YES 108

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There are times when you just want to switch off your phone and shut the whole world out. These are times when you feel a need to be alone for whatever reason. I was having one of those moments right now. Somehow I appeared to be

MOAYW 314 Bonus

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All three of us, Mthobisi, Mali and myself went silent, we were speechless after hearing what Thandie went through.  The silence was broken by Mavis clearing her throat she had been standing at the kitchen door the whole time, everyone turned to look at her and she said “I was just coming to clear the […]


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After fifteen minutes of sitting in the car my phone rang, it was my husband I ignored the call, he kept calling until I eventually could not take the ringing and picked up and before I could even explain why I had delayed he said “Lesedi, get back here right now.” And hung up I […]


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Mthobisi walked and to find my phone on the phone shattered, I guess he must have heard the sound of something falling and came to inspect what was going.  “Honey, what’s wrong?” he asked looking at my obviously shocked and confused face, I stared at him dumb-founded,  I couldn’t find my voice, the words wouldn’t […]