Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Sixteen

Whichever way you look at it I was not expecting that? I had just complained about R4200 now he had not only doubled that but he had given me the most expensive gift I had ever received in my 19 years of breathing. A part of me said this was wrong but let’s be honest, it was a tiny part of me. I had not forced this man and I was receiving from a position of honesty. I have always wondered what is it that men see in us women that make them want to spend so much. I am not delusional that every girl gets the same amount but no matter how you look at some point in your life a man has wanted to spend on you. Its crazy. Its like we are a commodity and they cannot help it.

“Would you accept such a gift?”

I asked her immediately because I couldn’t even think straight at this moment. Zethu was so shocked she had even turned red.

“Hell yeah, I would. My parents would never get me this even if I begged for it.”

She told me and I totally believed her.

“This is crazy Zethu. I mean it’s beautiful but who buys you a phone like this on a whim?”

I asked her. No parent in their right mind would spoil their child like this.

“No parent maybe but guys do this all the time. You worried about a phone when there are girls who have cars and whole apartments.”

Ok, I was wrong those parents that have tenders and kiss white peoples asses for high jobs in corporate would do that but even then it’s a bit much.

“I guess you are right but the biggest thing a guy ever bought me was a teddy bear!”

I told her and we both laughed.

“Lemme guess, it was one of those with a heart right?”

She asked and again we laughed. At the time it was so sweet. Sizolwethu was the guy and we were in grade 10 at the time. He was originally from Empangeni.

“You would think for that price it can also fly!”

I said as we inspected the phone together. When something is new it looks super beautiful. It was beautiful.

“Look there is a note!”

She pointed out. In our excitement we had not inspected the plastic fully and definitely there it was. I picked it up and opened it to read.

“Happy Fake Birthday. I hope the first number you add will be mine!”

It read and that was it. No man, the first number i was going to add was my parents, Katlego and Zethu then everything else will fall into place. Look at him being presumptuous. I still had to go and get a sim swap as they had stolen my number.

“I am so jealous. That new boyfriend mine had better not be a dinner partying and sex type of guy. I want a Just Because its Monday type of man too!”

She said and we laughed but i don’t know what i was laughing at.

“What is a Just Because its Monday guy?”

I asked her.

“It’s a man who does not wait for a special occasion like a birthday, valentines, anniversary you know, to give you a gift.”

She explained and it hit me that such people actually are rare. Presents are by their very nature limited to special occasions.

“Why are you single Zethu? I mean why were you single before dating this guy?”

I asked. It was not a question she was expecting. The girl was pretty. She was light-skinned, shortish, and slightly chubby as well as clearly smart. She was a medical student after all but here she was single until a day ago.

“I have been single for only three months. My previous boyfriend decided that since it was December it would be good for him to go December so I let him stay there with his new toys. Now he is begging me to take him back but i am done with playing with small boys.”

I could sense a bitterness in her voice. A lot of men blame us girls for dating foreign guys forgetting that more often than not it is because of them that we find ourselves in this position. South African men are the worst when it comes to broken promises, cheating and they love partying like teenagers.

“Oh well, it’s his loss.”

I told her and she just smiled at me. You can tell when a girl still loves a man and much as she was in denial it was written all over her face.

“Anyway we need food and get on to our assignments!”

She said and we both laughed and again I am. not sure why.

“I am going home today remember.”

I told her.

“Hell no. You don’t know if that girl is still mad and besides, I enjoyed cuddling with someone last night!”

She said and again we laughed, me a bit uncomfortable though. I had put it at the back of mind but last night when we slept she had cuddled me. I know girls are extremely comfortable in each other’s spaces, we hug a lot, share clothes, dress in front of each other and all that. Last night when we went to bed as I was still quite emotional she had offered to cuddle and I had accepted. I had thought nothing of it or had I? I can’t remember now but I had probably had my best sleep in a while.

“Ok one more sleepover but we have to work. This morning ended up doing my assignment in my first lecture!”

I told her and she did this small salute and said,

“Yes ma’am!”

It was actually cute the way she did it but was i only noticing this now because of the cuddle statement she had made. Girls kissing girls was not my thing but this was me overthinking things as usual.

“Have you spoken to Katlego today to check coast?”

She asked me.

She called my name. I had drifted off there for a second as my mind was working overtime.

“Mfethu are you missing Ada already!”

She said punching me playfully and regaining my attention.

“Sorry my mind was somewhere else!”

I told her which was true but where exactly I am not sure.

“I feel like African food. I want stew and something solid you know!”

She said and i agreed. There were times i missed my mother’s cooking and even my own cooking.
“Do you know a place?”

I asked her.

“Yes i do! Let’s go;”

The beauty with Joburg is that everything is close to each other especially in areas were students stay. The shop was three blocks away and even its aromas filled the night sky as you got closer to it. I got myself pap and inyama yangaphakati. We decided to eat here because we both agreed it would make the apartment smell.

“Call Ada before he boards and say thank you for the phone. I am sure he is waiting for his flight now!”
She reminded me. I used her phone.

“Thank you very much!”

The following day i went and did my sim swap and since i did it in the morning they said that by 2pm my number should be back. I was so relieved. Zethu was not back yet. I decided to call Katlego to tell her that I had my number back.

“Finally. I have been worried sick. At least you have a phone now.”

She said,

“Where did you get it?”

She asked me.

“My father took a contract for me imagine. I was shocked and guess what it’s for an iPhone! I lied to him that it’s what we need for assignments and he actually bought it!”

I told her. Katlego knew my father was stingy so i was not sure how long my story would hold for but one thing was certain, I could not tell her Ada bought it for me.

“I am so relieved. You need to come back though because running away from Zamo forever will not fix this problem!”

She advised me and I agreed. I did not ask about the knife part. Zethu came back earlier than the previous day and as usual she was in a good mood.

“You do know i have to go back today right?”

I reminded her when she started talking about supper plans. She said yes but her reluctance for me to leave was palpable.

“I hate staying alone. I have no one to talk to the whole time which sucks and am not too friendly with my neighbours. I will have to go to Nthabiseng’s later!”

So 7 pm was concluded. I wanted to stay It Katlego was right. I had to fight this head-on. I only got to res after 7pm. Katlego was not there. As i was preparing to go downstairs to watch Generations there was a knock at the door. I opened it and found one of the House Committee members there.

“I am looking for Samkelisiwe Hlatshwayo.”

She said sternly.

“That’s me!”

I responded.

“Good. You have a hearing on Thursday for assault. It’s serious enough for me to suggest bring a lawyer if you can.”

She said without smiling. She turned around and left. I just stood there.

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