Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Fifty Nine

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Thozama Mqikela


I slowly stood up and looking around for an escape route, even looking between his legs to see if I could try slip in-between them and ran off but Mr. Man’s eyes were gazing sharply at me, with the way he looked, he looked tough, I had no chance not with this man, all that came to my mind apologize and pray to God that he doesn’t hurt me. “Just get up Lesedi” he shouted, oh my gosh he knew my name; it was like he read my mind he said “yes, I know who you are. What the hell were you doing to Ma?” words would not come out, I was speechless, he looked me in the eyes then looked at the pillow then repeated his question slowly this time as if speaking to a child “w-h-a-t w-e-r-e y-o-u d-o-i-n-g?” I gathered myself and stood up and said, “why are you calling her ma? I thought you were her doctor.” He said he’s been respectful to an elder, respectful my ass I thought, white people call elders by their first names, he quickly changed the subject and asked if am I going to answer his question or should he call hospital security. Shit dammit, the last thing I wanted was to be escorted out of a hospital like a criminal and have my picture posted in the entrances with the heading that read “CALL POLICE IF YOU SEE HER”. I tried faking a smile and told him that I was fixing her pillow making sure that she is comfortable while I was trying to put a pillow under her, her eyes popped wide open at hearing that her eyes opened he pushed me aside and rushed to her, he took out those torch look alike things that doctors usually light your eyes with, and checked my mother in laws eyes. I asked him “what are you doing? I know you not a real doctor.” He ignored me and continued checking her, the man even had a stethoscope hanging around his neck like a real doctor. When he was done he looked at me and said she’s not out of the comma, it was just reflexes, some people can move their hand or fingers or open their eyes while still in a comma, they don’t really see what is happening, shooo that was a relief, at least she didn’t see me trying to murder her. The doctor continued talking “by the way, I am a real doctor” he took out an access card with his name and picture, I was too nervous to even read the name, I mumbled “okay, sorry, my bad” and walked out, as I was about to step out of the doctor he called my name I turned and he smile and said “the pillow” oh shit I had forgotten about that, I turned back and put it on the chair next to my mother in law’s bed. He said “your husband knows about me, you can ask him if you think I’m a fake doctor” I walked out. I went to go catch a cab and paid R180 for a 10 minutes drive to my parents house, thank goodness payday had come so I had money, on the way home my sister called asking if I knew where Lwazi was, coz he disappeared after we left, I told her I had no idea, damn was he still stuck in that place we had left him in.
I got home and had some bonding time with my son, it was so crazy that my son was not my son, it just wouldn’t sink in my head. Now that I knew he wasn’t mine it felt like any moment there would be a knock at the door with some random person coming to claim my child as their own and at that moment that was my biggest fear, I didn’t want to loose this little man, I loved him with all my heart and soul. Cleo called to say she was on the way to pick up her car that she had left after the drinking session, she came with her husband Vusi, he came in greeted and chatted for 2 minutes and said he has to go back to work then asked Cleo for lunch money, my friend opened her wallet and gave him R50, he took it and said bye and left. I looked at Cleo and said “what the hell friend? He asks you for his money that he works for?” she looked at me and said “if I don’t take care of the money he will blow it on stupid things” Cleo does not work, she’s basically a house wife but she controls Vusi like he’s her kid, his bank card stay with her, she knows how much the guy gets paid and let there be any deductions from his salary she calls him and tells him to call HR and demand an explanation, I don’t know if it’s love or madness but it’s just some very tricky situation but hey if Vusi allows it who am I to judge. We talked about husbands and kids and marriages etc. She Rocks called and said she didn’t go to work she had a terrible hangover and called in sick at work, I told her to come over, she came, we opened a bottle of wine and the crazy girl’s talk begin. When girls get together the general topic is sex, I think girls are more filthy and graphic when it comes to sex discussions but when we are around men we act like we know nothing, it’s called acting innocent, we believe that if a man hears you talk that filthy he will think that you have been around way too much and no man wants a woman whose been almost around a lot so we act like angels meanwhile we know things that you can never imagine. Cleo said how she always imagines she’s having sex with someone else while doing it with her husband, She Rocks said one day Cleo will call her husband “Brad Pitt” and we won’t be surprised if she ends up in hospital with broken bones, we all laughed coz we all knew Vusi is one of the sweetest guys alive, I don’t even think he knows how to lift his hand to a man, woman or even kids. She Rocks said there was one time when she had slept at Andiswa’s place then Muzi showed up unexpectedly, Cleo curiosly asked “did you guys have a threesome?” I laughed and say “Cleo you have a filthy mind, but did you?” I said smiling at She Rocks, she burst out laughing and said we are disgusting and no they didn’t, that is soo tertiary, we asked her what happened when the doctor showed up, did they play doctor and nurse while Andiswa was sleeping Cleo added “and Muzi must have been the nurse while you were a doctor” She Rocks was laughing soo hard, she was literally falling off the couch. When she eventually