Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Fifty Seven

Thozama Mqikela

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, we all started crying, there was not a single dry eye in the room. I was crying so hard I was shaking, the child I had brought up and believed to be my own was not mine. I gave birth to a daughter? I remembered how when I was pregnant I would tell my husband that I am carrying a girl and he would say how do I know and I would tell him she speaks to me, he would laugh and say it’s a boy coz he speaks to him and we had both decided that we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby till he or she was born. Oh Lord, what had happened to my daughter? I asked the girls what happened to her and how was my mother in law connected in all this; it still didn’t make sense to me that she was involved. She Rocks said she is going to her car to get her laptop came back a few minutes later. I told them to tell me what was on the laptop I have had too many surprises but it was time that the truth came out. Cleo asked if I remembered Frans. I tried remembering then it came back to me “isn’t Frans the rich guy who owned a security company, you dated him for a bit didn’t you?” I said pointing at She Rocks, she looked back at me and rolled her eyes and said “yes, unfortunately” , we all liked Frans and he was good for She Rocks but the only problem was the guy was always busy, always chasing this tender and that tender and when he was with She Rocks he was always on the phone trying to get business, the one time that she complained about them not spending enough time together he told her to set-up times in his diary so they could maybe have 2 hours on a Tuesday and 2 hours on a Friday that’s when She Rocks saw that this man was not serious about her so she dropped him. I still didn’t get how he was involved in my dilemma. Andiswa said when I gave birth Frans security company was contracted at the hospital where I gave birth, okay maybe I was a bit slow but it still didn’t make sense. Cleo explained, “There were cameras in the hospital and we figured those cameras must have captured whatever happened in that hospital on the day you gave birth.” I looked at She Rocks “I bet this was your idea Miss Lead Investigator” She Rocks loves solving mysteries, when we were growing up she was always the one to bring evidence on any of our boyfriends that’s cheating and we would plan some sort of revenge. She replied “it was not easy; I had to schmooze Frans, go out to dinner with him just to get this footage.” I sarcastically asked “are you cheating on Pastor Siyabonga with your ex?” Cleo laughed and said “somebody throw She Rocks with some holy water, she’s becoming a sinner.” My sister asked if we ever take anything seriously, I told her serious landed me in hospital so I was done with stressing over things that I cannot change, I have seen the test results and Neo still remains my son, I don’t care what some tests show. Andiswa said maybe after seeing the video footage I might change my mind, She Rocks played the dvd on her laptop, there were people walking up and down on a hospital passage, it looked familiar but there was nothing interesting on the video so I asked “did you seriously go on a date with Frans so we could watch people going up and down in hospital, you need to up your cheating reasons coz this….” I said pointing at the laptop, as I was still talking Cleo said “watch this part Lee, look at that woman walking.” I looked and the way the woman walked looked familiar, I asked if She Rocks is able to freeze and zoom in she said she does IT for a living there is nothing that she cannot do, she froze the pic and zoomed in, the woman was wearing a nurses uniform, I told her to zoom in some more she did and as soon as she zoomed in the third time, I knew without a doubt that was my mother in law. What the hell was she doing dressed in a nurses uniform? Then I remembered the fake doctor in her hospital ward. I told She Rocks to let the video play she kept going up and down, it honestly didn’t make sense what she was doing coz the video footage only shows on the passages once you enter a ward it does not show what is happening inside, I so wished I could see what was happening in the wards she was going into. There was another female nurse that she would stop and talk to, shit was that her accomplice? We watched then female nurse came carrying a baby down a passage, shit was that my daughter? My mother in law also came from the opposite direction of female nurse also carrying what seemed to be like a baby then they went into a ward then the female nurse came out pushing a baby bed and mother in law was in there for some time, people kept passing this ward without anyone going in, a few minutes later, the nurse came back to the ward, pushed the second baby out on the baby bed and disappeared we couldn’t see her on any of the footage where the nurse had gone and next thing my mother in law walked out all changed into her normal clothes looking like a school teacher, no more nurses uniform and just carrying a bag. Whoa that was weird. We all sat there in silent, She Rocks said they think that’s when they did the switch when they were in that room for a long time, but what baffled everybody was why would my mother in law want to swop her son’s child, none of us knew and all I knew at that moment was that crazy bitch had gone too damn far, you don’t mess with people’s lives like that. Who the hell did she think she is, she is going to bring my baby back come hell or high waters or I will personally drown her in high waters, this bullshit needed to end now, I was going to bloody wake her up from the coma and demand answers, I was tired of this nonsense. I told She Rocks to print the picture of the nurse we need to find out who she is, cause if my mother in law can’t tell me what happened to my daughter she was the second best option, even saying my daughter sounded so strange, did I really have a daughter out there somewhere who didn’t know her mother and father. “Oh my goodness what kind of an evil person can do this to their own child, what is wrong with Mthobisi’s mother?” Cleo said “that woman is not normal shem, we need to get her an exorcist”. There was a knock at the door, it was my husband he wanted to know if we were going to lock ourselves in the room the whole day because they were starting to braai now. Dammit are we having a braai? I told him we would be out in a second, we got our make-up bags and fixed our faces since we all looked like we just come from a funeral from all the crying and all agreed that this will stay between us and we won’t say anything to anyone not until we figure out what is going on.
