Birds – Chapter 43

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Karma… #Audrey After the information Dingaan’s wife gave me. I was shuttered, embarrassed and so confused. I stood inelegantly next to my Porsche outside the restaurant.  How did Dingaan’s wife know about my pregnancy? How did she know about the fashion show? She had clearly been watching me! Shit! Dingaan cannot have children? I clearly […]

Birds – Chapter 42

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“I am so glad we could finally meet Audrey.” #Audrey I sat on my bed starring at my phone. I didn’t know what to do. Omowumi was right, I was pregnant. How could I have let this happen? I finally started typing the message- *Hi baby. I need to talk to you. Can we please […]

Birds – Chapter 41

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“something is wrong Barbie” #Audrey  “Everybody listen!” shouted Lerato “Excuse me. Hey…could you all please listen!” She repeated. We all turned to face her. Omowumi was kneeling below my knees taking re-measurements of my waist. We were finally rehearsing for the Lerato’s fashion show which was taking place later that evening at Pontso’s boutique. The […]

Birds – Chapter 40

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“that man is a monster!” #Pontso It was Monday. I was getting ready to leave my house to campus for my first exam at in the morning. My phone was quite silent the previous day that I thought I was finally getting a break from the media. But of course I was not getting […]

Birds Chapter 38

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#Pontso It wasn’t long before the news that I slept with D.J Macky behind Brian’s back broke into social media before the lifestyle show even aired the following day. I was crushed that half the people on social media were now sympathising with Brian saying he was “provoked” Into beating me up. I was flabbergasted […]

Birds Chapter 37

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#Pontso I sat there on the dressing room chair going through the questions they gave me in paper. I knew the guy who was doing my make-up for the Lifestyle interview, so i felt safe in his hands. The interview was starting in an hour. Tshepi advised me to go to the studio early and […]

Birds Chapter 36

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#Audrey I heard stuff shifting outside my room. I got off my bed naked, and found Senhle moving boxes out of her room. I guessed she was serious about wanting nothing to do with Kamo. However; kicking her out was a bit extreme. I walked closer to her. “Senhle don’t you think you are a […]

Birds Chapter 35

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#Audrey The entire afternoon I had been testing my left leg if it will not disappoint me when I decide to strap on the six inch heels. Well it did. I had to downgrade and put the 3 inch ones like I’m a retiring mother of five. I had to prepare for my date with […]

Birds Chapter 34

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#Audrey I woke up in MK’s arms. We were still stark naked after the activity we continuously divulged in all through the previous night. His arms felt warm and home. He was still asleep. I looked up at him and planted a kiss on his full lips. His small eyes slowly opened. “Morning.” I whispered. […]