Diary Of A Zulu Girl is a leading South African blog, keeping it’s growing loyal audience informed of the realities that everyone is afraid to talk about using fiction. Publishing daily stories that touch people’s life with its 4 different books “Diary of a zulu girl – zulu girl goes to joburg”, “Missteps of a young wife”, “Confessions of a Sugarbaby” & “Memoirs of tired black man” distinguishes itself by also offering real problems discussions/platform insights on social issues, and has a global audience that relate to the stories.

The DOAGZ’s audience is educated and well informed, your campaigns will reach an influential community with spending power.

Advertising score card for diary of a zulu
Advertising score card for diary of a zulu

Rates & Sizes

Name Size CPM
Mobile Banner 320×50 pixels R420
Medium Rectangle 300×250 pixels R380
Leaderboard 728×90 pixels R350


Monthly Unique Browsers 72,896
Monthly Page Views 1,635,220

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