Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter 38

The only choice between love and war is which will kill you first. I am not delusional enough even with this hangover to think that Zamo would ever take my side so why would I want to make peace with her. She had done a lot to me and I think I owe her a thank you because it helped me grow to be someone tougher than before. I asked the girls to leave so that I could prepare for Abedi and the teased me saying I must bath with perfume. This was far from my mind as I really was not in a good mental state. I had to worry about what was my next plan. I gave in and tried to call Ada but again his phone would not go through. The place was a bit dusty as it had been empty all holiday so I cleaned up as best as I could in that time. I regretted letting the girls leave before they cleaned. After six I bathed because he had said he would be here around 1930. He called saying he was going to bring supper because we would need it when we worked. This was a relief because really was not in the mood of cooking. Eventually her arrived and we were sitting on the couch.

“I came to discuss the NGO idea I proposed with you the other day!”

He mentioned. By the other day he meant before I left for home. I had even forgotten all about it that’s how much and NGO meant nothing to me. I wanted a company because companies make money and NGO’s well, I actually don’t know how they make their money.

“Yes I remember but like last time I said that I did not have any idea what field it is going to be in. Even at home I tried to find a cause for it but still nothing!”

I lied to him. At no point had I thought of it. I was a student and being a student meant that I did not think about such things for now.

“Its ok we found something I think you would like. We are going to open an NGO that will take kids in orphanages and teach them sports. So far we have in mind soccer and rugby for the boys obviously feeding off this World Cup energy and Netball for girls!”

He told me.

“Why are you not teaching girls soccer?”

I asked him and he responded,

“We will be over stretched if we took that on!”

He told me and I immediately responded,

“No you won’t this is South Africa and if there is one thing I know its that there is more funding for female based projects than for male. I learned that in class actually so you are dead wrong. Drop the rugby for guys because many black South African guys wont even play it and I suspect they are the ones filling those orphanages. Soccer for boys and girls plus netball makes it seem you are very much for the girl child.”

I said and he just stared at me a bit in awe I hope. I really did not want to sound crazy in front of this guy but he shook his head slowly in what was agreement,

“I like how you presented that. It makes a lot of sense actually and wow, I actually really like it. We will make the girls train with the guys even this way we are completely gender neutral!”

He said. He had clearly thought this through by the way he spoke.

“Why sports though?”

I asked him.

“Well its easier for us to access professionals who will help us with the program. People like Konky for example will give our NGO an edge over many organizations. They will also help us to drive up the press coverage.”

He told me but I still had more questions.

“Why South Africa, why not do this in Nigeria?”

I asked him and he looked taken aback by it.

“Abedi, I am asking you the questions that people will ask and if you do not have answers for that I can assure you no one will listen to you.”

I told him and he laughed be it uncomfortably.

“Nigeria has this organization on every corner and that explains why the Supe Eagles are the best on the continent but that’s not why, I live in South Africa and I have for many years. As far as I am concerned this is my home and I would like to contribute to the development of the place!”

He responded. Firstly I did not who the super whatever’s were so that flew right past me and secondly I was not convinced. He could see it on my face.

“I just need you to sign up. I will give you all the documentation later so don’t over think it. If it gives you any comfort the organization will be an all-female organization of which everyone is South African also.”

He said and I feel guilty saying this but I was actually relieved. I did not respond to that instead I said,

“It’s a lot to take in one day but the idea sounds ok. It does need a lot of work though.”

I told him.

“We will work on it together. You seem stressed Samke I need you relaxed so we can go through this!”

He told me and he was right I was.

“Well what am I supposed to do? Ada is angry because of me and you know that I am what I am right now because of him.”

I reminded him.

“Stop worrying about Ada, you will be fine. Have you eaten?”

He asked me.

“No not yet but I don’t think I am hungry!”

I told him which was not entirely true. I was hungry but I was not in he mood for food.

“Well I am starved, please warm up the food!”

He told me. Much as he said please it did not feel like he was asking. I stood up and warmed the food up.