stopped she said this whole thing was just to tell us about the sounds that Andiswa’s boyfriend makes while she and Andiswa are shagging, she said we must all swear that we are never going to tell Andiswa that she told us, cause she was in guest room which is next to the bedroom and could hear them while they were busy we swore that we wouldn’t say anything, she said he screams his ancestors name and shouts “awe ma, awe ma, awe ma” Cleo and I were finished, we couldn’t stop laughing. In the midst of our laughter my husband called he asked how my therapy session went, I gave him highlights and told him about his mom opening her eyes and the fake doctor, I of course left out the part of me trying to kill her, he would never forgive me, in fact he would make me dig my own grave and then kill me. I told him the girls were here and we will go buy braai meat in Soweto, he told me to be careful especially after what happened the last I was in Soweto getting drugged and all, I said I will be extra careful. I told the girls we should go to Soweto to get some Shisanyama, we went with She Rock’s car.
We called Andiswa on the way, put her on speaker and told her to join us when she knocks off, she said she was too busy had deadlines and stuff but would let us know if she finishes early, Cleo just couldn’t resist she said “awe ma Andiswa” we all burst out laughing, She Rocks dropped the call immediately and pointed at Cleo laughing “you are an idiot, I’m never telling you anything”. These were my crazy friends, they knew how much shit I was going through and not once had any of them mentioned the Neo saga all they did was talk crap and make jokes to make me feel better, they knew I would talk about it when I was ready and right now I needed cheering up, every woman going through crap in their lives deserves some good friends by her side and I was so fortunate to have such. She Rocks drove us to Social Link which is in Emndeni which is close to Zola, we all knew she wanted to go pass her boyfriend’s place afterwards, we got to Social Link it was empty since it was during the day, we bought meat, they braai’d it for us and we took it with and went to Siyabonga’s house, he was not there but She Rocks had the keys to the house, Cleo looked at her and said “you the owner my friendship, you own this man” she got us chairs from inside and we sat outside while waiting for Siyabonga, he came back from where he works fixing the cars dressed in overalls full of oil but damn the man still looked hot. As soon as he walked through the gate She Rocks stood up and ran to him and jumped on him and kissed him, she didn’t care about the oils and getting herself dirty, this was love, after what seemed like eternity of kissing they finally let go of each other and Siyabonga came to greet us. He went inside as he was walking inside the house, Cleo and I were just staring at his butt and Cleo was fanning herself with her hands whispering “hot”, I looked at her and rolled my eyes.
A few minutes later he came out dressed in shorts and a vest and said he will be washing the Quantam, oh Lord this was mine and Cleo’s dream come to life, we were ready to perv over our friend’s boyfriend, this was all just innocent perving, we would never do anything to the man, we had rules against such, besides we were both married not that ever stopped anyone from cheating but you know what I mean, She Rocks was just one of those girls that you don’t want to harm you just want to protect. Soo there we are chilling infront of Siyabonga’s yard having our meet and drinks and chatting away while Siyabonga washed the Quantam. This was just a nice chilled vibe, She Rocks asked Siyabonga to wash her car as well so she gave him her car keys so he could drive the car into the driveway behind the Quantam I figured she did this to block our view because Cleo just wouldn’t stop fanning herself, this was just too funny. Andiswa called and said she was not going to make it, she was not even half-way from finishing what she was doing, we understood. She Rocks kept going to check on Siyabonga to see if he was okay, and they would throw each other with water, and run around laughing, they were such a cute couple, I was really happy for my friend, she deserved some happiness in her life, she’d been through enough bad times to last her a lifetime.
While we were sitting there chatting away, two cars stopped in front of Siyabonga’s gate, in each car 4 people came out, something about them just didn’t feel right, I sensed danger, I guess I have been through enough shit to know when things were not right and when shit is about to hit the fence, I stood up and wanted to say let’s leave but it would not make sense to my friends cause Siyabonga was finishing off washing the Quantam and She Rocks car was next to be washed and that’s the car we came with and for me to say we should go without any reason would not make sense, as I stood up She Rocks assumed that I was going to the bathroom she started telling me where it was, I shook my head and said it’s fine and sat down. By now all 8 guys were inside Siyabonga’s yard 2 of them came to where we were sitting and looked at us up and down as if weighing us up, the other 6 went to Siyabonga, I could hear some argument from Siyabonga and the guys then they all came to the front where we were sitting, Siyabonga was saying “asiyi khulumeni lendaba njenga madoda” direct translation “let’s talk this out like real men” there were 2 on his left and 2 on his right side and 2 behind him, Siyabonga walked with them inside the house before he could enter, one of the 2 guys who was looking at us asked “abo bani lezifebe lezi?” meaning “who are these bitches”. With that Cleo stood up and was about to give him a tongue lashing when Siyabonga quickly answered he didn’t know who we were he picked us up in Jabulani Mall. All our jaws dropped and they all walked inside the house, leaving us there looking and feeling foolish…

****The end*****

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