ORIGINS Chapter 44

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Someone once told me that my gender craves attention even when we are wrong. I was acting the way I was as though he had assaulted me but he had not. I am the one who was desperate enough to have slept with him. This is why we think men are dogs, he walked in […]

ORIGINS Chapter 43

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No matter who tells you what sleeping in a hotel might seem luxurious but the fact that you sleep in a bed who hundreds if not thousands of people have slept in makes you just as dirty as them. They can wash their sheets a million times for all I care but let’s be honest, […]

ORIGINS Chapter 42

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Abedi had hurt me. There is no other way to put it. He had taken advantage of my vulnerability and for that it felt as though I would never forgive him. I could not confront him though for fear that it would get back to Ada. I decided to put it and him at the […]

ORIGINS Chapter 41

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There are some days when you wake and just want to be alone. It is not because you are moody but when you are going through a lot sometimes being left alone to your thoughts makes you find solutions. My father was such a disappointment I know but so was I. What Abedi had done […]

ORIGINS Chapter 39

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I might have been a virgin but that did not mean I had not read up on sex. I knew what it was and the types of men you get. There are the men that plead for it to get it. These are often soft and tend to worship you when you give it up. […]

ORIGINS Chapter 38

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The only choice between love and war is which will kill you first. I am not delusional enough even with this hangover to think that Zamo would ever take my side so why would I want to make peace with her. She had done a lot to me and I think I owe her a […]

ORIGINS Chapter 37

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There is a reason why poor black farm workers don’t complain when they are oppressed by white farmers. There is a reason why a woman can allow her boss to touch her ass every day at work even though at home she has her own family. Have you ever wondered why in a country so […]

ORIGINS Chapter 36

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Ladies listen, you teach a man how to treat you. This is super important. Don’t listen to these so called woke zealots who tell you that its not their job to teach a man how he must treat them. What kind of forward thinking bullshit is that? All men are different, say it with me […]

ORIGINS Chapter 34

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The problem with Zulu men is that they are stubborn and hard-headed. It’s not a generalized statement either. The older ones are worse in that they have a lot of pride and act as though they know everything. You talk to one they will act as though they are listening to you but in the […]

ORIGINS Chapter 32

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It’s weird how everyone experiences growth and encouraged to grow as a person. One of the things about University is that it’s inevitable that you find yourself and find out whom you are. The irony is that there are a bunch of people out there who sit at home and have this uncanny belief that […]

ORIGINS Chapter 31

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If a man shows you his love through the money you must run. We tell each other about red flags yet were money is involved we look the other way. Money means he buys you, he owns you and worse still, money is like a drug and you get addicted to it. Unless you have […]

ORIGINS Chapter 30

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Have you ever heard of a face only a mother can love? Well, I think I had just invented a new one, food only a man who loves you can eat. Let me put it this way the food was so bad even I had a lump in my throat each time I swallowed. This […]