Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Five

I think it is prudent to ask what motivates a young girl to go after an old man. Yes we all blame the old man but never sit down and ask about her. I liked things. I know that and i am sure you have figured that out too. But that couldn’t just be it. High school is a time or self discovery and once you get into this lifestyle there is no turning back. I liked the idea of having a man for once not a small boy who didn’t even know how to tie his shoe laces. For now however i needed to make a plan. How useless was I to have gotten busted on the very first night. My dad would beat me to death and that was putting it lightly. My mom would probably just shout then blame my dad for being too soft on me as usual. I was bored with my life. Too much routine.

So there I was standing outside the door on the balcony. I was not sure whether to move backward nor forward. Who was up? I hadn’t calculated this well. I didn’t know what to do! I forgot my parents always double checked the doors to make sure I played my part. I heard the key turn in the lock and first instinct was to hide but I just stood there frozen. Then I had footsteps walk away. Instead of me being relieved I realized what had just happened. You see the key in the front door has a key blocker. Basically this is to prevent another key from going inside. Remember we don’t have an alarm. Whoever had come and switched off the light had turned in the key blocker so I was screwed. I would not be able to unlock the door to enter. I stood there as silently as possible because I figured if I moved then I could be heard. I thank God honestly that we didn’t have dogs. I stood still for ten minutes. I even heard my parent’s bedroom door close. I waited another fifteen minutes to make sure whomever it was sleeping. Now I had to make a plan. I sat down.

Every house that has no alarm, and this is irony indeed, has one window that doesn’t latch properly. In my house it was two, the kitchen window and my little brothers. Problem with my little brothers was that his bedroom was the one next to my parents bedroom. My obvious choice was my kitchen window. I literary tip toed round my house even though my parents room was on the opposite of the house. When I got to the kitchen window I tried my best to unlatch it from outside but the damn thing wouldn’t work. Maybe it was nerves. I had no choice. I had to go round. Eish you know as Africans we have this unnecessary flowerbed next to the house. My house was no different. My mother thought she had green fingers but oh well, it was just a dream. Now we had these weeds disguised as flowers. The problem with them is that they were brittle and always had insects. My punishment for sneaking out. Never again. My brothers window did not take long to unlatch. I tiptoed into his room. Catwoman at work. I don’t think I had taken two steps in when I heard my parents door open again.

Its funny how it happened. I jumped into my brothers bed immediately. I think she had the movement and open his door switching on the light. I acted groggy and sat up a bit. She asked me what I was doing in his bed. I told her that I was scared so I decided to sleep with my little brother. She didn’t look suspicious at all and laughed and said goodnight. Now I had to sleep with my little brother because going back to my room would have been suspicious. Bad move because the little bugger is a Jackie Chan in bed. He kicked me so many times I hardly slept. First thing in the morning at six I moved back to my sanctuary. Now I could breathe a sigh of relief. I had dodged a bullet.

Alone now I could properly reflect on what was I getting myself into. As long as I stayed in control I wouldn’t get caught. I didn’t like this idea of him (Siyandas Dad) seeing me so late at night because I had to sneak out maximizing my risk. It had to be during the day. Also if it was during the day it meant no sex right so I could hold him off. I wasn’t about to be impaled by an old man. I was not with him for love, come on, let’s be realistic but clearly he had money. I am sure he knew that I had needs. I also had to make sure I kept it a secret. Its not a proud moment to tell your friends that you are dating someone’s father. I did however need someone whom I could use as an excuse if I ever I got in a bind. I knew Sibongile would parrot shem! She was holy like that! She was that girl whom if it was wrong she would tell you, judge you, then sentence you! I had other friends. They liked things enough to have my back and once the money started coming I would share with them. I already had a friend who had a new phone and she always had airtime not like me and my call-backs. She was not even pretty to be honest.

My mum wanted us to go to the shops early in the morning. She wanted to catch the bank and I had to stand in line for her. I was too old for this. I was grumpy when we went, sleepy and not in the mood honestly. There was already a line. She asked me to join the line. Two minutes into that line someone said to me,

“Unjani sesi”

I looked back,

There was the cop from last night!

I just died of shame!

My mum walked towards us…

****The End****


127 thoughts on “Confessions – Chapter Five

  1. Lmao wooo but this girl,she does indeed sound like N from Zulu girl as a young girl,her first experience with a sugar daddy and never turning back…1 chapter for every night pleaaaase #addicted!

  2. The way my nerves just freeze and relate to how she feels when she “might” get caught!!! This is very intriguing!!!

  3. Iyoh! talk about drama kodwa ke we all know that nothing is hidden under the sun…can’t wait for chapter 6

  4. Cmon now, keeping us waiting for so long makes guys like me to even forget what had happened on the previous chapter. And going back to it is not what anybody here likes because,like Standard Bank, we moving forward. Thank you. @Nkosikhona88 on twitter.

