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Missteps – Chapter Eighty

I didn’t know where to look suddenly the room became too small and hot, my mouth became dry I couldn’t find my voice, Andile was staring at me she didn’t even feel sorry for me, for all she cared I could faint and she would just continue with her business and wait for me to get up, what a witch. I finally managed to whisper “can I have some water please”

Andile went to her bar fridge and took out water with her eyes still locked on me, I was sweating like a pig, she passed me the water I waited for me to compose myself when she felt I was ready she again asked “what the hell did you do to Mfundo, my some sort of panic attack had given me an opportunity to think of a story to feed this woman. I told her Mfundo had over-heard me telling Cindy that I was pregnant and I got the feeling that he was not happy to hear that because he started asking about how much will I take with maternity leave and how this was going to affect my work on their account, Andile listened attentively and then said “some men can be such chauvinist at times, you are staying on that account I will speak to his boss about this new information” with that she walked out and left me in her office, looking at her desk just reminded me of the time I had with Mfundo, damn if walls could talk I would be in so much trouble. I walked out of Andile’s office feeling victorious. Where the hell did they find that fool Mfundo and was he mad at me because I had not come forward to the police about what I had seen I could always say that I didn’t see anything that’s why I didn’t go to the police, yes that would be my story I was playing music loud and didn’t hear or see anything. When I got to our office Cindy was there I decided not to share that I was about to get my ass kicked out of the account she would probably have celebrated, there was no need to get her all excited, she will just see the day security comes in the office to carry me with my chair and go throw me back in the open plan office that was the only way I was leaving this office, I was not going to go down without screaming and kicking a few security guards that will be escorting me to my old office space.
During lunch my husband called to tell me that everything was going well and he will be leaving Durban at 5 so he will find me at home since he left his car in the airport there was no need for me to go pick him up. After hanging up from my husband I couldn’t decide if I should call Mfundo or just leave things as they were, if I called what would I say? I had basically left the poor man to die, what kind of a person was I? I tried fishing from Cindy but without making it obvious if she knew where Mfundo was found she had no clue, I decide to sit this one out, hope and pray that he goes back to the same hole that he crawled out of. By 16:30 I was ready to go home, I had not done much work I was seriously stressing about this Mfundo situation. I drove home and thank goodness for She Rock’s cooking she had cooked enough food for 6 people and so there was still lots of food left I decided to warm that up as our super when my husband arrived he was so happy for a nice home cooked meal, he kept complimenting my cooking and I was not about to burst his bubble by telling him my friend cooked the meal and besides if I tell the truth about that then he will want to know why did I lie about going to dinner with her then the accident situation will come out, the problem with lies, one lie covers up another and then another and another next thing you know you have built a shack filled with lies well in my case a mansion filled with lies, I honestly needed to stop with the lies. We had nice diner and talked about stupid random things then went to bed, I had the most horrible dream about the accident, the taxi hit me and I landed under the truck and this time the truck rode over my tummy and I was screaming for help and no one could hear me, there were people walking around no one bothered to look under the truck I was screaming for help at the top of my voice and still no one could hear I the truck had now turned into one of those construction trucks it had a saw underneath and the saw was cutting my stomach opened, I was screaming and that’s when I realised that Mthobisi was shaking me asking me what’s wrong and I was still screaming. I looked at him and cried “the baby” and held my stomach he told me it was just a nightmare and I had nothing to worry about, I insisted that he switch the light on so I could make sure the baby is okay, this was a strange request because how was I going to see inside but I just wanted to make sure that I had no cuts. Mthobisi switched the lights on and the first thing I did was lift my t-shirt to check for any visible marks I even told him to check he didn’t even know what we were looking for but said everything looks fine, he held me in his arms until I feel asleep, I slept peacefully this time with no nightmares. I got up the next morning Mthobisi said he would be working from home, I drove to work when I got to work I realised that I had forgotten my cellphone at home, what a stupid move. I called my husband but he didn’t answer I figured he was probably still sleeping. Cindy called me on the office landline and told me she was running late and would come after 11 I told her I will cover for her, I didn’t even ask why she would be so late, to be honest I didn’t want to know there was just too many things going on in my life to add other people’s problems called it selfish besides I had an excuse, “preggies”. I called Cleo to check on her she told me she was good the insurance was going to pay her out so she had nothing to worry about, I was relived. I also called Andiswa to check up on her, she told me things were going so well between she and her doctor boyfriend that he had even asked her to move in with her, I told her bad idea, he needs to put a ring on it first she laughed and said not every man wants to get married I was just lucky to have found one that wants to do that, I told her if you give him everything now then he will not see the point of marrying her, this argument between Andiswa and I went on for sometime I was not going to let it go until she got my point and she eventually did at least I convinced myself that she did. Then while still busy with Andiswa Mfundo showed up I told Andiswa I would call her back. I didn’t know whether to hug him or be angry with him for trying to get me kicked of the account so I decided to hug him and I told him I was glad that he was safe, he pushed me off him and told me that he wants to have nothing to do with me, this took me by surprise. He told me that he will make sure that I don’t just get removed from the account but that I also get fired. I was soo shocked I knew I left him at lion’s den but come on to come after me like that was really unnecessary, now I didn’t know whether to apologize or stick to my story of not knowing what had happened but if I mention my story without him first saying what happened then he would know I’m lying and if I apologize I will be admitting guilt so I kept my mouth shut, didn’t say a word, went back to my desk and told him to leave because I was busy. He looked at me and said “you are a cold and heartless bitch I don’t even know what I saw in you in the first place, nxa” he walked out and slammed the door, now I was in deep shit, I had pissed this powerful man to the max but I still had one card up my sleeve, my husband could kick his ass any day and if push came to shove I was going to threaten him with my husband.
At about 11 Cindy arrived I didn’t ask where she was from nor did I fill her in about Mfundo’s threats, we walked and an hour later my husband called me on the landline he was angry I could her from the sound of his “hello” I asked what was wrong he told me the Fourways clinic had called about my test results, “what test result” I asked. “The ones you had after your accident Lesedi” oh shit, I didn’t know the fools were going to call me and when hubby calls me by my full name I knew shit was about to go down. “I’m on my way to come pick you up so we can go get the results” he hung up before I could even respond.
In 20 minutes he called to say he was outside, I told Cindy I was going out for lunch. Went to hubby tried kissing him hello but he pushed me away and said “how do you hide a fact that you were in an accident from me Lesedi?” I tried explaining that it was nothing serious and that is why I was not admitted in hospital he was livid, he wanted me to tell him everything that happened so I started from the beginning told him how we were going to a comedy show and a truck in front of us lost use of its break and how I got hit by a taxi, I thought coming clean would make things better but whoever said honesty was the best policy had never met my husband he was screaming and how careless and reckless I had been and how disappointed he was that I didn’t trust him enough to tell him this. We finally arrived at the hospital and went to the doctor’s office he had my file. He sat across from us and said “I’m afraid I don’t have good news, we ran some tests and they reveal that the baby might have cerebral palsy.” We both looked at him with confusion he saw the confusion and explained that cerebral palsy is brain damage and most kids who have it cannot do anything on their own the child becomes disabled and would never be able to speak or walk. He told us that we have an option of either terminating this pregnancy now while it’s still early or keep the child.
We both sat there with our mouths wide open.

