Missteps of a Young Wife

Misteps of a Young Married Wife…



I had been waiting for this moment all day! Firstly he took off the jacket I was wearing and roughly threw it on to the floor, he was not being gentle and I loved that but I warned him not to leave any bruises. No woman like bruises no matter how passionate your love making is. He lifted me up onto the desk, it was not even his office to be honest but Andile’s, my boss who thought that she shit chocolate. Women with power tend to oppress other women but that’s a story for another day. This was not making love, this was straight fucking as he went down on me with his tongue making circles where it mattered most and I must admit I orgasmed twice before he even came up for breath! I loved this! This is how a man should handle me. This is how I wanted it. Not the sissy way I had become accustomed to. I felt like the forbidden fruit and I loved it. I loved the danger of the moment and the power of reclaiming my body. I loved the independence of the moment and just being able to feel young and carefree I again. I pulled his head into me holding him into place just to hold him there a while longer. Finally the moment of truth came, fine it wasn’t the first time we had done but every time felt new and fantastic. He penetrated me with such force my sub conscience screamed hallelujah! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I clung on to him for dear life as though I owned the very breath he breathed. It was warm and steady and I could smell a bit of mint in it. Its not like waking up next to someone in the morning and they want a quickie before work. It was well thought out and I loved the effort. When we were done and I was putting on my bra my phone rang. He turned around and asked, “Is that your husband” and casually without even panicking I said yes, he was early today. I picked up the phone and my husband asked what was for dinner and if he should bring anything. I told him nope I was going to cook but dinner will be late so I advise him to bring a snack or two. Its Friday after all so it will movie night. I told him that I loved him and he quickly said I love you too before he hung. Funny enough, I truly meant that.

I think every little girl grows up wanting to get married to a big strong handsome man who will love and protect then have many kids together like in the fairy-tales. Even girls who grow up in single parented homes have similar dreams and it just depends how long that fantasy last because some catch on to the reality of love and relationships faster than the others do. Not everyone ends up on the alter, most if you are lucky is a job, two kids and two different men paying maintenance. Lucky in that these bastards need to be dragged to court to pay for their kids. Every woman I know starts off by completely trusting her man, we are just built foolish like that, until he does something where we make the excuse that he is a man so he is expected to, turn a blind eye to it or pack up our bags and dump him. At some point down the line, 28 and single you ask yourself which of those losers could you have at least tried to make it work with?

I didn’t get married straight out of university. My name is Lesedi Hlatshwayo. I graduated with a Bcom Accounting degree from what was then RAU. Yes nowadays it has changed to accommodate the black people to UJ. I was 23 when I left university and got a job at PWC. My long term boyfriend studied engineering at the same university with me. I think he raised me to be honest because when I left home for my first year it was like I found him waiting for me in university. We dated from my first year, he was already a third year. He was not my first by the way, I lost my virginity in high school like all true South African girls do today. He cheated on me twice and both times I forgave him because to be honest I loved him dearly. I guess in most long term relationship its a fact of life that he will cheat at some point. You are after all not married to one another. I forgave him, we even separated but I guess when you are destined you always find each other. We got married when I was 27 and we had been together on and off for around 8 years. In the time we separated I dated other people so it was not cheating but it was never quite like my relationship with Mthobisi. When I got pregnant we had already decided to get married because in all honesty we had everything in place to start a family.

I must say I had the most beautiful wedding day ever. My parents and his parents really stepped up in contributing to make this special day even more special. We set the date almost six months prior but I don’t know how it happened by the time the big date came I was already 14 weeks pregnant. At least it was not showing otherwise people would have said it was a shotgun wedding. Nowadays with catering companies, gift registries and digital guest books the perfect wedding is no longer the stuff of dreams. My husband and I made sure that we included the “strictly no children” clause in the wedding invitation card because in spite of what people think, children do not do well at large gatherings. Did you see any children at Kate and Williams wedding, NO? As usual the poorer side of the family complained and said that they had no one to baby sit their kids but it was not their problem. It is neither my fault nor problem that they decided to breed and army in their homes when they knew they could not afford help in the house. Regardless to say, come wedding day they made a plan.