  5. I’m honestly a fan of your blogs,but with that being said, I can’t help but say the 2 characters Neliswa and Thandeka are really starting to sound the same. Their thought process and their perception of men, dating and sexuality are really not different. It’s starting to sound as though it’s Thandeka narrating the same story in a different setting. Rather unfortunate for an imaginative writer such as yourself 🙁

    1. you need to get out off this box that you are in this feels like as if am reading zulu girl all over again.give as something new every one in my office was hooked with your blog but now we all are cooling off becouse you not giving us new stuff.and please stop explaing yourself and repeting what u said on one chap then u bring it up we all know tandeka is light so stop saying it we know she comes from a family thats strick so stop saying it.just focaus on your poinT LIKE NOW IN CHAPTER 5 WE HAD TO READ A HOLE PARAGRAPH BEFORE GETTING BACK TO WHERE CHAP 4 LEFT OFF.regards

  6. Hai! I’m sorry kodwa the cop part sounds rather repetitive. In Diary, Thandeka meets that cop who later comes to haunt her and now the same thing might be happening here. N meets a cop who might call in a favour later on.

    I may be observing this because, I’ve been somewhat reading the story from an armchair critics viewpoint. Don’t get me wrong. The story is great but I feel it is compromising the original story. There is starting to be too much of ‘a story within a story’, unless that’s the angle you going for with Confessions.

  7. Oh Thandi my Thandi I beg of u to hook a sister up with chapter 56.Don’t make us wait long as anxiety is killing me softly.Dzamn I’m so addicted!!!

  8. Jah I have to agree, I already feel that this story is somehow getting the same angle as Diary of… Unless that is the route you taking.

    Anyhow, loving the story already, nice read

  9. Mike I’m so hooked to your stories hle! But I gotta ask this *bbm can’t watch* uhmm can u slow down with the Zulu a bit? I got friends that are bilingual lol so ga ba understand. Thank you! Plz keep up with the good work (not the stories) I mean by posting 3 consecutive days lolssssssss! Hope it will be like this until until..

  10. Mike you a great writer but I think you didn’t give “Zulu girl goes to JHB”a chance. If you did and finished the story maybe confessions was not gona sound more like Zulu girl, you creative I like that but don’t put all your eggs in one busket. I’m still a huge fan but I’m not gona continue with confessions until diary is done so that at the end I still find it interesting.

    1. Frecy i understand what you mean. Unfortunately the publishers want me to stop diary as they have offered me a book deal. Now its hard to continue diary as obviously how do i finish the blog online without preempting the book. Diary is only half way. i am honestly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      1. Now I get your dilemma.
        I think you are a great writer and if I had you talent I would write a story about what happened to my sister when she ran away from home when she was 16 to go to Jozi. I think its a story a lot of teens could learn from.

        I cant wait to buy the book and finish Thandeka’s story.
        I wish you luck in all your future endeavours.

      2. Eish san, kwabuhlungu lokho kithi but ke I’m haapy for you as you indeed deserve the publishing deal. all d best @ least awusishiyi sodwa ukhona umduduzi we Confessions…..

    2. whats ailing you? if you complement someone or rather mike on his writing don’t add buts, I believe that this is a way for us to find out how N got into to the sugar daddy trap yet you unqualified critics think that he’s not good. well eat dust because this blog is not meant to suit you but to get you thinking. and that’s my 2 cents worth of an opinion to you

  11. Buti all i wana say is u gud at wat u do and im soooo loving both stories. Im hooked!! U mst jst keep ur head up cz nt every1 is gona like u and wat u do so ungaba hoyi and write the way u wana write. Guys if u thnk ths is predictable or what not y dont u start writing ur own stuff then we’ll c who is a better writer.

  12. The suspense is killing us bro! Can you please make it an effort to @least post 5chapters a day? that way we can follow the story without lossing track. You’ve left us hanging with Thandeka but then i guess its intentionally but please we begging for the continuation of chapter 56. keep up the good work i’m an addict:)

  13. So does this mean that we wont be getting any more of the Diary? if that’s the case,carry on with confessions and stop updating just one chapter,late at night… Update more to keep us hooked

  14. its great that u got a book deal…i mean y wouldnt u?the story is captivating and well written…must say it will be hard waiting for the book cause i was so addicted to the diary…i guess ill have to give confessions a chance:)

  15. Demmet!!! This girl has a nigga hooked on this story!! Maybe its because I have a few friends that “like things” as you put it. Jeez! Hhayi no! Imnandi lendaba man! Big ups!

  16. OMW no more diary????? I hope your book hits the shelves before end of May. You cannot do this to us, lol…… #killing us softly

  17. Can we just have chapter 56 already, the waiting is killing me. I am so glued to this blog like the way I was hooked to 50 shades books. Mike you doing a great job.

  18. Lol yoh mara my heart almost stop there thought she was gonna get caught hai very intresting i wonder what the cop is going to say, “didnt i see u last nite with that old man at the park? Lol yoh

  19. I dnt understand Y ppl want him to stop add bits and pieces of Zulu here and there! After all this is a diary of a “ZULU GAL” helloo!

  20. lol the poor girl keeps getting put into tough situations but guess thats the obsticles u enquire in situations such as these. and i am sure that cop who just greeted her wanted something as well or he was also somehow connected to Siyanda’s dad.

    lol i love this blog!!!!

