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Chapter Thirteen

Maybe I am a trouble maker. The way I attract trouble honestly. When I was at home I wasn’t necessarily the life of the party meaning I hardly got into trouble. I had never had the honor of guys fight for me or a chick pick a fight with me over a guy. That’s how chilled I was. It doesn’t make me a coward but Mooi River like I told you is a one street town and we can count the number of traffic lights in the whole town. I mean it too I am not trying to be funny too. Now here I was in the middle of a tryst. It’s like everyone I was meeting was getting into some form of bad luck. It had to be me. Was there about to be a scene right now in front of all these people? What had Benny heard? I was too scared to move as my uncle went after him.


I tried to tip of N on what had happened and instead she blamed me for poking my nose. She said we will see what happens but she was unhappy with me. I managed to explain what happened later on and she said that he had sent her a sms telling her so she forgave me and apologized for it. I don’t know what’s worse, waiting to die or dying itself. Every time I saw my aunt I felt she was coming straight to me and N to cause a scene but she didn’t. She was such a perfect host with a smile on her face always. Everyone seemed to love her genuinely and who can blame them. She was way too nice. The party was a success. Everyone was well fed. There were a few young people there so N and me were tasked with being the lifeguards by the pool. Lol they even had a heated pool. Yah neh. In Mooi I remember when it was time for swimming all the black kids would come up with an excuse. Its not that we have an inherent fear of water rather a shocking one of cold water. I sat there with my legs in the pool and N came and sat with me. She laughed at the fact that Benny was following her around. She made crude joke about how the two men in one family were drooling after her and how she was not surprised because half the men here were looking at her as well. I laughed partially because it was funny and mostly because a joke with a bit of truth in it is rather uncomfortable. I kept on looking for trouble because to be fair I was now very defensive and worried. I just wanted to go back to my flat. Thank God there were so many people some from outside town hence there was no chance of us sleeping over. Benny made an effort to stay away from me but I could see he was keeping an eye on me. Why? What had I done? Did he want me to come explain the story to him or what? How was I supposed to tell him that the girl he was crushing on was possibly being shagged by his father. He had just met me for crying out loud and from the beginning I had said to myself I want to stay out of this!




It was around 730pm in the evening that finally my aunt came to us. I held my breath and I think I threw up a little in my mouth when she hugged and kissed both N and I on the chick coz she was so happy. She was so excited that her party had gone well and grateful that we had been there to help with the kids and for moral support. She called us both her daughters then went away to join the others. So my Ben 10 had not ratted us out after all. I don’t know whether I was relieved or saddened by it. It prolonged the misery and postponed the battle to another day. Eventually around 10 my aunt came to take us home. Still bubbly and happy. She said Benny couldn’t come with us because he had to help the elderly who were there and make sure his father doesn’t get too drunk and burn the house down. We all laughed. When we got to the car however Benny came running to say bye. All was well. He hugged us both before he asked his mum if he could talk to ME privately. His mum laughed and called me makoti making him blush. We then went a short distance and he said to me …



“Stay away from my dad please. You are too young for him and I don’t wanna tell my mom because it will break her”


I was shocked.


“What did I do wrong?”


I asked defiantly


“I saw you in the corner kissing him. Pls stay away”



Stunned! Wait a minute? Did Benny think I was having an unfair with my uncle? Euuuuw!!! What the fuck should I do now!?


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