Birds – Chapter 21

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23:37 p.m. #Audrey Omowumi and i approached the couch were Zinzi and Thabz were sitting cosily. “Here is Audrey. Tell her what you told me.” said Omowumi to Thabz. “You guys no. Please leave me out if this.” Said Thabz “What is it Wumi?” I said curious. “He said he did leak Pontso’s pictures but […]

Birds – Chapter 20

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Friday- 20:35 p.m. #Audrey Hair, make-up, screaming outfits and heels. We looked dashing. We looked flawless. Ethiopia’s Audrey, South Africa’s Senhle, the twins, and not forgetting Nigeria’s Omowumi. The same clique that goes partying together. The same Circle members i met Mr “do you love me Audrey” with. Tonight was about fun. And possibly keep […]

Birds – Chapter 19

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Friday-11:46 a.m. #Pontso It was Friday the 27th of May and as any day of the entire week; – I was tired. I stood there at my front door waiting for Miss Mzansi Bontle; the birthday girl. She was turning twenty seven and was paying me a visit.   I was surprised to get her […]