Chapter Three

The following morning rather afternoon as I woke up at noon (now Saturday) I made it a point to go to her room and tell her that this was nit the girl i was. I had had fun but this was all a bit much for me. I cam from a home where all these things were taboo. I had every intention to tell her that she was not the person we had all thought she was so I will not be hanging out with her anymore. I mean to be fair it was only my second day and already I had seen a 40year old dick ah no thank you! As I got to her door she was also just coming in. She told me she had knocked on my door earlier because G wanted to take us for breakfast.  She hugged me quickly and said she had something for me. She seemed so excited by it that I also got curious. She took out a roll of two hundreds rolled up like a cigarette and held together like an elastic band. She handed it over to me and said that’s for you from G for touching your ass and she laughed. I wanted to throw it in her face and tell her am not a whore but i had to count the money first. I told her am going to put it in my room then i was coming back for we needed to talk. I think going up to my room i literally ran in excitement. i had to count it. I was scared i would get robbed along the way for that’s what they say happens in Jozi and since i was not carrying a bag i put the money in my bra when i got to the elevator. Speaking of elevators there are none back in Mooi River. Some one saw me do that and laughed. Again I was embarrassed but i acted not to care. I went to my room locked the door behind me and starting counting. Twice i lost count and started again and even when i got it right i counted again. R5000 for someone touching my ass. All the anger I had towards S was gone and G was no longer Gorilla but Teddy Bear. Was I a prostitute now i wondered! Nah of course not. According to S he had to pay for having touched my ass. I decided the best thing to do was save this money so on monday i would go add to the 1500 my parents had given me for the month for pocket money in my Standard Bank student account.

The Rule book

Having swallowed my pride now having been softened up by the money I headed back to S’s place. She was expecting me and was on her ipad loading the pics from yesterday at the club. She asked me what it was I wanted earlier and i said nothing just wanted to catch up. She then sat me down and apologized for throwing me in the deep end like that yesterday. Just like that. She then told me if I wasn’t comfortable with it next time she will go with her friends just that she felt bad going out without me yesterday. I told her I was fine and carefully avoided telling her that I saw her give Teddy Bear aka Gorilla a blowjob in the car. Everything was cool but she said she need to warn me of a few things and laughed and called them the Rules of the game.

The Rule Book

Foreign Guys are not bad. Its just a myth perpetuated by jealous South African guys who have no money and no ambition. The most they can do is get a job because they can’t think outside the box. They are stingy for one and let’s be honest they are abusive physically and emotionally. We have all been victims. However, not every foreign guy is kind gentle rich and fun. You have to be careful.
There are Nigerians, Cameroonians, Angolans, and Ghanians. You have to pick them well. Oh how can I forget Zimbabweans. Foreign people back home (Mooi River) are classified into two groups. Either you are Zimbabwean or you are Nigerian so what the hell is Cameroo what what. She was just confusing me but like an eager student I listened carefully.

1. From the get go stay away from Zimbabwean guys as they are usually waiters and work in restaurants. They are not bad people but life is what it is.  I tried to tell her its a stereotype and she said wait till you get to any restaurant in from Jhb to Mesina. I laughed uncomfortably at this.

2. Angolan men. They are very hot and have money problem is their women are even hotter so you will always be self conscious. And they love sex so you not about to be used for sex are you? I obviously said no but I wanted to hear more.

3. Men from Cameroon (that country i had never heard of till now) are few but have money. They are possessive but they cheat. They don’t really get along with Nigerians because they speak mostly french. If you are to play them here you most likely won’t get caught. I laughed again and asked her if she had ever played but she assured me that G would kill anyone who got close to her so she didn’t wanna end up making police statements.

4. She preferred Nigerians because much as they are sweet and caring they thought with money they could get everything they wanted. Problem with them is that they often had wives back in Nigeria. I asked her if this didn’t worry her and she asked me if I even knew were Nigeria was. When I said no she laughed and said “I rest my case”.

5. You cant do this forever though. in your first year you are allowed to play because you are young and no one fails first year. Just dont get caught and be discreet. dont flaunt your money when you get home because they will ask where you get it then you will be stuck.
6. You need a new wardrobe so am taking you shopping today. Your razor weave we will fix tomorrow Sunday.
7. By the way she said, we dont date South African men They do not appreciate women. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They beat. And most importantly they are stingy. How can you date a boy when you have a big man to take care of you?

With that said we headed to we headed to Sandton City because she said it was more convenient than Cresta and we would most likely not bump into anyone we knew. My makeover she said was about to begin. She told me how I would leave behind the dusty all me from Mooi River to be reinvented. By now you must be asking yourself where was my backbone in all this. I had hardly fought back and let this girl run my life. Dont forget i was in Jhb and she was possibly the only person I knew. She had given me 5000 for someone touching my ass. The most all the South African guys i had dated and yes some shagged had ever given me was a teddy bear (lol the irony) for valentines and bought me airtime to call them or chat. I had grown up with S so i trusted her and like she said it was my first year i needed to try new things. Pity i forgot that yes it was first year true BUT ONLY MY SECOND DAY in JHB and the drama hadnt even started….

