Realities 121

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The last time I had seen Nelisa’s mother I had threatened to beat her up and the last time I had seen Nozipho’s mother was to explain why her daughter had died in my arms. They had three things in common, one being that they

Realities 120

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Growing up our parents always went to funerals and family funerals were often the ones with drama. We would often hear about the fights and disagreements that took place at these gatherings. Some of these fights get violent and

Realities 118

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If you thought breaking up with someone was hard, try divorcing them and see why it’s even harder. There is so much to consider such as what you want out of the divorce and how much your partner will fight. I had helped build my

Realities 117

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Losing a child is something no woman should ever experience. ‘It is like a bank collapsing. She had had invested thousands of prayers in her daughter over the years, assuming she was storing up points of some kind and when her

Realities 116

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There are moments in life that actually happen in slow motion when you think back. I know in movies that aspect is meant to be for dramatic effect and often in works. It works in moment were you move so fast to do something but are

Realities – Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

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We all have that one moment before we sleep, unless you are drunk of course then this would not exactly apply to you. This is moment that we get lost in our thoughts be it beautiful or painful ones. Usually we think of our lives,

Realities – Chapter 114

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As wives we play a role in how men treat the kids that they came with when they were marred. We either corner them into supporting the child or abandoning it. The saying that men think with the wrong parts of their anatomy has never been so true especially on this topic. If I was […]

Realities – Chapter 113

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Have you ever wondered why its so difficult to love the child of another woman as a woman? Already as women we don’t like each other so why would I love the child of my husbands ex? If your husband has an ex that he does not have kids with, is he still allowed to […]

Realities – Chapter 112

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To be warned is to be foretold but to a woman you can never ever say I told you so! We will disown you so fast because you think you know better. There is nothing to celebrate when you words of warning become prophesy and are proved true. That’s just something you are supposed to […]

Realities – Chapter 111

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There is this song, took me a while to remember it because you know its one of those songs us women think is so unnecessary. Its called “Same script different cast” I think its a Whitney Houston song and some other lady I don’t care much to know. I remember once reading its reviews and […]

Realities – Chapter 110

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Putting on a brave face when in strife is not easy at all.Your heart beats so loud it feels as though the next person can hear it. There is no hiding at all you feel. I was so nervous inside me but I could not be seen to be panicking. I had already concluded that […]