Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Sixty Three

Thozama Mqikela

I quietly stood up and went to Mthobis’s room and left him and his mom to argue, I had heard enough, I didn’t want to hear any more of this crazy woman’s story. I didn’t believe her at all, not for a second, earlier I said hate was a strong word, well at that moment I hated my mother in law with every fibre of my being. I sat there, not even tears could came out, I was just sitting staring into space for what felt like hours, after sometime my husband came to the bedroom and grabbed our suitcases and said we living, I didn’t have to be told twice, but to sound like I cared I asked what about his mother, he coldly replied and said she was no longer our concern and he walked out the bedroom I followed behind him, we went passed the sitting room his mom was sitting there crying, crocodile tears I thought. As we walked out his mom asked where we were going, we both didn’t reply and just proceeded to walk out, this felt so good, for once his son seeing her for who she really was. Mthobisi gave me his golf’s keys and said he would drive the Audi, damn he was really upset, so we were leaving her in a wheelchair with no means of transport, I felt a bit bad for her but what the heck, let the witch suffer. We did a convoy home, by the time with got there we were both exhausted and I was feeling sick, I was throwing up like crazy, I thought it was the stress of hearing about my daughter and besides I had been drinking with the girls the day before so I assumed that also added on my whole body being tired.

That night Mthobisi sat with me in the bathroom holding my weave back to make sure I didn’t mess it up with vomit, it was such a disgusting experience I don’t know how he stood there with a straight face, shem I would have never, I would have waited in the bedroom until he finished but not my sweet loving husband, I think he also felt guilty about what his mom had done so he was going try and be there by all means. I loved the attention and at the state I was in I was not even going to think about the whole mess that we were in. We went to bed around 1 am from me being sick. The next morning my husband suggested that maybe I should go see a doctor, I was feeling much better and already I had taken so many days off I was not about to give Andile my boss more ammunition against me besides I wanted our office back and me being off work sick against was not going to work on my favour so I had to put on my big girl panties and stop being a weakling and toughen the hell up.
We both didn’t feel like eating so I didn’t even bother making breakfast no one was going to eat that so since we now had 2 cars I could drive myself to work but my husband would not have none of that he said since I won’t go to the doctor he insists on taking me to work just in case I become sick on the way at least he would be there I couldn’t argue with that logic. So he drove me to work on the way I asked if he wanted to discuss what had happened with his mom he simply said no, it was too soon to talk about and he was trying to process everything that had happened first in his head then we will discuss it, that’s my husband for you, I was not going to push this because it would not have taken me anywhere so I let it go, the rest of the drive was silent, not that we wanted to we were just dealing with too much and each one of us was dealing with this differently, this was soo deep I could not even discuss it in my therapy sessions. I sms’d Cindy asking her to bring me some painkillers I had a horrible headache I was sure it was caused by all the vomiting from the previous night and I didn’t want to tell my husband about the headache because I knew he would have made a big deal about it. I arrived at work nice and early and went straight to my cubicle to get some work done. Cindy arrived with muffins and coffee she also brought me the painkillers which I took after downing 2 muffins, I’m not even a big fan of those things but on that day since I had not eaten the night before I was starving, I drank the painkillers after I finished eating and within 30 minutes after that I was running to the bathroom to go throw up, I entered in one of the toilets and everything I had eaten just came out, this was seriously starting to annoy me now.