The End

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  1. Iyo I got so lost between chapter 2 and 3 i had to double check that I was reading chapter 3, the jump is huge from Nelisa being at home and assisted with homework by Siyanda’s dad to now being in Johannesburg and being pimped, what happened in between? If you ever publish the book please link the 2 chapters and fill in some of the gaps, and you start the chapter with “the following morning” as if its the next day but all this couldn’t have happended in one day.
    Otherwise Ive heard a lot of good thing about this book and looking forward to reading more.

    1. Miss G you read chapter 2 of “Confessions of a SugarBaby” and not chapter 2 of “ZuluGirlGoes2Jhb”

  2. dead by how can you date a boy when you have a big man to take care of you! yhoo thinz happen wen sum of us are sleeping lol

  3. But shame honestly South African men a stingy excluding Venda, Pedi and Xhongas. Ke motswana and those take the cup.

  4. I heard about this book yesterday, today at work I am devouring it!! If I get fired, its your fault, lol. These things are sooooo true!!

  5. yaaaaah neah gal u got me living my books alone just to read ur drama, and am only in chapter two….. will i pass this exam though? already blaming you…………..

    nice one hey. can’t wait to read more.

  6. Dead by “Angolan men. They are very hot and have money problem is their women are even hotter so you will always be self conscious. And they love sex so you not about to be used for sex are you? I obviously said no but I wanted to hear more” lol seriously?

  7. -l.o.l- kwaze kwanzima emhlabeni weh madoda!

    A friend of mine referred this site to me and I haven’t put my phone down since (reading from my mobile)

    He he he… I’m just wondering how South African men feel about this? Do they think this is all fiction? Does it make them mad? Hmm?

    I’m from Nigerian descent and I’m appalled by what my brothers are doing in South Africa as they do not do this back home. Why?

    Its because many South African women can be bought, with money… Its easy nje…

    This can’t be right now can it?

  8. Lol yhoo so much happens in the street, ayi the joburg lights are not bright enough…. But as for SA boys lol i admit, I’ve always had that perception too

  9. Our children do things hey! Just for money. Shame!
    Interestn story-ddnt know that bout the Angolian nor Cameroon. Lol!

  10. Lol…funny hw mny cn easily persuade u to change ur mind. Nigger went frm ‘G(Gorilla to Teddy bear)’ in no tym. Nw dats wt i call 5000 reason to change ur mind

  11. Our SA brothers are really stingy instead they want u to always do things for them. I have never dated any1 from outside thou. Lol like just now some1 wanted to visit me i always cook when he comes i say please bring coke ijo he said something came up he wont make it lol

  12. To think that this blog is actually written by a Tswana guy…hmmm,makes it even more interesting <3

  13. lol some of th rules are true hey,rule no-7 is killing me and some of te things said there about South African mes are soooooo true,,,…

  14. Hay I’m gona defend SA guys. Not all of them are the same. It depends which race are dating from. Don’t go near Xhosa man…u most likely to find all those things mentioned there. lol I’m Xhosa too by the way. Uxolo ntwanaz.#hides#

  15. Is it fair to say this

    “we dont date South African men They do not appreciate women. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They beat. And most importantly they are stingy. How can you date a boy when you have a big man to take care of you?”

  16. come on we might be stingy but its up to the person to follow there culture they give you money leave you lacking ambition unrooted and lost most of these story dont end up good they leave you dry as if they where sucking on your soul we all want money but i dont want to have sleepless nights knowing how i make that cash

  17. Gal i like what you are doing here it is innovative.There are a lot of typos though and the lack of punctuation marks bring about confusion. Please take care of that next time.

  18. How true of South African men? Best description ever. I have dated 5 guys. The first 3 were locals (Zulu, Xhosa, and a Pedi). They were all stingy and they cheated but luckily I was never beaten. Then I left the country and met a Nigerian man abroad but dumped him because of his unbearable ego. I finally married a Ghanian. Oh what a down to earth gentleman. I dont regret a thang.

  19. They say Blacks don’t read ne? Well, this material right here is the ISH. Hmmm here comes Blacks-do-read on steroids. Can’t dzeal with the suspense… next chapter please!

  20. Hahahahahahahaha The Rule Book kills me! Hai no and to think its a man who wrote this. WONDER WHERE AND HOW HE CONDUCTED HIS RESEARCH LOL…#looks away

  21. Tshelete! Tshelete ya bolela… I mean money cn talk… Whats wrong with us ladies, if any1 cn come 2 u en see that person is loaded we totaly fall 4 it!!! No matter where they are originaly cm from…. Really dis ladies they sound like South African ladies hahaha! I salute them peroid!