We joined everyone outside by the pool, Mthobisi and Muzi were on the braai stand chatting and braaing meat while the kids were all over the yard playing, I looked at Neo my heart just broke, how can he not be my son when I loved him so much and when I had such a strong bond with him, something had to be wrong with those results, as I was looking at him I had tears running down my face I didn’t even realise that I was staring at him and crying, Mthobisi came and kissed me and he looked at Neo and said “I get the same feeling too when I look at him, we almost lost our precious son”. I wanted to scream “he’s not our son” but I didn’t, I held my husband and said “thank God we didn’t”. I loved Neo and it didn’t matter what those results proved in my heart he was my son and the love I felt for him was not going to get erased by some stupid lab results. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in this unplanned Sunday braai. Victor and my mom said they were going to visit Linda my step-sister, Victor’s daughter, I don’t know why she couldn’t just come and be with the rest of us, she thought she was too high and mighty. My mom could see the irritation on my face when she said they going to her she told me that I need to build a relationship with Linda she’s family, only when it suits her I thought, my mom said Linda was having marriage problems and needed us, I can’t deal with more problems, I have enough of my own I thought , I smiled to mommy dearest and said I will make some time maybe after 3 years I will have some free time, she laughed and said “next weekend” there was no getting out of that one. My parents left Andiswa and Cleo went to go buy alcohol since we don’t drink in front of my parents we had to wait for them to leave as soon as they left alcohol was flowing, I was drinking my stress and frustrations away, in fact I was drinking to forget. We all got hammered we were so drunk, luckily my son’s nanny was there so she was watching the kids and thank goodness my husband and I didn’t have to drive home. Cleo called her husband to come pick her up as she was too drunk to drive and said she will get her car the next day. Muzi the doctor said he would call those drive dry services where 2 drivers come to collect you and the other one drives your car and take you home, he left with Andiswa, She Rocks called her brothers to come pick her up, my sister insisted on going home even though I didn’t see the point so she asked She Rock and her brother to give her a lift and left her car and kids and asked that I dropped the kids off at school the next morning since I was not going to work. I hesitantly agreed, I knew hangover will be horrible tomorrow but the kids had some of the school uniform at my mom’s house so this was not going to be hard. Everyone left and it was just my husband, myself, the kids and their nanny, Mthobisi cleaned up while I attempted giving the kids a bath which I was failing dismally on so the nanny took over. My parents got back I didn’t even want to see them so my husband and I went straight to bed; we were both so drunk that when we hit the bed we passed out.
