Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 44

Someone once told me that my gender craves attention even when we are wrong. I was acting the way I was as though he had assaulted me but he had not. I am the one who was desperate enough to have slept with him. This is why we think men are dogs, he walked in as though he had done nothing whatsoever and he knew if I told Ada I would be screwed.

“You are got to be kidding me!”

I said out loud and at that moment Zethu walked in from the room they were in. I think she had heard voices.

“Oh wow hi!”

She said to him with a smile.

“Zethu right? At least one of you is happy to see me!”

And walked over and hugged her. He had never hugged her before today meaning he did that on purpose.

“Zethu you are going to have to share a room with Nthabiseng so he can take the other room!”

I advised her of which she immediately responded that they were already staying together because they figured if they did not they would end up be stocko. We laughed at this. Name a South African girl that has never been stocko? I will wait…

“Are far are you with getting ready because we were told by 9pm we should be ready?”

She asked me. I was almost ready but had to go check up pm Ada. I knocked first before entered. Once upon a time when I was child I walked into my parents bed without knocking and lets just say that was the last time I did that.

“Come in!”

He said gruffily. I walked in and as that was not his normal tone of voice I asked him what was wrong,

“Hard day on the job that’s all!”

He said. I could see that he was holding his little finger and was wincing every time it came into contact with something.

“Is it broken?”

I asked him.

“No I think its dislocated that’s all. It will pop in place in its own time!”

He said.

“No, that’s nonsense. Stop being a big baby my gentle bear!”

I went to the bathroom and came with a fresh clean small towel.

“Bite into this!”

I told him and he looked at me confused.

“Have you ever done this before?”

He asked me surprised at what I was about it.

“As a matter of fact I have several times. Played Netball in high school and dislocated are unfortunately part of our daily bread whether its at practice or during the game.”

I told him cheerfully and I was not lying. The only difference though was that I had never done a hand as big as his before.

“Bite into the towel!”

I instructed him sternly which he did then I asked hi to put his hand out. He was actually so scared which I found sweet.

“No I am going to count to three so I want you to brace yourself ok?”

I told him of which he nodded his head.

“One ….”

I started counting without even going further I pulled. There was a light pop finger as the socket realigned with the bone and obviously a lout groan from Ada as he had not expected that at all.

“Hey ouch I thought you said count to three!”

He asked.

“Yeah I did I counted 2 and 3 in my hand and look at you! It will be tender for a bit but all in all fine.”

I told him going through my bag for what to wear.

“Thank you very much. Did you bring the heels I bought you?”

He asked me.

“Yes I did and I bought a dress to wear it with tonight.”

I told him,

“No don’t, you can wear that dress tomorrow nwa lewa, I have something for you to wear rather.”

He told me with a smile.

“Oh wow, really, thank you!”

I told him. He pointed to the wardrobe and said it was in its bag. I had actually not opened the wardrobe when we checked in because I am sure I would have seen it. I opened the wardrobe and opened. There was gift bag. In the gift bag I found my outfit.

“Wow this is gorgeous! Like Ada really, I have always wanted of these!”

I told him as a ran to hug him.

“I am glad you do, I was worried there for a second there that you might not like it but thank fully you do. I am so relieved!”

He said gleefully. I took out the out fit and inspected it. The truth is I prayed it did not fit, not because it was not beautiful but because this was for other people. He had bought me a tight fitting black leather catsuit. I just want to cry. This was not mean and such outfits mean that it follows every ounce of your body to the letter meaning anyone and everyone looking at you can see you as almost nude. Then that was peeing, imagine how hard it is to pee in a normal jumpsuit let alone this.

“I am going to get ready with the girls!”

I told him and he agreed. He had to finish up to. I went to the girls room with my heels in hand and knocked on their door. They were almost done and they looked amazing.

“Guys look what he bought me to wear!”

I told them in Zulu so that we would not be overheard. Nthabiseng never complained when we used Zulu so I suppose she understood quite a bit.

“You are becoming that girl hey but its beautiful I won’t lie!”

By that girl she meant that girl who is extra even in a club were everyone is sexy. I am not sure if they were fans of catsuits either because their responses were lukewarm.

“I hope you are shaved because thing looks better when you don’t have underwear otherwise it will show hectic panty line.”

Zethu said and Nthabisneg agreed,

“Yho, nifuno ngigqoki commando?”