  22. Wow gal tjoo evrythng is on point I fully agree wit u,damn am hooked 2 dis book/blogg or wat so eva eish ngiku thulela isigqoko ngane yo muntu

  23. Hmmmmm…sims dis story is starting 2 b interesting,cnt wait 4 de nxt chapter*curiouz*

  24. I think this is exactly what happens in braam. I live here and worse at south point lol. Tough……….

  25. Totally agree with Rule number “you can’t do this forever”. Generally speaking, the game is too risky, one may lose themselves in the process, and forgetting the main reason why they came to the “city of lights”.

  26. Hmmmmmmm..interesting,huh..5000 for touching her ex..what’s next?10 000 for a BJ?..agg man sies!

  27. Hmmmmmmm..interesting,huh..5000 for touching her ass..what’s next?10 000 for a BJ?..agg man sies!

  28. R5000 for someone touching your ass, come on south african beautiful ladies. you dont even think what will happen next ag man!!!!

  29. The honest truth ever exposed: most SA men do not appreciate women…I think Pta men take pride in the profound statement….as I continue reading

  30. If i were that girl, i would have thought twice before taking that money..if i did, i would make sure to get as far away as i possibly could from all those crazy people, i would move elsewhere.

  31. Just got the link loving both book.S.A woman S.A. man r different dnt cluster us into 1 bad guy jst bcause u had bad xpirence. How many girls r prestitudes bcause of dis lifes stile it is just 2 hook u the next thing ull b doing coke n b adicted 2 it n dey stop giving u R5000 n ull work 4 dem buy seling ur self stop being gold diggers n b indipendent n hav respect 4 urself

  32. Huh@ Sandy hw cud u say dt abt out South African Xhosa man I guess I wil hav 2 disagree dy sweet souls hau nd dy sooo nt stingy enyinto ndi independent#SAndProud

  33. lol this is intresting who wudve thought neh and here i was thinking working in jhb is the best choice to make khanti this is whats happening no wonder the girls from there dress so nice and fancy tjo life neh

  34. Wow okay seems like money has blinded the sight of honesty here! Haha its gets interesting now! New change let’s see who she picks for a suga daddy!

  35. this book gets more interesting, how am i going to work lol, hahahahah shame poor Zimbambens but it is true most are waiters.

  36. Lol! Classic content. Here I was with the intention to bath, and 20mins later I’m still chilling seated upright, glued to the screen! Lol I salute. Entertainment undiluted 🙂

  37. I was thinking of going back to chapter two, somehow I thought I missed something in between the chapters but I will carry on reading,hope on the next chapters I’m not gonna feel like the is a missing text somewhere.

  38. Jaa Zulugirl u know a lot about our south afRican man, they r very good to beat,lie, stingy joo, Zimbabwean guys kakakakaka joo all of dem aredzi let’s go further

  39. Yoh the girl got hooked up so early,bcz of cash! Honestly a good life is whr there is no riches,it will be the first year for me at uj tnx to the writer am learning,I will finish to read it

  40. Lol dead by “She preferred Nigerians because much as they are sweet and caring they thought with money they could get everything they wanted. Problem with them is that they often had wives back in Nigeria. I asked her if this didn’t worry her and she asked me if I even knew were Nigeria was. When I said no she laughed and said “I rest my case”. I would have laughed also. Its late bt gng 4 de nxt chptr

  41. R5000 4 touching her ass? Yoh G can blow money. I think I need a nigerian woman who will pay me R5000 4 touching my skinny ass.

  42. HAHHHAHHAHAHHAHA hey gals tats true they are indeed stingy selfish and so demanding to us instead of us getn care from them bt they need cre more from their ladies and if yu eva ask him for money you will forever not see him those are xhosa guys for you,all they want is to fuc and go and besides they dnt know how to romance a woman so to make her cum all they do is put n hurt yu wit their big dicks…..

  43. i have heard of this book since lastyear but had not been able to find it until my frnd located it on the internet. i have not been glued up to any reading material like i have on this “book”. Thank you for waking up my reading monster.

  44. My God what the money by only hand?kakakaka rules are hot cnt just wait for nxt chapter

  45. What a wonderful story.I must say,”Truth hurts”.Yes,majority of our South African men are so stingy and everything that has been said about them here is true.The defending game won’t even make them better,it’s how they are.Yet when we date foreigners,they start labelling us and insulting them.

    I applaude the writer of this book for we can relate to these stories especially cuz we have been aroing JHB more than 10yrs and staying in Braam.

    This is the true reflection indeed!

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