Growing – The End

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Apostle Bae and I had a very beautiful wedding ceremony, but we didn’t have a beautiful marriage. Soon after we got married, his abuse escalated from emotional abuse to physical abuse. Sihle, after spending alot of time with the Apostle and I, noticed that he was emotionally abusing me. I thought she was crazy, because […]

Growing Up – Chapter 68

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My whole life, up until I started being a little hoe, no one had ever seen me naked. I wanted things to be that way because that is what we are taught at church. We are taught that we must keep our bodies pure so that our future husbands can be satisfied with us. I […]

Growing Up – Chapter 67

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I have never been a violent person, yes I have had a few fights here and there, but I’ve never been a violent person. I never go to a place ready for a fight, I’m a peaceful person but people like to provoke me. Like my aunt, why in the hell did she want to […]

Growing Up – Chapter 66

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Some conversations are not meant for others to hear. Sometimes you talk about a person and you don’t want them to know, it’s not always gossiping, for example we were talking about Sipho and we didn’t want him to know what we were saying, but we weren’t gossiping. Sometimes a person just needs to vent […]

Growing Up – Chapter 65

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I think it is really unfair for a man to diminish a woman’s value because she is not a virgin. Whether a woman is a virgin or not has nothing to do with her worth, a woman has a lot of worth whether she has slept with 10 men or 1. You will never find […]

Growing Up – Chapter 64

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I don’t think there is a woman who would enjoy being called a slut, especially if it is a man who is calling you a slut. Most of us want to be seen as respectable women and addressed as such. Societal standards of a respectable woman vary from place to place. I am familiar with […]

Growing Up – Chapter 63

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The cruellest thing that could happen to me right now is for me to lose my beauty, I was about to get married for god sake. Being beautiful on your wedding day is extremely important, it will probably be the only time you will get married so you need to look your best. Another thing […]

Growing Up – Chapter 62

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I am not one to run away from a fight, if you pick a fight with me, you will definitely get it…but I was not going to fight with 3 ladies, Philani’s 2 sisters and 1 sister in law. It certainly was not going to be a fight because they were going to beat me […]

Growing Up – Chapter 61

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I never wanted a long engagement but I certainly didn’t want a short one. I didn’t want to get married in a Month. I needed some time to plan the wedding, a few months not a few weeks. What kind of a man takes such decisions about a wedding alone? We never really spoke about […]

Growing Up – Chapter 60

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Your wedding day is a very special day, a day you want to experience with people close to your heart. I know for sure that I want to have a big and beautiful wedding, but the person who will be my Maid of Honour will have to be someone close to my heart. I will […]

Growing Up – Chapter 59

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There is nothing in this world that can turn women into psycho’s like love. Alot of women cat testify to the fact that most of their craziest actions were done because of love. Love just brings out the crazy in us. We act crazier when the one we love rejects us and moves on with […]

Growing Up – Chapter 58

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I think the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day is losing a loved one. Imagine a day that was supposed to be joyful turn into a very painful day. This has actually happened to a guy from church. His father passed away a day before his wedding, they had no other choice […]