“I am not eating alone.”

He told me. With someone else I would have protested but with him it just felt right not to. I did need to eat. We sat next to each other on the barstools and we started eating. He stood up and without my permission opened the cutlery drawer,

“Where is the corkscrew?”

He asked me. I knew that was. Had he asked me this question at the beginning of the year I am sure I would have been stumped.

“Its by the sink. We used it yesterday!”

I told him. He took it and he rinsed it. From where I was sitting I got a good view at his back side and could just imagine myself,

“Stop it Samke!”

I scolded myself in mind. He came with two glasses and before he poured I said,

“No please, after last night I should not be drinking!”

I told him.

“I was not asking!”

He told me as he poured anyway.

“Don’t worry you are in good hands and besides you drink wine so much I thought I would give you a taste of what good Vino is!”

He reassured me even though I had no idea what vino was it just sounded right. As he poured he did it slowly as though he was testing my resolve to see if I would break and he was looking me straight in the eye. I looked down and picked up my for which had impaled on it a long boiled carrot and only when I bit into it did it hit me how sexual that moment could have looked. I blushed and he said casually.

“That carrot must have tasted so nice!”

He said sarcastically and walked back to sit by me.

“How do you eat a green salad? Do you eat it with the food or after the food?”

I asked him trying to change the topic but keeping within the culinary debate that was less suggestive.

“I don’t like salads so don’t really car. A glass of wine for the lady!”

He said to me as he handed me the glass I had just rejected. I took it willingly and as it swapped hands or hands brushed against one other. With other guys I am sure it would have choked me with static shock but the kind of electricity it created in me was different. I needed to stop. I don’t why but the thought came to me. The last time this man had been here he had kissed me in the doorway and left me horny for days.


I said and I had thought I was saying it to myself but in fact it came out loud.

“What’s that?”

He asked me.

“No its nothing. I bit myself that all.”

I told him which was a lie. The thought would not go away even as I tried to think about the cows back home. The way he had lifted me and pulled me in with those lips.

“You toying with your food! Here taste this…”

He said taking his fork, cutting a piece of meat and applying the sauce that was not part of my food of my food on to it. He then gently offered it to me but not so much as a suggestion but an underlying sensual way as I slowly opened my mouth to accept his meat, I mean the meat. The sauce was nothing to write home about but the way he had fed me was not like what you see on Our Perfect Wedding when the groom feeds the pride. What a mess! No, it was calculated and this is what made the food taste even nicer and again I blushed.

“What do you think?”

He asked me.

“It is nice.”

I responded and he said,

“That is rather underwhelming. I love this sauce and its only found in Nigeria. I am actually trying to import it and open a business around it!”

He said and I was grateful for that because it for a moment broke the hypnotic spell that this man was weaving around me.

“That will actually be a good idea!”

I said trying to sound intelligible and supportive of course I mean what did I know about sauces. I was as much a novice on different types of food as I was on almost everything else that was happening between my legs. I was warm and my lady was tingling.

“I can I taste your peach?”

He asked me. Hawema this man what was he doing. The desert on my food was canned peach with cream.

“My peach?”

I asked stupidly as my mouth went dry.

“Yes, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours!”

He said without breaking eye contact then he laughed,

“Did you really think you would taste my meat and sauce without letting me taste your peach and cream?”

He asked me. I am sure after that line even my ancestors were horny.

“What the fuck dude? Did you just say that?”

I asked him and he responded,

“Yes I did now do as you are told!”

He said to me. Even the hairs on my back stood up. I took a spoon, cut the peach in a small manageable piece with it, dipped the sweet fruit in its syrup and then added the cream and I offered it to him the way he had offered me his meat. I could feel the force of his mouth as it accepted the spoon as it was still in my hand. Those lips looked hard and hungry. When he was done I took my spoon back and I faced my plate.

“Who told you to turn away? Come over here and kiss me…”

He said softly. Goodness why was this not a dream. This was real. What to do now?

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