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  1. Terminate it,why put a child through that…you can have monre kids. The kid will suffer so just the kid out of its misery. #YAY first to comment#

  2. Will fundo still wants to leave his wife to play happy family with this situation of the baby or will Mtho want his child nor matter what? Now is the moment of truth in deed.

  3. Iyhooo! That is really sad!

    Thank u Thozama & Mike. God Bless u guys for sharing ur talent with the world @ large.

    Have a gr8 weekend!

  4. It seems things just gets worse 4 ds couple,no man.I wud really like to know wat happend to Mfundo wit d hijacking. Thnx Thozama

  5. Lee u cud hv askd Mfundo y he was so angry,keep the bby Lee u gona love him/her no matter wat,wat if u won’t b able to hv ur real bby again?tnx team 4 the great werk team,

  6. Mike, I think u need to consult medical professionals before writing anything medical. Cerebral Palsy? After blood tests? Lol

  7. Er i think the Dr fed them wrong info about Cerebral P, my daughter has that condition and she can talk very clear and walk it’s just that her left side is not as good as the right…

  8. Hee-e Thozama n Mike this is too much bad luck for poor Lesedi. Plz let her enjoy life a little bit have Mtho’s bby n put the mom-in-law into swabaville!!!

  9. How can the doctor diagnose cerebral palsy when she’s just a few weeks pregnant? The brain hasn’t even developed plus usually it is diagnosed after birth when the baby is 2-3 years. Sigh…

  10. Am I the only one who is lost? Cause last week Sunday the chapter ended where lesedi was under a truck n now she’s in her bosses office. Someone please enlighten me

  11. Oh Mike, does that dream have anything to do with the results? Dreams play a major role in our lives. When will light ever shine in this family

    Thanks Team great job

  12. morning friends..

    i have a problem, i dnt knw whether its my pc or wat but i cant go through to chapter 79. form 78 it goes str8 to 80, is it only me or wat? please help

  13. You are just writing shit now Mike.Your story line has been great but now it’s just inconclusive. Wasn’t the accident a dream kante? I even annoyed.

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