Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW – Chapter Nine

A married woman cannot get male guests so late at night. It is not about being modern nor is it about trying to be a suburban wife! She was right in asking what was he doing in Mthobisi’s house so late at night. As I was stuck to answer I looked to him for help. He immediately stood in and said that he did not have a choice but to come this late because he too needed someone to talk to. He lied and said that when he got home he found his wife with another man and now he needed someone to talk to otherwise he would kill himself. Misery loves company I tell you. Immediately Koketso became concerned about his well being. She asked how he had handled it and he said he had beaten them both of which Koketso said that he had done the right thing and must actually go back and get seconds. She was so fascinated by this man in pain something not foreign to women. When a man is going through something like this and he asks for a woman’s opinion nothing makes more happier than for us to give our all to it.

I don’t know how it got there but at some point we opened a bottle of wine. Maybe we felt alcohol allows you to open up more I don’t know! The problem with making a lie like this is that eventually some day it will come back to haunt you especially if the two parties meet. I must emphasize that part. For that moment the thought was to get away with murder. As fate would have it his wife called, Yes his wife. He immediately stood up and went outside to talk to her. Koketso was saying how she hoped he dumped her because he was such a good man. If only she knew! My heart was beating so hard and I could feel the pee about to come out, Koketso was in the kitchen pouring wine. I went to the bathroom, I said a little Thank You Prayer and came out. I had a glass of wine with Koketso and all I could think about was how close I had come to breaking my vows to my husband, how I close I had come to cheating on the man I swore to love forever, how close I come to destroying everything I had. I love Mthobisi with everything that is in me and at my age to have a man who loved me like he did and to be married in this society that no longer believed in marriage I was very fortunate and I was not about to blow that over some stupid fling. No way in hell was I going lose my husband and my kid for a silly little fling with a married man. I have heard too many stories of how married men are too weak to leave their wives. A married man will promise you heaven and earth but he will never leave his wife for a side-chick, I was not in any way fooling myself about Mfundo. I am very committed to my husband and I have no desires of leaving him for any other man. Fortunately he realized that staying too long will only trap him further. He said he had to get home. He had to find a way of dealing with this. Mfundo was such a good liar and that is not a trait attractive in a man. Koketso bought it. For a while after he left all we discussed was him. She even asked me to call to check up on him but I refused because what if someone else picks up. I was so scared!

After finishing a bottle of wine and talking about our husband’s family and their drama Koketso and I decided to go to bed, we had 3 bedrooms so she was sleeping in the guest bedroom the other room we used it as Mthobisi’s office. After what felt like 2 hours of sleep my phone rang, I was so irritated who could be calling this time of the night? In our bedroom I have these heavy curtains that once I pull them down day turns into night so it always feels like it’s the middle of the night when the curtains are drawn. I decided to ignore it, told myself they would leave a message, a minute later my phone rang again I didn’t recognise the number this person was starting to annoy I pressed the drop button, the same number called back again, now I was beyond annoyed, how dare this fool disturb me in my sleep, I checked the time it was 08:23, I love my sleep so much that I hardly ever arrive at work before 9:00, my boss thinks I’m in meetings out of the office most mornings if she knew those meetings were in my bed she would murder my ass. I answered in a very groggy sleepy voice “Hello” the person on the other end of the phone introduced herself as Pamela the lady who works with Mthobisi. Huh what did she want?

I then remembered the woman Mthobisi was talking to the week before on the phone and I got a bit jealous and he said they work together. It’s not enough that she called my husband now she’s calling me, this made me sit up, I was getting ready for world war 7, when another woman calls you and mentions your man’s name instincts kick in and you just know the bitch is going to say something crazy like “stay away from my man” or “he’s leaving you for me” or worse “I’m pregnant with his kid” as a woman at one stage or another you will experience “the call” you will either be making it or receiving it. I never thought I would be receiving “the call” not as a married woman but this is life and anything is possible marriage is no longer the sacred thing it used to be now we have ratchet side-chicks calling wives and telling them that they are sleeping with their husbands, trying their best to break the marriage.

I was not ready to hear this couldn’t she wait till lunch time, I had all these questions in my head, was she calling coz she had just spent the night with him and wanted to rub it in by telling me he is in the shower while she’s making him breakfast, side-chicks will do that just to spite you, get the guys phone while his on the shower and look for the wife’s number and start calling her and telling the wife about the night they had, it’s rough out there.

I was getting ahead of myself here, let me hear this women out. I asked her what was this about, she said “Mthobisi and a few other Engineers went with some miners underground in the mine this morning at 06:00 at around 07:15 the section of the mine where they were working caved in and collapsed and we are not sure if anyone survived.” I choked.

I honestly felt like God was punishing me for all that had happened. I was such a bad wife!

****THE END****


Hi Mike

Thank you for such an incredible blog. I am 26 and am still a virgin. I date like normal people and usually when the guy starts pushing for sex I dump him. I am not religious so it has nothing to do with church. I have actually realized that I now have a genuine phobia of the dick. I need to get over this and I feel the time has come to let it go. It feels stupid having waited for so long that I find myself with no one special in my life as I dumped them all even the good guys i dated the moment sex came up>

Please Help Me


47 thoughts on “MOAYW – Chapter Nine

  1. are you serious, a phobia of a penis. i find this hard to believe but maybe you need to speak to a proffesional maybe its just in ur mind.

    thank you Mike for the weekend dose of pleasure-read.

