ORIGINS Chapter Eighteen

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I was not sorry when Zamo tried to commit suicide. She was not my friend and she had tried to get me kicked out of school. I know when something like this happens we are told that we must humble ourselves and see the world in a bigger picture. In the bigger picture girls like […]

ORIGINS Chapter Seventeen

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Uma usenkingeni, uhlekwa nayizinyoni when things are falling apart, even the birds laugh at you. I wish I could take back the fight right now. I could not fix this. Girls like me are not that lucky. Her mother was a lawyer or something powerful like that. They would never agree with me. That’s how […]

ORIGINS Chapter Sixteen

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Whichever way you look at it I was not expecting that? I had just complained about R4200 now he had not only doubled that but he had given me the most expensive gift I had ever received in my 19 years of breathing. A part of me said this was wrong but let’s be honest, […]

ORIGINS Chapter Fifteen

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 I must say that girl world is one of the most difficult terrain to navigate. For some reason amongst us as women we managed to over complicate our relationships with other women. Every girl knows that you do not just tell a friend that her man is trash because that could very much end up […]

ORIGINS Chapter Fourteen

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Girls who grew up in the city and went to model c schools have this ridiculous notion that women should not fight physically. I see it a lot on social media where they act so disappointed in women fighting even over a man. Lalela sisi, if a heifer disrepects you, you must put it in its place. Dont go around telling me about politically correct or how brand alignment does not recognize women fighting brcause you dont defend yourself you will always be crying. “Say what?” I asked her not that i wanted an answer vecause now i was justifoed. I jumped up ao fast and i punched her on the nose at the same time ngamuka ngo pitsi sending her to the floor. She did not even see it coming. By the time katlego got to me i had already kicked her twice on that big ass of hers. Who did she think I was lesilima? Growing up my mother liked this saying that when baboons enter your field beat them up but be more savage on the crippled ones so that the others will always remember how ruthless you are. “Ubani wena? Who do you think you are? I will break you!” I screamed at her. Things happened so fast because by this stage Katlego was holdimg back. “No Kat this girl has been on my case forever now she dares to come to my room to attack me! She wants to die this one!” I screamed angrily. I surprised myself at the fact that i managed a full English statement because when i am angry the vernacular just comes out. “I saw Samke but please you guys can get thrown out of res for fighting. Use your brains, ladies dont fight!” She pleaded with me but i was done. She was crying and bleeding from the nose. She will never ever do it again. “You hit me!” She said in compliment and utter shock that her huffing and puffing had landed her on the floor. Never ever start something you cant finish. “I should have done worse. You constantly belittle me and for what? You think i am a village girl neh? That was your first mistake because even i was, village girls beat. We don’t spanky spanky with cheese girls like you. Ngizokubulala tsek!” I am not a bad person. I really am not. I am not even saying it like people like car drivers who whenever they tell people of an accident they were in its never their fault. She immediately stood up […]

ORIGINS Chapter Thirteen

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Nothing makes a Zulu man angrier than seeing his daughter emjolweni. I swear their blood pressure rises so fast forgetting that these men bayafeba like stray dogs elokishini. These are things we are not allowed to acknowledge in society as its fine that our fathers have kids everywhere but wena the girl go on a […]

ORIGINS Chapter Twelve

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Sometimes you have to take a moment and just appreciate the craziness of my gender because on more occasions than not we are braver than men. I did not say we are stronger just foolhardy bravado. I have seen girls talk to fully armed fidelity guards without a worry in the world. Ask any guy […]

ORIGINS Chapter Eleven

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You are not a true Jhb person unless you have been mugged at least once. That actually is a huge compliment if it only stays there without being harmed. Make no mistake about but South Africa has long passed its sell-by date. Name one thing that works well in this country just one. I will […]

ORIGINS Chapter Ten

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Today was Sunday. I did not even bother to wake Katlego up because unlike me church was not really much of a priority. She hardly drank last night and this was something I was going to ask her about because i had seen she was really uncomfortable. I had also resolved that i will talk […]

ORIGINS Chapter Nine

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I counted it for times alone in the bathroom to make sure. R4200. I know what money is. I know what it is because at home we struggle almost all the Goddamn time for it. Sometimes the amount we struggle even brings tears to my eyes. Growing up I used to tell myself is that […]

ORIGINS Chapter Eight

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A while back there was a picture that did the rounds. It was a picture of a donkey that was tied to a plastic chair and usually the caption was something like ‘oppression is in the mind’. The picture implied that at any point the donkey could have walked away as the chair weighed probably […]

ORIGINS Chapter Seven

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Have you ever been to an event where all your friends have hot dates and you walk in the one who is the questionable-looking one? You almost always feel underdressed. I was only 19 so at that age looks matter. Looking at him I was not even sure how old he was as a result […]