The guest lists were done and I must say between the two of us we knew a lot of people. My girlfriends argued that I should invite some of my exes, the ones who had fallen away into the friend zone. It is a modern world they argued and why not. It made sense to me because I had already attended two of my exes weddings with my fiancé. Obviously I had not told him that they were exes just friends. I had also attended weddings my fiancé was invited to where his link was the bride and to be honest I had felt a bit awkward when I was there as though there was an elephant in the room. He never said anything but when it comes to being reserved my man was king at that. You had to prod him for him to open up at times. I appreciated the fact that he always invited me and dressed me up for such events which made me feel he was proving a point to whomever.

In the beauty stakes I am no slouch. I am not saying I am the hotest woman under the sun but I know I turn heads where ever I go. Its funny how all these things happen, before you get married you tell each other that you do not want to be a boring couple, you will keep it young and fun and crazy. You know how they show it in the movies. However reality is even your body slows down, you are tired all the time and when you are a young couple it doesn’t make sense to hire a maid so you have to cook. I know we tell each other that we are 50 50 but when you are married its fact that you want to cook for him and clean for him. Even if he is helpful there is some instinct triggered in you that this is my man so why should we have a roster! Mthobisi to be honest was not lazy and he helped but I just didn’t want his friends to show up and find him in the apron.

I was on an upward trajectory at work. On this day I was sitting in on a presentation by a company that did alternative energy. One of the presenters was an ex university mate. I was not really friends with him but funny enough seeing him again actually earned him a hug. He was clearly doing well because this was a big company and for him to be here meant that he was somewhere. After the presentation he asked me for drinks and because my hubby was away for three weeks at some mine I didn’t see why not. I had been stuck at home for so long I needed to breathe and besides, it was harmless.

At dinner we spoke a lot about old times, linking faces and people we mutually knew. It was good fun. He was not married but dating and kept on saying that marriage turns women frigid and they forget that they were born alone and not born to please a man. I found that arrogant and ignorant but for some reason he made sense! I had lost my identity into my husbands. Its not that I missed the old me but being made aware just made me feel weak. He did not hit on me or anything but it hit home.

I should never have had drinks with him! Across the table was where we were eating I saw Sizwe who was my husbands promiscuous friend and he was with yet another new face.

He had already seen me and I swear he took a picture of us because it was his flash that drew my attention to him.

My husband was calling…

****The End****

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  1. i really think you doing a good job if one day you decide to make a movie out of this i will love to help you direct it

  2. Wow I am speecheless. I am not married but in all honesty I can fully relate. You are a great writer I enjoy your blog #food_for_thought# thank u:)

  3. Interesting story indeed. Very raw and straight forward. Mike, you have changed how story telling is done. A penis is a penis and fucking is fucking,no hiding behind fancy names. Interested to see how the story develops.

  4. I LIKE IT FOR THE PIRATES hahahahahaahaha…. seems like a very interesting read I honestly cannot wait for the next insert. Job well done, this has given me something to think about tonight!!!

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    You’ll need help very soon though.Don’t think you’ll be able to keep up.
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  7. I can put u with the likes of Taler Perry but yet you oz your own identity and that’s for sure. Well selling you story to television is not a bad move for start but please sell your up coming stories to film. It would be great to see a born South African doing well on world stage because you as good as that

  8. Ooookay That was interesting, honestly I think its gona rock, romance always has women’s attention so hit it. Can’t wait for it.:-)

  9. I can put you with the likes of Taler Perry! yet you oz your own identity, that’s for sure. For starter selling your story to television is not a bad move for now but can you please sell your up coming stories to film. It would be great to see a born South African doing well on world stage because you as good as that in story tell. Writing film dialog will give you recognition were it matters and “wealth”

  10. Hold on hold on hold on Mike, Is this a new story? If so I’m bemused but excited I loved every bit of it keep those chapters coming Mike…this is something out of this world. At first I actually thought it was one of those stories Mike usually post on Sunday’s until I read ” the end” hmmmmmm Lesedi usenjeni Sis wam

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  12. yooo,all the cheaters will be in trouble,all the tricks will be known as from now.All married couples please think twice before you start cheating ,are you solving problem or you are inviting more trouble in your life?Please remember the first day you met,not on your wedding day or when you were paying lobola .I Mean The Very Only First Day you met and SAY I LOVE YOU.ask What went wrong and fix it.

