Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Sixty One

Thozama Mqikela



The cat was now out of the bag, I don’t even know why I had been keeping this a secret, it’s not even my secret to keep for crying out loud. I could feel Mthobisi’s eyes were burning through my skin that’s how pissed off he was, I swear he was ready to murder me, She Rocks quickly said “wait, he didn’t know? Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Lee, I just assumed, oh my gosh, I’m such an idiot” she said hitting her head. You damn right you are, you are a very foolish woman I thought. “When did you think I had the opportunity to tell him?” I asked, I was so mad at her at that moment I wanted to bring out one heavy secret about her that would have Siyabonga dropping to the floor, that’s how most women fight, you do one thing wrong against them and they will tell your man secrets that they swore they would take to the grave with them, this is why some secrets are best kept to yourself, if you feel like sharing it write it down on a piece of paper and make double sure that you burn that piece of paper and leave no evidence or if you are the type that talks too much, record yourself saying it and make triple sure you delete that recording after you are done, there is nothing more scarier than people finding your secrets through your hand writing or from your voice recordings. Mthobisi said “maybe you should have told me the day you slept with another man that got you pregnant”, oh shit we still on that, my mind had just wondered off, I waited for my husband to finish venting and throwing all sorts of accusations about how I had mislead him into believing that Neo is his son and how I kept insisting that Neo looked like him that he even started to believe it, but Neo honestly did look like him, his mom had done a good job in stealing a kid that looks like her son. When he was done, I calmly said “I don’t know who Neo’s father is and I don’t even know who his mother is, all I know is he is not our son, the one person who has all the answers to this is your mother”, my husband started screaming and shouting that I should not bring his mother into this, it had nothing to do with her, I must just confess and tell him who this other man is, She Rocks decided to intervene which was about bloody time as I was seriously getting tired of this man’s accusations, she explained everything to him from the blood results to the video footage but she obviously left out the part of her going to dinner with her ex to get the footage as Siyabonga was still there. Siyabonga shook his head and mumbled “here I was thinking my life is hard but compared to you guys I’m walking in a park”. We all ignored him and Mthobisi said he needs to have a word with his mother alone, I told him I was going to be there I had every right to know what was going on I was not going to let them keep me in the dark, I was part of this, in fact his mother had made me an accomplice to a crime without even knowing it, I hated that woman okay maybe hate is a strong word, I disliked her, if me and her were standing at a train station and a train was coming and there was no one around I would “accidentally” push her on the train tracks and swear I had tripped and pushed her by accident, that woman brought out the worst in me, now I had all these thoughts and ideas of how I would like to kill her, this was so not me. She Rocks and Siyabonga said they would go home as they had their own drama to deal with.

We drove to the hospital, found my mother in law shunting nurses around, the woman has no chill, she’d only been out of the comma for a few hours and already she was making sure everybody knows who is boss, demanding this and that. When she saw us she was happy I don’t know if she was really happy or just acting, first words out of her mouth were “is Neo okay?” my husband and I both looked at each other and she must have taken that as a “No”. She started panicking and having some sort of seizures, the nurses told us to go wait outside, the other one asked what did we say to upset her cause she was fine until we got there, the “fake doctor” came rushing in, to attend to her while we waited outside, Mthobisi was pacing up and down we didn’t say a word to each other until a few minutes later when the doctor came out. He greeted my husband, not sure if it was a greet or an acknowledgement cause all he did was nod then say “Mthobisi” and my husband nodded back and said “Gareth” and the doctor said “nurses tell me you and your wife upset ma” my husband said he needed to ask his mother something that is very personal. Gareth the doctor, now that I know his name I will stop calling him “fake Doctor” and refer to him as Gareth, said there is no way in hell we should ask her or even discuss anything that could possible upset her or she will have more seizures and that is definitely not something we want to see her go through because each time she has a seizure parts of her brain get affected and if she has too many she could end up in a vegetable state that’s when someone can’t move or do anything. How does my mother in law do it, do bad then we are expected not to do bad to her, I was sick and tired of all this. We promised Gareth that we would not do or say anything to upset her, he told us that she is now sedated and should be up in a couple of hours and we should come back tomorrow to see her and that was that. What a bloody waste of time, I was so bored, annoyed and irritated all in one.

