Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Twenty Three

I am a fool. Sometimes as a person you to accept this yourself to find peace. I am a fool. I was investing my time and emotions on a person who was clearly a slippery slope but it serves me right for thinking i could play a guy like that. He was too hot for me and i will always be crying if I kept at it. This thing called FOMO is a serious problem because you too want to attend the hottest parties with the hottest people. He was that and more but clearly that’s all he was.

“Are you still there?”

Ada asked me on the line. I had even forgotten that he was there the way his mentioning Abedi’s name had left me confused.

“Yes love I am still here!”

I responded.

“Did you just call me love? I like that!”

He said. I had not even heard myself say it as the word just came out.

“When are you coming back?”

I asked him.

“Aww you miss me already?”

He asked me. When somebody asks you that question usually there is only one answer you can give and I gave it without hesitation,

“Yes, I do. I know you have to work but you are needed here too!”

I told him sweetly. Was he needed though? For what?

“I should be back tomorrow if not Monday morning. I am almost done with the business here. Did you fix that problem at res with your other friend? Sorry I mean with the girl who is not your friend?”

He asked me. A lot of girls are in bad relationships not because the man does not love them but because he does not listen to them when they speak. It’s not just listening but listening and actually hearing her. I had told this man once what was going on and because he heard me now he was following up. I can’t emphasize enough how important this skill is for relationships.

“It’s still a mess. The hearing had to be cut off abruptly because there was drama but I will tell you in person, you are finishing my airtime!”

I told him and we both laughed.

“Speaking of airtime thanks for the money you gave me. This time you will only get back the money clip.”

I told him and he laughed responding,

“What size shoes do you wear?”

He asked me.

“I am heels size 6 but sneakers size 5.”

I told him. We chatted more before the white lady for Vodacom spoke to me. We said our goodbyes and I went to re-join the group. As soon as I sat down my phone rang and it was a number I did not know.


The voice said. I knew exactly who it was,

“Abedi put our friend on the line!”

I said dismissing him out of hand.

“Why do you sound angry at me? I did not know you would look for her!”

He said a bit annoyed by my tone.

“Dude i don’t care what you did or did bot do. First you messed over Zamo now you are messing with Nthabiseng! Like really dude? You have lost my respect.”

I told him.

“But its not what you think…”

He started to say but i was not entertaining this fool anymore so i dropped the phone. I wished at that moment no one had ever dropped a phone on him before so that it could klaap twice as hard. He called again and I gave Zethu the phone and put it on speaker,

“Samke wait I wanted to…”

He started to say but Zethu cut him off and said,

“It’s not Samke its Zethu. Samke won’t talk to you, unfortunately. May you please put Nthabiseng on the line?”

He asked her.

“Yes, sure no problem!”

He responded to her.

“Hey guys!”

The little heifer said sheepishly from the background. I could strangle her right now but what for? He was not even my man and I had cancelled him already. Men like Abedi are the type that can screw an entire crew of friends just because they can and not even care about the damage they do to that friendship.

“You are in so much trouble. Your parents are looking for you and Andisiwe told them you went out last night!”

Zethu told her. I thought I would hear the relief in her voice but there was none. All that worry had turned into anger.

“I don’t care what plan you have to make but you better call your mother and get back here now!”

She shouted at her friend.

“They don’t have my charger here and my battery is flat. I will ask them to drop me off now!”

She said. Zethu did not even say bye she dropped the phone on her. Zethu hugged me and did not say anything. I knew if that hug was meant to word it would be words saying,

“I am sorry friend!”

It hurt. I know I did not want to admit it but it did. That was the wake-up call I needed. Time for fantasies was over. I possibly owed Zamo an apology over how I had handled everything too because the snake amongst us was this man with python skin shoes. She never stood a chance and now Nthabiseng? When did they even exchange numbers I really don’t get it? I tried to think in the club but I could not remember seeing them doing so. This is not to say she was absolved; your own sister can cheat with your husband and you won’t even see it. That’s how sneaky a woman can be.

“I don’t mean to bring this is up and I know you will hate me for saying this, foreign guys are dangerous!”

I think now I get why Zethu was always fighting with Tumi unescefe le ndoda always whining.

“There was an article in the news where a container with women was about to be shipped off to China. The papers were signed by a Nigerian!”

He added. This boy was annoying.

“So every Nigerian in South Africa is a suspect then?”

Zethu asked her.

“Where there is smoke there is fire!”

He responded.