Alarm woke me up the next morning at 05:30, dammit this was too early for me and my head was spinning out of control, I regretted drinking like that the night before but it was too late for regrets. I went to my bag to search for some painkillers luckly I had a few, Mthobisi was also up by now he laughed at me and said I shouldn’t be drinking because I always get the worst hangover, I ignored him. Breakfast was ready by 06:30, I got the kids ready and Mthobisi and I took them to school. Mthobisi decided that he will work half day meaning he was only going to work after 12. We left Neo with the nanny, I drove my sister’s car and my husband his car so we could drop my sister’s car at her place. We dropped the kids at school and drove to my sister’s place; I had my therapy session that the hospital had booked for me at 10:15 so we still had time. We arrived at my sister’s place to find her husband in the kitchen making breakfast, wow this was the first, maybe the therapy really was working, there was still a bit of tension between him and I so he apologised for throwing me with petrol and said he had been drinking and that’s not who he is, I told him it was okay as long as it didn’t happen again. I asked where my sister was he said she’s still in bed and we shouldn’t wake her, I told him I needed to ask her something quickly and ran upstairs before he could even answer, I found her in their bedroom sleeping, I whispered “wakey, wakey sleepy head” she rolled over and pulled the blankets over her face I pulled the blankets off her and that’s when I saw it, her face was all bruised up, “oh my God, did that bastard hit you again?” Naledi seemed like she was still drunk she mumbled something about falling, I marched downstairs and went straight to the kitchen and screamed at Lwazi “you laid your dirty hands on my sister again didn’t you?” my husband who had been sitting in the lounge heard this and came to the kitchen rushing “what’s wrong Honey?” I pointed at Lwazi and screamed “he hit her again”. My husband grabbed Lwazi by his shirt collar and said “I have had enough of your bullshit, first you disrespected my wife and house and I let it slide cause you family and now you hit her sister again?” he pushed him out the door and Lwazi demanded to know where we were going, my husband said we going for a small ride, he shoved him in the boot of his car and told me to stay behind, I told him I was not staying, he said “Lesidi trust me you don’t want to see this” I said “I’m not staying” and that was that, we both got inside the car and he speed off, drove to Builders Warehouse close to The Glen shopping mall and told me to wait in the car, I did as I was told, he came back with a shovel and put it at the back seat. We drove into some area in Moderfontein it was the middle of nowhere, no people around it was off the tar road it was just gravel road for a long distance, we finally stopped he went into the boot and got Lwazi out, Lwazi asked where we were my husband threw him with the shovel and told him to start digging, Lwazi laughed and asked if this was some kind of joke, my husband went to the car and came back with a gun and shot it in the air, it was a loud bang that even my ears felt like they were going deaf, he told Lwazi if he didn’t start digging then the next bullet will be going into his head, that got my brother in law to shut up, he started digging and digging, he was sweating like a pig, each time he would try to stop to catch his breath hubby would wave his gun around and Lwazi could see that this man means business so he would continue, when the whole height was reaching Lwazi’s thigh, Mthobisi said he could stop digging, Lwazi asked why my husband was making him dig, Mthobisi calmly answered “it’s your grave” Lwazi’s eyes popped out, he started pleading with my husband and told him how he will never hurt my sister again and if he did he can kill him and even this time he didn’t lay a finger on her, she arrived home drunk and fell down the stairs, that was such a lame excuse I said. Mthobisi said he was going to give him a chance to save his life, he said he would give him a 2 minute head start, Lwazi should run but if he catches him he must know he’s history. Lwazi tried protesting that he had been digging and is now exhausted so he won’t be able to run, my husband fired a shot next to his feet, that was enough motivation to get Lwazi running, he didn’t say a word he just ran, Mthobisi walked behind him and kept shooting next to his feet but he made sure that he didn’t shot him. I went and sat inside the car while I was waiting for my husband to come back, a few minutes later he was back dragging Lwazi by his collar, poor guy didn’t have a chance with my husband, my man is fit, running is his thing, he threw Lwazi into his small grave and told him that he had really never wanted for things to come to this but Lwazi had pushed him too far. He lifted the gun and pointed it and Lwazi, my brother-in law said before he kills him there was something he had to know about Neo, something that he heard from my sister last night when she came home drunk. Oh Shit, I was not going to let this fool destroy my family, while Mthobisi was still a bit confused by what Lwazi might want to say about Neo he lowered his hand and was about to ask him to explain I quickly grabbed the gun from him and fired.

**********THE END********

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