  2. Tnx Mike
    QnA maybe u haven’t met da ryt gUy u wana give da cookie 2. WoW 26 n stil a virgin u go gal bt I do hope u cn get ova ur phobia wen u r ready 2,Most gals give it bcoz they want 2 plEaz their men

  3. @Nontokozo you should be proud of that and stop worrying cz when it’s time,you’ll just let go of your fear enjoy the pleasure and ask yourself why did you keep yourself from this yummy thing lol…
    As for today’s chapter yoh it was very nice but sad at the same time.It’s never nice to receive such news no matter what.

  4. Wow! Great read Mike, this is now my favourite blog, wish it could be weekend everyday! @Nontokozo, I am glad you have realized that you have a phobia, get professional help, I had a friend who had the phobia too. Good luck!

  5. yah neh. As for Ntokozo, maybe you’re waiting for that 1 special guy who will take your virginity in marriage? Maybe you’re scared 1 will just leave you after taking your virginity? I dont know, i’m just saying.

  6. Thanks Mikeeesto, awesome chapter.
    Nontokozo dear, the cookie jar has to be tampered with at some point, so find urself a man worthy and deserving of that, if possible, let it be the one you say I do too, that’s if interested in marriage. This whole phobia for dick… Get red wine, listen to Rkelly and some whiskey nyana and he be beating that pussy up whole night. Don’t forget to condomise.

  7. A2Q: I’m the same way. Well I’m not afraid of the D, but I’m afraid of getting pregnancy before I’m ready (my biggest fear) and STDs so I won’t let anyone stick their penis in me lol. Maybe instead of just dumping guys as soon as sex comes up, you should talk to them about how you feel so they’ll take it slow with you. Have you done anything with a guy besides kissing? Like fingering or oral? If you haven’t, that’s a start. Only when you feel comfortable of course, don’t force anything. Also, I think you should try counseling or therapy for your phobia, it could help you.

  8. Wow nice one Mike, thanks. I can do MOAYW anyday. Hope nothing bad has happened to Mthobisi, poor guy.
    A to Q: don’t feel about not having let the cookie go, I know of a 62 yr old virgin in Pmb, so don’t stress. When you meet the right guy, it will happen naturally. Don’t rush it coz if you start panicking you’ll make irrational, stupid decisions bese uyalahlela noma ubani!! Be safe futhi!!

  9. Nice on Mike! Thanks
    @ Ntokozo, well done on not giving it out just to please a man. Dont feel bad about it. When u meet the right person ull feel comfortable enough to take that step.

  10. Awesome chapter Mike…u neva fail on delivering…keep up the good work….@ Jackzorro….lmklaaaaaaa Eish bru neva a dull moment wit you!!!!!!!! Blesses weekend ahead every1….xoxoxox

  11. Now, u know u reading something exceptional when the suspence is killing u and the anticipation of the next chapter is just so overwhelming… Wow

    @Nonto, when the right man comes along, u will know and it’ll just happen. Relax lovie

  12. Gudmrnin guyz n 2 u Mike,thanx gr8 1 bt i hope nada will happen 2 Mthobisi.@Q N A:tjoh cc u hv bn a u gal hey keep t up m sure 1 dae ur man wil cme dnt fl bad syakubongela.

  13. Excellent chapter thanks Mike….u neva seem to fail…keep up the good work…..nd blessed weeknd ahead….@ Jaclzorro…lmklaaaaaa Eish neva a dull moment wit you!!!!! “The cookie jar has to be tampered wit…lmimp…..

  14. grt read mike
    at nontokozo big ups to you girl
    who is counting anyways wait till u get married girl man will use n leave u like that
    don be under pressure if a man loves you they will wait for u marry u n u give dem the cookie

  15. I have the same phobia but I have learned to control it. Everytime I make love to my man, it is as sore as any other time. It feels like my vagina closes up everytime and we have to start all over again.

    Am lucky to have a partner who understands and always makes an effort to be gentle.

    I still have not been diagnosed, I once read up on a condition called Vaginisism … Read up & see if it relates to you, don’t give up trying to find the real source of the problem.

    Good luck with finding a partner …

  16. Oh God,”I pray I pray”…
    Tanki abuti Mike.

    Q2A…..Ahahahahahahahatltltl….I knw dat dis isn’t a joke but can’t help it…..

  17. Lol ai Nontokozo you have a real problem. Watch porn or something. Pretend a banana is a dick and farmiliarize yourself with it. Lol. If that don’t work, get help.

  18. Hey sthandwa im 34 and lost mine at 20,however wish had kept it til dust to dust.coz hey that special someone i kept for ddnt even notice that i was pure.though he married me it hurts me that he doesnt believe me.as i ddnt bleed that moment but nextday,tjo hectic

  19. Hi Ntokozo. Stop punishing yourself. The guys u dumped have not been as good as u say. They are supposed to be supportive and listen to you. You may also seek proffesional help where you will be given help, not that you need it much. You just need to wait for the right time and have more fun.

  20. I really luv this book. Enjoyed it from top to bottom! Thanks Mike!

    QnA:Being a virgin at ur age, is wonderful, wait until u get married so dat u can give de cookie 2 de one who deserves it!

  21. Ncooooo dats so sweet a virgin @ ur age its nt east 2 find 1.U mst open ur eyes once u start 2 giv it n make sure u play safe n u n ur partner go 2 test b4.

  22. The way I’m in love with this blog…when u’re young, married and going through some things….thanx Mike

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