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  17. Mike, check this dude:

    I understand, I understand, first things first, my name is Peter but my peers call me Cetera, at first, I didn’t know what Cetera means until I googled it. I found out that Cetera is actually Peter Paul Cetera an American singer, songwriter, bassist and a producer best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago. I started to follow Peter Cetera’s music especially the lyrics part of it. There is one song’s lyrics that caught my ear; ‘I wanna take forever tonight’, only to find out that that song is one of my brother’s girlfriend’s favourite song!
    I was very stupid, careless, unreasonable, cunning, screwed-up and insensitive when I start eyeing my brother’s better half with lust thinking it was love. She was always crying to me about the way my brother is treating her. I was shocked to learn that my brother brought a girlfriend home and she was forced to sleep on the floor. Can you imagine your man shagging another woman on your bed whilst you’re listening! That’s my brother for you.
    When we were about eight, my uncle passed away and he was staying in Rustenburg. As bo-darkie, we like this thing of taking all our relatives in a single transport mode to a funeral. What happened to fifty four of my relatives and family members is that they all died on their way home from the funeral. Apparently the bus driver was drunk because he was part and parcel of the wie-sien-ons (after tears). One of my ‘clever’ uncles decided to drive the bus and mind you, he never drove a bus before. The accident happened just after Marikana because there were some road construction and he didn’t see the man-made pothole that was there. If I have to talk more, I will be lying because I was not there and no one survived to tell the tale. In any-case, this is the story we got from my aunt who didn’t attend the funeral because she was left behind to babysit us.
    My brother and I were left in her care for the rest of our childhood life. I was this skinny kind of a kid with a big round belly and a very big head like those kids who are suffering from kwashiorkor. In simple, ‘ne ke le bokowanyana so’ in English, ‘I was the weaker one’. My brother’s parents were one of the prominent people in Mamelodi whereas my parents were not-so-educated nor well-to-do type of people. That didn’t matter much because my aunt was our custodian. Remember, my parents and my brother’s parents died in an accident! Copy that!? He is my brother though; we grew up together under the same roof, raised by the same rules by the same person, my aunt! At the age of 15, I was a bit built for the mere fact I was doing weight-lifting and my abs were to die for. Equally so, I was and I still am gifted down there, you know where *wink*!
    My aunt was eight years older than us, but I can tell you, she was hot then and she is still the hottest thing in Mamelodi! The girl next-door; Nozipho, was equally hot, she still is! Although she was a year older than us, she (Nozipho) used to teach us some despicable things but I thank her for that now because she taught us how to kiss and how to shag. Funny enough, girls grow faster than boys and later on in life, they shrink or we start to grow bigger, I don’t know, but this is how I see it. She even taught us how to court a woman. I still go to her for some bedroom karate lesson. Not only that she is beautiful, she is also one of the best bed-wrestlers in the world or rather my world. I have a steady girlfriend and I love my girl so much that I would do anything just to see her happy and one of the things that makes her happy is that I am always happy especially when I am from sis-Noz as she is affectionately known *clearing throat*. I sometimes ask myself as to how would I feel if my girlfriend is also having a ring-a-dick type of an affair? Ring-a-dick affair is when a girl call calls u only when she needs something different for the day, you know what I mean *wink, wink! tongue out*! What would I do and what would you do, as a guy of course, duh? This is a topic for another day!!!!!

      1. @Jackzorro, my story is still in its infant stages, I need to write 20 chapters before I can start posting it. Watch the space…….

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    @Fulu, what your friend’s saying is true as much as people hate to admit it. These extra’s are called oVusumuzi, cause you go home a happy woman, and if I’m happy = happy husband. (Just do not get caught and don’t play with a stupid, play with someone who has as much to lose as you or even more)

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