“Tell me something have you ever raped a baby?”

She asked him. The look of disgust on his face was so visible and he immediately responded.

“No that’s disgusting Zethu come on. Even though it gives me nightmares!”

He said

“Sorry to offend your fragile mind. South African men rape babies too so are you one of them?”

She asked him. The way she had cornered him he looked like a man who owed his matshonisa money caught buying drinks for people at the tavern.

“Tumi enough of this xenophobia man come on. You are exhausting.”

Beloved intervened. My mind was far away though because of everything that had happened. Tumi was saying the things that we all grow up being told so was he wrong. Back home we grew up being told that people from Limpopo bayathakata forgetting that in KZN wherever a child dies someone is suspected of bewitching that child.

“Yes you are right actually I don’t think I want to hang out with you anymore if all you do is be negative about others. It’s toxic.”

Zethu suddenly declared.

“Wow, so you are taking their side over mine like really?”

He asked her. Umahlalela lo really did not like foreign people.

“Yes, I am. I can take whoever’s side I want!”

She said defensively.

“Guys come on, that’s enough!”

Beloved tried to intervene again.

“No, it’s not. When South African girls start dating Nigerian men they think they are better than anyone else. They start to belittle us as though we are not worthy of them. The moment they see Nigerian money they bend over and take it up the ass because of the love of money.”

He said angrily.

“I will bend over for one rand than bend over for misogynistic abusive broke men who do not even know the concept of treating a woman well!”

She said turning red. She was so angry and to be fair so was I.

“Beloved you need a better class of friends. This is the type of person who will burn a person alive with a tyre because he speaks a different language from him. Zethu lets go. I have lost my appetite.”

I told her.

“Yeah runaway but one day you will end up in containers for the love of money.”

He said laughing clearly not caring anymore. Zethu I thought would punch him or something followed me with our things. Beloved ran after us and pleaded with us not to go but our mind was made up. we had allowed this guy to run his mouth too long period. We caught a cab which took us to Zethu’s place. Beloved trier calling Zethu but she ignored his calls.

“I am hungry!”

I told her. We had not eaten with all the gone on. We decided to go to that African food place from before.

“I am sorry about Abedi and Nthabiseng. I never thought she was that type of girl.”

She said to me as I was enjoying amajalantiya and phuthu.

“You know that’s a weird combination right?”

She told me seeing that i had chosen not to respond to the Abedi comment. I was done with so she and her can do whatever the hell they wanted.

“This is my hangover cure ok!”

I told her. When we got back we found Nthabiseng standing outside Zethu’s door, heels in hand. She was so cliché and embarrassing I just wanted to ignore her.

“I am so sorry I worried you guys!”

She said as soon as we approached her.

“Is that the best you can do? You slept with Samke’s man what is wrong with you? When did you even get his number?”

Zethu came for her immediately. She was very angry at her.

“I did not sleep with anyone what are you on about?”

She asked immediately.

“Did you not sleep at Abedi’s place?”

I asked her annoyed at her denying the obvious.

“Yes, I did. Wait you guys think I slept with that dude? Come on Zethu you should know me better by now, you are my friend!”

We entered the apartment but she was not happy at all now.

“Last night when I got to my place, Lewis the guy I was with all night if you recall called me to ask if I was home ok. I was throwing up and he offered to come to take care of me. Remember you asked Abedi to take care of the drunk guys that’s why they came together. Abedi was the only one not drunk but he said he was tired as Lewis stays in Pretoria so he offered us to crash at his place. That is all that happened! I did not even sleep with Lewis as I was too drunk.”

She said and for a moment Zethu and I just stood there dumbfounded.

“My battery died and I could not charge it that’s why i did not call. Now i am screwed with my mum, they will probably make join a nunnery now!”

She said. All I could think of was calling Abedi disgusting. It was not my fault to jump to that conclusion.

“Then why did you not say that on the phone because obviously, that’s the only logical conclusion we could come up with!”

Zethu asked her friend.

“Not everyone is a whore Zethu stop psychoanalyzing everything and everyone. When do you think I could have said that since you rudely dropped the phone on him? He was so pissed off.”

She added and then turned to look at me,

“I did not sleep with your man but if you should know, when I left that girl Zamo arrived.”

She told me.

“Zamo is in hospital!”

I responded to her because clearly, she was mistaken.

“I know what I saw. She arrived as I was about to leave. Told me to say hi to Zethu even!”

She added. It was not my business anymore I concluded.

*****THE END******

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