Confessions of a SugarBaby

Confessions – Chapter Four

With the blue lights flashing behind us Siyanda’s dad immediately got out of the car to confront them before they got to us. You know how South African police like things. The officer got out of the car and instead walked to our car. There in the front seat was me looking guilty as hell. It was so embarrassing. He asked Siyanda’s dad what was going on here of which he replied that we just relaxing at the park. He wanted to know why so late of which he replied that the park was open 24hours so he was not breaking the law. I think it annoyed the police man for he immediately asked if he could search the vehicle. I had to get out of the car. I looked so pathetic. They searched the car, found nothing and left. I asked Siyanda’s dad if that was all necessary and he said the police here are worse than the criminals for they harass. He suggested we drive to his drive way of which I readily agreed to. I won’t lie there is no girl who has never been taken to a park at night if she was with a guy who drives. I don’t know why the park is the ideal place because in all fairness it attracts more losers like the guy with you hence police. Even as we drove off another car was arriving to park.

As the police had asked for his license I asked him how old he was. He didn’t hesitate and said he was 43. Fuck! He was 15years younger than my dad and I must admit in great shape. You know those funny black men you see jogging in the morning. Yes he was one of them. I started doing the maths in my head as to defining what he would be to me if I continued to entertain it. Like it really mattered. I was crazy to be even here. A lot of people confuse the definition of a sugar daddy. By my reckoning an older MARRIED man is a sugar daddy if you date him and have no income and he takes care of that. It’s critical. If you are 20 and your husband is 35 there is no problem with that. But if you are 20 and he is 35 and married then yes you are a nyatsi. A sugar daddy by definition is a man who is a generation older than you who is married to someone else then dates you. Just putting it out there.

He asked me what I thought was happening between the two of us. Stupid question but it needed an answer. I think the fact that I had agreed to jump the fence for him meant that it was sealed. I told him that I knew he was after me and he asked me how I felt about it of which I told him the truth that it was flattering. I realized that his appeal came from the fact that I knew a bit of him. He wasn’t a total stranger but someone whom I knew would have my best interests at heart because of our close proximity. I could see that the answer I had given him had greatly flattered him for he was now smiling. We talked some more and he asked if he could kiss me. I think this is the most awkward part. The kiss was awkward because I was nervous. I had only ever kissed a high school boy and you don’t get that prickly sensation you get from a shaven man. I could sense the difference in control. Thabo literally eats you in a kiss whereas this man draws you into it.

You know that saying that it’s harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Well amongst my friends we have our own saying that its harder to find a virgin in matric than it is to buy bread at a spaza. I was no novice. I remember when he put his hand on my tshirt. It was exciting, blood rushed through my entire body. It was a bitter sweet feeling, because on the one hand I had my “father” touching my breasts and on the other hand I had my “boyfriend” in him. I think as girls even when a guy just touches your boobs we know actually what’s going to happen or rather what he wants to happen. The feeling is great but then it can be clouded by fear, because contrary to popular belief we tend to over think and analyse things. Regardless I realized I had to stop him. I was not that easy and besides I had a plan for him. The conversation went something like this went something like this.

Asime kancane manje (me)

Hawu asenze kancane futhi (him)

Cela ungihambise ekhaya manje (me)

He was a bit reluctant but he didn’t fight me. I had him where I wanted him. All men are the same regardless of age. They want what they can’t have and if you play it just right you will have them wrapped around your finger in no time. Even in high school, we all have that one boy who would do anything for us even if we are mean or nice to him. Its how life is. At my school Tebogo was the one who had a crush on me. I knew that if I said hi to him I would make his week. If I needed something he would go above and beyond. Thabo used to laugh at me about it. I wasn’t even the most beautiful at my school but he was my boy.

It was time to go home. It was already 0130 in the morning. He drove me back and seemed to be so happy with himself. He asked me if there was anything I needed of which I replied no. This was just day and this old man was like a kid in a candy store. I am sure he would have offered me the earth if I wanted. We got to my street and he dropped me a little closer to my gate. We said goodnight and we kissed again.

I entered the gate as quietly as a church mouse and tip toed to the house. I couldn’t help but feel stupid.

As I got to the balcony the light switched off!

Someone was up!

The End

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  1. This Confessions Chapter 4 has been posted under the Chapter 56 link of Diary of a Zulu Girl. Please correct.

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