I asked them and they birth burst out laughing because of how the shock in my voice had sounded.

“Unfortunately yes, hear we do as the Cape people do, we are far from amafarm!”

Zethu said mocking me and we laughed. They helped me dress up with my make up and they did my hair, they refused for me to look at myself but thirty minutes later I was done.

“Go look in the mirror and tell me what you think?”

Zethu asked me. I stood up and could feel their eyes on me as I walked to the kitchen. Even with the heals I could feel taller and more confident. I deliberately closed my eyes as I walked into the bathroom which was the wise thing to do because as I opened my eyes I was met by a stranger. S for Sizzling, S for Scintillating you name it because the girl in the reflection resembled nothing like me. She was absolutely gorgeous. I let out a slight whistle and then called out,

“Guys this can’t be me ah!”

I told them and they both laughed.

“Dude you have been hiding for too long this is you!”

Nthabiseng and I just remembered what people always say about Bonang in her past and Bonang now, its not that you are ugly it’s just poverty.

“Ladies we need to move!”

Abedi shouted for the other side of the door. Yeah he was back to follow him around like a lost puppy. The loser. The girls went out first and I think they did it deliberately so for when I walked four pairs of eyes were on me and two pairs of them maybe three looked at me shamelessly lustfully. Only one voice commented and it was Ada,

“So this Nwa Lewa is what you have been hiding?”

He said and made a slow clap,

“Well I don’t like the idea of stopping traffic if I looked like this every day right?”

I said trying to crack a joke but I barely crocked it out. I totally ignored Abedi. I went over and gave Ada a hug and since he was a still taller than me even in heels I made sure I leaned forward so that my ass would be even no more pronounced. This was what Abedi would never get again.

“Let’s go guys!”

Abedi said sounding rather uncomfortable there. That worked for me. As we walked out I realized that my catsuit didn’t have a pocket which made sense but I had forgotten my hand bag back in Jhb.

“Please carry my phone for me!”

I asked Nthabiseng as her bag was bigger than Zethus.

“Sure no problem!”

As we walked through reception I could feel all the eyes stare at us. It was not uncomfortable funny enough and felt rather empowering. Is this what it means to have an alter ego because I felt like a brand new person. When we got to the club and I was asked what to drink I did not even hesitate when I said,

“Champagne darling!”

Something inside of me had stirred just by wearing that outfit. Weird I tell you but I believe that with women clothes make us who we are and often influence our mood on the day.

“You look gorgeous love”

Ada said to me as I sipped on my champagne. Cubana Greenpoint was packed and by the looks of things it was always packed. There were a lot of desperate girls dancing on tables.

“Look at those girls they have no shame!”

Zethu said pointing one out to this girl that looked barely 18. She was the only girls with about four guys and she was dancing sexily with everyone of them and they were touching her laughing, One was even taking videos of her.

“Maybe she is drugged!”

I whispered to her because what sane girl who was raised by a mother and father can do such things.

“No she is not. It’s the love of money that makes girls do such things!”

Zethu corrected me without even thinking twice. I could not help but think if we were like these girls. I mean they too were dancing with foreign men but wait, I was in love with Abed …no I mean Ada but wait, was I?

If it was not because of their money would I even be here? I looked at Ada and suddenly he disgusted me to no end. I had bitten off more than I can chew.

“I am going to have a business meeting with some engineering guy.”

Ada said to me.

“A business meeting in a club, how does that even work?”

I asked him.

“It was his idea. He is here for a convention and the only time he has is now. He did not want to be seen having the meeting at the hotel with us!”

He said and I could sense annoyance in his voice but I asked nonetheless,

“Why not?”

I asked him.

“Xenophobic bastards!”

He said and then added,

“I think that’s him.”

He said waving over some guy towards us. The guy was definitely not a clubber and he looked rather uncomfortable being here. He walked towards us.

“Mr. Orunu!”

He said to Ada and Ada responded,

“Mr. Jumbe, Mthobisi Jumbe right?”

He said shaking his head.

“Yes. Can we talk outside I don’t have much time unfortunately!”

He said and turned around. Ada followed him through the crowd. For some reason I felt relieved because engineers are respected people so most definitely now I was sure what Ada worked on was legal.

“Mthobisi Jumbe!”

I said to myself as a reminder so that later I could Google him. It’s the right thing to do.

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