  21. ya surely they killed us…i always come here thinking ill find the new chapter of diary..anyhow ill will wait for the book and buy it immediately as it hits the shelves….the suspense in both stories is killing us when we wait like this…….

    Good work boss

  22. i hate how you just leave us hanging and craving for more, i must say your blog is like crack. one dose and you addicted. i even have the white guys at work on this crack and they addicted too!

    cant wait for the next hit

  23. Narrow escape…..I wonder how will the flowerbed look the following day….interesting read….patiently counting hours till tomorrow for chapter 6.

  24. I have enjoyed this book,even though it has made me sad because it is so extremely realistic. I like the fact that it is a story of life, not apartheid or politics. All the best with the book Mike, do market it well when it comes out we are starved for good stories that we can relate to.

    Thank you for being so unselfish as to share your talent for free.

  25. Cops are so nosy, now he is going act as though he knows you, I’d ignore that nigga like he is a bank sign #aintnobodygottime to explain why you know cops to your mom.

  26. this cop is a liker of things kodwa!!!!! iyooohhhh can’t wait for both chapters and honestly i love the line where she said ‘we all have a sugar daddy story” i sure do but, never acted on it tho!

  27. Bra Mike you are a great writer, publishing the book will be the best thing to do for yourself, trust me it wl b sold out, i will be one of your first buyers. We will be patiently waiting for the book. Good luck. Qhubeka no confessions while we wait for the book.

  28. hahaha as for the cop to greet, he likes thing… The humiliation, moment of shame.

    And i’m not too sure how I feel about the statement of us all having sugar daddy stories…

  29. It sounds the same blah blah blah …….but you always come back and read again n again why don’t you just STOP? I feel it’s just that plain simple rather than posting the same comment everyday shuuuu, iam waiting for the book bro!

  30. shit shit,give us 6 nw man,cum on,i mean dis girl doesnt actually knw wat shes up too,heee lets wait n see

  31. Don’t compromise your book any further, you’ve given out too much as already is. People need to realise that every story has an ending. I suggest you don’t continue with Diary, that will also end the comparison between the 2 blog stories. We will await the publication release date.
    Don’t rush your writing, because people want their ‘fix’ before bed every night. The first chapters of Diary were flawless because you gave your imagination free reign I think you’re now rushing it due to the pressure.
    Another thing, don’t allow the comments to influence the direction of your story.

  32. Why must ppl now tell the writer how to write as if they have been doing this for ages. Anisixolele the writer knws exctly wat he is doing or we all wouldn’t be glue to his blog.

  33. It’s funny how all this drama tends to happen in some people’s lives. Kodwa zilandelana kanje…hayikhona!!!

  34. No mara let’s be serious! Whrs chpta6 kgape its been a full day nw…

    P.S: To xow dt u de ish we can’t hv enuf of this blog. GR8 work… Nw re kopa chapta6…NB!! Plz add 3-5 chapts @a tym. 1chpta a day is nt ayoba…mxwa*…tlogela*

  35. Please stop dictating to the author what he must do. I don’t want your mediocre minds influencing his brilliance.

  36. “Eish you know as Africans we have this unnecessary flowerbed next to the house. My house was no different. My mother thought she had green fingers but oh well, it was just a dream. Now we had these weeds disguised as flowers.”

    LMFAO!!!! This just killed me. I’m gonna bill you for the funeral.

  37. Aahhh loving this. Gr8 work man. Ohh n peeps this can’t be N, remember N is Xhosa and Neliswa is Zulu.

  38. I absolutely love your work. It has so much intrigue and suspence it is really hard to believe you are a male. You have passion for this and it would be a shame if they do not broadcast this or make a novel out of it. You have the most gifted talent and its pleases me that you are using it to spread a good massage. Keep at it you are doing a great job.

  39. Pls write something from a man’s perspective, about a man . it will be fun and different. How do u know so much about women?

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  41. Lol year its ur fault dat I’m an addict so please hook me up with chapter six I’m bored and please make it snapy with chapter 56 of zulugal coming to jhb plZzzzzzz

  42. You haven’t lived until u crawled in through the window. In my case it so happened the window was in my dads bedroom. God bless all men who snore!

    Got in the window, on his bed and tip toed to the door. All this time he was snoring…. Lol imagine his face in the morning when he asked how I got in because he locked the door? I told i never left.

  43. Wow I just heard about this blog, and now am addicted, nice one bro hope you will publish a book…..

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  45. Iíll right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks. 5dfv46evd

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  48. Lol I said it once, I will say it again U LIKE THINGS!…but I must admit addiction to these blogs. Yes I started reading late but I can’t put ny fone down,heish even walked into an old lady bathung!!!

  49. Lmao now that was awkward cop’s hello I love this so interesting thanx to a old friend n recommend this thu addictive but good

  50. Lol omg! Let’s hope the cop doesn’t tell her mom bout what he saw….or else she’s in big trouble…

  51. love the book but the suspense is killing me please try and be quick cant wait for the next chapter which is chapter eighty four

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