Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Seven

with Thozama Mqikela



An old white lady from a house across the BNB came to us and said she saw what happened and has called the police, she said she was too scared to come out and help but if her husband was home he would have come with his short gun and short those thugs, I imagined a frail old man trying to shot hijackers, they would have shot him with his own gun and then gone to their house and took all their belonging just to show them who is Boss. I thanked her for calling the Police, she said we could come to her house and wait for the police to arrive and she will make us something to drink for the shock. The stupid BNB had a high ass wall and huge metal gates so I’m sure they were not even aware that people had just been held-up in-front of their gate, sometimes I hate these high walls in suburb’s. The old lady’s house smelled of cats, as soon as we walked in about 4 cats were sitting on the couch, damn how did this woman leave with that horrible smell in the house, that was downright disgusting. I didn’t even want water or anything that she would offer the cats probably drank out of those glasses, I have nothing against cats but I have something against bad odour, she moved the cats off the couch for us to sit and started telling us the cats names was this old lady for real? We’ve just been hijacked and she is introducing us to cats, I smiled and nodded I was not hearing a word she was saying I was still shaking. Mfundo asked if my car had tracker, shit I had forgotten about that, I asked the old lady if I could use her phone, she said I could, I first had to call Telkom Directory to get the Tracker number as I did not know it by heart I got the number and called Tracker, I gave them my details and they said I should give them a number where they could call me back I asked the old lady for her number and I gave them her number. Mfundo introduced us to her, she told us that there has been a lot of hijackings in the area of late but no one dared to come close to their house because everybody know she has snakes and husband has guns, I jumped of the couch as soon as I heard snakes she looked at me confused I asked where the snakes were and I told her we will wait for the cops outside, black people don’t mess with snakes we know those things have no human friends they bite and their bite kills I did not escape bullets being emptied in my ass to get killed by a snake, she told me to calm down the snakes were locked up outside.

I was still uneasy about the whole snake situation, but this poor old lady was being kind to us, she offered us her husband’s whisky to calm the nerves, now that I could not refuse. She told us her name is Michelle Krog and has been staying in the area for over 20 years I was not intrested in her life story and thank goodness we were in the suburbs and a white woman had called the cops because they arrived in less than 15minutes, they took down a statement, while we were giving a statement Michelle’s phone rang she answered and gave it to me it was the tracker company, they said they were able to pick up the where abouts of the car it moved from Germiston to Boksburg then to Kempton Park and it’s now somewhere in Kempton Park so I asked what’s going to happen now, they said they sending their people to Kempton Park as we speak they will keep me updated, I told them I was leaving the place where I got the phone from so I will call them once I have access to a phone again.
We finished giving the police the statement of what had happened they told us we will get a case number tomorrow to give to the insurance, Mfundo asked them to give us a lift to the restaurant where he had left his car, luckily for us they had not come in that Police Van we would have looked like some criminals sitting at the back of a police van, they had come with a Golf 1, I didn’t care I just wanted to get home, they took us to a restaurant on the way the kept asking what we were doing in the East Rand while we both stayed in the North, we told them we were working, they looked at each other with the “they are lying look” but said nothing to us. We got Mfundo’s car and drove to the North, on the way home Mfundo kept apologizing telling me how sorry he was for what had happened, he should have fought and resisted, he told me how bad he felt about my car. I told him not to stress coz had he resisted or fought they would have shot him and we would be speaking a different story right now, what would I have told his wife? We got to my complex, I waved to security and they saw it was me and opened them boom gate. I told him to come up because Mthobisi wasn’t home and we need to come up with a story that we were both going to tell our partners about why were together when we got hijacked. Mfundo came up with me to my place, shame the poor guy looked distraught by the whole experience, I was traumatised but I had a bit of experience with thugs after all the drama my husband had put me through but I wasn’t about to expose myself to this man I didn’t tell him anything this was no time for confessions I could get a priest if I needed that. Mfundo said we should say we were working and had to meet some of the Directors from Mfundo’s company and 1 of the woman directors was a bit tipsy so I offered to drive her to her BNB and since it was already dark and I was not familiar with Germiston Mfundo offered to drive us, I agreed to this even though it sounded a bit far-fetched but I didn’t have any better ideas. I decided to use my husband’s phone, I had charged it a few times even though I had never used it, there were a few sms on the phone but I was not intrested in reading who they were from I called the tracker company and told asked if they had managed to get the car, they told me their people had gone to Kempton Park but no luck the car was nowhere to be found and now it was off their radars they can’t locate it anywhere which could mean that they have maybe gone under a building in a basement because they can’t locate a car when it’s in a basement, these people are useless how can you not be able to see a car that’s in a basement, I gave them Mthobisi’s’ number which they already had and told them to call me on that number since my phone was gone with the car. Mfundo said he needed to get home, his wife had probably tried calling him and he needed to do some explaining to her. I hugged him and he left.

