knew thing would turn out like this from that disaster; I said a small thank you prayer that I didn’t have a bullet in my ass.

When I woke up my husband was sleeping in a chair his head in my bed, this man really did love me.  He must have felt me move because he immediately jumped up and asked if I was okay, I asked if was he having a bad dream he laughed and said he doesn’t dream, I bet he had nightmares with the way he was living. He told me he had already called work and had told them I won’t be coming, damn was it already Monday?  It’s amazing how the weekend just flies by but the week takes forever to end.  The doctor came and did the rounds and I was told the baby and I are all good to go and I should just take it easy.  My husband was over the moon and so was I, the fact that we were on the run from some people no longer mattered all that mattered was the child that we were going to have, things were defiantly looking good for us.

We took a cab to my parents’ house in Alberton, they were not there I told my husband we should pack the rest of our clothes that are there, he told me I will do no such, he will do all the packing I must sit and relax the doctor told me to take it easy, the more I protested telling him packing will no strain me it’s just taking one item at a time and throwing it in a suitcase it’s really nothing, the more he would not hear of it.  I realised I was not gonna win this so I let it go, I might as well enjoy it, how many woman can say their husband are willing to do all their house chores because they are pregnant?  Well I was going to enjoy this while it lasted.  It gave me a chance to play and bond with Neo while my husband was in the room packing, when he was done he came to join us we played a bit and everytime Neo would jump on top of me, he tell him not to because he’s going to hurt me not that it made sense to our son.  Mthobisi suggested since I had been booked of the entire week we should take Neo with us for the week to our new house, I agreed.  His nanny packed a few of his clothes and we drove off to our place in Midrand, we had left the other Golf 7 in Hillbrow and driving the Audi to Midrand.  This was going to be my first time going to see my new home, this is every woman’s nightmare, woman want to see the place before they move in, you want to have the feel of the place, plan on what is going to go where etc, but unfortunately for me I never had that opportunity I was just been thrown in not that I had much of a choice after running away twice from people with guns from our previous place.  Just the entrance to our new complex was stunning, scratch complex because this was a golf Estate, the walls from outside were soo high you could not even see what was over those walls, we arrived at security who asked us a bunch of questions and requested our licences and scanned them as well as the car disk, I was feeling safe already.

We were taken to some office to fill in some forms and have our fingerprints scanned and were told that each time we leave and come in we will have to put our finger at the boom gate to scan our finger prints, this was amazing but at the back of my head I was thinking what if my husband’s people cut my finger out and use it to get out of the complex, I quickly shook that crazy idea out of my head.  when we were done we went to the house, it was a free standing house, there were other houses around and were still being built, so the area was still being developed, there were some that were completed and everywhere I looked, the houses looked amazing.  We went inside, I wanted to scream from excitement, this was the most beautiful house I had ever seen, it was a double story house, the lounge, the kitchen, the bathrooms, yes bathrooms, it had more than 3 bathroom, I had tears in my eyes just walking around the house seeing each and every room that looked so perfect, I went upstairs, 4 bedrooms 2 of them were en suits, with each room I entered I was just amazed.  My husband looked at my and asked “Honey why are you crying don’t you like it?”  I looked at him and hugged him and told him I love everything the house is perfect and I love him with all my heart and soul.  I couldn’t contain my excitement, I was over the moon. I told my husband I cannot wait to start decorating the house.  This was the best day of my life.  My husband looked at me and said “I have been planning this for months now, I wanted to surprise you and the look in your face right now just melts my heart.  I love you soo much Lee.  I am soo happy that we are going to have an extra addition to our family, this house is just perfect for that.  I think it would be a perfect time for you stop working, and focus on our kids” I was smiling from ear to ear until I heard the last part.  Leave my job?  Had this man lost his mind?

One thing for sure I was about to unleash my pregnancy hormones on his ass.  Every pregnant woman’s excuse after screaming at a person, telling them their past, present and a not so bright future.

17 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Seventy One

  1. I want me some Mthobisi, tsotsi or not, dis man is romantic and lovely, he loves Lee so much i’m jealous, lol i’m pregnant and guess what, i’m going to name my child after Lesedi 🙂 hahaha…. Missteps is my obsession i even dream about boLesedi ledi Golf 7 tse red.

    Thanks @MightyZama and brother Mike, much lerato&hlompho for you two!!!

  2. Lee shame i wonder whose babe is that, unfortunately for u nothing ever go well. i suspect that the babe is Mfundos. beautiful story Mike n Thozama

  3. Aowa Thozama this was th e shortest chapter ever n today I payed my bills.lol but nice one hey. Lee lee lee. I pray that baby belongs to the owner not mfundo

    I love I love

  4. Like really now how can u ask hus d father of Lee’s child coz Mfundo uses a condom with her all the time I just hope she ddnt have a miscarriage in the car

  5. Awwwwww abuti Mike got me hooked on alla this. I also want me a man like that. Do they even exist? Mara the whole pin thing eish lemme go buy airtime, I’m addicted. Thank you team

  6. Uhm those who are saying that the possibilities of this baby being Mfundo’s are slim, please remember that this one time Lesedi went on a business trip, she and Mfundo got faded, and they woke up the next morning, naked, not sure what had happened the previous night. So, yes, it could or could not be Mfundo’s baby ’cause they could have had unprotected sex… Food for thought.

  7. Mxolisi or Mfundo????? Now who is the baby daddy of Lesedi’s Child? Lee’s life is so complicated nothing good lasts with her hai

    Thanks Mikey and Tzee

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