Chapter Three

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The following morning rather afternoon as I woke up at noon (now Saturday) I made it a point to go to her room and tell her that this was nit the girl i was. I had had fun but this was all a bit much for me. I cam from a home where all these […]

Chapter Two

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Nervously i composed my self and was not about to embarrass my “cousin”. I smiled and offered my hand to shake but the gorilla would hear nothing of it. He hugged me lifting me up in the process. I am sure with the shortness of the dress i was wearing the hobos who were lurking […]

Chapter One

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I was not born poor but I cant say I was born rich either. My parents are both teachers in Mooi River halfway between Johannesburg and Durban. Its a beautiful quiet little town where nothing much really happens except for the occasional memulo (for those who don’t know its a coming of age ceremony for […]