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Chapter Fifty Six

I woke up very early in the morning. I hadn’t unpacked anything yet. I thoroughly scrubbed my body African style complete with a stone (my mum packed it for me). I wanted to wash out what happened yesterday. I wanted to call a cab so I could leave this wretched house. Anywhere but here was fine. Problem is I didn’t know where I was except that this was Lonehill in Fourways. It was just after seven in the morning. I went to the kitchen. Maybe I could find an envelope with an address or something but nothing. I think Gorilla must have heard me because he also walked into the kitchen. He was already bathed and dressed for Monday morning work. I had my back turned to him when he told me where the ingredients were. When I turned to look at him that’s when he saw my face.

He saw that I had been crying and immediately asked what was wrong. He stepped forward I think to hug me and I stepped back. He looked at me and asked me what he had done wrong? I had tears in my eyes when I told him that last night he made me feel like a prostitute. He had paid me for a handjob and the fool just looked at me as though he didn’t even see that what he did was wrong. I asked him why he had done that because I had been nice and attentive to him. At first he seemed totally confused by what I was saying. I guess he had expected me to question him.

He asked me if he could explain and I told him to go ahead. He told me that when he first came to South Africa he had courted a girl. For two weeks he took her out to restaurants clubs the works. Everything was perfect he said. Eventually they slept together. Three days after he had slept with the girl, the police had come to his house as she had accused him of rape. As a foreigner it was even harder for him to be heard by the police. He said he had been so humiliated. He said eventually someone came and rescued him from the situation. He was angry at the girl and one day he bumped into her at Sandton City. He said he went to her and asked why of all the crimes she could falsely accuse a man of why had she chosen rape. I wanted to ask him why not rape because I didn’t really believe his story. He said she told him that its the easiest to get the polices attention. He asked her why she had done that though for they had had neither quarrel nor argument. He said she told him point blank that he had not given her money afterwards because with all the shopping and outings he had given her then she had reasonable expectation that he would give her money. When he had not called her for two days she felt used and that was her revenge. What a ridiculous story! No woman ever falsely accuses a man of rape! Even back in Mooi rape though sadly common is a big thing. I asked him if he then thought that giving a girl money after sex would prevent her from accusing a man of it. He told me that it lessens the charge because wants she accepts the money it becomes a case of a paid agreement. I didn’t want to hear more! He had just told me I had been paid for the handjob to ease his conscience. You know how when you are angry you fill in the blanks with your own conclusions. Well I was angry. He wasn’t a monster to be fair but FUCK IT at this moment he was.

He tried to convince me to stay and told me it would never happen again. He apologized profusely and said he had never thought I would ever think like that. He said he was many things but not that kind of man. He said it was self preservation neither malice nor him cheapening whom I was. He told me he would not hold me here against my will and gave me keys to his house. Wow. He gave me the address after I refused his offer to take me wherever I wanted to go. I wouldn’t accept his help. I called the taxi. I went and took my bags. The money was on the dressing table. I took it. It was mine after all and according to him I had earned. Take what you can and give nothing back right!!! My taxi arrived and I asked it to take me to Braam. I was going to call Ayanda and go to her place. It was Monday morning and there was so much traffic. The taxi driver could see I was in a bad state. See why I appreciated a weave. On a bad day you can hide your sorrows behind your hair and big glasses. With short hair you are exposed like a kwaZulu Girl in Johannesburg for the first time.

I got a call and it was my aunt. She told me she had come to check up on me that morning on her way to the police station and I wasn’t there. I told her that yesterday umalume had kicked me out and told me to get my stuff. She asked me where I had slept and I started crying. I couldn’t help it. She told me to forget everything he had said he was wrong and he had vented it the wrong way. She reminded me that family sticks together and after the police station when she comes back she must find me at the flat. She wanted to go see N later as well. Bravery. For a moment there I could smile in between the tears. I needed to get my life back in order. When I got to the flat I didn’t really feel like it was home anymore. I was grateful though that I had my space. My aunt didn’t take more than an hour to get to me from when I arrived. She was with my uncle and he looked like a kid who had been caught stealing sugar.

You know there is nothing harder than making a Zulu man apologize, let alone apologize to a child and a girl child at that. He said he was sorry and had over reacted about this whole thing. He told me that blaming me was wrong and having put me in the middle of it was wrong. I tried to picture my own father apologizing to me. It was a funny thought because I swear his teeth would probably fall out not before Shaka arose from the dead. I accepted the apology but with a side eye. Problem with having rich cousins is that they treat you like the poor cousin you are and always have a way of reminding you of it. It was his flat so I was at the mercy of his tantrums.

My aunt told me that Benny would be moving in with me for a while whilst they tried to fix all this mess. As he was writing his matric soon he didn’t need all these distractions and already he drove so it wouldn’t be a problem. These people have faith neh! Letting me and Benny live together! They told me that since I had passed matric so well it would also be handy as I would help tutor him. Kinda made sense but wow me and Ben 10 living together was the only thing that I heard.

As we walked into the hospital there were N`s parents. You don’t need to be told some parents can never deny their kids because the resemblance is so strong its creepy. I was kinda struck though by the clear large age difference between her parents.

The mother looked at my aunt totally pissed. I think they had met before the recognition and disgust was in her eye.

Its funny how things turn out. Coming behind us was Python and the cop who had taken the details of the case.

What was going to happen next?

Maybe coming here was a bad idea!

****The End****


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