About Mike

Mike Nkululeko Maphoto is a South African dramedy novelist and lawyer. He is the author of the hit blog-drama Diary of a Zulu Girl and Confessions of a Sugar Baby. He is the co-writer of SABC 1’s hit TV series Makoti.

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The Polokwane writer was born in Zimbabwe to an exiled South African politician. He also lived in Zambia, Botswana and England.

Mike Maphoto’s writing journey began when he pulled a prank on a friend in 2005. It was from this prank that he realised he had flair with words and storytelling.

He is the father of the diary chronicle genre.

His blog Diary of a Zulu Girl is largely seen as the reason behind the blogging family in South Africa as it broke barriers for many authors to find their voice.

Boasting over 130 000 followers and with over 30 million views on Facebook, the Diary of a Zulu Girl dramedy broke readership barriers among young and old – male and female – readers.

Such was its influence that in 2016 he not only won the IEB award for blogging, but also the English Matric National Exams had his blog as one of their questions.

Mike studied Law and Politics at the University of Cape Town.