Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Forty Eight

Thozama Mqikela



Now all the women in the restaurant’s kitchen were screaming and shouting myself included, we were trying to get the attention of these two inside beating the crap out of this poor guy. Thomas who is Mthobisi’ s friend came to the kitchen I don’t even know where he came from he asked what the commotion was all about, I was so happy to see him, at least he would talk some sense into my husband and his friend and stop them from killing this guy, I explained to him that there was a guy who was hitting on me and now Mthobisi and the restaurant owner are beating him up for that, with hearing that he walked straight to the office as he was walking he was removing his belt getting ready to join in the beat, he was shouting “how the fuck can he disrespect my friend like that, hitting on his wife in front of him” Jesus Christ, what is the big bloody deal? So a guy hit on me, he should see it as a compliment that he has a hot wife and that other guys want her. The door was locked so Thomas banged really hard to get their attention, Mthobisi came to open the door, while Mthobisi and his friends were still talking to Thomas the guy found an opportunity and ran out of the office, he went pass us flying with his shirts and pants torn. One of the older women who was screaming the most looked at me and said Mthobisi has been here a lot of times and they have never seen him this angry, she didn’t know her Bosses were capable of such anger and violence, she took off her apron and hat and threw them on the floor and said she quits. I honestly didn’t know this woman and didn’t care if she stayed or quit why was she being so dramatic, does she know how much I have been through? If I were a quitter like her I would have hanged myself ages ago, but I was not about that quitting life, quit for who? Mthobisi and the friends were chatting away like the whole incident never even happened. How does he do that, get over things so quickly? I pulled myself together and walked up to them and calmly told my husband I was ready to go home.

We drove all the way home in silence not a single word from either one of us. We found my sister watching tv she was the only one who was still up everybody else had gone to bed, she asked how diner was, I didn’t respond I told her I was going to bed, I went to the bedroom with Mthobisi behind me, I changed into my pj’s and jumped into bed my husband followed, I asked him to switch off the lights. Now when you in bed and it’s all dark this is when you get time to think about things, things that are happening in your life, the cause of all your problems and mine was lying here next to me, all my problems came from this man, my life without him would be simple and drama free. I started thinking about how I miss doing normal things, being a normal person and not this crazy lifestyle that I have had to get used to. I have dealt with a lot in the past couple of weeks, I have had to deal with my husband going to jail, visiting him in jail, then there was the guns oh Lord and almost getting arrested with his guns, I have had so many close calls with prison and cops and it’s all because of him, the breaking of the car windows I am not that kind of a person, I was provoked, had he and his mother not lied to me that none of that would have happened and now on top of all the crazy shit that he’s put me through I have to deal with baby mama drama, ever since I was a teenager the one thing I had prayed for in a man was to get a husband who has no kids, do you know how hard it is to get a man who does not have baby mama drama, every guy you meet if he is over 21 years then possibilities are he’s already fathered at least 2 kids and that’s the kids he knows of, only goodness knows when and how long it will take before other kids starting crawling out of the wood works. As I was thinking all these thoughts tears just started pouring out my eyes, now with my husband lying next to me I knew he was still awake and the last thing I wanted was for him to know that I was crying, but the annoying thing about crying is when you cry your breathing changes you start to breath heavy, Mthobisi must have heard that, he put his hand on my face and my face was soaking wet from all the tears, he jumped up and switched on the lights and came back to bed, I looked away from him, he turned my face to his and looked at me with a sad face and said “Honey, I am so so sorry” hearing those words just made me cry even worse, he told me how much he loved me and how he never wants to loose me to anyone, I looked at him and said, “I don’t know this person you’ve turned into, all I know is I want my husband back cause I really don’t like this person you have become”. My husband held me tight and told me how much he loves me and didn’t mean to scare me it’s just that when he saw that guy touching me something inside him snapped. I didn’t want to hear any of it, he didn’t understand that this was not the only problem and explaining myself would just mean me breaking down again. I feel asleep in his arms. Got woken up the next morning by my sisters kids who came to tell us that breakfast was ready, Mthobisi and I went to go have breakfast my mom wanted to know why my eyes were puffy and red she asked if I had been crying, I quickly said no, I had an allergic reaction to something last night and couldn’t sleep because my eyes were watery, she brought me allergies tablets and said I should drink them, mothers and medication I said I will when I’m done eating. I went and took a shower then got dressed, sat with my sister while waiting for my husband to get done; yes he takes longer than I do. She was getting the kids ready for school, I asked her if there had been any new developments on her husband she said he got discharged from the hospital and was staying at his mother’s place, he had text her to let her know that he would be passing by their house to collect a few of his clothes with his mom, he didn’t know that she staying at our parent’s place. It’s funny when you look at it, both my sister and I were at our parent’s place and they had no idea what the hell was going on. We had always kept our drama away from our parents, we just don’t like them worrying about our problems. Mthobisi was finally done, we drove off to work, he took me to my workplace I told Cindy I would be doing half day today, I was getting a brand new car.

