Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter Twenty Four

with Thozama Mqikela

The car in front of me must have moved a few feet, I was frozen in my seat, what have I done? The phone had fallen to the passenger’s seat I had no intentions of picking it up, now I understood why traffic cops would give you a fine for talking on the phone while driving. It must have taken me a few minutes to eventually get out of the car, I slowly walked to the stationary car there was a woman sitting in it, she was just sitting in there not moved by what had just happened, I asked if she was okay, she said no, she was stuck and waiting for her boyfriend to come help her. At that moment my panic turned to anger, I screamed at how she could be so careless why the hell didn’t she put a triangle or park her car on the side of the road she could have killed both of us. She apologized and said she just recently got the car and was not good at this “driving thing” so she panicked and just parked her car. I was fuming, I went to go check if my car had any dents from the impact, luckily there were not any dents or marks on my car, I checked hers to and it was also okay. The stupid woman was still sitting in the car, I told her to get out of her car and moved it to the side of the road for her. I had never been in any accident before so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so I took her details just in case my car started giving me problems I would make her pay, she took my details too. Her name was Nomzamo Dlamini, I would later learn that she was crazy woman.

I got home and remembered that I had been speaking to Mthobisi before the accident. That man had a nerve asking me to bribe a Police Official. How did our life turn upside down so quickly, when did we shift from being law abiding citizens, as much as Mthobisi was the one who got us in this shit, he was dragging me down with him weather I liked it or not. I did not want to join him in jail and bribing a government official can get you in jail, what would happen to our son with both parents in jail. Jail was obviously making him loose his mind. I would help him in any way I can but I will not do anything illegal to help him. Hell No!!! I decided to try and call him back, I got the guy with the rough voice again he told me they were being counted and will ask Mthobisi to call me when the warders were done, prison life. Mthobisi called back a few minutes later, I told him that bribing the IO (Investigating Officer) was out of the question, I also told him that I did not have that kind of money lying around. He then asked me to please organise the R20 000 for him, he will refund it when he came out. He told me that he had no one else to do this for him and if he had other options he would not have bothered to ask me, I am his last hope, he begged me, and me being the sucker I am I could not say No, I knew if the situations were reversed he would bribe, borrow and steal for me, I agreed. I could not believe that this man had just ruined my good mood, I had been so positive and excited about life after the church service and now he was taking me back to my depressed state. I needed to boost my energy and I didn’t feel like staying at home. Maya Angelou or some clever woman once said every married woman should have her own apartment that she owns and doesn’t rent out just leave it empty and use it when you need to escape from your reality and this moment I wish I had taken that advise but this is South Africa, firstly I could not afford to have a place that I pay every month and not use it and secondly no place would be empty for that long by the time I felt I needed to go and rest in my place I would find that I have occupants who stay there rent-free, people see an empty place for 2 months they start moving in, next thing I would be running up and down trying to get them evicted and the tenant’s telling me it’s their constitutional right to have a roof over their head, it would just cause unnecessary headaches so thanks but no thanks. I now had R20 000 to worry about getting, I did not have that kind of money lying around, hell after withdrawing the R5000 that I had given to Mthobisi when he was in Hillbrow Police station my bank account was left with very little, I think I had about R1,200 in my account which is way off from the amount he needed, Mthobisi and I had separate bank accounts, he paid for most of the things, which included our bond, his 2 cars, our medical aid, gym and insurances for all the cars and the car trackers, I checked his bank statements all the time because they came to our house by post and there was never anything irregular about them which made me wonder where the hell was he keeping the money from his illegal activities, bastard probably had other bank accounts.
I changed into my gym clothes and drove to gym, it was nice and quiet only a few people around but it was Sunday after all and most people only do gym during the week and most people that you see at the gym on Sunday have no life they pump weights and have big muscles and spend all their time at the gym, I did the treadmill for an half an hour and bicycle for about 20 minutes I hadn’t been to gym in a while and I was feeling a bit unfit because I was sweating like a pig just from just 2 work-outs I hit the shower and went home.
I was a bit nervous when I got home, worried that I might find yet again unexpected visitors, luckily the house was empty I got in and locked every door even bathroom door incase they sneak in through the toilet windows, you can never be too safe you know you might think you have security and you live in a complex but those are not the most safest places. I decided to cook myself dinner I don’t know when last did I enjoy my own company, I would take this as me time, I cooked the Sunday seven colours for just me, myself and I, I even made desert I was hungry, gym makes me hungry. I had money that I put aside every month saving it for rainy days and a few policies but all that was tied up and if I ever wanted it I would have a lot of forms to fill in and have to wait 30 days which is something I did not have Mthobisi’s Investigating Officer wanted the money before Mthobisi went to court, I was cracking my skull thinking where on earth could I get this money from. I thought of Cindy my co-worker her daddy is loaded and it would not be a problem for her getting this money but how do I explain the urgency of so much money, and the last thing I needed was her telling people at work that I was having financial problems, you always have to think of your reputation when dealing with colleagues. I thought of my sister and her husband but that is a no-no the last thing I need is my brother-in-law embarrassing me on Social Network he is the type that post everything that happens in his life and I didn’t trust him. I honestly could not think of anyone who I could trust. I picked up my phone and went through the phone book to see who would have so much money and would not ask too many questions, I went through the list and came across Mfundo’s name, now he definitely had the money, he would not ask much questions I could trust him, I had nothing to loose all I had to do was ask. I know it’s wrong asking my somewhat ”lover” for money for my husband but I was in a corner here it’s not like I had many options. I knew I couldn’t call him because it was Sunday and he was probably at home with his wife and imagine her answering the phone but wait he had saved my numbers as Mandla golf coach in his phone I had seen this when he had forgotten his phone at my place, I decided to send him an sms. I wrote “Are you keen on golf lessons tomorrow at 07:30 at World Of Golf in Woodmead?” this way even if his wife saw the sms it would not seem suspicious, Mfundo replied in less than 2 minutes he must have had his phone in his hand judging from his quick response, he wrote “I will be there”. Okay I had taken the first step now I just needed a plan to convince Mfundo on borrowing me this 20 grand, I went to bed and set my alarm for 06:00. I got up way before my alarm went off at 05 am and took a nice long bath planning a strategy on my “golf lesson” with Mfundo. I must have changed my outfits 4 or 5 times, I honestly didn’t know what would be suitable for this. I finally settled on wearing a white short skirt and a pink golf t-shirt and white Nike takkies with white sock, I have played golf a few times before I’m no Ernie Else but I’m okay for a woman, in my line of work you have to know a little bit of golf even if it’s not that much, we get invited to a lot of Golf Days by other companies to network and you don’t wanna look foolish while holding a golf club so me and a few colleagues have taken a few lessons and the company paid for it. My husband is a regular golf player but this is a norm with most black guys that think they have arrived they take clients to lunches in a golf course and have golf weekend away that was my husband not to mention the money they spend on these golf places because they don’t come cheap you pay lots of money to play in these fancy golf places and you have to pay a caddy who carries your bag with your golf clubs, mara men can waist money on really unnecessary things.
At least I was not going to waste money I was going to do the opposite. I took clothes to change for work black pants and a silver top with heels and a few accessories to complete the look. I grabbed my car keys and hit the road, I got to World of Golf 15 minutes before 7 Mfundo was already there, the lengths that men will go to for a cookie are unbelievable. I greeted him with a warm hug I had to be extra nice I was on a mission here. He told me I looked sizzling hot in my short skirt, I smiled and politely said thank you, he told me how he liked the coded text message that I sent him, he was impressed, I laughed and told him how I knew who he had saved my number as in his phone, he laughed and apologized told me his wife checked his phone every now and again so he had to be extra careful I said I understood. We collected the golf clubs at reception and went to go hit balls, Mfundo was not so good at this golf thing even the way he was bending was not right but I couldn’t tell him that no man likes being outdone by a woman, while we were playing I figured it was now or never I decided to tell him my reasons for bringing him here, I told him that I needed money to buy some shares and I would pay him back in 2 weeks, I told him Mthobisi doesn’t want me buying these shares so I am doing this without his permission and the returns to these shares looked very good. He looked at me for a while and asked how much I needed, I told him 20 grand his eyes widened I smiled at him and batted my eyelashes and he laughed and said okay, only because I looked so cute, he asked for my banking details and said he would transfer the money after our game in my account, I told him I would prefer cash this made him a bit suspicious I told him I didn’t want my company thinking I was taking bribes if they were to see my bank statements and see that he was transferring money into my account it would not look good for both of us, this made sense and he agreed, he said he would bring the money to the office after lunch, I was so happy and relieved I said thank you and jumped up to him and gave him a huge, he held me with my legs wrapped on his back, we kissed, his lips were so warm and welcoming after a few minutes I pulled myself away and said sorry. I needed to focus, I could not allow myself to get distracted!!