As I was about to come out, I heard people talking the one was saying to the other “I’m telling you, that woman is sleeping with Mfundo” and the other replied “have you seen the way they look at each other, it’s as if they are ready to rip each other’s clothes off, sies, some women have no shame” were these fools talking about me, shit was it that obvious that Mfundo and I were having an affair, I opened the door and made sure I made a noise with the handle while trying to open so they could hear me, as soon as I came out they changed the topic without even flinching an eyelid, these were professional gossipers, it was Andile’s PA and some admin lady, no one important but if they continued talking like that this, this could land in wrong ears and I had a reputation to matain, so I casually tried find out how much they knew, I asked who was sleeping with who, they both looked at each other and acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about, I told them that I had heard their conversation about Mfundo and I was sure that Andile would not appreciate her PA discussing her clients in toilets. The PA quickly answered and said she had heard it from Andile, oh shit I thought, she went on and said that Andile suspected that Cindy was sleeping with Mfundo because now Mfundo was insisting on having us back to handle their account, in my head I was doing the moon walk I was just too happy, I laughed out loud and told them that was ridiculous, washed my hands rinsed my mouth and walked out. I got back to working and told myself I will just stay away from sweet stuff they make me sick.
Lunch time Andile came and asked no not asked told Cindy and I that we will be having lunch with her, I didn’t care as long as she was paying, she took us to McDonald’s that woman has no respect how do you take grown folks for lunch to McDonald’s were we supposed to have a bloody happy meal? I made sure I ordered the most expensive burger not that McD’s has anything over R70, I was starving, I ate a burger and fries and wanted another burger both Cindy and Andile looked at me as if I had lost my mind as I gulped the second burger, damn McDonald’s had never tasted as good as it did that day, I tried explaining to them that I was on medication and it was making me hungry but why bother explaining myself, by the way I was on medication that I had received from the therapy. While we were eating Andile told us that the reason she had called this meeting, wait, was this a meeting at McDonald’s bloody cheapskate? She said she needed us back on the account the people who had taken over from us were not doing so great since we had not done a proper hand-over they were thrown in the deep end and don’t really understand what is going on, serves them right I thought. Before I could say anything Cindy replied and said “hell will have to freeze over before we take that account again.” I was so surprised by this response I became full immediately, what the hell was wrong with this girl? After all I had done to get us back into that bloody office she was here pulling the princess act. I cleared my throat trying to think of something clever to say but nothing would come, Cindy continued, “the humiliation that you put us through but removing us off the account was just too much, I’m sorry but we refuse to be treated that way”. Did she just say “we” when did “we” discuss this, I so wished that Andile had not ambushed us like that, at least given us some time to discuss this amongst ourselves. I was dumb-struck could not think of a single thing to say, Andile saw that as an agreement to Cindy’s statement and said if that’s how we feel then she will take our response to the clients. Cindy then staged a walk out, I had no choice but to follow since we had come with her car, damn I didn’t know that she had it in her; we left Andile there mad as hell. I was sure she was going to give us written warnings when she got back to the office.

As soon as we got in the car, I asked Cindy “what the hell was that all about?” She smiled and said “sometimes you have to play hard ball, she shouldn’t think we desperate”. I was too irritated to even ask any further questions, I told her to drive. I was so mad at Cindy for screwing up our chances as soon as we walked in, my collegues were asking what was the lunch all about with Andile, see what I mean about open plan, everybody knows everybody’s business, if I continued working here it would only be a matter of time before everybody knew about my affair. I told them it was just to thank us for a job well done, I couldn’t tell people that we had just rejected the offer to go back to our office, how stupid and foolish would I have looked. I went back to work; I couldn’t even concentrate that’s how upset I was, my phone rang it was Mfundo, the first thing he said without even saying hello was “what silly little games are you playing? You told me you want our account back and now Andile tells me you have just turned her down” I told him I would call him back and hanged up, I couldn’t afford to have everyone listen to this conversation. I went back to work and forgot about Mfundo and didn’t call him back until at 17:00 when my husband called to say he’s outside our offices then crap I remembered I had forgotten to call Mfundo but it was too late now, I put my phone on silence knowing how stupid Mfundo can get and can just call anytime, I seriously needed to lay down some ground rules with that man. With all the chaos that was going on in my life, I needed a stress reliever someone like Mfundo. I found my husband at the parking lot, he looked like he had aged by 5 years, stress can really kill a person. I got in and we drove home, it was again silence, then he broke the ice and said “Honey, I’ve been thinking since Katlego’s child is my only real child we should really push up doing the ceremony I would never be able to survive loosing another baby.” To me that felt like he had just put a knife in my heart.

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  4. Hey bloggers have missed you all so dearly.

    Lee for your sake I hope you pregnant so you salvage whatever is left of marriage. Big ups to Mtho for standing up to his mother.

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