This affair between Mfundo and I was seriously not working out, maybe this was a sign that I should just stay away from this man, I should be happy with what I have even though what I have is not always around and is now in prison but I had chosen what I have and I should stick to my choice and stop this nonsense because I could see this ending badly. While still planning my way out of this situation I heard a knock from the door, who could it be this time of the night, I went to open it was security they said my husband had been trying to get hold of me and he says my phone is off, they tried telling me earlier when I was passing the gate with the other guy, he gave me a number written on a piece of paper and told me that’s where Mthobisi said I will get hold of him. As soon as he left I called the number, Mthobisi was surprised that I was calling him using his number he asked why was phone is off and why didn’t I call him when I got home like I said I would it’s been over 6 hours he has been worried sick about me, he was highly upset, I didn’t have time to calm him down I burst out that I had been hijacked while he was still shouting at me, it took a few minutes for it to sink in then he said “you were hijacked?”.
I then gave him the story that Mfundo and I had come up with, he was shocked and told me if he was out none of that would have happened now he was blaming himself, he told me not to worry he would find my car, tomorrow everything will go back to normal, no one puts a gun in his wife’s head and gets away with it, he will find whoever did this this to me and make them pay. I didn’t know what he meant by make them pay and frankly I didn’t care I had been through enough I didn’t feel like arguing so I said he must do whatever felt right to him. I told him how much I needed him right now, he told me in a few hours he would be home and hell is going to break loose to whoever messed with, now I was scared what if he put 1 and 1 together and figured that I was cheating on him, hell could be breaking loose on me….

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hello Mike.

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43 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter Twenty Seven

  1. Hayi this affair is wrong njee kunini bafuna ukushaya,they must just give up it won’t happen njee

  2. Hey everyone and thanks mike for a morning booster. Is it me or is the hubby not some top dog gangstar who is undercover by the way he said no one will go unpunished. Or I’m wrong?

  3. Yhooooo The husband must be a mafia man tjo! She must go through his phone, she will get something which she can use as evidence.

  4. Intresting read..Ansa to Q&A:Precious register ur CV wit carrer24 & carrer junction there’s a lot of agencies on th site were u can find learnerships, google learnerships ull find something for u to gain experience..good luck

  5. Did hubby said he’s gonna get da car?Is dis man some sort of a jackal or wat?There are some hidden things behind him Ai keya belaela jwale.Wa bona jwale u pay for tracker every month n at da end u don get ur car aaaahhhhggggggg.
    Thoz n Mike ….Palesa owa leboha.

  6. Nice 1 guys,to the lady who is lookin for a job I like ur hustle but be careful cause peole will wanna take advantage of u,wish I could help . Please dont meet men for job interview at the private place n do research b4,check OLX webside

  7. Thanks team!
    what is the hubby gonna do? He makes it sound like he commands an army of ruthless characters. Is he not just an engineer?

  8. That hubby is also just part of a mob or something lol come weekend,she will have her car back lol and her watch and ring.

  9. Cheating is not ryt cc wawuthe til death do you part wathi uyakubancama bonke ujonge umyeni wakho,it serves u ryt le nto yenzekile nide niye eBNB kodwa umyeni wakho is behind bars yabona ngoku aniyifumenanga nalonto beniyiyela phaya

  10. Mthobisi has some hidden skeleton, he is not what we think he his…anyway if he need to kill to get her wives car so be it…..tnx Mike & Thoz

  11. Wow what a great raed tnx Mike an Zama. I wish and hope tha Mthobisi doesn’t find out that his wife was cheating on him but then again what did she expect with all the drama he brouhgt to her life.

  12. No dis is wrong Mike,kawuyeke labantwana bazwisane maan kunini bezama,ay cha..LoL….Nice read Mike

  13. This is the first I comment but I have been with from the begining and have introduced so many people to your site and must say ist always a nice and fulfing feeling after readind your chapters to your books and must commend u for the good work and pls keep it up cause every time I’m like a child in a candy store who waits eargly for the next chapter. Thank you very much for your books they teach me so much as a young wife. Much love

  14. Thank you Mike 🙂

    Hi Precious,

    These days its hard finding a job if you don’t have experience. I suggest you contact The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), they might assist you. Go to their Website: http://www.seda.co.za/ – Find the branch that’s close to you and contact them.

    All the Best 🙂

    Enhle 🙂

  15. With lies come a lot of badluck. Why do I have a feeling that Mthobisi has someting to do with this? This woman must just be careful, if Mthobisi can call securities then he might be getting reports of her up n downs……I wouldnt be surprised if he gets the car without the help of Tracker. As always, you (Thozi and Mike) are amazing.

  16. I’m enjoy reading this I’m simply hooked,I always look forward 2 the next chapter. Thanx 4 entertaining us mike

  17. There is more to Mthobisi than meets the eye!
    You think you know someone hai. As for this affair it should just end before it even begins

    Come weekend! Can’t wait

  18. what the hell u’re married for such a long time u don’t know each other at all this is bad please do something about this marriage this not working who si mthubisi actually?????engineer? drug dealer or what even his wife doesn’t know

  19. Great read Mike. Please may we have the next chapter. I hate waiting this long……

    You got me attached to these blogs

  20. Wait can som1 confrm this for me….. Dd they know ukuth who brought the watch or it was just lee saying walithengelwa uhubby wakhe on her birth day. Or somthng m confused

    Ay mthobisi has eyes every where but I still think mfundo is behind all this….. If ulee bembamba asho ukuth uyitholephi imali….. Thanx mike nd thoz. Can’t wait for the next read

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