*****THE END****

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Hi mike

my story is kind of different .I’ve been dating ths guy for the past 5 years and I think our relationship has gotten better as the years passed .Right now we are really good , he is so sweet , carrying and supportive but I’m scared that something will go wrong and I really don’t want that to happen .My question is why do I keep expecting the worst to happen ?


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  1. Things we do for love, Mxo you better leave that place now and stop stressing your wife. Thanx Mike n Thozama

  2. Mike and Thozama! What can I say about u guys? U r an amazing combination, u r awesome guys, keep up the good work, South Africa is blessed to have wonderful ppl like u. Stay blessed guys! Ngyabonga mina!

  3. Thanks Team! I can already picture a steamy raunchy sex scene between these 2, Lee needs to let off some steam bakithi!

  4. Wow guys, thanx 4 a gud read. I’ve got a newborn baby, she keeps me awake all nyt, but whenever she falls asleep, instead of taking a nap, i read.

  5. The things we do for love neh poor woman if only mthobisi knew where his wife will get the money or wouldn’t that matter as he just want to see himself out of jail? Nice story mike. To you confused u don’t know what you want or did he ever cheated? For all those years you still confused or you know that you are doing something wrong that’s why you keep on expecting the worst

  6. Mike at the end of each chapter of your blogs there were a lists of all your books now I can’t c them! What happened? Its makes it aesier to locate the blocks hey.

  7. Golf smh. Dumbest game ever lol.

    Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Probably lots of sex ^_^ haha

  8. Well this is prostitution, but who can blame her…. What is prostitution afterall, if u r willing to bribe an officer to lose a docket. Mthobisi put her in this position. The things we do for love!!! Thanks Mike and Zama.

    A2Q: It could be a number of reasons. Maybe you feel he is too good for you. Maybe you have negative experiences from other relationships so you expect the same here. Maybe something in this relationship makes think it is too gud to be true. Maybe this….. Maybe that….. I think only you can answer this one.

  9. I’m liking the content of MOAYW, I never expected it to turn out this way. Iyashisa! Thank you Mike and Thozama on a job well done. I can’t wait for the next chapter:)

  10. Waaaaao, this has taken a nice turn. This is by far amazing! Now, i understand the building block…..keep the good up!

    You have issues with trusting….if you believe that this guys is for real then you wont be worried. Stop worrying and enjoy the love!

  11. Nice flirtery wil get u everywhere.CC de reason 4 dat i think is bcause u werw hurt in de past.Live a little don’t worry abt 2morrow,it wil take care of itself.

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