I called my girls and told them we are getting me some new wheels today, the insurance had fully paid out my BMW that had been hijacked so this meant that I was debt free, this is why it is very important to make sure that you are insured at all times, I have had accident when I was not insured and my car was written off I still had to pay the car even though I didn’t have it, so trust me when it comes to insurance I don’t take any chances, I have learned the hard and painful way. We all decided to meet at Audi in Sandton, Andiswa was going to give me a lift there. I was so excited, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than getting a new car, the smell of a new car, oh my goodness, I was getting excited just thinking about it. At exactly 12 o’clock Andiswa called to say she was outside I was already packed and ready to go, I got into her car and she was as excited as I was, we had already decided that it was time I got an Audi. I had not told my husband or my parents that I was getting a new car I wanted to surprise them. We arrived at Audi in Sandton and Cleo and She Rocks were already there, they got there 3 minutes before us so they didn’t really have to wait long, we went in together, She Rocks had made an appointment with one of the sales consultants we arrived at reception and asked for Sipho, they called him to come meet us at reception, receptionist asked us if we wanted anything to drink we all said water except for Cleo who said she wants camomile tea, we all looked at her with the “you like things” look the lady said they didn’t have any, Cleo said “you best go and buy it, we are customers after all” Cleo loves being difficult, poor white girl turned red on the face and said she will make a plan. Sipho came and took us to his office, I filled the forms in and we asked to go test drive, She Rocks and Andiswa were test driving the A5 which is the car I was buying and Cleo and I were test driving an A1 which we both could not get coz we have kids but since test driving is free and fun, why the hell not, we all went off with the cars drove around Sandton then came back after 30 minutes.

We went back to Sipho’s office who had processed my application, I knew I wouldn’t be getting the car on the same day coz it would still need to be registered etc. We were all so excited about the new car and already planning our road-trip to Durban with the new car, everyone would take turns to drive, we walked in and sat and told Sipho that we would be taking the A5 he should just let us know when they will be delivering it, I told him I want it delivered at my office so everyone at work can see it and be green with envy, Cleo was arguing that we should come and collect it instead. Sipho looked at us and said “you ladies have time for jokes neh, I’m not her to play I’m here to work and I don’t think you are funny at all” okay, we all looked at each other a bit confused, Sipho had been all nice to us all this time now all of a sudden his tone had changed, what the hell happened in the few minutes that we had gone out to make him all sour, She Rocks responded and said “no need to get agro Sipho we will collect the car, we just messing around”, Sipho stood up and said, “you will not be collecting any car, your friend does not qualify to get a car, hell with her debts she doesn’t even qualify to buy from Boxer Stores, she is BLACKLISTED”. We all screamed at the same time “Blacklisted”?. WTF, I didn’t even have a lot of accounts, the only account I had was for my car which was now paid up and my cellphone contract which I paid every single month. How the hell do I then get blacklisted?

*****THE END*****

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42 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Forty Eight

  1. Thank you Mike for a great read.
    Why is Lee in this abusive relationship? This guy is a typical abuser. He does all these crazy things then cries and blames it on love! Its emotional abuse. I hope Lee divorces him.

  2. There’s nothing that you will be able to do on your own Lee without your husband knowing about it, blacklisting is just an excuss. Thanx guys

  3. Thanks Team. Poor Lee bandla, I hate it when that credit bureau crap happens, and half the time you find that it’s some lousy SMALL amount that you were not aware of.

  4. Missteps should be called “memoirs of a tired black woman” and memoirs “missteps of a young husband”. Lee is tired and Mxolosi is busy misstepping ko memoirs

  5. Haw!! Blacklisted yo Jonie Walker again?and that means there’s no trip to Durban? Eish mara bathong #Criying.

  6. I dnt thnk Mthobisi is responsible 4 this,the guy loves his wife a lot and I dnt think he goes around making loans and stuff,the guys gets his money from his shady doings,neva will he do that to her there must be an explanation I mean a good 1 to this#giving him benefit of doupt

  7. Ohhe Lee that’s what happens when u step on the wrong toes, Lwazi’s mother is trying to teach u a lesson after what u did to his son,Gorvenment Officials have all the connections in the right places, But I feel for her Mtho has connection that leave one badly injured as if they were in an accident, THNX bra Mike n sis Thoz

  8. Yazini neh, Thozie and Mikeestoo dankie baaier… This book as now been certified my favourite… Gaaaad dzaaaam, the drama, the tensity, the enticement. This thing deserves to be on the big screens man daaamn. We need a movie of some sort coz this is hood stuff forsure. Amagintsa ajabulile!!!!!


  9. Right here is the right web site for everyone who really wants to understand this topic.
    You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been discussed for years.
    Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!

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