Confessions – Chapter Two

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I think it is a fantasy of every girl to have a guy who spoils her rotten and buys her things. I know its easy to be labelled gold digger by wanting more but where is your ambition if you don’t at least try. I actually think men are not the ones who call us […]

Confessions – Chapter One

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I think every girl knows when she is beautiful. By this I mean on the physical front. I was physically beautiful. Inner beauty is what the rest console themselves with when it comes to facing facts. We don’t spend ten hours in front of the mirror to try and properly put base on our inner […]

Chapter Five

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Look I am not a groupie or anything like that but here was a real life celeb in front of me. What’s a girl to do… Eish! I screamed ecstatically and hugged her. Poor girl didn’t know what hit her shem for she was quite startled at first but handled it gracefully. We took a […]

Chapter Four

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Now like I said I didnot grow up in a village. On the contrary I grew up in a small town. Had Dstv and all the perks people in big cities and flushing toilets etc don’t even get clever on me. I was also on the verge of getting my license using my mother’s old […]

Chapter Three

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The following morning rather afternoon as I woke up at noon (now Saturday) I made it a point to go to her room and tell her that this was nit the girl i was. I had had fun but this was all a bit much for me. I cam from a home where all these […]

Chapter Two

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Nervously i composed my self and was not about to embarrass my “cousin”. I smiled and offered my hand to shake but the gorilla would hear nothing of it. He hugged me lifting me up in the process. I am sure with the shortness of the dress i was wearing the hobos who were lurking […]

Chapter One

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I was not born poor but I cant say I was born rich either. My parents are both teachers in Mooi River halfway between Johannesburg and Durban. Its a beautiful quiet little town where nothing much really happens except for the occasional memulo (for those who don’t know its a coming of age ceremony for […]