Frequently Asked Questions

If any of your questions are not answered below, kindly email us at books@diaryofazulugir.co.za

1. 1. I bought a book last time will I get it?

Yes. The plan is all outstanding books get first preference

2. 2. How long will my book take to be delivered?

Between 3 and 6 days. Some locations are not urban so please kindly consider that

3. 3. Who will deliver my books?
All books will be delivered by "The Courier Guys"

4. 4. I am not from South Africa so will my book  be delivered to me?

Yes. This usually takes up to 14 days. Kindly consider buying the Ebook which will available in Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook date will be 26 June 2015

5. 5. Will the book come to shops and which ones?

We are in talks with the big franchises so we will update you

6.6. Can I deposit money and have my book delivered as I do not do online banking?

Yes you can. You have to complete the online order form for it to generate you a reference number & to capture your address details and banking details will be supplied on completion 

7.7. Will our books be signed by the author?

We have over a thousand orders but he will try to sign as many as possible

8. 8. Do you deliver on postal address or only physical address?

Physical address will be delivered and I believe postal address you pick up yourself

9. 9. I am from a rural community will you deliver here?

Yes we will but please leave your number in case deliver vehicle gets lost

10. 10. Will there be a book three?

Can't say at this moment

11. 11. When is the official release date of the book? 

June 26 and pre orders open June 11th

12.12. Is there ever going to be a series?

No. We are looking at a trilogy, a three part movie to open simultaneously across Africa the first being in 2016. We have done 75% of the work so cross your fingers