We drove back home in silence, I actually now started feeling bad for my husband, what kind of a mother does that to his own son, shit, was he even her son? I was not about to ask that question I didn’t want to upset my poor husband any further, we stopped by the garage on the way home he said he had a headache and needed Asprins I didn’t blame him he was going through hell. I saw a guy that we grew up with he was more of She Rocks friend than mine when he saw me he was happy and wanted to chat while I waited for my husband who had gone inside the garage to buy, I didn’t even remember his name when my husband got back and saw me chatting to the guy he got very angry I could see the fire in his eyes, I quickly introduced my husband and told him that this is She Rocks friend we all grew up together, he greeted him and signaled for me to get in the car and drove off, I knew whatever I said would just tick him off so I kept my mouth shut. We got home and my parents were still not back and Neo was already fast asleep. We went to our room to sleep and I kept waking up in the middle of the night and I would find my husband walking up and down our room, this was really eating him up but I would act like I didn’t see anything and go back to sleep, around 2am I woke up, I wanted to go to the toilet, there was no walking up and down so I figured my husband must have gone to watch TV, I switched on the lights to find my husband on the floor crying his eyes out, this broke my heart into pieces, I went and sat with him, held him in my arms and told him everything would be okay, I knew nothing was going to be okay but it just seemed like the right thing to say. After some time he calmed down I brought him water from the kitchen and told him to try and get some sleep.
We got up a bit late the next morning and I was going to work, Mthobisi said we should take our suitcases and move back to our place after work, I quickly packed our clothes in our bags, I actually dreaded going back to our place, my husband drove me to work on the way he told me he had been meaning to tell me that Champagne came through for me, I was confused until he explained that the guy we went to go visit in Hillbrow police station about me being blacklisted, I asked what did he do, he said all I needed to know was I was now cleared and could get myself a car if I wanted. This was good news and under different circumstances I would have been over the moon but right now it didn’t even feel like such a victory. I arrived at work and the minute I stepped into the building everywhere I passed people came and hugged me and told me how sorry they are about my son on what he went through and how horrible the crime is in this country was and wanted to know how my mother in law was, I eventually got to the office, Cindy was there already, she was packing up, I asked her what was going on she said we were being sent back to the cubicles to work with everybody else, our project had been given to other people because she was not coping on her own and I had too many problems and was never at work so Andile our boss felt that we were no longer good enough for this. Wow, really? After all the hard work I had put in I was now being tossed aside like a used condom, Andile had a bloody nerve but I was not about to barge in her office and cause a scene, I calmly helped Cindy to pack and in less than an hour we were doing the walk of shame back to our cubicles, nothing sucks as much as working in an open plan office, there is no bloody privacy. I feel sorry for the people who get calls from debt collectors cause the first thing they ask for when you answer the call is for you to confirm your id number once you hear a person mumbling numbers after saying hello you know they are in shit. Being back on the cubicle was horrible, I had so much work to catch up on, decided to put on my headphones and listen to music so I could avoid being distracted by the chit-chats that never stop. A few hours later it was lunch time, I didn’t feel like eating, some white lady who sits across from me offered me a salad, that woman is always on a diet, I ate a bit of the salad and was drowning myself with work again I didn’t want to think about anything, I was tired of my life and it’s drama. At around 4 Mthobisi called and said he was doing a site visit in Carltonville which is far and won’t be able to pick me up on time, he asked if can I get a lift with my friends or call a cab, I told him not to worry I would make a plan. At around 16:30 I saw Mfundo walking out with Andiswa and his boss I slid down my chair and tried hiding over my PC screen, unlucky for me he saw but he quickly looked away as soon as our eyes met as if trying to avoid me, oh well, after the punch he got from my husband I don’t blame him, he was probably the one who asked that we be removed from dealing with his account, minus one problem for me though.

It was now after 5 and people were leaving the office, I was not overly concerned about going home early I was going to leave when I was satisfied with my work and at that moment I was very far from being satisfied. I looked around and most people had gone home only a few were still around I continued to work. After what felt like a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and it was Mfundo, I thought the fool had left, he asked if could we talk I said I was busy and he said it would not take long, I said okay, he said we should talk in private, not here. We went to mine and Cindy’s old office it was locked we decided on Andiswa’s office, it was not locked, we walked in and he shut the door behind us.
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